control yerself

secvrity  asked:

this might seem like a bit of a specific request but i've been having a rough time recently - could i get the shimada bros and mccree comforting the reader after a break-up? either individually or as a group, i don't mind either way. thank you!!

I hope you feel better, sweetie.

“Hey, now.” Mccree rubs your shoulders as you cry into your balled up fists with Genji sitting on your other side. There’s silence for a while as you get out your pent up frustrations in the form of the tears trailing down your face.

“Yer too good fer ‘em, anyway.” Jesse finally speaks up, his hand still sliding across your back.

“Indeed, they could not compete with your wit.” Genji agrees, taking one of your hands and squeezing it reassuringly. Hanzo places a box of tissues on the coffee table and sits on the chair by the door.

“What if this is the rest of my life? What if this is how it’s always gonna be?” You ask as you take a tissue and wipe your eyes with it. Hanzo barks and laugh and Jesse glares at him.

“You are young, you have plenty of time learn how to be alone so you can find someone you don’t need but instead want.” He says and you’re kind of shocked, that was deep.

“You’ll meet someone who will love you for who you are, not who you could be,” Genji adds, squeezing your hand again.

“Ya have complete control of yerself an’ don’t let anyone tell ya different.” And now you’re crying again because you have the best friends in the world and you are so grateful for them. You could do this, you could get past this and anything else put in your way because they were there to back you up.