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Heavily modified 1911 built to be a competition pistol. A majority of these custom guns are chambered in 9x19mm, .38 Super or .40 S&W. Modifications can often include enhanced triggers, flared magwells, ventilated slides, compensators and optic mounts. One of the more common optics used for these guns are the C-More red dots. Given all the work done to these guns, prices can range from $1,500 up to $8,000. (GRH)

Anytime I see someone displaying something like “just try it” with a picture of a gun, or basically anything saying that “the government can’t take my guns from me!” or whatever, all I can think is that the people care more about having the power to kill people than about the innocent people who were killed by guns. They care about “my rights!” Or “the constitution!” than murder. Than the lack of indictments. About racism or homophobia or sexism or ableism or any of the other -isms that get innocent people dead. But not about someone’s right to live without fear. Not about people who are different from them. The other.



Croatian built pistol chambered in 9x19mm. Some have compared it to being a cross between a Walther P38 and Beretta 92 or Makarov. The exact number built is largely unknown since it was rushed into production but was quickly replaced. There is a slightly longer barreled variant which seems to be harder to find. Capacity is 15+1; there were no other magazine options made before production ended and no aftermarket choices either. (GRH)


Waffenfabrik Bern P43, an FN GP/HP 35 made in Switzerland. Thanks God SIG pistol was chosen instead.

The NRA releases another horrifying ad, this time threatening journalists and politicians

  • It’s getting harder to believe that the National Rifle Association isn’t calling for violence against liberals.
  • The gun rights group is back with a new video equating the news media with violent, organized anarchy, referring to news outlets as a “Leftist media propaganda machine defending the violent left.” 
  • The latest video specifically targets the Washington Post, and repeatedly names one general assignment reporter in particular.“You people do more to damage our country with a keyboard than every NRA member combined has ever done with a firearm,” NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield said in a video op-ed. Read more. (7/18/2017 3:10 PM)

The congressional shooting that happened yesterday in Alexandria was horrible. No one should disagree with that. 

But a year ago this month, nearly 50 people were killed at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida. 

Two years ago, nine people were killed at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. 

Five years ago, 20 children and six adults were killed during the Sandy Hook shooting. 

These are only the shootings I can think of off the top of my head. Just this year alone, and June hasn’t even ended yet, there have been 150+ shootings.

But it took an attack on old white men for the media to bring gun control back into the public mindset. It took this attack for Paul Ryan to proclaim, “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us.” 

It would’ve been nice if this anger from GOP politicians had been around for all the innocent people who have died from shootings. No one has died yet from yesterday’s shooting, and hopefully, Steve Scalise recovers soon. 

But could this please be the breaking point for the GOP? This country needs gun control. If our politicians had done something before now, perhaps they wouldn’t have become victims. 

Presidents Day Thoughts

Dear Conservatives,

Obama is no longer the president. While he was president,

- Nobody came for your guns

- No Christians were rounded up and put in FEMA camps.

- Sharia law was not imposed anywhere in the US.

- Martial law was not imposed anywhere in the US.

- Nobody came for your guns.

- Your light bulbs are still legal.

- No woman was forced to have an abortion.

- No one was forced to marry a person of the same sex.

- No pastor went to jail for refusing to marry a same-sex couple.

- Bestiality was not legalized.

- There are still no death panels.

- And nobody came for your guns.

Can you just please admit that you were wrong?