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Safe Word

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(A/N:  I’m a bit rusty with smut I haven’t written it in ages xD However it’s really long though so buckle in. Rough sex included.) 

“Mmm baby, harder.” 

You groaned, grasping Taemin’s strong shoulders as he kissed your neck amorously, thrusting his hips in to you slowly but with a force that made the bed creak. You felt Taemin grin against your neck. With a cheeky smirk on his lips and a glimmer in his eyes, he gazed at you. 

“If I go any harder I’ll hurt you jagiya.” 

He uttered lovingly.

“Hurt me…just a little.” 

The words slipped from your mouth without thinking how Taemin would react first; you’d never asked him to be rough before even though you’d always wanted him to. Taemin’s stunning deep brown eyes widened at your request. 

“Is that really what you want baby? I’m scared I’ll go too far.”

He said with a hint of doubt in his voice like he couldn’t trust himself but you knew Taemin inside and out; you knew he knew your body like his own heart beat. Taemin wasn’t capable of going too far. 

“You won’t Tae. I trust you.” 

You replied, running your fingers through his surprisingly soft pitch black hair that shone beautifully in the dim light of your bedroom. Taemin broke eye contact for a moment, biting his invitingly plump bottom lip as he thought about what you said. He stopped moving his hips and held your hands sweetly, interlocking his delicate fingers with yours.

“Okay. As long as we have a safe word or something. I want you to enjoy yourself but I have to know my limit. You have to tell me to stop if I hurt you.” 

He said, looking so serious. It was weird to see him be so anxious and nervous about something but you were glad that he wanted to try it for you. Deep down, you knew Taemin had dominance running through his veins.

“Okay Tae, a safe word. How about danger? The song that made me fall for your music.” 

Your comment brought Taemin back to life as he grinned, fond of the thought and how relevant it was to the situation. He agreed that danger would be the safe word and then for a moment, the two of you stared at each other intensely, waiting for the other to make a move like a metaphorical ticking bomb.

On your hands and knees, Taemin grabbed your hair from behind you, making your arch your back and whimper. He’d barely done anything to you and you were already close to fainting with how hot it was to be taken control of. 

“Is this what you like jagiya? Being all mine and no one else’s?” 

Taemin growled. You could feel his hard erection rubbing against your wetness. He was being the hugest tease, refusing to fuck you until you were grovelling and yelling his name. You could barely speak so you just nodded your head but that wasn’t good enough for Taemin. With a harsh slap on your butt cheek, he made you perk up. 

“I like it, Taemin.” 

You moaned; his cock was so close to your entrance that you tried wiggling on to it, pleasing your lover. You could almost sense his satisfied smirk. 

“Poor baby. You want my cock don’t you? You want me to hurt you with it, don’t you baby girl?” 

Taemin continued to speak and then spank your butt hard whilst he talked dirty. The pain was mild but a red glow soon started to arise on your sensitive skin. 

“Fuck me Taemin, please!” 

You finally cried, unable to control your hunger any longer. Harder, Taemin pulled your hair so when he shoved his hard, thick cock inside you, the impact made you yelp in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Never before had you felt so full and aroused because of him. You barely had time to adjust to his size before he started moving. The sound of him grunting was so hot. His fingers dug in to your hips as he yanked your body back, forcing you to meet his thrusts. You could feel every inch as his manhood almost hit your cervix; the feeling was incredible. Using the position to his advantage, he leaved over your back and held your boobs in his hands, massaging them delicately before rubbing your tingling nipples between his fingers. You felt his hot breath as he panted close to your ear. With all of your senses heightened, you wanted to cum but Taemin was no where near done with you yet.

Taemin knelt on the bed with you riding him, your legs outside of his in a reverse cowgirl position but better as his chest pressed up against your back intimately, he could whisper dirty things in your ear, he could reach down and rub your throbbing clit and he did; he used everything to the full potential. Dominantly, Taemin placed his hand around your neck whilst his fingers circled your clit, playing with your body like it was a remote control and pressing all your buttons. You hadn’t had anyone’s hand around your neck before though you’d heard that slight asphyxiation can do weird things to your body during sex. Though you were anxious about it, you tried to trust Taemin as you knew you could stop at any time. As his grasp around your neck got tighter, it was like you couldn’t focus on anything but the feeling of his cock hitting your G-spot and his fingers rubbing between your soaking folds. Rolling your head back on Taemin’s shoulder, you could see him biting his lip out of the corner of your eye. He was immensely turned on. 

“Jagi, you look so fucking sexy. Do you want it harder?” 

Taemin asked in a deep, seductive voice, his eyes burning with lust. Honestly, you weren’t sure you could take anymore. You were so close to cumming but the word ‘yes’ came out of you like you had no control over yourself anymore. 

Aggressively, he pushed you back on the bed, grabbing your legs and tugging you closer to him with an almost evil smile. Your pussy was aching and sore with the relentless fucking but Taemin seemed unstoppable; he wouldn’t go slowly either. You asked for rough and you got it, with him pummelling you with his rock solid erection. It made your pussy grip him tightly; he groaned deeply in response, squeezing his eyes shut at the pleasure. Taemin looked divine with his body glazed in sweat, his dark hair falling over his forehead; you could have had an orgasm at the sight of him alone. When you wrapped your legs around his waist, drawing him in closer, he soon returned to his authoritative state of mind, lunging his cock inside you deeper, harder while slapping your globe like breasts. He brought his mouth to your nipples, sucking on them and licking them, causing you to mewl submissively. You were almost breathless. Seeing how close you were to finishing, Taemin kissed your neck passionately, hitting all of the right spots. It was becoming so hard to stay quiet. You felt the heat of an orgasm forming in your pelvic region like a bubbling volcano about to errupt, making you dig your finger nails in to Taemin’s upper back. You were sure it was hurting him but in his euphoric state, Taemin didn’t seem to care about the scratches on his back.

“Cum baby. Cum on oppas cock!” 

Taemin grunted through gritted teeth, awfully close to finishing as well. He sunk his teeth in to the fleshy part of your neck and sucked on it hungrily, making a big deep purple mark on your your skin; Taemin’s claim on you. As he sucked on your neck like a wild beast, you threw your head back on the pillow as the orgasm shook you to your core. It felt like you were gripping Taemin’s cock like a vice and within seconds, his seed filled you, making you feel warm and complete.Exhausted, Taemin rested his head on your chest. It was your natural reaction to hold him close to you and play with his hair as the two of you desperately tried to catch your breath. 

“I knew I could trust you.” 

You uttered tiredly yet happily, the spell of sleep trying to curse you. Taemin chuckled, romantically taking your hands in his once again. 

“I think I was the one who needed a safe word baby.” 

so after that uglyass search bar hit one of my blogs I naturally had to meddle with it because it’s totally unnecessary and intrusive, and I’ve found something of a workaround to make it at least tolerable ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

adding the element .tmblr-iframe–unified-controls to your theme code will let you edit that search bar like any other theme asset. 

I personally just set opacity:0.5; but you can make it completely invisible by adding display:none; , but people won’t be able to use your tumblr control buttons on your blogfront if you do :’)

visual example:

just so you all know :^) 

depression hangover

Do you ever just wake up feeling like a vegetable?
Like, okay today
I am asparagus.
I don’t mean the kind you eat.
I mean
Do you ever just wake up feeling like you’re brain dead?
Like you’re a walking zombie
incapable of feeling
or thinking
Like someone somewhere is keeping you alive
with remote controls and buttons
and your heart only beats
because of someone else’s electricity?

Have you ever had one of those days,
where you just can’t feel anything?
Like your skin is covered in layers and layers
of scar tissue
and nothing that touches you
actually touches you
Like you are so emotionally unavailable
that even the insinuation that another person
could actually want something you have
does not make your insides lighter
and your cheeks cherry red?

Let me ask you something,
when you were a kid
did you ever do that thing
where you move your pencil around in circles
you’re like “oh hey
that kinda looks like a tornado”?
Well let me give you a tip:
Remember to keep the places where you go to think
so that your mind doesn’t feel like tornadoes
destroying everything in your chest
and making your stomach a graveyard of debris.

So that the places you have planted your feet
don’t become uprooted
and you wake up not knowing where you’ve been
and the lessons you’ve learned.
So you don’t open your eyes with amnesia pounding against your skull
asking what your name is over and over
not recognizing the person that stares back at you puzzled
in the mirror.
Wondering why your throat burns
and your head hurts
and what you did last night to have a come down so incredibly unbearable,
or if it was worth it to have just a little while
free from all your memories?

okay, okay,
what about the feeling
where you feel like you’re walking up the escalators that go down?
You ever felt that?
Like no matter how many steps you take forward
you just keep going backwards
and you’re always down
Like you’re never gonna reach the top
and everywhere you go people are looking at you like
“what are you doing man?”
well, me too.

First of all
the only way to stop going the wrong way
is to realize that you are.
If you don’t know how to get back home,
it’s okay to ask for directions.
But I know that’s easier said than done.
Especially when you have no one to ask.
or you swallow cement for breakfast
so that your vocals chords only move when earthquakes
and jack hammers coerce your lips to part.
I also know nothing can break you more than another person.
That’s why everyone nowadays walks around like crime scenes
always warding eachother off with yellow tape.

But you can’t be scared of everyone.
You can’t be too hard to need help.
Especially when you’re hitting a new rock bottom every night.
When you’re asking yourself all these questions
like “can it really get worse than this?”
or “what’s the point in trying to be a good person if bad things
happen to everyone?”
Maybe if we cared more about getting better than how much it hurts to fall down,
then we’d actually change the things about ourselves that hold us back.

Characters: Giriboy x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: Your boyfriend getting competitive while playing video games together.

“I’m going to break up with you!”

“Yeah, well at least I’m going to get that gold medal.”

“Not if I can help it!”

This had been going on for two hours. You were at your boyfriends house for some alone time together but instead of it being a romantic and intimate evening, the two of you had been having a screaming match at each other. He had decided that it would be a good idea to play a car racing game but it took a turn for the worst when you had won more games than him.

“Move!” Siyoung yelled at the television with rage. He was getting closer to a breakdown, acting as if his whole life depended on this moment.

“You’re going to lose at this point.” You remarked, enjoying the fact that you were beating him. The both of you were sitting on the floor with snacks and drinks surrounds you. Somehow just playing ‘one game’ had lead to over a dozen with him keeping track of the score. The screen flashed with your name as the winner and Siyoung slumped down with a frown. Here come the excuses, you thought.

“Why is my car so slow?” He whined while glaring at this controller, wanting to put his losses on anything other than him. To cheer him up you thought of an idea;

“Let’s do a bet!”

“No, I’m tired.” He had officially gone into a huff as he crossed his arms, refusing to look at you.

“Why? Scared you’re going to lose?” You continued to torment him, wanting him to give in. However, he didn’t answer and was looking through the games leaflet, wanting to see if there was a mistake in the game settings or his car.

“Do you want to swap controllers?” He suddenly flung away the leaflet and gave you a confident look

“A man never blames his tools.”

“But you’ve been doing that for the last-“

“Are you wanting to do this bet or not?” you smirked at his defensiveness and perked up, getting ready to kick his ass. He hadn’t even asked what the bet was but you could tell by the fire in his eyes that he didn’t care. He was determined to win.

“I hope you’re ready for defeat.”

“Yeah, say that to me when you’re holding that bronze medal.” He scoffed at you as the screen did the countdown. Complete silence. Neither of you said anything as now it had become a matter of pride. You had to win.


Siyoung sat up straight and was frantically pressing every button he could. His car was ahead of yours which made you slightly nervous, maybe it was a good thing that the bet hadn’t been put into place yet.

“How does my dust taste?” Siyoung laughed with joy at the site of your car behind his. Acting like all of his prayers had been answered. You bit your lip with concentration, trying your hardest to dodge all of the traps and get past the sharp corners. If he won then you would never hear the end of it. You were sure he would bring his win up at your funeral.

“It tastes like your happiness.” You pouted, as your car now wasn’t working in your favour. He was basically bouncing up and down, looking like a child. Was he not going to let you win? Suddenly his car spun out of control as he didn’t turn the corner correctly, making him groan in frustration.  

“Sucker!” You yelled as your car sped past him, if you weren’t holding onto the controller you would have punched the air. As you got closer to the finish line and Siyoung had gotten quieter, you could tell he was upset.

“Okay, I’ll wait here then.” You stopped your car near the finish line as you didn’t want to hurt his pride too much.

“Don’t go easy on me!”

“I always go easy on you.” You heard him scoff as he tried his best to catch up with you.

“That’ll be the day.” He muttered under his breath, his car now right behind you. You quickly pressed your controller button but your car refused to move. What?! Was there a glitch? Your car froze on the spot as he raced towards the finish line.

“Why…what’s going on?” You cried as Siyoung was now getting ready for his victory dance. Suddenly your car raced off but he had already passed the finish line.

“YES!” He jumped up and started moving his hips to the victory music. You sat in shock and stared at your car, which had betrayed you. I hate this game, you thought.

“Thats not fair!” You smacked his leg with a whine. Why did the game have to do this to you?!

“The game picked its favourite.” His lips in a wide smile as he pointed to himself, “and its ME!” I’m going to kill him, you thought. You threw the controller to the ground and hugged your knees, waiting for him to come down from his high.

“You only won that because the game glitched.” You remarked as he sat beside you and pointed at the screen.

“Look, what does that say?” His name flashed besides the gold trophy and you were ready to burn it.


“Yes?” He moved closer to your face so he could hear your defeat.

“It says Siyoung.” He clutched his chest dramatically and leaned against you.

“Victory never sounded so sweet.” Why did you love this idiot again?

“What do you want me to do then? Since you’re the grand totally not fair winner.” You huffed and gave him a warning look that screamed to not push his luck.

“We could…you know…” His eyes flickered towards his bedroom and you gave him a deadpanned look. He looked hopeful with his wide eyes and smirk, thinking that he was going to get lucky tonight.

“No.” His face dropped and he leaned back with a pout.

“I knew that wouldn’t work.” You almost laughed at his disappointed expression. He did like trying to work the charm on you.

“Can I get a kiss then?” He pointed towards his lips with a smug look, clearing wanting to get something out of it.

“Fine, I’ll do that.” Planning to annoy him, you went to kiss his check but he quickly moved his head so you kissed his lips. Again your plan to get the upper hand had failed.

“We’re never playing this game again.” You sighed and rested your head on his chest, feeling drained and sleepy.

“Why? You’d probably win 97% of the time” Finally admitting that your gaming skills were better than his.

“Yeah but I can’t handle you when your this smug.” You lied, burying your face into his jumper to hide your smile.

“Don’t lie to me. You love it.”

Yeah, I do.

My sassy husband would be like this 100% haha hope you all like it and thank you to the anon for requesting it x

- Admin E

  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Gryffindor:</b> are early mornings with coffee that burns your tongue because you don't want to wait for it to cool down; old well loved hardback books with split spines; long good morning texts; caffeine induced tired eyes; red ink-stained fingers from poetic words; cracked smiling lips that hold secrets in a romantic language; soft touches on flushed freckled cheeks; full-bellied laughs so loud you have to laugh along; hyper voiced explanations about things they love; leaning back on rickety chairs anticipating the adrenaline inducing feeling of falling; hazel eyes that see and know everything about everyone; the feeling you get from walking around listening to music in the bright sunlight; flannel shirts only slightly unbuttoned; the tapping sound of a pen against a school desk; the feeling of staring out large windows and wishing for sunshine on pale skin; the warm summer breeze on pale skin; the feeling of skin on skin touch; fingers grasping at dark green grass; the smell of burned wood in the warm summer night air; an hour long nap after filling your stomach; hands running through damp hair; knowing silences; understanding head nods; worried almost green eyes.<p/><b>Ravenclaws:</b> are the first sounds of birds chirping in the morning, letting you know you stayed up too late; the feeling of laying awake whilst the world sleeps; the sound of blue ink pens scrapping along lined paper; the satisfaction of anecdotes in university texts; cool fall nights that almost don't require a hoodie; the sound of running natural water against rocks; the pit in your stomach that reminds you that you forgot to eat today; the warm feeling of making your friends laugh; the matching pair of hazel eyes as a reminder you're not alone; the feeling you get from talking to someone in a language only they understand; the overwhelming feeling of needing answers; the tapping of fingers against game controller buttons; your favorite well worn blue sweater; the warmth of comforters up to your ears; a genuine meaningful smile; long nights of thinking about the galaxy around you; intensely deep conversation that give you chills; silence that is never empty; racing thoughts; one knee shaking from over thinking; the feeling of laying on damp grass; the sound of rain on bedroom windows; cloudless nights filled with stars; cloudy mornings threatening rain; freshly opened moleskin journals; childhood nostalgia.<p/><b>Hufflepuff:</b> are chipped nail polish on bitten fingernails; hair that can't decide if it wants to be straight; stray hairs falling from a loose ponytail framing freckled cheeks; sun-kissed skin threatening to burn; eyes like an dark evening summer storm; running your fingertips softly over exposed skin; crisp winters of freshly fallen snow; wolves howling before a storm; flushed faces and chapped lips from chilly nights; a full moon behind barely clouded skies; soft giggles as an attempt to hold back embarrassing laughter; the feeling of sleeping on your stomach under thick comforters; the scent of freshly washed clothes; old blankets against bare skin; worn brown combat boots covered in dirt; heart racing to the point of becoming exhausted; full fake smiles and high-pitched lying voices; the feeling of coming down from forced socialization; charcoal rubbed against the side of a cramping hand; black ink pens stuck in loosening hair; warm vanilla baking in chocolate chip cookies; long silences sitting between relaxing and anxiety-inducing; the glow of soft street lights late at night; whispering voices in listening ears; soft paperback books with bent pages; pitch black bedrooms with soft lighting; the sudden cool breeze of the day coming to an end; the feeling of your eyes adjusting to darkness; stepping in freshly fallen snow; the wind blowing through your hair while driving with your windows down; the smell of salt in dried ocean hair.<p/><b>Slytherin:</b> are wide grins when they know they're right; hands rubbing behind a sunburnt neck; the adrenaline behind skipping class to adventure around the park; old music that brings you to tears; the first cigarette lit in the early morning; burned black coffee; old thick quilts lying on soft couches; the soft glow of the afternoon light through dusted curtains; eyes colored like sunshine through a bottle of bourbon; the smell before nighttime rain; deciding between sleep or seeing the sunrise; tapping your fingers along to your mothers favorite song; realizing the stage of waking from a nightmare to the break of reality; hands in tangled hair; the constant worry about missing expectations; feeling overwhelmed by the knowing of time being lost; the sounds of a room full of voices; late night whispering phone calls; the feeling after your first bitter heartbreak; constant headache inducing nostalgia; always wondering what you did wrong versus what you did right; nervousness behind thinking you're wrong when you know you're right; the feeling of screaming into your pillow after fighting with someone you love; broken guitar strings and sore finger tips; the seasons changing to remind you nothing is eternal; the smell of spring nights; dark red roses.<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

Biohazard ASCII Controller (Resident Evil Dedicated Controller)

More Biohazard/Resident Evil
More Peripherals/Controllers

This asymmetrical PlayStation controller is made specifically for Biohazard fans. With your left hand gripping the handle of a knife and your right hand on that of a gun - it is no wonder this thing is endorsed by the Raccoon City Police Department.

Jokes aside, this controller feels great in your hands. It actually holds better than a ps1 controller…and I have held that thing most of my life….

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