control your face

  • Raphael: *shows up at Simon's house and Elaine invites him to stay for dinner*
  • Elaine: Okay, I have to ask, are you two...?
  • Simon: Wha--Mom, no! No! I'm not--he's not--we're not!!!
  • Raphael: *smirking and deciding to be a little shit* Would that bother you Mrs. Lewis?
  • Elaine: Of course not! I just want my boy to be happy.
  • Simon: Mom, seriously, no. Raphael is an asshole, I wouldn't--
  • Raphael: *reaches over and puts a hand over Simon's* Simon, it's okay. You heard her. She doesn't mind.
  • Simon: B-but! *gapes, kind of horrified but also really fascinated by this turn of events* *looks between Raphael and his mother* But, what?
  • Raphael: I'm sorry we kept this from you, Mrs. Lewis.
  • *After dinner, Simon and Raphael are alone in his room*
  • Simon: WTF Raph????
  • Raphael: Now you have no excuse not to be out searching for Camille. You either 'have a gig', *gets into Simon's personal space like always* or you're with me.
  • Simon: *sweats nervously*
  • Elaine: *knocks on the door and opens it* Will you be staying the night, Raphael? *smiles and winks at Simon*
  • Simon: *facepalms*
  • Raphael: I'm afraid not, Mrs. Lewis. But thank you for having me. *Turns to Simon with a shit-eating grin on his face* I'll see you later, baby. *Kisses him on the cheek and then just leaves like nothing happened*
  • Simon: *frozen in shock thinking WTF???*
  • Elaine: I knew it!
  • Simon: *Puts a hand on his cheek that is just barely tinged red and somehow manages to die a little from embarrassment* *mumbles* Well, that makes one of us...
10 Hopes for S2 of Shadowhunters

1. Climon doesn’t happen or ends sooner than in the books. We need friendship Climon, not toxic as hell romance Climon. Like it was so bad, just don’t do it.

2. More Raphael, ‘nuff said

3. Magnus and Simon broship. This is necessary to life.

4. Clary stops being so destructive and grows up. I want her to take a look at the people around her and think before she does something. I want her to care about Simon like she did before she really got involved, where she cared about his safety and well-being. 

5. I really want the Jace thing cleared up soon too. Book-readers know what I mean. That plot was just so awkward to deal with and I’m pretty sure it lost a lot of people in the books.

6. Simon redeems himself. The end of the last season has a lot of people of both sides of the Saphael drama, but Simon did do wrong by the clan and if we want to avoid some of that Mark of Cain shit then he’s gonna have to make up for it, which it looks like he’s gonna try. 

7. Raphael eventually forgiving him. Simon needs to redeem himself, but Raphael needs to let him. Raphael is the kind of guy who does whatever is best for the clan, so I hope if Simon can prove he isn’t a threat, he’ll eventually forgive him. I don’t expect a 180 where he’s just like, “Welcome back, baby, don’t break anyone else out of prison and also you’re grounded for ten years. So, no mutts or shadowhunters.”

8. Saphael training sequences and Simon w/ the clan

9. Raphael and the clan not freaking after what happens after the boat (again, book-readers know what I mean) because they made up and bonded and shit

10. Saphael. I want love!Saphael but honestly I could live with it just being a broship right now and maybe Simon pining when he realizes he doesn’t love Clary anymore.


his smile is most naïve
cheerful and good-natured
and he’s as handome up close as at a distance

Control Your Face


Summary: Thorin cannot stand how cute Bilbo is, so he doesn’t know how to look at him. Cue Thorin glaring, leering, and doing all he can not to smile at the hobbit like an idiot. The company is obviously so done with his shit.

A/N: Thorin is an idiot pass it on.

Words: 3 467

Not much impressed Thorin. Not a lot of things even made him feel a certain way unless it was annoyance. Dís had once said that he was as emotionally reachable as a highly positioned elf, and everyone knew that those felt nothing but pride and arrogance.

He’d refused to speak to her for a week after that.

Truth be told, Thorin had learnt to put up a barrier between himself and everything else once Erebor had fallen. He couldn’t afford to show any of his feelings. One ounce of weakness, of sorrow, and his people would be discouraged. It was his job to remain calm and collected, and most importantly grave as they faced the toughest years to follow.

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