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Evidence Sherlock never fell for Irene (but he really fell for John)
  • Sherlock disapproves of Irene’s profession and way of living.

Because you cater to the whims of the pathetic and take your clothes off to make an impression. Stop boring me and think.

  • Sherlock didn’t want Irene to reveal to John what the code for her safe meant.

Does anyone else agree with me that this means “NO!” more than “I don’t care”?

  • When Irene visited Sherlock to return his coat, she gave him a kiss. See the lipstick mark?

Her kiss was what woke Sherlock. And his instictive reaction was…

But he quickly understood John was not the one who kissed him in the room and his dream about Irene wasn’t exactly a dream. So he panicked.

(Btw kudos to Sherlock for being faithful to John even in his sleep)

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Quiver [m]

Smut // How quiet can you be in a library? 

You swallow harshly and try to concentrate on the words on the book, your eyes have been going over the same paragraph for the last three minutes, trying to move on but losing concentration as the words began to shift and run into each other. Frustrated, you slam the book down. The sudden movement causes him to look up from his book.

“You okay?” He asks,

The urge to lash grows bigger, you are dumbfounded as to how he could sit there, face still and untelling of his devious ways.  “Of course.”, you say through gritted teeth.

“Really, cause your breathing-”

“Deep, I know.” You snap back, gripping the armchair as your foot incessantly taps on the floor. “Very deep,” you say under your breath.

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Meant to Be - Part One: SOS

All Parts

Pairing: jamilton (Hamilton x Jefferson)

Request: Soulmate AU – When soulmates draw on themselves, it appears on the other’s skin as well.

Tagging: @elenarte @empyrealsakaki

Word Count: 1723

Warnings: swearing, anxiety, mentions of death, bullying

A/N: Whoops I think this is going to turn into a series… enjoy!

The first time Alexander Hamilton had ever spoken to his soulmate, he was seven years old, living on Nevis with his mother. He had written a poem on his wrist, hoping that whoever his perfect match was would read it. His soulmate had written back, That was a terrible poem. But thank you.

They’d talked every day from then on. Alex had learned to love this nameless, faceless person. When Alex was feeling vulnerable or anxious, he would write SOS on his arm, and his soulmate would begin to draw happy little doodles on his arm to cheer him up. It always worked.

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Wanna know what I can't stand?

The way people write jealousy. People always write it like “you’re my best friend that I have a crush on and you are not allowed to interact with any other male let alone be friends with them but I can do whatever I want with girls, even if you say that you don’t like it or that it makes you feel uncomfortable. An when you get understandably upset and confront me about it i’m going to act like this is all your fault because you dared to have another male friend. You’re now going to let me claim you like you’re some kind of object because even though you’re telling me no, I know exactly what you WANT and NEED.” If any guy acts like that with you they need to get their crap straight and you should probably consider not being around them anymore. That is not love, nor is that ‘super hot’. That’s abusive and controlling behavior. Your boyfriend or friend or girlfriend should not get upset for you interacting and befriending other people. And that classic line in a fic “I’m going to have to remind you who you belong to.” The line itself isn’t bad. But the fact that it’s being used just because you talked to another guy is not okay. And then these fics automatically jump to the rough and unsafe sex complete with spanking and the use of derogatory words with the lack of any safe word being discussed. Shouldn’t you make sure thats okay???? Shouldn’t you give your partner a way out in case it gets too much??? Whether you like it or not, young people do read these fics, and by writing it like that over and over and over again you’re normalizing it and making it seem like its okay and to be expected. NO ONE SHOULD TREAT YOU LIKE THAT! I understand that it might be hot or whatever to some people, so in that case, make him (or her) get angry over some ACTUAL flirty behavior. Make your reader insert character ACTUALLY flirt with another guy, just to get a rise out of your fave or the idol being written about. WRITE SCENES OF A SAFEWORD BEING EXCHANGED AND ACTUAL AFTERCARE AND COMFORT AFTER ROUGH SEX. Come on people, doesn’t that sound way hotter? JUST WRITE RESPONSIBLY UGH

The Rise and Fall

Prinxiety ship, tickles of course. I just had a lil ~inspiration~ and really needed to write! Thought I’d submit it in. Hope you like it! ~Bun

Prompt; A pun from Morality dooms a friend.

Morality squeaked as Logic ended their round of Word games, hiding his blushing faced. Logic pushed up his glasses, hiding a smirk. They were sat on the floor facing one another and had been going back and forth like so for a while, Prince quietly observing while he pet a dozing Anxiety.

“I win.”
“That’s not fair, you took me by surprise with that!”
“Isn’t that the point of they game?”
“No! Well, yes, but not how you did that!!”
“How about we start again and you can demonstrate how I’m supposed to win. If you can. I’ll even let you start.”
“I can’t think of a word now, you’ve fogged up my brain!”

Prince chuckled at the two, finding their jokey bickering quite sweet and amusing. Logic glanced up, acknowledging him.
“How about you give us a word to start with, Roman?”

He stretched, disturbing the dark figure on his lap, who grunted half heartedly. Prince ponderes for a second, then smiled.
“You already said the perfect word! Roman.”
“Of course you’d go for yourself.”
Roman chuckled lightly. “What? Is it not good enough?”
“I guess I could work with that… Empire.”
“Ah like the Roman empire! I see what you did there, that was almost pun worthy!”
“It was not.”
“Was to!”
“Was not.”
“Was to!”

They carried on, Prince giggling at the two. Anxiety yawned and stretched, unable to carry on his slumber with all the ruckus.

“Are you guys seriously arguing again…? It’s impossible for peace with you two around. What is it even about this time?”
Logic looked up at the sleepy side.

“The Roman Empire.”
“…Why do I feel like you started this?”
Anxiety stared at Prince with accusing eyes, poking him in the ribs. He gave a small yelp, falling away from Anxiety.

“Oh my goodness, we just witnessed the rise and fall of the Roman Empire! Hehehe!” Morality chortled. Anxiety smirked, peering down at his lover with danger in his eyes. Prince raised his hands up, eyes widening in panic as he realised he just revealed a huge weakness that Anxiety seemed to want to use against him.
“Wait, I didn’t mean to start it! They asked for a word, all I did was give them one!”

Anxiety raised a single finger, waving it above Prince.
“And you just had to be witty about it. You could have said any word, but no, it has to be you. I’m sure they’d still be playing their game quietly if you didn’t say your own name.”
“No! Right, guys? Heheh, you’d have gotten bored by now!”

Logic fiddled with his tie, in thought.
“Hmmm. No. I very much like Word games, and it’s easy to entertain Morality. We probably could have gone on much longer.”
Morality nodded enthusiastically in agreement. Anxiety suddenly poked Prince, making him squeak and pay attention.

“See? And this is what happens when you wake a sleeping dragon, Princey. You fall.”

With that he dug in. Prince let out an ear ringing squeal as Anxiety skittered his fingertips up his sides. He shot his hands down to protect him, but the darker trait was surprisingly fast. Every time Prince thought he had managed to protect a spot, Anxiety’s hand was somewhere else in an instant. If he tried to protect his tummy Anxiety attacked his side, if he protected his sides he skittered up to his ribs, and so on. He waved a hand at the other too desperately.

“Well, if you’re such a strong, skilled prince, you should have the ability to protect yourself, or pry Anxiety off of you, correct? You shouldn’t need Our help, Morality and I don’t know the first thing about combat.”

Prince shook his head laughing wildly as Anxiety found a sweet spot below his ribs and exploited it without hesitation.
“Aaaawwww, You’re laugh is so cute! And he’s blushing, aw look Logan, he’s blushing!”

Prince tried to turn his head, wanting to hide his face. The knowledge of his blush was only making it worse, especially as Morality had a slight teasing tone in his voice. His head was pushed back towards the others, however, as Anxiety started a cruel onslaught of tickly nibbles and kisses along Prince’s neck. Anxiety would huff every now and again, as if it was wasting his breath, but really it was to send a tickly blow at Prince’s sensitive ears. To make matters worse, Prince’s body still buzzed with the ghost of Anxiety’s intense tickle attack there, but at least Prince could regain breath through his giggling.

“Ahahahanx! Pleheheaaase, I’m sorrryyyyy!”
“Mmmnnoo. I don’t think you really are.” Anxiety mumbled through Prince’s skin, sending ticklish wave across his neck.
“I ahahaham! I swear! Pleheheheease, it tickles sohoho bahahad!”
“mmmmnmnmnmnmnmmmnnoo, can’t be that bad. You’re only giggling.”

He tilted his head back in defeat and surrendered himself to the stream of giggles that plagued him. Anxiety hid his smirk behind more kisses, being sure to completely cover all the skin he can reach. As Prince’s giggles faded it turndd to content humming, enjoying the closeness of Anxiety, and the warmth of his breath against his neck.
“It appears the Prince’s weakness is neck kisses. We better keep Anxiety on hand if Prince is ever to turn to villainy.”

Prince realised how the other two didn’t restart their game, and the fact he was the centre of attention during Anxiety’s tickle torture made the crimson on his cheeks more noticeable.
“AWWWWW, he’s as red as a rose!! Who knew Princey could be so cute??”
“You should probably go turn the heating down, Patty. According to Prince’s face, it’s far too hot in here.”
“Shut up, smartypants!“
“I find that incredibly rude, Anxiety control your boyfriend.”

Anxiety muttered “K” into Prince’s neck, and took a deep breath.



Prince shrieked, latching onto Anxiety’s shoulder and pushing him away, laughing hysterically. Anxiety just watched him, yawning as if tickling his lover had tired Him out instead of Prince. He gently pushed Prince’s arms away, and they fell, weakened from the brutal attack. Anxiety laid down ontop on Prince, his head against his chest, listening to his fluttering heartbeat.
“If you move too much I will tickle your sides. I’m in perfect range to do it.”

Prince lent his head back so his slowly fading giggling wouldn’t disturb his tormentor, and put a hand against their back. And soon, the same hand was rubbing soothingly as Anxiety once again napped the afternoon away with Prince while the other two traits carried on with their Word games, the peace restored.

Hungry (YugBam x Reader)

Request: Poly relationship with YugBam? I think that relationship would be so cute and on the immature side as our two maknaes are so playful Fluffy interactions where they mess with other members and ends with others annoyed but mildly amused and fond of the situation? Please and thank you!

Member: Got7′s Yugyeom x Got7′s BamBam x Y/N

Type: fluff

Warning: poly relationship between Yugyeom and BamBam, it’s super cute, but if you get grossed out by it, fair warning here!

“Hyung,” Yugyeom moaned as he writhed around on the floor. “I’m hungry.”

Jinyoung looked up from the book he was reading with wide eyes and quickly scanned the room. “I’m sorry, am I the hyung you’re talking to?”

“Yessss,” Yugyeomed moaned again as he looked up at the older boy. “Jinyoung hyung, will you make me some food?”

“I’m sorry Jinyoung isn’t in right now, please leave your message after the tone,” Jinyoung yawned, looking back down to the novel in his hands. 

“HUUUUNGGRRRRYYY,” Yugyeom whined. 

I chuckled as I watched my boyfriend wiggle around on the floor. When he was tired or hungry, it seemed as if he would most often revert back into some sort of toddler mode. 

“Y/N, can’t you control that monster?” Mark groaned, passing through the living room and narrowly avoiding stepping on his dongsaeng. 

“Bammie!” I called down the hallway. “Control your boyfriend!”

“He’s your boyfriend too!” BamBam called back. I groaned and rolled my eyes, I proceed to hop over the side of the couch and wander down the hall. 

“Bammie,” I whispered, sticking my head into he and Yugyeom’s bedroom. “Yuggie is hungry…and I am too. Will you make us Thai food?”

“In ten minutes,” he muttered, tapping at his mouse furiously. Youngjae sat by his side, not even acknowledging my existence as they both focused on the game of League of Legends before them. 

I felt hands press against my sides and a voice appear in my ear. “What did he say?” Yugyeom whined, nuzzling into my neck. 

“That we have to wait,” I grumbled. 

“Aish!” Yugyeom spat, shooting BamBam a dirty look. “Bammie, don’t you love us anymore?”

“Of course I do. I heard Jaebum hyung loves you guys too, you should probably ask him to make you food.”

At that moment, JB was walking down the hall and stopped, looking at the situation with lifted brows. “This is one mess I’m not touching,” he chuckled before continuing his trek back down the hall. 

“Ten minutes in League of Legends time is like ten years,” Yugyeom moaned with a stomp. 

“Yah, Jackson hyung!” he called as he released my hips and disappeared into the next room. 

“No! Keep your lover’s quarrel in there!” Jackson screeched. “But if he happens to be cooking, I am also hungry. Just putting that out into the world if anyone was curious.”

“I mean, if we’re asking, I’m kind of hungry too,” Youngjae sighed, shooting a curious look at BamBam. “I can finish the game if you want to start cooking.”

“Ugh,” BamBam groaned, slamming the mouse down and standing. Youngjae quickly took his spot in the rolling chair and began clicking manically. 

“Hey,” I hissed, furrowing my brows. “Attitude check.”

BamBam’s face softened and he leaned into me, wrapping a careful hand on my lower back. “Sorry jagi,” he whispered, setting a delicate kiss on my temple. 

“Oh, she get’s a ‘sorry jagi?’ I get a ‘you can starve!’” Yugyeom pouted behind us. 

BamBam rolled his eyes at the younger boy and grabbed him by the wrist, pulling him in with his opposite arm. “Sorry babe,” he sighed, standing on his tiptoes and kissing Yugyeom on the temple as well. 

Yugyeom leaned away, shimmying his shoulders slowly with a pout. “So why do you call Y/N jagi and not me?”

“Dear God Yugyeom,” BamBam groaned, fighting the smile on his face. I watched the younger boy carefully as he broke into a smile as well. Both boys engulfed me in their arms and screeched as they began to tickle my sides. 

“Stahp, oh my god, please, I can’t breath!” I croaked, melting into a puddle on the hardwood as their narrow fingers flew across my ribcage. 

“The chop stick twins strike again,” JB chuckled, poking his head from the door. 

“Yah, hyung!” BamBam said, halting his tickling and looking to his older member. “Is that an insult?”

“No, the pair of you have legs that look like chopsticks, that’s all,” Jaebum said, a wry smile on his face. 

“Yah! Your…eyes look like chopsticks!” Yugyeom fired back. 

“Aish, Yugyeom, you should probably leave the insults to us,” BamBam chuckled, helping me up from the ground. 

“Your just a cinnamon roll my love,” I sighed, taking his hand in mine. “Too pure, too good.”

“I like cinnamon rolls,” BamBam nodded with a smile, wrapping his arm around Yugyeom’s waist. 

JB rolled his eyes at the exchange and looked on us pleasantly. I knew the boys were a handful for him on his own, but add me to the situation and he had to deal with chaos a lot of the time. Even though we were crazy, I was pretty sure he was still fond of us. 

“What are you making?” Jinyoung called from the living room, the appearance of BamBam making him suddenly interested. JInyoung had no self control when it came to BamBam’s Thai food although he wouldn’t admit it. 

“Pad kra prao,” BamBam said quickly as he gathered pans from different areas in the kitchen. I set my elbows on the bar and watched as BamBam tied an apron on and giggled at Yugyeom doing the same. 

“So all helpers will get rewarded with food,” BamBam nodded, smiling brightly at Yugyeom and giving him a quick kiss. 

“I don’t need to help to be fed!” Jinyoung pouted. “You have a boyfriend AND girlfriend for that.”

“Y/N can’t help because she tried to cook Thai food with me once and almost set me on fire,” BamBam chuckled. I nodded happily and shot a smug look to Jinyoung. 

“Well, I can arrange to do the same,” Jinyoung hissed, lifting his brows. 

“On second thought, Yugyeom and I will just cook for everyone and if they’d like to help that’s fine too,” BamBam nodded. “I prefer my eyebrows not scorched.”

“You’d still be cute,” Yugyeom cooed, wiggling his butt. 

“That’s beside the point,” BamBam laughed as he busied himself chopping ingredients. Jinyoung leaned beside me and put his hand under his chin. 

“You’re lucky Y/N,” he sighed, giving my a friendly smile. He slowly directed the loving expression to the boys in front of him. 

“I know I am,” I nodded, his smile spreading onto my own lips. “But what makes you say that?”

“I can’t even get one person to go out with me,” JInyoung laughed. “And you have two. They’re a pain in the ass…but they’re good guys…and they love you and each other a lot.”

I nodded slowly. “Thanks JInyoung oppa,” I sighed. “But if you think your sweet words are what’s going to make me give up my portion of delicious Thai food to you, you’re wrong.”

“Damn,” Jinyoung grumbled, his smile turning to a frown. “I take it all back. You guys suck. Quit being cute.”

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Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver

Trick of the Light (x reader)  Reader has enhanced strength and can read minds, powers she can’t always control. Your boyfriend Pietro can usually keep you out of his head, but a momentary slip reveals a terrible secret you can’t recover from.

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  *Part Four *Part Five

Lay Me Down (x reader)

Can’t get enough of your Love (x reader) (Completed) Reader is teaching Pietro to play guitar in between missions, but he pretends to be worse than he is to spend more time with you. Fluff :)

One Two Three

Hold onto your Heart  (x reader)

Howlin’ For You (Avengers x reader & Pietro x reader) (Halloween Request) (Completed)

Part 1   Part 2

Did Someone Say Cake? (x reader) (Request) (M-ish)

Bad Habit (x reader) (M) You got yourself a (real) bad habit for him.

Part 1   Part 2  Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  Part 6   Part 7   Part 8  Part 9   Part 10  Part 11

Call it Heaven (x reader) (M-in parts) (Request) You’re a Hydra weapon accidentally brought to life by Tony. Afraid and confused you forge a connection with the first person you see, never wanting to leave his side.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Come out and Play (x reader) (Request) You’re a new avenger still learning to control your abilities - you’re also blind, something your new training partner doesn’t seem to realise.

Mischief (x reader) A famous Avenger that writes fanfiction on tumblr? What could go wrong?

Part 1

Love and Terror  (x reader) (Request) You’re new apartment isn’t as perfect as it seems.

You Can be So Cruel (x reader) (M in parts) You used to think no one could hate you as much as you hated yourself, until you meet the speedster with a seeming desire to break you.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4

Steve Rogers/Captain America

When I Fall in Love  (x reader) (Request) 

Take it Out on Me (x reader) After everything he went back to them, leaving Steve broken and you to try and pick up the pieces.

Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier

Castin’ My Spell on You (x reader) You’ve been in love with Bucky for months and Wanda uses a little ‘magic’ to help things along. 

Ocean of Night (x reader) (M) “If they wipe me again, I’ll know you have what’s left of me. My past, my heart, it’s safe with you.”

Nowhere to Hide (x reader) (Walking dead/Apocalypse Au) You and your makeshift family are getting by just fine in your isolated farmhouse, it’s deep in the countryside and well protected from the infected…until you’re betrayed and Negan decides you need to contribute.

Part 1   Part 2

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yato-sola  asked:

I love your Voltron Family AU! I was wondering, when did Kuro's feelings become something more?

I wouldn’t have Kuro fall in love with Keith. Nah, Keith is Shiro’s husband so he’s not touching that because he respects that. Kuro, however, does love Keith platonically like a brother. He’s very fond of him and Keith is his favourite person. If you’re asking when Kuro started crushing on Keith? Well then… B)

[The Voltron Family] It was during Keith’s stay with the Shirogane’s for the first time. Kuro was stretching so early in the morning and then he decided to have morning tea as he sat down on the tatami floors overlooking the garden. He was enjoying the view at 6am when he felt someone sat beside him and rest their head on his shoulder.

It was Keith. He was wearing matching pyjamas and he had his eyes closed. Kuro took the time to look at his twin brother’s boyfriend. Damn. He was really such a pretty boy and his pale skin looked so soft. He couldn’t believe Shiro got this boy all to his own.

Kuro smiled. He’d love to wake up the younger man and tell him he wasn’t Takashi but Keith was sleeping peacefully, he’d rather not disturb him. So Kuro just turned back towards the garden as he drank his morning tea. After a few minutes, Keith began to move his head, looking so uncomfortable so Kuro decided to move him to his lap so his head wouldn’t hurt that much. He did this and Keith didn’t even wake up. Keith just went on sleeping and Kuro noticed that Keith’s first button on his pyjama tops was undone during the move. So he sighed and buttoned it. He turned back looking at the garden again after he brushed some strands away from Keith’s face. 

After what felt like 30 minutes, Keith opened his eyes. He stared at Kuro who stared back at him. He quickly sat up and looked around him, then went back to staring at Kuro.

“Good Morning,” Keith said, looking so confused.

“Morning, Keith,” Kuro smiled kindly as he drank his newly refilled cup of tea.

Keith looked around once again and his eyes landed on Kuro’s cup. He tilted his head as if trying to figure out something he couldn’t comprehend.

“Tea?” Kuro offered.

Keith shook his head as he quickly stood up. He gripped the end of his pyjama tops and slowly said. “Pee. I need to pee.”

Kuro chuckled. “Okay, go and pee then. Two doors on your right.”

“Right,” Keith nodded as he blinked repeatedly. “I knew that.”

Kuro shrugged. “No harm reminding you.”

Keith turned to leave but stopped as he looked back to his boyfriend’s twin brother. “Oh, and Kuro?”


“Thank you,” Keith smiled. 

And with that he went off to go to the bathroom leaving Kuro blinking to himself, looking so flushed, heart racing for some apparent reason.

“Oh shit,” Kuro whispered to himself. He looked up and he saw Shiro emerging out of his room to see Keith walk past him, only to pull him back to hug him tight. Kuro smiled. They were so adorable.

A few hours later after breakfast, Kuro decided to sit beside Keith. “I have a confession. I think I have a crush on you.”

Keith’s eyes widened in surprise. “Y-you what? But I’m—”

Kuro chuckled, clearly amused at Keith’s reaction. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to steal you away from my brother and marry you.”

“Gee, thanks for telling me how desirable I am,” Keith grumbled sarcastically.

“No, that’s Takashi’s job to ask your hand in marriage.”

“What?” Keith gasped.

“I’m telling you, he’s too in love with you. I’m betting my $500 for this. He’s going to ask you to marry him.” Kuro nudged Keith by the shoulder.

“Y-you can’t be that confident. We just started dating, it’s way too early to be thinking about marriage!” Keith whispered back. “Plus, I don’t think he’d even want to be with me for more than 6 months. I literally cannot offer him anything.”

“Yeah? Well I don’t think he even needs anything else if I’m just being honest, Keith,” Kuro smiled. “Act natural. Your crush is coming!”

“Wh—” Keith furrowed his eyebrows and then suddenly Shiro joined them. “Oh, h-hi.”

Kuro just started laughing and that didn’t go unnoticed by Shiro. “Kuro, are you okay? You’re like dying or something.”

“Ignore him,” Keith rolled his eyes. “Did you want something?”

Shiro leaned in to give Keith a peck on the lips. “Just a morning kiss, really.”

“Sap,” Kuro coughed and Keith rolled his eyes fondly as he playfully punched Kuro on the stomach. “Takashi! Control your boyfriend! He’s too violent.”

“Keith was part of the yakuza, Kuro,” Shiro laughed. “Old habits die hard.”

BTS Reaction To Your Ex Trying To Win You Back

Namjoon: He’d be angry every time he saw the same pink roses on the coffee table every other week. “Can’t he take a fucking hint?”he would whisper throwing the roses in the trash. Then one day when your ex came to your apartment while Namjoon was there and your ex started saying rude remarks about Namjoon. “Listen she doesn’t like you anymore she’s with me now and if you don’t get off our property I’m going to call the police before I do something you’ll regret later on. Get out,”Namjoon said balling up his fist.

Taehyung: Taehyung would get annoyed whenever he’d see his name appear on your phone. “Jagiya why don’t you just change your number or block him?”Tae would ask you. When you two were out walking you bumped into your ex causing V to stiffen and hold you tightly against him. “Just leave her alone if she would have wanted you back she would have done it a long time ago. It’s your fault for not treating her right and now you’ve realized your idiotic mistake but it’s to late,”Tae said looking him straight in the eyes.

Hoseok: “I love you (Y/N) and I know you love me too break up with that guy and come back to me,”Hoseok read the text on your phone.”He just doesn’t know when to stop,”he said shaking his head as he deleted the message. Your ex was messaging you nonstop for two weeks now and it was getting to the point where Hoseok went to his apartment to tell him to stop bothering,”Just stop harassing her what’s your problem? Leave her alone if she really wanted you back she would’ve messaged you by now. You lost your chance and now she’s happy with me and if you message her one more time I won’t hesitate to beat your ass.”

Jin: Your ex boyfriend would leave you presents at your door with letter attached to them saying that he still loves you and wants to you back into his arms. You would throw them away and Jin would roll his eyes as he whispered,”Why can’t he leave her alone already?” One night you got a phone call waking both you and Jin. You answered it thinking it was your mom but it was him and as you shouted insults at him to leave you alone. Jin took the phone from you,”Leave her alone. You should’ve treated her like the princess she is when she was yours but you didn’t and now you expect to get her back? It’s impossible back away and let her be.”

Jungkook: Jungkook would get angry to hear the voicemails that your ex would leave you. He would ignore it at first thinking your ex would back away but when the messages got more explicit. He asked you for his address so he could pay him a visit and end everything. When he knocked on his door he tried to control his anger but your boyfriend started insulting Jungkook causing him to break. Jungkook was about to swing at your ex but luckily you stepped in stopping him.

Yoongi: Yoongi would tell you to block your ex’s number as he was hoping this was the only thing he’ll be doing but then when when your ex starts showing up at your front door that’s when he feels protective telling your ex to get lost or else he’ll call the police. “She wants nothing with you she even forgot about you. You’re just another stranger to her. With what little dignity you have leave,”Yoongi told him as he slammed the door.

Jimin: Jimin would actually feel like if your ex continued to shower you with gifts you might consider going back to him especially because Jimin was away most of the time. Before he left for tour you two were sitting on the couch watching a movie when your doorbell rang. “I’ll get it,”Jimin said smiling as he went to answer the door. He opened the door and saw your ex holding a bouquet of roses. “Why are you here? I thought I already made it clear to you that you can’t come here. Listen to me because it seems like you think I’m playing around. She does not want you back she has me and I’m sure as hell won’t let her go. Return those flowers and wait just a minute,”he said as he went to the closet full of the presents he’s been sending you and handed it to him smirking,”return all this shit too. You can leave now.”


Once again: