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🌸 (not so) Alternate Universe - Aesthetic 🌸

(Not so) AU where Otabek and Yuri are not so famous and only skate for fun. They are slowly falling in love but Otabek is not ready for it. Yuri is only sixteen and he feel like it’s not okay for him to feel this way for a sixteen years old. So he made Yuri promise they won’t do anything more than kissing in private before he is eighteen. But, we all know Yuri, and he is definitely determined to ruin Otabek and his “damn self control”. (+ Bonus : The others skaters (friends in this AU) knows about this situation and try to give Yuri shitty kinky advice to help)

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♠ with soukoku?

♠: One character adjusting the other’s jewelry/neck tie/ etc.

Chuuya stumbled around the apartment in the low light of dawn, picking through the discarded clothing in search of his own. He silently cursed the one laying in the bed for having been so reckless with where he’d thrown Chuuya’s clothes once he’d stripped him of them.

Finally assessing that he’d found all of his clothes he made his way to the bathroom to dress himself, so he could leave. He was in no mood to engage in conversation, or spend any more time in the company of his bed partner the night before. 

Chuuya studied his face in the mirror. Grimacing at the bite marks along his neck. His collar was going to chafe at them all day…

His collar…

He dug through the pockets of his pants, jacket, and overcoat yet came up empty handed. He grit his teeth and let out an annoyed huff, wondering if this had been done on purpose just to vex him. Upon opening the door to find Dazai awake, with collar in hand, he discovered his suspicions were true.

“Thought you might want this before you hurried off,” Dazai said, a knowing grin on his face. “I put it on the bedside table last night. So it wouldn’t be lost in the mess of our clothes.”

“I never knew you could be thoughtful,” Chuuya retorted, reaching a hand out for the collar. 

Dazai shook his head and gestured for Chuuya to come closer. Part of Chuuya wanted to scoff. To tell Dazai to fuck off and just let him leave with some of his dignity still intact. The other part of him, knew he’d never get what he wanted anyways and indulging Dazai was the quickest way to get himself out the door. He rolled his eyes and approached the bed with a sigh. “Go on then.”

Dazai pulled him in closer and ran his lips along Chuuya’s jaw line, his fingers slipping the collar around Chuuya’s neck. As he buckled the leather into place his eyes met Chuuya’s and for a moment Dazai’s flat gaze flashed with something like emotion. Chuuya bit his lip before leaning in.

They didn’t kiss like this. They didn’t indulge in the soft and the sweet. Their kisses were always tinged with an edge of pain, hunger, and a forbidden passion. Chuuya felt a warmth in his chest that had nothing to do with the rage he usually felt being within Dazai’s presence. Chuuya decided he hated it and promptly shoved Dazai away.

“Until next time then, petit mafia?” Dazai chuckled, falling back into the futon.

“There will be no next time,” Chuuya griped as he made his way towards the door.

“So you say… Chuuya.”

Don’t just simply learn what you are told to learn. When you are curious, ask questions. Explore. Develop your mind over topics that interest you. Don’t be afraid to expand your knowledge, for life is an experience of constant discovery.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin | Instagram 

Think about your dream life. Picture it. Imagine it. See it in front of you. It may be close, or may seem light years away. It may be big, small, exciting or enlightening. It may be the ultimate adventure, or sweet and cuddly just the way you like it. Regardless, this is your dream life.

This is the life that you are capable of achieving.

—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

Imagine if you didn’t have any expectations.
If you just simply tried your best, put in a full effort, and ended up at your own personal best.


You wouldn’t criticize yourself for not doing well enough. You wouldn’t have anything to compare your results to. You wouldn’t feel down about others doing better than you.

You would simply be proud of yourself, for you yourself know that you have your all. You would respect yourself, for it is your results and yours only that would matter.


—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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Don’t think about making a million dollars, driving a fancy car, or owning an expensive house. Instead, focus on the next 24 hours. That’s right. Only the next 24 hours. Simply work on mastering today, and putting in your best effort to take you closer to your dreams. Don’t think a thousand steps ahead of yourself, for we must first be able to take the first step.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Psychological Manipulation Starters

Starters for subjects including mind control, hypnosis, and brainwashing, requested by anonymous. The placement of my muse/your muse can be discussed by the muns, as well as the length of effect!

😴- your muse is trying to lull mine to sleep using hypnotism.
😇- your muse is attempting to brainwash mine into trusting them wholeheartedly.
😍- your muse has manipulated mine into feeling false romantic love for them (or anyone of their choosing).
👥- while in a trance, my muse feels another presence in the room.
👄- your muse has hypnotized mine into telling yours a secret (sender: specify).
🤕- your muse will hypnotize mine into feeling no pain, even when injured.
⛓ - your muse hypnotizes mine into swearing loyalty and servitude.
👀- under hypnotism, my muse becomes paranoid and suspicious.
🔪- my muse will use mind control to convince your muse to kill.
🔫-your muse manipulates mine to help them commit a robbery.
🤒-your muse hypnotizes mine and convinces them to believe they have a deadly illness.
😢-your muse erases all of my muse’s memories of a particular person, place, or event of their choosing.
🤡-your muse gets to command my muse to do one embarrassing thing in public OR in front of a specific person.
👻- my muse has been brainwashed into believing they are a ghost and/or invisible.
🕧- hypnotize my muse and convince them they are in another time period.
😡- while under mind control, my muse attacks yours with intent to kill.
👹- put my muse under mind control and convince them they are a beast or monster of your muse’s choosing.
😱- hypnotize my muse into being deathly afraid of something (sender: specify).
💔- convince my muse through hypnotism that someone they love has betrayed them.
😤 - use mind control to make my muse lash out or insult someone of your muse’s choosing.
💭 - brainwash my muse into forgetting something, replacing it with a false memory.