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Retrograde planet(s) in the 1st house: the Ascendant sign’s manifestation will be heavily hindered/reduced. Very insecure, perhaps prone to self-hatred. Introverted. Identity and life path may change a lot. Likely more self-aware than most others with the same Rising. Tend to be very interesting to others, but don’t feel that way. Worldview is unstable & usually subjective but insightful.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 2nd house: have no idea what they’re worth until they take the time to study their personal values; before that happens, they tend not to have a solid foundation from which to operate & base their decisions/will on whims or temporary mindsets. May have many regrets because of this. Fluctuating & unconventional finances/possessions.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 3rd house: tend to be quiet, considerate, and thoughtful. May prefer to observe rather than participate. Acutely aware of flaws in mindsets/thoughts/statements, especially their own; analytical and clever. Shy, may be unwilling to share thoughts. May tend to talk in circles without getting to the point. Erratic productivity and mental activity.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 4th house: prone to withdraw, extremely introverted and introspective. Self-reliant, psychologically strained but independent nonetheless. Many intrinsic issues that they usually make an effort to work out. Family/upbringing is the source of much inner trouble. Possibly emotionally repressed, or they express emotion unconventionally.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 5th house: poor self-confidence, hate standing out. High standards for themselves. Fear not being received well so they may water themselves down or put up a facade. Self-censure is a big problem, and so is self-denial. Pleasures/enjoyment are stressful & cause inner tug-of-war so they may avoid it altogether. Prefer to experience pleasure in private.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 6th house: easily distracted and prone to procrastination. Tend to prefer working alone as it’s difficult to cooperate and collaborate. Can be lazy and unproductive. Need a lot of motivation and reward. May fall ill often. Mental health may be poor. Anxious. The part of the body associated with the planet or sign on the cusp may have many issues.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 7th house: usually able to acknowledge the parts of themselves they dislike/reject, thus they tend to be relatively self-aware. Very inhibited, may be hypocritical. Potentially the type to back out of commitments, present ultimatums, blackmail/manipulate, and “negotiate” their way through life in an unfair manner. Potentially repressive and superficial.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 8th house: particularly secretive; expression is inhibited. Tear themselves apart looking for answers to their problems; can be blind to things in their life that will help them, may ignore them on purpose out of fear, resentment, or self-contempt. Wise, insightful, extremely intuitive. Inner world is out of control so they’re excessively controlled on the outside.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 9th house: fleeing is a natural defense mechanism. Easily feels suffocated and the first instinct is to disappear from the immediate situation. Feel lost intellectually because nothing really makes sense to them or clicks; tend to have unconventional but intriguing opinions. Restless on the inside. Can’t settle on beliefs; can’t agree with anyone.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 10th house: feel lost in the world; feel as if the world has no room for them. Unsure of who they truly aspire to be, and that trickles down into their personal life, so they tend to be generally indecisive. Feel weak or inadequate. May have too many ambitions or a lack of them. Lack of belief in themselves. Limit their opportunities with underperformance.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 11th house: usually have issues making & keeping friends. Difficult to connect to in a lasting way, despite their efforts to integrate. Uncomfortable with fully “belonging” to a community, or attaching to dreams/ideals. May feel lost and disconnected, possibly excluded. Sometimes prone to withdrawal. Usually limit/filter their personality when socializing.

Retrograde planet(s) in the 12th house: generally present an image of themselves to others that differs greatly from who they are on the inside. Unsure of themselves, may be either extremely self-aware or extremely self-unaware depending on the sign/planet. Rarely seen or treated the way they should be. Painfully repressive but they can’t avoid the truth about themselves.

May apply to houses with their ruler in retrograde.

These descriptions also count for the nodal axis (if retrograde) to a lesser degree because retrogrades often relate to lessons that need to be learned in order for the native to “evolve” as a person, which is a big theme of the nodes.

Any take on Luke as just a normal kid whining about freedom should probably account for the fact that he lives on a lawless desert planet controlled by gangsters who kept his father and grandmother as slaves

How it went down

In the past, I feel I’ve made it abundantly clear that I do not like it when people speculate that Rose Quartz was pink diamond.

It’s not that it’s impossible: because really it isn’t. We know for a fact that as an extension of Steven’s empath abilities, he can swap bodies with other gems, as well as humans and even watermelons. The mechanic exists for Rose and PD to swap bodies, and seems to have been introduced for the sole purpose of giving us a hint

It isn’t a lack of foreshadowing that spoils it for me either. All the foreshadowing that existed before it became obvious that Rose had the body of a quartz still stands, both for Rose and for Lion. For fuck’s sake. I can see why Pearl would might still have a pink diamond on her uniforms, but Garnet, Sardonyx and Baby Steven have no excuse!

No, what pisses me off about these theorists is that I have yet to see a variation that does NOT make Rose/PD look like a sociopathic idiot. See, the core flaw with these theories is and always has been that Pink Diamond stole a Rose Quartz’s body then killed her for reasons that make no sense.

If she had wanted to protect earth, she could have easily done more easily as herself, and wouldn’t have to murder a bunch of other gems in cold blood to do so. She would have had the political power, the control over the planet, and she wouldn’t be hunted for regicide!

Of course, all these wrinkles iron out if we change one tiny thing; Body swapping wasn’t Pink Diamond’s Ability, It was Rose’s!

See, if we assume it was Rose Quartz –the original Rose Quartz – who stole PD’s body, suddenly everything falls into place.

First, we have the motivation: There is no reason why Pink Diamond would have wanted to be a quartz, but there is every reason why a Rose Quartz would want to be a Pink Diamond. All this Rose had to do is mind swap with PD, and once that’s done it’s her power. Pinkie would be unable to switch back!

Second, we have a reason to believe mind-swapping was always Rose’s power. It’s never been more clear than in the past few episodes that Steven is not simply empathetic in the mundane sense, he’s actually an Empath, a type of telepath who can feel other’s emotions through a psychic connection rather than mere sympathy. This power is vital to a Rose Quartz, who needs to be able to physically feel a patient’s pain to cry healing tears. Since Empaths are a form of Telepath, mind-connection powers like dreamwalking and body snatching are actually part of the package deal!

Third, it’s a situation that morally and strategically justifies Pink Diamond’s actions. If Pink Diamond wanted to protect earth she could do more easily as the planet’s ruler than as a soldier who just committed regicide, and she wouldn’t need to switch bodies with an innocent rose quartz and then murder her in cold blood to do so. Even if the Rose consented, it would still be completely unjustified, but if it was her body that was stolen Pink would be absolved of all responsibility.

Now usurped, trapped in a new form and possibly hunted by the soldier who stole her body, Pink Diamond had no choice left but to rebel, and this would give Rose every justification she would need to implement part two

Never forget, Quartzes are soldiers, military tacticians. If this Rose stole the body of a diamond, then any other one could as well. Rose Quartz couldn’t have that happening, so she had her sisters poofed and imprisoned in bubbles, leaving them trapped in stasis and unable to do the same to her.

Now Rose was in a tough situation. Pink Diamond, – who we knew up until this point as Rose – Was fascinated by earth. If their sister suddenly lost her love for humans, the other diamonds would become suspicious. Rose Quartz would have to play the part. Thus, the human zoo was born.

As for Pink Diamond, she would was now leading a rebellion, but nobody would believe her if she claimed to be the real Diamond authority. Hell, many of her followers may have been like Bismuth: resentful of their former leaders and hungry for shards. No, the only people Pink Diamond could trust were her closest followers. Pearl and Garnet and possibly a few more. Only they knew they were really doing the duty of a queen, and that’s why even millennia after the war ended they and their fusions still bore pink diamonds on their shirts shoes and pants.

In the end, Pink Diamond was never able to take back her body, but she couldn’t let Rose use her body for tyranny anymore. The die was cast, a diamond fell, and a quartz and her pearl watched the miracle of a new beginning.

Pink took her body, her usurper and shards, a remnant of the life she hand long left behind. These would later be fed to the lions who followed her, creating a pet left for Steven when he needed it most.

All theories are true on this one, they all fit into place. I’m just glad I was finally able to make order out of these disparate parts

Lancelot Idea (+Lotor headcanons and Klance)

This is gonna be a very long post that features a lot of my ideas that I thought of, like, ten minutes ago. I’d like to make this into a comic/fanfic but if anyone else wants to as well, go ahead! Link it to me somehow cuz I’d love to read it and die cuz I’ll love you forever ahhh

It’s about 1,700 words, hehehe…I got really carried away. sorry about any mistakes too, I wrote this as fast as possible lol. I’ll put it under a cut.

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  • when someone's planet falls into your...
  • 1st house: it is trigger-some; you react strongly around them in accordance to the planet's energy; you are their muse/inspiration for the planet; you are completely captivated or completely repulsed by it; it is completely exposed to you; it gives you an ego boost/makes you feel more confident or active with this planet's energy; you take on the effect of this planet; you identity them with this planet(s)
  • 2nd house: it is objectified/treated as a possession; it feels used by you or you feel used because of it; it feels secure or insecure with you or driven by security
  • 3rd house: it is discussed with you; you open or close their mind to this planet's effect; it feels judged by you; it creates flowage with you; your communication is defined by this planet's effect
  • 4th house: it feels at home with you; has a sense of of familiarity with you; family/building a home is more central and the planet's energy affects this; it becomes evident around family/in a family setting; the planet(s) feels burdened by you
  • 5th house: it is ignited/put into play; it inspires/entertains you; the planet's energy is extremely attractive to you; the planet(s) reacts dramatically; you find this planet(s) to bring out your playful/creative side in relation to what it stands for; you find this planet's energy to be too immature
  • 6th house: they feel obligated to provide or attend to this/you feel entitled to it; it feels one-sided; adds structure to this planet; it feels under review by you; it is cooperated with you
  • 7th house: the relationship is defined by the planet's energy; they'll hate you or love you or have a love/hate relationship for this planet's effect; they admire or reject the planet's energy; adds a more personal undertone; you project this planet's energy onto them
  • 8th house: it feels out of control; you challenge the planet(s); you could become obsessed with this planet's effect; adds an instant/intimate/unconditional (sometimes too instant/intimate/unconditional) connection; your finances may take on this planet's energy; there will be sacrifices/sharing in the name of said planet
  • 9th house: they add a certain need for exploration or expansion in relation to the planet(s); they broaden your horizons and make you question/theorize the planet(s) substance; you find it to be utterly fascinating; they are a teacher for the planet(s)
  • 10th house: its motivates/benefits you in relation to the planet's effect; it becomes evident to the public; you look up to them for said planet's energy
  • 11th house: you support the planet(s); it feels informal to you; it becomes evident in social settings/gatherings with friends; adds a mutual/friendly/casual undertone; your aspirations for or with them center around this planet's energy
  • 12th house: it is brought to surface/it exposes you; you are at your knees to their planet(s); you feel liberation or restriction from this planet(s); awakens or represses this planet's energy

i’m surprised nobody’s written up a transcription/description of the steven and connie space adventure vid? i heard it.

begins with clunky dialogue from Connie saying “I can’t believe I’m finally going on a mission with you to space! Steven and Connie, space adventurers!” 

Steven shares the sentiment and then asks Lion to bend down. Lion does something cute and then obliges, Steven tells Connie to hold her breath, and the two travel through the mane.

They emerge on a planet/space station? I’m not sure, as it wasn’t featured, but you jump right into the action. Lars is commanding Flourite to fix [some sort of word for spaceship thrusters that starts with a P]. She says “Yes, captain!” He then tells the twins to do something else - I think handle the green Gem, and they also say Yes, captain - and Padparadsha says, late, “We’re under attack!”

Steven and Connie don’t have much to do, but everybody greets them. There’s a bit of a tense battle scene where the green Gem is screaming at everyone as she’s tied up, and references another Gem-controlled planet. “[Name] [Number]!” (Think of like Zephron 3 or something equally sci-fi).

Lars is like “If you didn’t want us stealing your ship, you shouldn’t have left it unattended on [another planet name] [another number]!”

Then the green Gem is shown onscreen. I have reason to believe that she wasn’t shown before now, because Michaela Dietz (the livestreamer) showed the screen right as the Gem was revealed, and everybody in the crowd gasped, making it seem like that was the first time we actually SAW the Gem who was shouting.

Then Fluorite announces that the space thrusters are powered up. The green Gem is like “You will not go into hyperspace!” (She explicitly calls it hyperspace, making me wonder why it’s not being called the gravity engine like before).

And then they go into hyperspace.

Please correct me if I got anything wrong!! This is just what I remember.

a spin-off story about the rubies that almost mimics the buildup of early SU itself, with leggy as the relatable protag ruby who was literally just assigned to the crew after she emerged so she knows next to nothing about being a gem and homeworld culture, and her crew is her loving pseudo-family that wants to teach her everything as they go on minor missions to other colonies together, bond, and grow as characters

slowly throughout the first season we learn small details about gem history, and at the very least that eyeball fought in a war and that she’s the oldest, and that it changed a lot of things on homeworld

but then mid-season, an entirely new conflict is introduced (think like the time peridot was introduced into s1), the rubies are on their way back from a low-key mission, when a call from the DIRECT diamond line comes in! 

all the rubies kneel and salute yellow diamond in fear, and she orders them, as the ship closest to the area at the time, to go and pick up a famous jasper whose ship went down while on a recon mission to earth.

eyeball freaks out, babbling about how jasper was a legendary soldier that was born on earth, and that she was a symbol of perseverance for all the gems that survived the war

this is the first time leggy has ever been to a non-gem controlled planet, especially one that could have possibly hostile gems living there! while trying to land, their ship is violently smacked into the ground! they have no choice but to get out and search on foot

and then they realize they’re not alone

Another Pink Diamond Theory.. sorta

A stupid thought came to me while re watching back to the moon.

Pink Diamond’s mural is drastically different from the murals of the other three diamonds.

White, yellow and Blue all have an ethereal floating stance. 

Pink’s mural is standing almost as if she’s freshly bursting out of the ground. To me it looks like a mural of a newly emerged diamond.

Stewing on that thought I wondered where she was and what she was doing as her “sisters” gained control of so many planets. Then the thought hit me. What if the Earth was truly hers. Diamonds are quite large and are supposed to have a lot of power. A planet that had enough life to bring a diamond to life might truly be rare. A planet that was lush with life to the extreme and have vast resources would be needed.

Considering the size and power of a diamond I can imagine it would create quite the impressive emergence hole on the planet they were born on. Now where on Earth has there been a enormous change in geography that is missing?

Making earth the place of a diamond’s possible birth and death.

Meet the First Alien CEO of a Human Company

By Drangle Meepmoop 

With anti-alien bigotry rising on Earth, it’s nice to hear some companies standing up for creature inclusivity. 

Take, for example, ad agency Haas + Milan. After being maliciously acquired by an intergalactic holding company, the once-independent shop has installed Kl’iiik Mijupsrit, a Grunglorkian, as their new CEO. 

“Brutal takeover aside, I think this transition was necessary,” says Mijupsrit. “It’s time for Earth brands to reach an intergalactic audience, and introduce a whole new range of products to humans.”

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for some weird reason i ship Avery and The Green Bean dude

The Green Bean dude

My Dear Blue Paladin

My dear blue paladin
So small when I found you
But a child thrust into a war
You took control and said goodbye
To planet that you love

My dear blue paladin
So scared when I found you
But a teenager fighting to survive
You followed a man just as scared
Saving a castle that you love

My dear blue paladin
So unsure when I found you
But a young man giving up his life
You gave yourself for them to live
For a team that you love

My dear blue paladin
So alive when I found you
But a man with his whole life ahead
You die because I failed you
The Paladins that I loved

Took forever, but I finally finished Moon’s completely revamped character reference sheet! I can’t believe she’s already four years old…she’s grown so much since I first drew her as the unofficial Gemsona-HQ mascot. It’s definitely an ego boost to see how much my art’s improved when comparing this to her old ref sheet. (Please full-view, and please don’t repost / pin)

A quick introduction to Moon for those who don’t know her (and for those who haven’t seen her in a while): she’s not much of a talker; she likes listening and observing before speaking or taking action. Moon’s huge fan of the Lunar Sea Spire, exploration, and sweet bread, but she’s not so big on unnecessary violence or hostility. She typically tries to avoid fights if she can, but she’ll always try to step in if someone needs her help. What she lacks in physical strength she makes up for in skill- Moon can manipulate gravity! She relies almost exclusively on this ability in-battle, often making her crescent chakram ’orbit’ her during a fight so enemies can’t get too close. Because of her unique ability, Moon was assigned to a Gem-controlled / neutral planet with Star Sunstone to assist with tasks like Kindergarten growth and exploration. She spent long periods of time away from Homeworld, so she had more room to form her own beliefs and values than other Gems living under the strict rule of their home-planet. Moon managed to keep her freedom and remain more or less neutral longer than most Gems during the Rebellion thanks to her cautious and patient nature, but at a price. Her eventual desertion of the Homeworld was pretty rough. 

Just to be clear- Moon doesn’t have two gemstones, she has two halves of a whole Rainbow Moonstone gem! Her physical form is split between them. 

I think Danny Phantom and its episodes are a great example of the saying, “There’s no such thing as a bad idea, just bad execution.”

First off, the basis for it by itself doesn’t sound like a good idea. A teenage superhero who’s power is being half dead? At first glance, it doesn’t sound interesting. And in another world, the execution of it would’ve made it as bad as it sounds to the average person. But the team who made it executed it well, and we get this cartoon about Danny that we love. It wasn’t a bad idea, it just needs proper execution.

The show itself isn’t perfect, and I won’t pretend it is. But, like the show premise, the individual episode premises aren’t bad ideas. It falls on their execution whether they’re bad or good.

(readmore cause it got long)

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Saturn is the Bitch teacher we hated growing up but as adults we’re thankful that they were such hard asses on us. Saturn tells us this: “I know you want [insert desire here] but you have to wait. You’ll appreciate it more then.” This is why positive Saturn placements are difficult. Benevolent planets, i.e sun, moon, and Venus soften Saturn’s effects. I have sun sextile Saturn and Saturn connected this way tells me to slow down in how I present myself, however my Saturn conjunct moon stifles my emotions. Recently I received an ask about someone asking I describe their venus square Saturn. Although Venus here does believe in a lasting love Saturn tells this native two primary lessons: One is that “Love Exists” and that it is attainable but to remain practical about it. Secondly, Saturn positioned in this way teaches that in order for that love to happen you have to love yourself first.

Saturn in the Signs and Houses

1.       Saturn in Aries/1st House

Aries Saturn/Saturn Risings tend to struggle with their ego and authority.

·         Marilyn Manson [Saturn fallen in the 9th House]

2.       Saturn in Taurus/2nd House

Taurus in Saturn tend to struggle with security, in this way they’re like Scorpios constantly trying to find solid footing in their lives. Saturn second houses may put too much emphasis on possessions and money. Their lesson is to learn that they have that security and that they can accept the good of the world. “If I can, can I find solid ground, or am I just wasting time?” (Solitary Ground by Epica.)

·         Uma Thurman [Saturn direct in the ninth house]

3.       Saturn in Gemini/3rd House

Gemini Saturn tend to have communication barriers. This placement is like having Mercury retrograde taken up to an eleven. These people may struggle with putting their foot in their mouths or not trusting their words as others would. Their lesson is to realize words have an effect on other whether for good or for ill.

·         Mick Jagger [Saturn direct in the Ascendant]

4.       Saturn in Cancer/IC (4th House)

An IC or Cancer Saturn are people who tend to struggle with their family dynamic – possibly their mother too. It’s these people who need to learn the selflessness of caring and not take their families and/or loved ones for granted.

·         Lemmy [Saturn retrograde and detriment in the seventh House]

5.       Saturn in Leo/5th House

Saturn in Leo or in the fifth house typically have very restrictive childhoods. While their friends were able to enjoy their growing up years; Leo Saturns may not feel like the have/deserve such a luxury. Their job is to learn how to have fun and reclaim their childhood. In a way they are like Saturn Capricorns which I will discuss later.

·         Gerard Way [Saturn retrograde in the third house]

6.       Saturn in Virgo/6th House

Saturn here is very health conscious however there’s a bit of hypocritical aspect to this placement. While they may be health obsessed and able to advise people on health and work matters; they may not heed their own advice. “I generally give myself good advice but I rarely ever follow it.” (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) These people can also become workaholics and not really know what to do with themselves when they aren’t working. (I can attest to this since I have Saturn here in the sixth house.) The lessons these people need to learn is to learn how to relax and care for themselves.

·         Heidi Paravianen [Saturn retrograde, possibly in the fifth House]

7.       Saturn in Libra/Dsc (7th House)

Since Saturn’s exalted in Libra it has more power than when it’s dignified in other signs. Libra is the judicial system, police force, as well as victim and criminal. Because of their ability to mediate this makes Libra perfect in Saturn; it gives the sign action to its character. Saturn in the descendant can slow down the process of romantic relationships but because the eighth house is After Marriage, said relationship has a greater chance of lasting long term. Libra Saturn’s lesson is learning how to compromise.

·         Amy Lee [Saturn exalted in the I.C]

8.       Saturn in Scorpio/8th House

Saturn here needs to learn to realize their control over life events. In some way the theme of sex or occult will come into play here. The native may struggle with sexual assault or rape, maybe an affair. Scorpio wants control no matter the planet but especially in Saturn; Scorpio need to learn that they cannot have that all the time.

·         Billy Idol [Saturn direct in the sixth house]

9.       Saturn in Sagittarius/9th House

Saturn here may struggle with their belief systems and higher education. They may attempt college several times throughout their life but find that said route is not for them – which is fine. Having Saturn in the ninth house the person needs to realize that all viewpoints are valid, that their own enlightenment will come later.

·         Sid Vicious [Saturn retrograde in the second house]

10.   Saturn in Capricorn/MC (10th House)

”Saturn naturally rules Capricorn and the MIdheaven (MC). People with Saturn here are very ambitious as well as conscientious about their reputations. These people may have had to grow up faster than their peers yet pull a Benjamin Button where they reclaim a youthful attitude later in life –typically middle and old age. “The death of your daughter would be a blessing.” (Pride and Prejudice) This line come to mind because the Bennets face ruin and destitution due to their youngest daughter’s actions. A Capricorn Saturn’s lesson is to let go of others’ perceptions of them and may face scandals and ruin to learn this.

·         Bono [Saturn retrograde in the twelfth house]

11.   Saturn in Aquarius/11th House

Saturn is dignified here meaning that there’s an added strength to this sign placement. Aquarius Saturn struggle with being a Loner and opening up with their feelings. In the eleventh house the native may struggle with friendships and humanitarian causes. Their lesson involves learning how to love their solitude and then they can blossom into the foreground of life.

·         Jon Bon Jovi [Saturn in the I.C. unaspected]

12.   Saturn in Pisces/12th House

Saturn here is very reflective and in order to learn their lesson the native must retreat inside themselves. Any planets here need extra rest but Saturn here, out of the primary planets, needs the most in my opinion. A Pisces Saturn tends to struggle with spirituality and escapism.

·         Rob Zombie [Saturn direct in the eighth house]

anonymusauthorin  asked:

I'm looking to create a world and start with geographically plausible terrain, since so much of culture is affected by geography. Do you have any advice and/or resources I can go to in order to do this?


In order to understand and create realistic terrain within your fictional world, it will help to have a general understanding of geomorphology, how and why Earth’s land has formed the way it has.

Most of our large-scale land formations (mountains, canyons, etc), formed because of tectonic plate movement. So it might help you to draw out a map of your tectonic plates (this will also influence the location and shape of your continents), and then use that overlay to determine where your mountain ranges will be. Look at Earth’s tectonic plates and how they are so in line with continents and land formations:

Volcanoes, water presence and erosion, and wind will also affect terrain. And terrain will, in turn, affect weather patterns. Forests will grow where there is moisture and the right climate. This will depend on where the rain falls, the proximity to oceans, the runoff from mountains, among other things. Deserts, on the opposite end, are the result of rain falling in other places, when mountains make it difficult for moisture to reach the area.

Look at the history of how the Hawaiian islands formed to get an idea of how influential volcanoes can be in land formation. 

Canyons can be formed by tectonic uplift, weathering, and erosion. The tectonic activity of your world plus its age will play a large part in how “torn” the landscape is. Look HERE for some more information.

Ultimately, the elements that go into land formation are within your control. The age of the planet, how lively the tectonic plates are, how volcanically active, how strong the weather patters are…all of that is important and something that you can decide. 

Hope that’s helpful!

Happy writing!


What is an unaspected planet?

An unaspected planet is a planet that is not making any major aspects to other planets. An unaspected planet can make an aspect to angles (such as the Ascendant or Midheaven) and still be unaspected. While the general consensus is that one should look at the major aspects, some astrologers like to also include some minor aspects (such as the semi-sextile) when considering unaspected planets in the natal chart.

What are the orbs used when finding unaspected planets?

The orbs are ultimately up to the astrologer evaluating the natal chart. There is really no “right or wrong” orbs to use. Orbs in the natal chart can often make an unaspected planet rare, for orbs provide numerical leeway for aspects to be evaluated.

Are unaspected planets weak in the natal chart?

Unaspected planets can be very powerful in the natal chart, despite the fact that there are no aspects (a common indicator for power and influence in the natal chart) being made to it.

How does an unaspected planet manifest in the natal chart?

Manifestation of unaspected planets can be highly unpredictable. With that being said, with unaspected planets, it’s very important to look at the sign and house it’s in to get a better look at the unaspected planet. The unaspected planet can act as a “rebel” or a “lonely” planet compared to the other planets in the natal chart because there are no aspects, in other words, connections made to the other planets. This means that the unaspected planet is completely free and not under any control of the other planets in the natal chart. In this sense, the unaspected planet in the natal chart is independent, but perhaps distant. With no connections to other planets, the expression of the planet can be very pure and powerful. The unaspected planet can function as a unit separate from the planets that do have aspects in the natal chart.

Those with an unaspected planet may manifest the planet without knowing it. After all, with no other connections to the other planets in the natal chart, it can be difficult to reach the unaspected planet consciously, which can result in what could be considered a “weak manifestation.” However, the manifestation of an unaspected planet can also be very powerful, but the native can struggle to notice this while others can. There are many examples where the native can unknowingly show energies of their unaspected planets strongly, only to be genuinely surprised when other people point it out.

An unaspected planet can often be referred to as a hidden talent or insidious destruction, depending on how the native decides to use the planet. Again, it can be difficult to not only notice, but also harness the energies of an unaspected planet due to the distant nature of the planet. The native must learn to own the unaspected planet.

Personal planets are often more strongly felt than the outer planets, with Mars being the most powerful and noticeable planet when unaspected in the natal chart. Manifestations of the outer planets in the natal chart are often debated.