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                       Coachella, Yesterday 4/14/17…Squaaaaaaddddd 🙌🏾 🙌🏾

     Had to have some of my fav people from Miami and New York to come and chill with the kid this weekend. Yall some of the most boujee and demanding people I know fam…had a nigga runnin’ back and forth but I fucks with yall heavy. 💯 Some more than others. 😂 Last night was turnt even though my lil sis tagged along, D kept hoggin’ the liq and ended up passin out and Jayden dragged Dev home early for twerkin. Dev was the designated driver and they just left us so me and Indya had to carry D and get an uber. 🙄 🙄

     We about to be at this shit again tho @indyatellez @ashter-blank @classymarzia @thagirlking @itsdevynnbitch @mysimbrotherskeeper @kinginwitdario @norfdakoda and I dare yall to leave me again today haa 😒

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jason: i'm gonna tear off all the sleeves on my shirt roy: why?? jason: tim's away on a business trip and he's pretty much 95% of my impulse control.


But like can you imagine the days where Tim hasn’t slept enough and therefore isn’t in the right state of mind to do any type of impulse control? Think of the shenanigans Jason and Tim would get into, because you know Jason would encourage that type of rebellious behavior in his normally by the book Timmers.

Tim: I have this brilliant idea but I’m gonna need a disguise, two tons of dynamite, a tightrope, and all the chocolate you can buy from the dollar store.

Jason: Tell me more


Rules for Dating Tony (Chapter One)

So I wrote this halfway through #LetterstoBucky when I was just sad for Tony. And then I watched Civil War which made it worse! So this is based sometime after Civil War, and Tony has managed to get nearly every one back to the team and getting along. And because Tony deserves SO MUCH LOVE, the guys come up with a plan for each of them to date Tony.
This is just supposed to be funny and sweet so don’t look too deep into it! The guys are maybe a little out of character, but that’s the beauty of a fic! Each update will be a different date night, so I hope they make you smile.

Check out the MASTERLIST for all the chapters!

It started innocently enough, with Tony walking in on Bucky, Steve, T’Challa, Clint and Thor all eating breakfast together.

They were talking, or rather, ARGUING, quietly but fiercely among themselves, and shut up the moment he walked through the door.

“Morning boys.” Tony yawned and ran a hand through his early morning fro, really not noticing how they all looked him over, then looked at each other. Well, he might not have noticed if Thor could have been subtle, but they didn’t love the demi-god because he was subtle.

“Good Morrow, Anthony.” he intoned, in that mellow baritone, folding big arms across a bigger chest, and looking Tony over with a smile just short of a leer on his face. Tony blinked at him uncertainly, paused halfway to the coffee machine.

“Thunderboy, stop looking at me like that.” He looked down at himself, at his bare chest and threadbare pajama pants. “What? Is it my pajama pants? They are a little old I guess. Or my slippers? Say what you guys want, but these are easily the most comfortable things I’ve ever worn.” he grinned down fondly at his worn and faded moccasins. “You guys must just be jealous.” He shuffled back out of the kitchen, clutching a steaming coffee close to his chest.

“So one night?” he heard Thor say, and he paused right outside the door, too nosy to ignore the conversation. “Just one?”

“The night before and the morning after and that’s it.” This was definitely T’Challa, that deep voice sounding even lower, huskier in the morning. Tony shivered a little and grinned. The prince was so hot.

“Everybody gets the same amount of time.” Bucky chimed in. “That say it’s as fair as it can be, considering the situation anyway.” Tony could almost see him, all earnest blue eyes and early morning scruff. Adorable.

“Right. And everyone has to do their own thing, no copying anyone else.” From Clint, who had been drinking orange juice straight from the jug. Sometimes Tony thought Clint did shit like that just to make him smile, other times he thought maybe it was because Clint had just about zero manners.

“We will draw numbers to see who gets to go first.” Steve added quietly. “Keep it as random as possible.” Ah yes, there was his favorite stick-in-the-mud Captain. Always one for rules.

“Then yes, count me in as a competitor as well.” Thor announced, banging his cup on the table for emphasis.

Tony thought for a moment that the statement sounded odd, but Thor said a lot of odd things really, so he shrugged it off.

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I’m still pissed they cut the best scenes out of Suicide Squad, the first version I watched was soooo, so much better than the final result.

Literally, I don’t know why they always cut some parts that are crucial to the storylines.  Even in this video, they still cut the part where Joker slaps her (showing the audience that he really is abusive and not the lovey dovey some fangirls and fanboys might think he is).

At least this video has that part where Harley says she loves Joker and he replies “I’m not something to love, I’m an idea” clearly showing that love is -not-what he wants at all. He wants chaos. 

There are still tons of Joker scenes that are NOT in this video, so basically they destroyed something that could  haven been really, really good in order to make it  more “suitable” for younger audiences. 

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As someone with a heart condition that might require surgery in the near future, I don't know how to feel about the fact that there might be a chance that the guy digging into my heart gets off to Fox/Falco macro.

If it’s any consolation, fans of Fox and Falco typically have crazy good reflexes and motor control for Melee shenanigans, so you’re likely in good hands.


This is how I spend my nights. Do not pity me.

you know what sort of shit i love in sterek fics? i’ll tell you.

there’s this one thing in au fics in which Stiles doesn’t know about werewolves.

it’s when he doesn’t know that and it isn’t really explicitly said that Derek is a werewolf (because the fic is from Stiles’ POV) but we - the readers - know that he is and then we read all about Derek’s “weird” behaviour as seen through Stiles’ eyes but we know that all these quirks are werewolf-related. Superior strength/hearing/vision or scent marking, shift control issues, full moon shenanigans…

and Stiles like “fuck, how much does Derek work out exactly that he can lift this hella heavy thing effortlessly?” or “Derek is smirking knowingly as if he heard all that embarrassing conversation about safe sex I had with my dad… downstairs…” or “Derek kept rubbing his hands all over my things, oh man, that guy is weirdly tactile…” 

and i’m like “OH BOOOOOOY HE DOESN’T KNOW! !!!! ! !”

coffee saga reaction compilation

We are officially cutting off coffee requests until we finish the ones we promised! We will let you know when we are taking requests again!

What will now be known as The Great Coffee Saga of 2017 yielded some of the most hilarious out of control blog shenanigans that I don’t think any of us could have predicted. It was all a grand joke until someone tipped 99 coffees.

Read the best of the reactions below, or read the coffee saga from the beginning here. (Mobile link here.)

Nope, there are some things coffee can’t buy, like influencing the plot. However, coffee WILL get your some absolutely absurd bonus art.

“That will never happen,” the foolish mods thought.


I know this is a joke but for 1000 coffees YES ABSOLUTELY

Knowing @blackrazorbill, it’s already been done. (Stay tuned.)

It’s true, now we have no choice.


You got about 22 pages of that already! Kinda.

Two grisly deaths wasn’t enough? Well fortunately for you @youngcrespo has you covered here and here.

Does hot cocoa and tea suffice?

Things… uh… escalated.

You’d think that, but at 9999 coffees we’d never feel regret again.

Wait– ONLY EIGHT?!?! (I drink like a third of that every day oh my god)


I’ll never doubt you again…

Zero! Have a wonderful day everyone! Enjoy the next page!

stanleyraymondkowalski  asked:

have you ever written about what you like about 616 steve and wanda as a romantic relationship? vision/wanda is my otp of choice but your commentary is always interesting to read and I'm curious to know what about steve/wanda draws you to it.

I talked about it a little bit here and about their friendship here, but I suspect neither of those are what you’re looking for. Trying to come up with an answer that isn’t “everything” or “Avengers Vol. 3 #59″ has proven more difficult than I thought, which is why it took so long to answer this. Then I got that other ask earlier today, and now I look like a bitter ship blog, which I am not (!!!), but I decided to answer this publicly, and this is a run-on sentence.

I feel like the appeal of this ship is super obvious, and it goes something like this: He’s nice to her, and a lot of other people are not. He stuck by her, and a lot of other people did not. He is protective of her without acting like he owns her. He understands her. She is way more powerful than him, and he finds this impressive and not threatening. She has a different worldview, but she can disagree with him without things getting heated (unless Jim Shooter is writing in which case chairs will be thrown). She doesn’t care that he is (or was) Captain America. He isn’t some mythological figure from her childhood. They’re different and similar at the same time, and in ways I find interesting. This earnestness that they both have makes their interactions easy and natural and honest, even when things are going unsaid. There is no co-dependence or melodrama, but there is tragedy. They never quite officially dated, which means they haven’t had terrible canon romance shenanigans thrust upon them.

And part of the appeal is in those faces he keeps making.

This is going to get long.

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CarmillaZero: Science time

Alright gang, let’s talk about periods! More specifically, missing them. (filed under: things I never thought I’d be posting)

Ok so none of us actually attend a mystical university (sadly) in which periods magically go missing, but we definitely live in a world where missing periods is a thing, and not a good thing. But why?

Let’s science.

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