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This might be TMI so sorry and also you can answer privately if you prefer but: look anytime a dude asks where he wants me to have him cum, my first answer is always gonna be "inside, duh." Look I am not trying to have your child, calm down, if I'm saying that my birth control is dialed to 11. HOWEVER that shit is so hot, I can't stop it.

YES! I had an IUD for 10 years after having my daughter, 0 periods, always came inside cause it fucking does something for me. Now that I switched to the pill cause let’s be honest, 10 years without a period is not healthy for your body, now his ass has to wear a condom with me on the pill. He’s already told me after the wedding those things get thrown out so now I’m ultra paranoid even though I’m religious with that damn pill to the minute…I miss it though. I just don’t want another kid.

February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

GEMINI: Time to take a pair of metaphorical scissors and snip the negativity out of your life! If you know someone is dragging you down rather than supporting you and building you up, say sayonara!

CANCER: You know that thing that you want to do but you might be too afraid to do? Do it. All experiences, good or bad, are still experiences. Take a risk every now and then! Ask that person out! Put your application in! You can do it.

LEO: Try looking at things a new way this month, Leo. You might be in the midst of a problem or you might be trying to reach a goal you’ve set, and things are just not working out no matter how hard you try. Take a step back and try a new route. Do something different if what you’re doing right now isn’t making you successful.

VIRGO: You may not be meeting all of your own expectations right now, and that’s okay. This month focus on persisting through your troubles. Keep your chin up, Virgo. Good things are on their way.

LIBRA: Libra, you sort of have a tendency to be very good at picking out problems and flaws, and then doing nothing about them. Take a stand and start fixing things that you don’t like, whether it be with the world or within yourself. Email your senator. Attend a march. Donate money. Accept criticism. You can literally do anything that you think you can do.

SCORPIO: This month remember that not all relationships that you create have to be romantic. Creating a bond or a connection with another individual does not mean that by default that you have to be in love with that person. Cherish your friends and don’t focus on romance at the moment. 

SAGITTARIUS: Embrace your emotions this month. If you need to cry, then cry. If you need to scream, then scream. If you need someone to talk to, then find someone you can trust. Do not ever be ashamed of the way you feel.

CAPRICORN: Decisiveness is key. You may find yourself unable to choose between this and that, but you have to learn to make tough decisions, especially under pressure. Don’t let a decision keep you up at night. Do what you feel is right and good is bound to come of it.

AQUARIUS: Seek out some counsel this February. There are plenty of people in your circle willing to listen to you, you just have to speak. Focus on your needs instead of everyone else’s. You are a wonderful listener, and now it’s your turn to be listened to.

PISCES: Break out of your shell a little bit this month. You don’t have to do anything insanely drastic, but maybe inviting someone new over for a movie, or simply messaging someone you’ve never talked to before to get to know them. You have a very intriguing air about you, Pisces, and whether you believe it or not people do want to be your friend.

i never knew i would care so much about any of this behind-the-scenes shit regarding the gaming channel and the room itself??? but wtf!! the closet full of onesies!!!!! the drawers stuffed with random crap that they definitely spent time organizing and setting up together!!!! dan talking about phil doing the hard ‘administrative’ side post-filming that involves storing all the video files and cataloguing them appropriately!!! i even was fascinated by their camera and the lights and the fancy ass dial to control the brightness settings and the tangled clusterfuck of wires and the entirely excessive number of monitors,,,,, and how every single thing in that room was referred to with “we” and “our” and “us” bc like they truly co-own every last bit of their expensive equipment and filming gear. everything about the gaming channel is genuinely a joint effort and this was actually top content i’m feelin blessed

February Horoscopes

ARIES: Take a nice, firm grab of the dial that controls your aggressiveness and crank it way down. You can relax a little bit and still be able to defend yourself (this of course does not apply if someone crosses the line, then you have every right to be as aggressive as you’d like (however maybe the line needs to be redrawn because you have a tendency to get upset over very small things)). Don’t forget to breathe every once in a while. Things can work themselves out without you getting worked up.

TAURUS: Remember that not everyone is out to get you, Taurus. Yes, there are people in this world with bad intentions, but that doesn’t mean you can just push someone away because you’re suspicious of them. Talk to those individuals. Don’t jump to conclusions and assume that they aren’t good people; you might lose someone who really only ever wanted what was best for you.

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GB. England. Kent, Dungeness A. The Magnox Nuclear Power Station on the coast of Kent, Dungeness.  Control dials inside the Main Control Room, monitor one of the two reactors. The station closed in December 2005 and will be decommissioned over the next few years. 2005  © Peter Marlow/Magnum Photos

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Isn't Keith the logical foil to Lotor? Both part-Galra, both thrust into a leadership position at the end of S2. It lines up the with the Allura/Haggar and Shiro/Zarkon parallels as protagonist and villain leads. As foils I'd expect Lotor to be strong where Keith is weak (charisma) and vice versa.

Honestly this is part of what really appeals to me about the Lotor twin theory, here, is because, as I’ve mentioned, VLD draws a lot from Voltron Force. And in Voltron Force, Keith is the Black Paladin- but he’s nowhere near the decisive leader Shiro is- Lance is very solidly the second-in-command of the group, to the point that he actively and seriously challenges Keith and second-guesses his plans at times. But they also have each others’ backs in fighting situations (though I think VLD handles that a lot better, and makes the transitions between cooperation and conflict a lot smoother)

I feel like it doesn’t make sense to have Lotor “strong where Keith is weak”.

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Omg hi ! Can i first just say I can't get over your stories and I love them soooo much !! I was wondering if you could do a ambw loco imagine where you're at the studio flirting with dean and he puts you in your place, roughly *wink wink*


“Dean~ stop!” You whined gently crawling onto the singer’s lap trying to get your phone back. He laughed lifting up your phone higher snooping around into your photo gallery making little ‘o’s’ and ‘ahs’ at you. It was just something he did whenever you came to the AOMG studio and he was there. Which you teased Jay was so much you didn’t understand how come Dean just didn’t sign with them. You typically stayed in Hyukwoo’s room because he was your boyfriend so you were always with him. But Dean would always come lurking around and end up sitting with you, annoying you to no end or doing his very best to fluster you. Today was no different. He was teasing you about the countless photos that you had taken and yes, a bit was provocative because you wanted to tease Loco at work, but in your defense, you had on most of your clothes. At least until Dean figured out how to find your privacy lock that you had on some of the photos. You were in Dean’s lap wrestling with him for your phone, legs straddled on either side of him when said boyfriend walked through the door with Gray ready to rip Dean’s head off.

“Aye, what the fuck is going on here?” Loco asked letting his voice raise a bit. You jumped slightly in Dean’s lap looking back at your boyfriend who was staring at you waiting for an answer. He was never like this, usually he was happy go lucky and he loved smiling and making people laugh. But here he was pissed, a jealous boyfriend and you had to admit it was a fucking turn on.

“I needed to get what was mine.” You muttered flicking your tongue against your bottom lip staying perched where you were. You were a tease yes, and you never regretted playing with fire because he for the most part let you off. Even if he gave you the silent treatment it didn’t last long before he was back to holding and kissing you like nothing ever happened. But you must have not noticed how Dean was staring at your brown skin, the tips of your mounds poking out from the low-cut tank top that gave him a good view. Not to mention that the shorts you had on were rising up your smooth brown skin, your hair you left in curls today deciding not to straighten it out because it was just too hot outside. And your pouty lips, Dean just wanted to kiss him but he knew you were with Loco so he never approached you, just secretly flirted with you like now while the male was gone.

“Did you need to get it while you were on his lap?” Loco asked crossing his arms over his chest and suddenly you felt like a scolded child who wanted her way.

“As a matter of fact, I did.” You glowered at him letting your hands rest on Dean’s chest because why not see how far you could push him? It was not a good idea. Dean brought his hands up to your thigs, an automatic response from the position and the look on Hyukwoo’s face made you regret everything you said but you weren’t backing down. You saw his eyes lock onto Dean’s hand for a split second and he didn’t say anything. Lifting an eyebrow, he cleared his throat locking his jaw before he opened his mouth to speak.

“Alright, everyone but Y/N get out.” Loco muttered and when no one moved he raised his voice. “Do I need to fucking repeat myself? Dean get the fuck out. Gray take him in your room entertain him because I’m close to making some remarks I’ll regret later.” No matter how much Dean liked to flirt he was still a man and he wanted to respect Loco so he pushed you off of him gently, his hands on your hips only to make sure you didn’t fall but that only upset Loco more causing a deep growl to rumble from his chest. Dean placed your phone in your lap giving an apologetic smile before he ran past Loco not even looking in his direction. Loco slammed the door looking at you after he turned his hat on backwards.

“What the hell Hyukwoo!” You shouted at him standing up as well walking a few feet from him. “How dare you be so mean to him!”

“How dare I? How fucking dare I? No how fucking dare YOU sit on another man’s lap like it’s ok especially when that man is eye fucking you every time you look off.” Loco pointed a finger at you and you knew he was pissed but once again you were the type to try and get out of it and today would be no different.

“You have all these girls eye fucking you on stage and I have to put up with it!” You pouted still shouting but it turned into a whine trying to give a cute approach.

“Don’t you fucking dare.” He stared letting his eyes bare into yours, his dark brown orbs seemed to be on fire by the way he was watching you. “You are always complaining and bitching about my fans and how they eye fuck me! I barely can sing to a girl in the audience without you getting pissed off and thinking I’m leaving you because I show attention to people!” He had a point, which pissed you off and made you go for a second defense.

“You’re always on Hoody!” You brought her up. “And I don’t fucking bitch watch your mouth Hyukwoo don’t piss me off.” You threatened bracing your feet because you didn’t want to step closer.

“I fucking said it already. Hoody is my friend! And she is the only fucking girl here! What do you want me to say we all talk to her and if I wanted anyone other than the one in front of me bitching me out I would be with them.” He reminded stepping closer to you.

“Don’t call me a bitch.”

“I said you were bitchy. Don’t like it?” He asked stepping closer moving you back a bit.

“Fuck you. I’m not bitchy or a bitch. You’re the bitchy one here.” You taunted back balling up your hands because you were passed embarrassed and upset at the fact that he didn’t let you win.

Loco chuckled roughly grabbing you by your shirt he crashed his lips against yours before he was making his way to push you against the mixer board your stomach pressed against different dials and controls as he bent you over, your heart rate spiked up because you didn’t expect him to do such a thing, teeth clamped between your lips you were a screaming mess once he hit your ass. His hand landing down on your right ass cheek before he would move to the left and alternate not stopping until his hand was close to numb and your ass looked like it was turning red as well as your legs. With one hand moving up he harshly gripped at your hair making you arch your back as his free hand gripped onto your ass cheek pulling it and pressing you back close to him.

“What are you then? A slut? A fucking little whore that just likes to be in guys laps hmm?” He teased you knowing that it turned you on and you hated it when he called you such things because it wasn’t supposed to turn you on.

“N-no I’m not!” You pouted squirming as he kept you arched, your panties were slowly soaking as he ground his hips against yours letting your ass cheek go only to grab it again and slap it watching the flesh jiggle.

“Could’ve fooled me. I think you are. I think you’re a fucking dirty slut who doesn’t know how to only please one dick. So how are you going to please two? Every time I push in you need to adjust. But that’s ok, you want to act like my dirty little slut. I’ll treat you like one.” His words made your stomach knot up. It had been so long since you too had indulged in the act of angry sex. Rough fucking without the love making just an urge to feel and be felt. Loco moved his hand from your hair to grip at your shorts and pull them down your legs. You squirmed and moved trying to put up a little fight but it was all for the fun of it, you wanted it and he knew you were soaked for him. Loco placed his hand on the dip of your lower back keeping you trapped in place as he undid his zipper pulling his hard dick out of his jeans but keeping them fastened.

Loco slipped your panties to the side holding onto them he looked down at your wet slit tapping his dick against your wet soaked out slit chuckling as he teased you. “Oh, so you’re not daddy’s little slut huh? Then why are you wet?” He asked whispered against your ear. His dick dragging against your folds, his tip rubbing against your pussy as he spread your legs wider with his own. Whimpers dragged from your lips as you placed your hands on the clear glass in front of you shutting your eyes you tried not to rock your hips backwards for him but that was not an easy task. Still you didn’t speak and Loco was glad that you were defiant because he had a trick up his sleeve. “Alright then baby girl.”

With that one phrase, he moved his hips to drag his member back and plunge into your pussy causing your body to give a harsh jerk and lurch forward. He chuckled lazily, letting his hand hold onto your hip as the other one went to grab at your hair again. He didn’t waste any time pounding into your tight little pussy, the feeling and stretch alone had you ready to cum. Your breath was starting to leave your body, your hands were starting to slip down the glass from the sweat. Your lust blown eyes were closed and your lips were parted. His name ended up rolling off of your tongue as he switched his angle aiming for your spot. Once he found it he missed it on purpose, basking in the feeling of your warm tight walls clamping down on his thick erection that was throbbing inside of you. Hyukwoo moved his hand up to let go of your hips and reach it around towards your pussy, letting his fingers rub at your wet pink bud as he worked his hips against yours. His other hand left your hair and traveled to around your neck where he squeezed lightly applying pressure. His hips sped up and he was slamming into you purposefully missing your spot so that he could punish you for what you did. His mouth parted as he chanted your name, letting the sweat drip off his forehead he knitted his eyebrows together focusing on how good it felt to pound at your wet insides that dripped down his dick and onto his balls. Looking down at you with hooded eyes Hyukwoo squeezed a little harder at your neck to cut off your air rolling his hips he tried to fuck you into the mixer board knowing that you were going to be sore after this. Once he was sure he was close to cumming he started to fuck you against your spot. Your mouth dropped open as louder cries erupted from your lips. You were so frustrated with him because it felt so good, how he drug himself against your walls and how you could feel all of him, his veins his throbbing length. It made your eyes scream in complete euphoria. You knew at any time you were going to cum soon for him, you loved it when he choked you or pulled your hair or did anything to make you feel like he was in control. Your hips slapped back against his as his thrusts became erratic and you knew he wasn’t going to last long. His fingers rubbing harder at your clit, in a circular fast motion that made you squirm and grit your teeth. Hyukwoo gave it a few more thrusts until he was spilling his cum inside of your pussy with a moan, he moved his hand from your clit and angled his hips so that he was no longer pressing against your spot as his hips surged forward and he buried his cum inside of you. He pulled back quickly so that you couldn’t even cum, smiling as his cum trickled down your parted legs. You were wobbling against his mixer board and he couldn’t help but take his phone out and take a picture of you. Leaning down he pulled up your shorts and moved your panties back to place before he fixed himself up.

“You’re not going to finish me off?” You asked him horrified as he walked towards the door panting with a lazy smile on his face biting his lips. You could feel his cum continuing to seep out of your pussy, and you were so mad you felt like you could cry. He had never done this to you before.

“Baby girls usually don’t cum unless the daddy thinks they deserve to. And you baby girl have been one naughty vixen for a while now. So now, you don’t get to cum until later maybe. And if you touch yourself, I will always know. So, I suggest you place night and wait for daddy to get back.” Hyukwoo chuckled as he opened the door walking out before he snapped his fingers turning to your flustered upset state against the mixer board. “Call Dean if you want to. I’m sure he would love to keep you company.” Sending you a kiss he walked out the room and you threw a silent temper tantrum waiting for the moment you could retaliate or beg for forgiveness.


“You know the funny thing was the first music for a picture that I did, was working with the GOOD Music guys on a movie that never came out [Cruel Summer]. You know, as is the case with most creative things, not everything comes out. But I had a little bit of experience doing that. LeSean had really come up to me. He’s a fan of the whole GOOD Music family and I think one of his big references for Children of Ether was 808s & Heartbreak. He gave me complete creative control to dial that in with an ear to where we are sonically in 2016, at that point. It was a very pleasurable process for me because I just made a ton of music and I sent it all to him and he would cherry-pick what worked in terms of mood. Through the process, I was watching the aesthetic develop and the story develop. So I could marinate in that, you know, I wasn’t just shooting in the dark. It has a lovely sort of muted 90s feel, Children of Ether. So I could definitely hark back to watching manga as a teenager in England.” - Mr. Hudson 

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Girl Can SING (Part 1)

Request: Can you please make one where the reader is newly friends with Brendon and she sings but she’s shy and she doesn’t want him to think that she’s only friends w/ him cause he might get her places. And they sorta have crushes on each other (no hate to Sarah) and he finds out that she sings and he brings her on stage and she sings and they kiss and fluff? Can she sing Run To You by Ptx or Hallelujah? I covered both on my blog under the tag #juju sings if you wanna listen!

A/N Here ya go! Sarah doesn’t exist in this (sorry Sarah!). Hope it’s what you had in mind. I ended up splitting it into two parts, then adding more chapters by other users’ requests. Let me know if there’s anything you want changed up @jared-padaloveme

You had your overnight bag all packed up. You were so flattered that Brendon had asked you to come hang out with him and the guys. Having a “sleepover” was like a throwback to middle school slumber parties but hey, sleeping in the same house as Brendon Urie? You had zero complaints.

You ring the doorbell and are greeted by Brendon, and of course Penny and Bogart.

“Hey Y/n!” He gives you a big hug. “How are you?” He asks you mid squeeze. You pull away and he keeps his hands on your shoulders.

“Hey Brendon! I’m great, how are you doing?” You say, unable to contain your smile.

“Good, good,” He wraps an arm around your shoulder and starts to guide you down the hallway. “You can drop your stuff anywhere. Full disclosure, everything you own will probably be covered in dog hair by the time you leave.”

You giggle, putting your duffel bag down. As you enter the living room, Dallon, Ken and Dan all greet you in unison.

“Y/n!” the chorus exclaims. Have you ever been in a room with so many attractive men? Gees.

“Hey guys!” You give them a shy but enthusiastic wave as you plop down on the couch next to Dallon as Brendon joins you. It’s like a Y/n sandwich… A very hot Y/n sandwich. Ken reaches behind him to grab a beer from the cooler and it’s passed over to you.

“Thank you,” you said melodically, twisting off the cap. Damn, you felt so cool.  

It’s not long before you’re all hanging out comfortably, chatting, the alcohol heating your throat. Penny cuddled in your lap.

“Wow, she really likes you!” Brendon remarks at one point. You are officially Penny-approved.

Hanging out with them is just so easy. Brendon is most definitely the life of the party, he has everyone dying laughing.

The boys pick up their instruments for a casual “jam session” as they like to put it.

“Do you play anything, Y/n?” Brendon asks. Do you lie? Or do you tell him about how your life revolves around singing? God, you practically were born singing. It’s the only thing you can imagine yourself doing, and it’s the one thing you truly love to do.

“Not really,” You reply. It’s technically not a lie.

“Aw come on, weren’t you at least forced to play an instrument when you were little?” Brendon teases. Your eyes grow wide with embarrassment.

“Oh god,” you reminisce while rolling your eyes, “The flute.” You practically shudder.

“Was it that bad?” Dallon asked with a chuckle.

“Um YES,” you stated with sass, “It was I-passed-out-in-the-middle-of-band-class bad.” You had the boys’ full attention, so clearly you had to elaborate. “I couldn’t get that thing to make a sound, but I would try so hard. I used up all of my breath until I actually passed out in front of my entire class.”

You were laughing. The boys were laughing. You just admitted your great musical failure to some of the best musicians in the country. Your cheeks were rosy with a mix of embarrassment and joy. 

“It was the worst,” you concluded with a giggle.

Once everyone had gathered themselves together, they began to talk about what to play. They decided to start with some panic stuff. Victorious was up first. You mock-drummed on Penny, who seemed to enjoy the bizarre belly rub. You were mesmerized by Brendon. The sound of his voice, the shape of his lips, the way his hair would flip while he played… You try not to stare, but my god, what a beautiful human. When they finished, they looked up and gave each other proud smiles.

They played a couple more, including Miss Jackson, which was one of your favorites. Brendon had Dallon for back up, so he didn’t have to sing every part all at the same time like he usually did for acoustic performances. Brendon suddenly turned to you.

“How about a request, Y/n,” he says, “Not panic, something different.”

Your favorite song immediately pops into your head and just the thought of Brendon’s voice singing it made you melt. You pretend to think about it.

“Hm, well my favorite is Hallelujah, like, Leonard Cohen,” you clarify. Ken’s head popped up.

“Oh hey, isn’t that one of your favorites, Brendon?” He exclaimed. Brendon bites his lip, nodding, clearly a little embarrassed by Ken. You begin to think that maybe Brendon told the boys to play it cool around you.

“Yeah,” Brendon looks at you and then the ground with an adorable smirk, “It actually is.”

Your heart is beating faster.

“C?” Dallon confirms what key everyone wants, trying to put Brendon out of his misery. Brendon nods and begins.

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Google's Dial

Hi! It’s Serpent! Aka thetickleeraven. Here’s the first fic I’m submitting to this blog. Forgive me for the length. I got carried away. 

Hope this is decent! 

When developing something mechanical to imitate a human, senses are one of the most difficult hurdles. How will the being compute senses, and how will it intake information?

Google, being mechanical, can’t sense things like humans. He doesn’t have organs, instead he has intricately designed and advanced robotics.

For example, his sense of touch is controlled by a small dial on his chest. His sensitivity can be heightened or lowered if need be.

After living among the other egos, Google has learned to make sure it is never turned up, after one incident.


“G, take off your shirt please, I need to examine your ribs.” Doctor informed the patient sitting on the examination table, who nodded and slipped his shirt off.

“We need information of physical capability and vulnerability.” Warfstache informed the doctor.

“I understand, Warfstache. Dark explained it to me quite well why we needed to give Google a physical examination. I don’t think you looking over my shoulder is quite necessary.”

“I’m stepping in for Dark who has other responsibilities right now. He’s the boss and he gave a direct request for a physical of every ego, starting with Google, here.”

The doctor huffed. He wasn’t really ecstatic to have Warf looking after him like a child. He was a trained medical professional and it was a simple physical examination.

Well, he thought it’d be simple. But Google was not a human being, he was a highly advanced machine. He didn’t have normal organic human parts that the doctor had been trained to understand.

There was a single dial upon his chest turned to “4” out of 10.

“May I ask the purpose of the Dial is, G?”

“It is a dial connecting to my synthetic nervous system. By turning it to a higher setting it allows me to have more sensitivity to my physical environment.”

“I see. I think it’ll be best for the physical if I turn the dial up. It’ll make it easier to find points of vulnerability.”

“I agree.” Google nodded, unaware to the consequences. He had never turned the dial above 5.

Dr. Iplier turned the dial to “10”.

Immediately Google felt a difference. The air conditioning wafted breezes across his frame and he could feel every single one. He felt each crease and fold of his clothes and every time they so much as shifted in position. The frames of his glasses put pressure on his nose that now felt way more obvious. However these were just a minor annoyance.

“I’m going to feel along your upper body and tell me if you feel any shifts in pain, this will help us account for points of vulnerability or anomalies in your design.” The doctor explained. Google nodded.

“Oh, just get on with it already! If every patient takes this long it’ll be weeks before you get through everyone!” Warfstache groaned.

“Wilford, your impatience and volume are unnecessary.” Google glared at the pink ego, who returned the look. Those two never really got along.

“Let’s continue.” The doctor interrupted their silent fury to get on with the physical. As soon as the doctor rested his hands on Google’s sides he flinched back violently.

“Sorry, G. Did the hurt?”

“No. It felt… odd. I don’t think I recognize the feeling.”

“Should I continue?”


Doctor Iplier put his hands back on Google sides and began feeling along the skin for anomalies. He did not expect the reaction he received.

Google whirled back, curling into a ball, giggling up a storm.

Both Doctor and Warf were quite amused at the new discovery.

“Whahahat ihihis thihihis?” Google asked through the giggles he attempted to suppress.

Doctor chuckled. “It seems your increased sensitivity has made you ticklish.”


“Hold on… Don’t tell me you don’t know what tickling is!” Warf laughed.

“Please explain to me what this is.” Google was perplexed. He had never felt something like that before.

“Perhaps we should just turn the dial down and contin-”

“Hold on, Doctor. Maybe we should give G a little demonstration.” Warf grinned at Google, who seemed clueless to his malicious intent.

“I thought you wanted me to hurry up.”

“No reason we can’t have a bit of fun!”

Doctor sighed but couldn’t help the amused smile on his lips, he had to admit, it would be pretty funny.

“Fine. If G allows it.”

“Of course. I would like to expand my knowledge of- HEY!” G clutched his sides, immediately overcome with laughter as Wilford began squeezing up and down his sides.

Google didn’t know why but the odd tingling sensation across his body was causing him to laugh against his will!

“Ihihihi dohohohon’t uhuhunderstahahand!”

“Maybe we need to kick it up a notch then, hm?” Wilford began scratching at G’s underarms. The ego threw his head back in laughter and couldn’t help but kick out and squirm at the unbearable sensations.

“Wow I’ve never heard Google laugh before.” The doctor snickered.

“Why don’t you give me a hand, doc? The faster we help Google understand tickling the faster you can get back to your examination!”

“Well, since he’s meant to simulate a human, I suppose that would mean he’s most ticklish where he’s most vulnerable.”

“I like your thinking, doc! So we just have to find where he’s most ticklish!”

“I guess.” Doctor sighed and shook his head with an amused smile.

“Cootchie cootchie coo, G~” Warf teased, his face lighting up when Google’s laughter increased and his face suddenly glowed with a subtle blue hue. “Looks like G blushes blue! How cute.”

“Is teasing really necessary?” The doctor asked, grabbing the victim’s foot and sliding his shoe off.

“You’re a doctor, you should know that feelings of embarrassment or anxiety increase the sensation of tickling.”

“How do you know that?”

“I know many things.” Warf smirked and turned his attention back to the flailing ego before them.

“DOHOHOCTOHOHOR, STOHOHOHOP!” Google shrieked suddenly, his thrashing becoming more violent.

“What’re you doing, Doc?”

“Seems his feet are rather sensitive.”

Wilford laughed along with Google, although not as violently.

“So let’s see. How about we try… here!” Wilford starting scratching along his ribs, sending G into a frenzy of cackles and snorts. “Seems his ribs are veeery ticklish~”


“Of course it does. Good to know you can be embarrassed, this information will come in handy in the future.” Warfstache grinned as G’s face was now a deep blue.

“We’ve gotten your armpits.” Wilford shoved his hands under G’s arms and began scratching at the hollows. Google squealed rather high-pitched and rocked side to side, trying desperately to dislodge the tickling hands.

“We’ve gotten your sides.” The pink ego kneaded his fingers into the sides of the victim, eliciting and snort and deep belly laughter.

“We’ve gotten your feet!” The doctor chimed in and raked his hands down the soles of G’s bare feet. He received an ear-piercing shriek and a string of curses and pleads.

“And we’ve gotten your ribs, of course.”

“NOHO- NOHOHOT THEHE- AHAHAHAHA!” Google exploded into powerful booming laughter as Warfstache scratched relentlessly at his ribs.

“Hm, where else do we need to tickle doctor?” Warfstache asked, spidering fingers along G’s ribs to keep in a state of laughter.

“Well… we still have thighs, knees, hips, back, neck, and belly.”

“PLEHEHEASE! TIHI-TIHIHICKLES TOHOHOO MUHUHUHUCH!” Google sputtered through his cackling.

“You’re just gonna have to hang in there, your physical isn’t done yet.” Wilford sang. “Doctor, won’t you test his thighs?”

“Certainly, Warfstache.” The doctor chuckled. He was starting to have some fun with this. He moved up and held the leg down so it wouldn’t kick him in the face. He then used one hand the squeeze up and down the thigh.

Google bucked and tried jerking away, giggling frantically with little hiccups in between.

Suddenly Google began thrashing wildly. Doctor looked up to see Wilford nuzzling into Google’s neck, his mustache hairs tickling the poor victim.

“Found another tickle spot!”


“We need to know every spot, G. You can handle a little more, can’t you?” The doctor cooed.


“Aww, too bad~” Wilford giggled before drilling his thumbs into Google’s hips.

G bucked and squealed once more, his whole figure bouncing up and down with each laugh.

“Time for your belly!” Warf cooed in a patronizing voice. He was rewarded when G’s neck started turning blue to match his face. Wilford began poking and prodding Google’s belly.

“Wihihihilfohohord! Ihihihi cahahan’t taHAHAHAKE THIHI- FUHUHUCK!” Google’s laughter skyrocketed as soon as Doc decided to help and started swirling a finger in his navel.

In a last ditch effort, Google flipped himself over to shield his ribs and stomach from further torment.

This proved to be a huge mistake, as Wilford decided to try tickling along his spine.

As soon as skittering fingers met his back he thrashed and screamed so loud Dr.Iplier had to cover his ears. G was bucking, rocking, tossing and turning. His laughter was desperate and his eyes began to water with tears of mirth.

“Holy shit! I didn’t know Google could get that high-pitched!” Doctor laughed. Wilford laughed at poor Google’s predicament and clutched his own middle in a fit of laughter.

Google gasped for air as soon as he stopped and scrambled to turn his dial down.

“Sorry, G, but that was pretty funny. And I DID get information on your vulnerability.” Doctor laughed.

Google was panting with a deep blue face and a smile he just couldn’t seem to suppress. As soon as he recovered he glared at Warfstache and the doctor.

“I assume from your earlier reactions that organic beings are naturally ticklish?”

“Well, most are yes.” The doctor answered without a second thought. Warfstache caught on quick, however.

“Oh, it seems Dark needs me! I really must be going.” The pink ego ran off, leaving Dr.Iplier alone with Google, who was already getting up.

“G? What’s wro-”


“N-No need to be hasty, G!”

“Let’s see your level of ticklishness.” Google growled before launching at the doctor.

He sought his revenge to the fullest.


Response: !!! YES OMGGGGG



Words: 3,704
Sam x Reader
Warnings: disturbing/frightening situations and imagery, mention of nightmares/insomnia, language
Fic based on ‘Mess Is Mine’ by Vance Joy originally requested by anonymous!
A/N: Soooo you might not want to read this when you’re home alone or sitting in the dark. Just FYI. It’s kinda creepy… BUT this is the first part of the new Sammy series 'Mess Is Mine’! I hope you enjoy!

Your name: submit What is this?

You were going to blame it on the gray and cloudy weather and the long day you had suffered through at work; you were exhausted. By the time you had pulled into your driveway and began trudging up the front walk, the only things on your mind were a cup of tea and a hot bath.

The grass was wet from the hard rains earlier in the day and the pavement shone with pooled water that reflected the still stormy sky above like a looking glass, the surface distorting with ripples as a breeze sent droplets cascading down from wet leaves. You frowned as you noticed that the storm had pummeled down the daisies in your flowerbed. Of course. They were the only thing you had planted that you managed to not kill so far.

You were nearing the steps up to your door, already imagining how incredible it would feel to slide into a silky bubble bath and follow it up with your favorite tea (or maybe something a little stronger), when you were startled by a raspy croak behind you. Three ravens were perched in the tree in your neighbor’s yard, all sitting in a neat line on a gnarled old branch, facing the same direction and ruffling their feathers. As you stared up at them, they each opened their dark bills and called again. The sound sent chills up your spine. It was a little unusual to see ravens where you lived, but not entirely unheard of. The middle bird began to preen and one of the others let out another echoing croak. You immediately thought of Edgar Allen Poe (“Quoth the raven, ‘Nevermore’”), which only made you add the idea of a few quiet moments with a good book to your plans for the evening. You took one last look at the huge, sooty birds before you turned your back on them and headed inside.

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Splat contra las fuerzas del mal.

Terrible día era hoy en Underfresh; este colorido mundo detenido en el tiempo, se hallaba en un alarmante silencio. ¿Pero por que era esto tan raro en este mundo desolado?
Este mundo desde hace ya siete años todos sus amaneceres y todos sus ocasos se encontraban adornados por el bello eco de una risa infantil. Pero en este día, en tan solo un instante esa pequeña e inocente risa había cesado de golpe. Tan súbito fue la ausencia que Fresh el padre y protector de este pequeño, enseguida temió lo peor. Dejo todo lo que estaba haciendo en esos momentos y salio disparado de la colorida casa con la feroz determinación de hallar al pequeño propietario de la risa que había llenado cada día de su vida con una nueva clase de felicidad, desde aquel tormentoso día.
Una vez fuera de la casa comenzó a llamar al pequeño niño:
-Hey little dog! ¿Donde te encuentras?- solo el silencio
-Vamos little dog, sabes que si quieres jugar a las escondidillas primero tienes que avisarme- esperaba que una pequeña risa rompiera el tormentoso silencio, pero no hubo respuesta. Su miedo fue cobrando fuerza.
-¿Splat Dodger, exijo que salgas en este instante, esto es absolutamente unfresh; sal ahora o alguien no va a tener cookies en una semana!- Esta era la amenaza mas grave que alguna vez había tenido que decirle a su pequeño doge, pero su creciente miedo terriblemente lo justificaba.
Pero nadie vino.
Fresh siempre había mantenido la calma; siempre había sido guiado por la lógica, sin importar la situación siempre procuro mantenerse calmo incluso en sus muy raros momentos de ira absoluta. Pero ahora al enfrentarse a ese abrumador silencio; solo podía augurar lo peor… que había roto la ultima promesa hecha a su persona mas importante. Habían robado a Splat de él en sus propios dominios.
El pánico lo engullo ferozmente, inmovilizando, sofocándolo y cegándolo ante esta nuevo sentimiento que nunca creyó poseer “desesperación”. Y grito; no solo este cuerpo sino también su verdadero ser, todo su odio y su miedo retumbando no solo en este Underfresh sino también a cada Fresh del multiverso.  Llamando asi la atención de mas de un semidios del multiverso.
El primero en llegar a este fue Error el cual al ver el delicado estado en el que se encontraba su hermano no se le ocurrió un mejor idea que con la delicadeza que puede dar un rinoceronte en una cristalería;  agarrándole por la chaqueta le dio un buen puñetazo en la cara, sacandole de ese estado por el momento.
-Pero que mierCUACK te ocurre Error, tu mejor que nadie debería saber que eso no se hace en un ataque de pánico- Error fue reprendido  mientras un portal abierto desde Reapertale dio a conocer la figura de su otro hermano Geno, seguido por Reaper. Llegando rápidamente hasta Fresh, aparto a Error con un fuerte empujón. Geno lo sujeto suavemente y hablándole con tranquilidad para que este se centrarse. Aunque por el cuak de antes sospechaba que Fresh al menos ya era cociente de su entorno.
-Hey hermanito soy yo Geno, tranquilo todos estamos aquí contigo. Por favor dime que te ocurrió- Geno esperaba pacientemente que Fresh respondiera, hasta que un joven Palett le dio a notar un detalle que hasta el momento no había tomado en cuenta.
-Tío Fresh, ¿Donde esta Splat?- A todos los presentes se les heló la inexistente sangre. Y el tenso momento solo fue cortado por las entrecortadas palabras de cierto esqueleto noventero.
-Lo siento Yami rompí nuestra promesa… no puedo sentirlo Yami… no se que hacer… no quiero perderle a él también Yami… no quiero estar mas aquí sin ustedes… Yami… Yami…
-Esto no es posible- el recién llegado Ink, se miraba casi confundido ante esa declaración de Fresh y no solo él, sino todos los presentes que habían sido testigos a lo largo de los años del atento cuidado que Fresh tenia sobre la pequeñita mancha de tinta. Era imposible pensar en Fresh habría descuidado a Splat. Y mucho menos que raptaran a Splat, sin que Fresh no luchara a muerte por impedirlo o hacer al responsable arrepentirse de haberlo siquiera intentado.
Quien quiera que había sido capaz de tal proeza no solo se había asegurado una dolorosa muerte, sino también la ira de incontables semidioses del multiverso; ya que nadie se mete con su familia y vive sin consecuencias.
*En un oscuro y olvidado rincón del multiverso*
Un pequeño y colorido esqueleto, sollozaba desde el interior de un gran tanque de cristal, pidiendo a la figura entre las sombras que lo dejara ir con su RAD DAD o su querido TITO. Ese juego ya no era divertido.
Mientras que la oscura figura solo se reía de los desesperadas suplicas del pequeño niño.
-Pero mi vida, si la verdadera diversión no ha empezado todavía- Y dicho esto la oscura figura solo se limito a mover el dial del control que tenia en la mano al primer nivel.
Splat solo tuvo unos segundos después de oír como algo se activaba arriba suyo antes de ver como pequeñas gotas de agua comenzaron a caer sobre él.
Splat desde que tenia memoria, siempre su papa le había advertido de nunca tocara el agua por que seria muy doloroso para él tener contacto con cualquier liquido que no fuese tinta y aunque Splat tenia cierta curiosidad de tocar el agua siempre obedeció a su papito. Aunque nunca imagino que se sentiría como fuego sobre sus delicados huesitos de tinta. Splat grito de dolor y desesperadamente trato de cubrirse con la enorme chaqueta tratando de huir del mortal liquido-CUAK, CUAK, CUAK
Mientras que la inmisericorde figura solo se carcajeo revelando su mas baja y retorcida naturaleza.
-Y esto es solo el primer nivel, maldito parásito. Voy disfrutar verte retorcerte de dolor, y vas a arrepentirte de todos tus pecados antes de que por fin te mate. Y no te confundas, tu vas a morir. Pero yo soy la que va a decidir que tan larga y dolorosa va a ser esta- dijo mientras una retorcida sonrisa se extendía sobre su cara.
Splat apenas protegido por la enorme chaqueta pregunto temeroso y desconsolado al oír esas palabras-¿Pero por que harías eso? Yo no te he hecho nada malo, yo creía que querías ser mi amiguis por favor detente. No tienes que hacer esto.
Y ante este comentario, la figura que se erguía en las sombras desactivo momentáneamente el dial cesando así las gotas de agua que caían sobre Splat.
-Tienes razón engendro… no tengo por que hacer esto… YO QUIERO HACERLO!!!- Y con esta sádica declaración volvió activar el dial subiéndolo hasta el tres.
Splat sabia que habría un limite hasta que la chaqueta lo podría proteger del mortal liquido, pero no por ello dejo de intentarlo- CUAK, CUAK, CUAK, CUAK, CUAK.
-¿Disfrutando el agua pequeño pato?- Seguido de una desquiciada risa. Esa figura sabia que pasaría muchísimo tiempo antes que cualquier familiar del engendro siquiera llegara cerca de donde se encontraba ella y mientras tanto disfrutaría el tiempo de calidad que tenia con el pequeño pato. Ella ya se encontraba ansiosa, desde que había puesto al pequeño en el tanque de cristal había procurado mantener una muy buena toma con su cámara para registrar la tortura de este y una vez que esta terminase procuraría hacer todas las copias necesarias. Una para él, una para el Ángel y una por supuesto para Mr. Fresh, sabia que le encantaría ese detalle. El Ángel estaría orgulloso de su trabajo. Habría eliminado a esa pequeña molestia antes del anochecer y solo así el Ángel por fin estaría tranquilo… su Ángel.
*Mientras tanto en Underfresh*
Geno trataba de controlar el caos que se estaba viviendo en plena sala de la “Yolo cueva” todos parecían tener su propio plan de encontrar a Splat y de como hacer pagar al culpable. Aunque algunos estuvieran mas enfocados en lo segundo que en lo primero. Pero lo que mas había preocupado a Geno era su pequeño hermanito; a pesar que el muy condenado midiera el 1.91 seguía siendo su hermanito, se había calmado desde hacia un rato. Pero a diferencia del resto de la sala este no había dicho ni pio; el yolero parecía estar sumergido en lo mas profundo de su mente. Geno estaba preocupado… ya no solo por Splat sino también por Fresh.
-¿Fresh, en que piensas?- Se atrevió finamente a preguntar Geno.
-Trato de concentrarme Brah; trato de pensar con lógica; trato de hallar la logica en toda esta locura; y mas que nada… trato de no pensar en lo peor Brah- Dijo el yolero con una cara totalmente carente de emoción. Ya no se preocupaba en mantener su mascara bien puesta; eso era lo menos importante en este momento. Tenia un doge que encontrar y una promesa que cumplir.
Pero sorpresivamente fue sacado de sus pensamientos por la voz de su bro Error que rápidamente silencio a las otras.
-Callense todos de una maldiCUAK vez; estoy harto de su maldiCUAK mieCUAK, como al parecer nadie esta dispuesto a pensar con la chingaCUAK cabeza me toca a mi hacer algo. Todo aquel que  tenga la capacidad de viajar por el multiuniverso se va ir en la búsqueda de la pequeña abominación; los destructores o los que tienen un nivel decente de Love a los universos agresivos y genocidas; los puCUAK pacifistas a los universos tanto neutrales como los pacíficos. Y no sean pendeCUAK inicien por los mas alejados, quien quiera que haya hecho esto seguramente tuvo sus precauciones. Y por ultimo los inútiles se quedan aquí y eso te incluye a ti maldiCUAK parásito.

Por un minuto Fresh se había sorprendido por la iniciativa de su bro Error.  Sabia muy bien que su brioski Error era un excelente estratega. Claro hasta que dijo que Fresh se quedaba.
-Tienes que estar de broma broski- dijo Fresh con una sonrisa que no encajaba en nada con la oscura atmósfera que ahora emanada de él. Casi se podía percibir las llamas saliendo detrás de sus gafas de sol. Pero Error sin inmutarse le contesto.
-Por eso dije que no fueran pendeCUAK, tienes que estar aquí en caso de que alguien vuelva con la pequeña abominación; él va a querer verte; el va a necesitarte. ¿Me entiendes? Ademas no podemos descartar que el culpable te quiera desquiciado por encontrar al pequeño engendro; fuera de Underfresh y en tu estado actual solo vas a asegurar un final de mierCUAK  para esta situación. Así que te quedas.
Fresh tuvo que meditar las palabras de Error. Sabia que tenia razón. Ahora lo que más quería era salir en la búsqueda de Splat y darle su merecido parásito al culpable. No podía estar calmo ante esto; no podía ser racional… no seria de ayuda. Como había dicho, su broski Error era un excelente estratega.
-Oky broski voy a confiar en tu plan; me quedo- Dijo Fresh un poco mas calmo y con una sonrisa más en sintonia con lo que quería interpretar.
-Bien… ahora déjense de hacer pendeCUAK y vamos buscar a la pequeña abominación, si en cinco horas respectivas en Underfresh no han encontrado nada todos nos volvemos aquí para rehacer el plan, ¿entendido? Y si llegan a encontrarlo o a su raptor; no sean pendeCUAK y asegúrense de traer refuerzos antes de hacer cualquier mamaCUACK.
Dicho esto todos los presentes fueron con sus respectivas tareas. Todos estaban determinados en traer de vuelta a su hogar a la pequeña mancha de tinta. Seriamente Fresh esperaba que así fuera…
*De vuelta es un rincón abandonado del multiuniverso*
Un joven destructor se encontraba vagando por este solitario mundo posgenocida. No tenia mucho en mente solo deseaba un poco de paz y quietud que podía ofrecer este mundo vació. Nada era tan calmo como un campo santo después de todo. Hasta que esa quietud fue interrumpida por el llanto de un pequeño. Una rareza considerando que este metro hacia años desde que había sido vaciado y el humano no solo dejar ni una pequeña cantidad de Love antes de continuar.
Ahora se encontraba en cascada pero a medida que se acercaba a HotLand podía apreciar con mas claridad esos pequeños sollozos provenir del Laboratorio. La curiosidad fue mucho mas fuerte que él y discretamente fue adentrándose en el edificio esperando no alertar nadie de su presencia. Pronto su cautela fue recompensada cuando al llegar a una de las viejas habitaciones del verdadero laboratorio los encontró.
La oscura figura en la habitación se encontraba mirando al tanque de vidrio con una seria miraba de decepción. Mientras que el ocupante de esta solo se había reducido a un pequeño parásito hecho de tinta, luego que la chaqueta que lo había protegido del agua ahora se encontraba totalmente empapada. Splat se encontraba adolorido; hambriento y cansado a mas no poder. Se encontraba en su forma mas débil se encontraba aterrado de lo que posiblemente vendría, tenia tanto miedo que solo pudo llorar como el pequeño niño que era. Esperando desesperadamente que alguien lo oyera… pero nadie vino.
-¿En serio pequeño parásito? ¿Solo aguantaste hasta el cinco antes de mostrar tu verdadera forma? No eres digno de Fresh si solo pudiste soportar eso. Esperaba que me dieras un poco mas de diversión antes de tener que cambiar la batería a la cámara; pero como dicen: Si la vida te da limones has limonada. Así que es hora de terminar con esto pequeño parásito- Dijo mientras se acercaba a abrir el tanque de vidrio.
-No, no, no, no- trataba desesperadamente Splat de alejarse de la puerta, pero en su estado parásito era practicamente inútil a la hora de escapar. Ante el terror que el final de su vida implicaba volvió a gritar desesperadamente- ¡PAPIII!!! ¡AYUDA PAPI! ¡TENGO MIEDO! ¡PAPI!
Y nuevamente la figura oscura comenzó a reír como si le hubieran contado el mejor chiste de la historia.
-Grita todo lo que quieras, pequeña bestia. N A D I E  V A  A  V E N I R- Dijo la figura ya sosteniendo la puerta para abrirla y poner fin a Splat. Cuando apenas por milésimas de segundo vio como una pequeña guadaña hecha de tinta se deslizo por la tierna carne de su muñeca que sostenía la puerta, siendo esta cercenada en un instante. Le tomo uno segundos el siquiera procesar lo que acababa de ocurrir, el dolor no vino de inmediato, lo primero que noto fue la sangre que empezó a emanar de la muñeca cortada. Mientras su mano todavía sostenía el borde de la puerta.
Y el grito. Mas por el impacto de ver su muñeca cercenada que por el dolor, la adrenalina ya se encargaría de eso. Y el busco al culpable con la mirada. Al principio pensó que había sido el pequeño parásito, pero luego de verlo a través del cristal tan aterrado como el lo descarto. Eso lo dejaba con alguien mas con ellos en la habitación, pero… quien? Había sido precavido; había encontrado este mundo que había sido olvidado hace demasiados años; había procurado no dejar ningún rastro tras de si. ¿Pero entonces quien? Ninguno de los familiares ocupaba la tinta de esa forma y mucho menos tan letalmente. ¿Quien se encontraba con ellos en aquella habitación?
-¡MALDICUAK QUIEN ERES MUÉSTRATE!- ¿Había dicho “cuak”? Eso significaba que era Fresh… pero el no usa tinta, pero…
La figura oscura no puedo completar ese ultimo pensamiento antes de escuchar una juvenil y risueña risa en respuesta.
Y el joven destructor se hizo a conocer.
-Lo siento si he interrumpido tu diversión con el pequeño; pero creo que te divertirías mas con alguien de tu tamaño dude- Dijo el joven esqueleto que se fue abriendo camino de entre las sombras. La figura no daba crédito a lo que veía. Ante ella se encontraba un Splat mucho mayor en edad; un adolescente en toda su altura,aunque este mostraba un cabello largo y con los extremos puntiagudos como navajas; recogidos en una cola de caballo. Su rostro solo presentaba pupilas purpuras sobre un fondo negro. Su rostro extrañamente presentaba huecos entre su rostro de tinta, semejando a quemaduras sobre su sonriente rostro. Su ropa consiste en un par de zapatillas de deporte de tela; unos vaqueros de mezclilla deslavada y deshilachados en varias partes; vistiendo también una playera holgada negro con tres lineas rojas horizontales y sobre esta lo que parecía haber sido en tiempos mejores una chaqueta de cuero roja, transformada ahora en chaleco. Y adornando su cuello una bufanda beige con manchas de tinta sobre esta.
La figura maldijo su suerte; se había encontrado con la versión Fell de Splat. Pero trato de ocultar su pánico en una risa desquiciada. Habría de encontrar una forma de matar a ambos. Ahora que sabia de su existencia no podía permitir que ninguna versión de la pequeña abominación ensuciara los designios de su Ángel. Ellos debían morir.
-Así que vamos a divertirnos entonces- Dijo mientras este hacia un torniquete en lo que había sido su mano izquierda. Sacando por ultimo un cutter como arma improvisada de entre sus ropas.
Fell Splat mientras se encontraba tranquilo, mientras se desarrollaba la escena. Pronto todo habría acabado, tenia plena confianza en si mismo. Pero no puedo evitar prever lo que vendría a continuación.
-Hey Doge; mejor cierra los ojos un ratón brah, no quiero que tengas pesadillas peque. Pero descuida, te llevare a tu casa- Dijo con una sonrisa tranquilizadora a su otra versión mas joven- Solo recuerda… no importa lo que oigas no habrás los ojos hasta que yo diga ¿Oky?
Splat estaba confundido; pero quería creer en su yo tan RAD, así que solo asintió y cerro obedientemente sus ojos esperando pronto estar con su RAD DAD. Lo quería demasiado.
-Pero que ternura, realmente creen que van a salir de aquí- Alcanzo a oír Fell Splat antes de sentir como entraba en modo lucha. Él iba primero pero solo se limito a comprobar las estadísticas de su oponente.
*Siempre fiel a su Ángel.
ATK 77
DEF 77
LV 7
HP 770/777
Bien ahora sabia a quien MIERCOLES se enfrentaba.
-Y dime Paliwis, ¿Tú ángel te pidió que hicieras esto?- Lo único que recibió como respuesta Splat fue una ataque directo con 77 de daño. Es tonta no había verificado los Stats de Splat; grave error.
-Por supuesto que no ella es demasiado buena para mancharse las manos con su asquerosa tinta. Pero yo lo hago para que así ella pueda estar tranquila y no tenga ver a ningún parásito que mancille su obra. Ustedes no debieron haber nacido. Ustedes no son del Canon que ella proclamo; por cosas como ustedes que mancillan su trabajo… SON INNECESARIOS DENTRO DEL MULTIVERSO.
Era turno de Splat. Pero paso un tiempo largo y el no parecía moverse. Y durante todo ese tiempo el silencio fue lo único que reino. Hasta que Splat rompió a reír con una sonora carcajada que resonó por todo el laboratorio hasta deformarse en algo mas oscuro mientras rebotaba por las paredes metálicas del mismo.
-Bien… fue un placer jugar contigo- Y luego de decir esto con una velocidad casi vertiginosa llego hasta la fiel seguidora del Ángel y la abrazo o al menos eso pensó al principio la seguidora hasta que sintió como los brazos de este Splat se alargaban y reptaban cual serpientes a través de todo su cuerpo y solo una vez que la envolvía por completo de los hombros hasta sus pies… comenzó a apretar. La seguidora trato de safarse entrando en pánico, mientras sus músculos y sus huesos comenzaban a ceder a un dolor creciente. Fue lento y constante; mientras la seguidora seguía consciente del fin que le aguardaba; Fell Splat susurro casi con dulzura a su oído- Por mas que odies mi existencia; yo sigo siendo real, él sigue siendo real y a diferencia de muchos nosotros fuimos creados con amor. Y no hay nada que puedan hacer tú o tu Ángel para impedir que ese amor muera y mientras siga existiendo ese amor… Yo luchare por los dos. Adiós, pequeña alma patética.- Y él continuo apretando… se oyeron gritos… se oyeron tronar huesos… y finalmente se oyeron sus suplicas…
-¡PIEDAD! ¡PIEDAD! ¡POR FAVOR SOLO ACABA DE UNA VEZ! - Y gentilmente Fell Splat se lo concedió. Abrió sus mandilas hasta cubrir por completo su cabeza y con sus múltiples y filosas hileras de dientes dio por terminada su agonía.
Fell Splat Dodger
*La sangre solo lo hace más fuerte
ATK 1990
DEF 1990
LV 23
HP 331O/ 3387
Cuando hubo escupido la cabeza lejos y cubierto el cuerpo lejos de la vista del pequeño Splat. Solo entonces fue a por el al tanque de cristal y quitando la mano cercenada, finalmente la abrió.
Su pequeño yo todavía se encontraba con los ojos firmemente cerrados y temblando visiblemente hasta que Fell Splat lo recogió y a su chaqueta del tanque.
-Ya puedes abrir los ojos peque, ya todo acabo- Dijo el joven Splat tratando de calmar al pequeño parásito de sus brazos.
Aun con visible miedo abrió los ojos y en un instante sus ojitos pasaron del alivio a la preocupación.
-Te hicieron daño- Dijo la pequeña bolita de tinta mientras señalaba con la mirada el agujero donde había entrado el cutter.
A lo que Fell Splat solo se limito a decir- No peque tranquis es solo un raspón, solo necesito un curita. Pero antes hay que llevarte a tu casa. ¿Te importa si hacemos una parada antes?
Splat seguía sintiéndose mal por su doble. Pero al ver que actuaba como que no le dolía asintió impacientemente con la idea de pronto regresar a su casa con su RAD DAD y su esponjosa cama; Splat se encontraba muy cansado, después de semejante día.
Fell no tardo despues de eso. Puso a Splat acunado en su bufanda mientras exprimia la empapada chaqueta del pequeño parásito. Se vio el dolor que esto le generaba pero continuo de todas formas; mientras su tinta y el agua de la chaqueta caían sobre el piso del laboratorio hasta formar un pequeño charco. Al pequeño le resulto confuso sus acciones, hasta que vio como en el centro del charco que se había formado con la tinta de su doble comenzó a emanar luz y al asomarse a este pudo comprobar que se trataba de un portal a un Universo Alterno
-Bien agárrate peque- fue su única advertencia antes de sumergirse en pleno en el portal.
Cerro sus ojos pensando que nuevamente le dolería el contacto con el agua pero apenas los hubo cerrado pudo sentir un cambio en el ambiente.Y al abrirlos comprobó que ya no se encontraba en aquel mundo sino en un universo en donde los monstruos vivían en la superficie. Pudo sentir la calidez del sol y la suave caricia del viento.
Paso poco tiempo hasta que su doble comenzó a moverse; parecía que buscaba algo, hasta que ese algo lo encontró. Parando cuando una pequeña criatura choco contra sus esqueléticas piernas.
-Hey amiguito… lleno de energía ¿no es así? Supongo que servirás- Recogiendo al pequeño cachorro corgi hasta la altura de sus ojos. Le indico al pequeño Splat lo que debía hacer.
Al principio no quería tener que hacerlo, pero se sentía muy hambriento y cansado para negarse. Así que después de pedirle un amable permiso al pequeño animal, se metió dentro y lo poseyó. Inmediatamente después de ello a través de los ojos del pequeño animal se sintió como sus energías se restablecían. Era algo que necesitaba.
-Bien ¿mucho mejor?- Dijo sonriendo Fell Splat
-¡Super mejor!- Dijo alegremente el cachorro Splat.
-Bien, es hora de ir a tu casa. ¡A Underfresh se ha dicho!- dijo antes de localizar el charco por donde había entrado y volviendo a tocar la superficie rozándola con sus dedos volvió a abrir el portal que esperaba los llevara al Underfresh de Splat.

*Nuevamente en Underfresh*
Mr. Fresh se encontraba inquieto mientras veía como el reloj avanzaba lentamente para anunciar las cinco horas cumplidas. Nadie había vuelto todavía con Splat o con noticia de su paradero. Trataba de analizar como debería sentirse ante tal situación; pero todos sus intentos no correspondía con lo que estaba sintiendo ahora, era el segundo nuevo sentimiento que había experimentado este día que le habría encantado nunca haber descubierto. Y mientras su bro Geno le hacia compañía durante todo ese tiempo no hacia que se viera mejor el panorama. Durante todo ese tiempo su peor tortura fue oir el imparable tic-tac del reloj. Solo esperaba que algo interrumpiera ese impiadoso sonido. Y así ocurrió.
-Pero que se joCUAK Swapfell, tengo que recordar ir a destruirlos luego de esta mierCUAK- Entro furiosamente Error en la sala. A lo que inmediatamente salto Fresh a interrogarle.
-¿Broski encontraste a mi Doge?-Dijo esperanzado Fresh.
Pero únicamente Error respondió con la cabeza baja- No he tenido suerte de encontrar ni una pista del paradero del pequeño parásito- Solo pudo decir esto hasta que un nuevo portal fue abierto dando paso a un alegre Ink.
-¡Tengo buenas noticias!-Dijo con una brillante sonrisa Ink. Que fue interceptado por Fresh apenas oírlo.
-¿Tinta, eso es cierto? Encontraste al Doge ¿En donde se encuentra?- Dijo impaciente Fresh.
A lo que Ink solo respondió con una cara de completa culpa- Oh es cierto estábamos buscando a Splat, ¿cierto?- Fresh nunca había sentido el deseo de asesinar a Ink tanto, como en ese momento. Ni siquiera cuando lo vio tan calmo en el funeral de Paperjam. Estaba a punto de hablar hasta que su broski Error le arrebato las palabras de la boca.

-Ink me tienes que estar jodieCUAK; que es tu nieto de mierCUAK. QUE CARAJOS HAS ESTADO HACIENDO DESDE HACE CINCO HORAS, SI NO ES BUSCAR A TU JODICUAK HIJO DE PAPER- Fresh no sabia de que estar mas impresionado; de lo indignado que parecía Error por el comportamiento de Ink o que este había dicho el nombre de Paper sin referirse a este como “el error” o “la abominación”.
Pero era más su pesar de que ninguno de ellos había sido capaz de encontrarlo. Y desde lo que había el peor día de tormenta de su vida, él se sentía perdido ante la idea de que había perdido nuevamente la felicidad que alguna vez le había dado Yami.  Fresh se aparto mentalmente de la escena; en el donde seguía oyendo como Error seguía peleando con Ink al respecto mientras Geno trataba de que ambos no empezaran una pelea física en medio de la sala. Mientras que Fresh seguía sopesando que tanto valor tendría el seguir viviendo en un mundo solitario, sin esas dos personas que llenaban sus días. Mientras la pequeña alma de ese cuerpo amenazaba con fragmentarse en varios pedazos hasta disolverse. Pero un sonido familiar de un portal abriéndose fuera de la casa, lo saco de su trance para ir corriendo a ver de quien se trataba.
Al notar como Fresh se precipitaba fuera de la casa los demás inmediatamente lo siguieron. Esperando que quien fuera tuviera buenas noticias sobre el paradero de Splat. Pero ninguno de ellos se esperaba en ver lo que parecía una versión Fell y crecida de Splat mientras este sostenía un pequeño corgi envuelto en una conocida chaqueta.
Todos estaban en silencio, tal vez sorprendidos en la imagen es si a fue que mas de uno pudo notar como el chico que los miraba tenia una mirada oscura y carente de emoción, mientras un aura tan oscura como su mirada les advertía que se mantuvieran lejos. Pero como siempre Error tuvo que abrir la bocota.
-¿Quien chingaCUAK eres? ¿Y que haces con la chaqueta de la abominación?- Pero todo lo que recibió fue silencio.
Y cuando parecía que Error se preparaba para entrar en combate con el recién llegado. El pequeño perro asomo su cabecilla de entre la tela de la chaqueta y hablo.
-Abuerror; Grand Ink, Uncle Genoz, Dady- Dijo casi llegando a las lagrimas el tierno parasito. Mientras que su Rad Fell, lo bajaba cuidadosamente a suelo.
-Te dije que te traería a casa, ¿no es así dogi? Ahora sabes que no debes de confiar en todas las girlis que conozcas peque. Ahora vuelve con tu familia. Y cuídate mucho doge- Dijo mientras daba media vuelta para volver a charco; no sin antes dejar la chaqueta del doge en el suelo.
-¿Te volveré a ver?- Dijo Splat mientras hacia la cara definitiva del perrito regañado, temiendo la respuesta de su Fell Rad.
-Si tienes suerte, no chiquis- Dijo simplemente reanudando su marcha. Hacia el portal del que había salido. Pero ya cuando se encontraba a un salto de irse de Underfresh una voz le hizo volverse. Era del que hasta entonces mudo Mr. Fresh.
-Gracias por devolverme a mi dogi, bro- Fue todo lo que pudo pensar que era lo apropiado decirle.
A lo que este le dedico una mirada diferente, muy parecida a la del propio Splat.
-Solo asegúrate de cumplir tu promesa- Y así como dijo eso ese joven Splat se esfumo de ese mundo. Con la tranquilidad de haber vuelto a reunir a una versión mucho menos agresiva y mucho mas cariñosa de su propia familia. Llegando a sentir una pequeña envidia por su yo más joven. Al menos una versión de él era querida por sus padres.


Prompt 118

There is a crisis at Person A and Person B’s home when their dog finds their way into the Valentine’s chocolate box.

They panic when they see that the ENTIRE BOX is empty and Person A starts panicking and crying while Person B starts dialing poison control.

All of this ceases when they see Person C with chocolate staining their fingers and faces.

Poker Face - The Early Persona

The first time I heard Poker Face was April 2nd, 2009 at 7:10 PM. I only know this because it was the iTunes free single of the week and I had a habit of downloading these free tracks most weeks if I was into them. However, this week was different, because I completely fell in love with the track. I grew up listening to my parents’ music (Billy Joel and Hall & Oates are the standouts, still love them) but it wasn’t really until high school that I started controlling the radio dials when we were in the car or I made friends who would obsessively talk about music with me.

Poker Face was the start of all that, and what a start it was. The song is the pinnacle of early Gaga in my mind, following Just Dance with ease but introducing some of the lyrical topics and more extreme eccentricity that would be central to The Fame and The Fame Monster Eras. The synths stab, her voice chills, the hooks are extreme in their simplicity. From the first moments of muh-muh-muh-maaah, the dark intensity of the song shimmers. Everything black and high gloss, diamonds sparkling in the dark.

This song for me, formed the early Lady Gaga persona completely. While Just Dance had already been a mega-smash and had set the template for the maximalist synth pop of the early 2010s, the lyrics might as well have been anonymous. Poker Face, on the other hand, brought such a depth of mystery that would become crucial to the Gaga persona. For starters, she plays up the idea of a dark and twisted romance, of extreme love and sex but something not quite right. In this case, the something not quite right is her desire for someone else, for some anonymous woman. While for me at least it’s easy to now look back and forget just how radical it felt for her to be talking about her own bisexuality in interviews all over the place in 2009. For many, Gaga was cold and artificial, all autotune and robotic fashion. And we of course can’t forget the perpetual rumors that she was secretly a man or at the very least hiding a dick. All of this gender and sexual blurring felt incredibly out there to 13 year old me, but I was also incredibly intrigued. Gaga’s androgyny and bisexuality made her a total outsider at the time, but she was happy to play the role of the alien invader.

Poker Face was also one of the early tracks that Gaga performed acoustically sitting alone at a piano, one of the first in which she attempted to show fans and critics alike her incredible vocal abilities. She consistently pulled out this trick to add yet another level of shock and awe. Wait, this artificial autotuned pop star can really sing? No way! Especially contrasting live performances of it against the extremity of the music video, where she emerges fully clothed from a swimming pool in one of her most iconic looks, the listener got a sense of the complexity we were going to see throughout her career.

Can Poker Face show us the real Lady Gaga? As she said herself at the time, “If you know me and you call me Stefani, then you really don’t know me at all.” Personally, the reason I chose this song to kick of the week was purely for its lyrics. After first telling the world that she was going to just dance, Gaga quickly follows that statement up by telling us all, not just her lover, that we can’t read her poker face. It’s a simple refrain that didn’t seem all that complex at the time, but looking back over almost a decade of her work, it’s one that has resonated time and time again. Who is Gaga, what mask is she wearing today, who is Stefani (especially now that she is being credited for her acting as Stefani!!!) and what does that all mean for the music? I certainly can’t claim to have an answer, but it’s worth asking the question~

ookami baby | pt.3

pairing: young k x reader (mostly young k)

genre: fantasy, wolf dad au

word count: 1,886

previous: pt.2

note: okay it’s been a million years since I’ve updated this, this part had been sitting slightly unfinished for a while now and I’m finally getting around to posting it, happy reading!

“What the hell am I supposed to do with it?” Brian asked as he held Koda out in front of him hoping Jaehyung would take the cooing baby off his hands.

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Trey Songz Is... No Ordinary Love

As Requested by @shymissone and Inspired from the photograph below.

No Ordinary Love

They say when you fall in love you can’t help who you fall in love with. Since meeting one of the people I consider to be my musical idol last year for business and career advice, I’ve tripped all over cupid and his arrows.  For a long time I thought that principle was only worthy of a greeting card until I found my one and fell in love. It’s been one month since I’ve seen her last. One month since I held her body close and one month since I was blessed to hear her soft melodious voice. If someone had told me that my heart would ache for her like this, I wouldn’t have believed it.

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Well, I can’t spend the next 4 months worrying about bmblb until Volume 5 comes out. That wouldn’t be healthy at all.

One of the most important things that I’ve ever learned is that you shouldn’t worry about the things you can’t control. So I’m gonna dial back the anxiety, keep the faith, and wait for Volume 5. (And probably Volume 6, since it took two seasons to get from “Boop” to Renora)

Strength Tarot Spell

This spell is useful to release magical capabilities and realize your potential; to attain great honors, recognition, and admiration; to rise rapidly in your chosen profession; to improve self esteem and achieve success in competition; to wipe away regrets and remorse

Lay down a white altar cloth. Dress 4 red candles with Jasmine oil and place one at each of the four compass points of the altar. Light the candles, lay the strength card between them and recite:

By north, south, east, and west, I summon the powers of light. Raphael of the east, appear before me! Michael of the south, appear before me! Gabriel of the west, appear before me! Uriel of the north, appear before me!

Imagine that you can see the outlines of the archangels coming toward you from far away. See them approaching, until they stand around you by the altar. Gaze into the card, and picture it coming to life. Bring the image out from the card and into your abdomen. Imagine that inside your mind there are numerous switches, dials and controls. Look for the one marked “Strength”, and switch it as high as it will go. Look around inside this control room of the mind and see all the machines hum into life. Draw an image that is symbolic of each archangel along the relevant sides of a piece of paper in red paint. This could be a cloud in the east for Raphael, a volcano in the south for Michael, a wave in the west for Gabriel, and a tree in the north for Uriel. In the center, draw the symbol of Leo. Picking up each candle in turn, put a dab between each angel’s drawing and the Leo symbol. Leave this talisman on the altar for three days and nights so that it is fully charged, then keep it safe. You could perhaps frame it.

As always, feel free to modify this spell in any way to suit your magical needs/resources. 

From Terry Donaldson’s Tarot Spellcaster