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Evidence Sherlock never fell for Irene (but he really fell for John)
  • Sherlock disapproves of Irene’s profession and way of living.

Because you cater to the whims of the pathetic and take your clothes off to make an impression. Stop boring me and think.

  • Sherlock didn’t want Irene to reveal to John what the code for her safe meant.

Does anyone else agree with me that this means “NO!” more than “I don’t care”?

  • When Irene visited Sherlock to return his coat, she gave him a kiss. See the lipstick mark?

Her kiss was what woke Sherlock. And his instictive reaction was…

But he quickly understood John was not the one who kissed him in the room and his dream about Irene wasn’t exactly a dream. So he panicked.

(Btw kudos to Sherlock for being faithful to John even in his sleep)

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I’ve just been thinking today about how amazing a show Leverage is. I mean you have a drunk-ex-insurance guy who is a genius who’s whole goal in life is to help people (ie. while simultaneously being a control hungry bastard), a woman who could con herself into being queen of the universe while drunk, a dangerous ex-military guy who can filet a steak or punch you unconscious or be trusted with your firstborn because he’s phenomenal with kids, a hacker with skills like nobody’s business and charisma like woah, and finally the best thief in the entire world who loves cereal more than life.  I just…LEVERAGE. I’ve seen it beginning to end like 3 times over and it’ll never be enough.

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hii i saw your tags on the post about Joss Whedon taking over Justice league. I know a lot of people don't like him but I don't get why?

Without going into essay-length discussion of it, I think it’s a two-pronged thing: one is that a lot of people just plain don’t enjoy his storytelling, like the way in which he makes movies/tv and the themes he incorporates (I think one of the main complaints is that he doesn’t have a real breadth of skill – he tends to repeat old tropes and character archetypes a lot – and I think that complaint is 100% valid). Still, that’s aesthetic; the much more widespread reason is that Joss Whedon has not got a great record when it comes to social justice, despite being hailed as a giant feminist icon. 

Which, in the 1990s, the work he was doing with Buffy the Vampire Slayer I think genuinely was pretty feminist for television, at the time (and at first – in later seasons that was less the case). But culture moved forward, and Joss sort of froze where he was. His behavior toward Charisma Carpenter, who got pregnant during the filming of Angel, has been the subject of a lot of controversy (he wrote a really ugly episode about pregnancy and then killed her off) and since Buffy his treatment of women in his work has just kind of sledded downhill. Most recently, his spec Wonder Woman script was leaked and it’s pretty unpleasant; all about how Wonder Woman isn’t human because she’s invulnerable, and how she needs to be humbled, I guess? I haven’t read it. 

I watched Buffy and enjoyed the earlier seasons; I watched some of Angel but it got dull. I tried watching Firefly, gave up because I thought it was kind of appalling, and stopped watching media Joss made after that (I found the idea of Dollhouse super offputting). I went back several years later to rewatch Firefly with the hope that I’d been too immature to understand it, or that the out-of-order episode airing had impacted my viewing, but I ended up understanding better than ever why I disliked it. (I wrote an essay about it here if you want more meat on why.)

Imagine the man who wrote a space western and could only conceive of the Native Americans within that story as a ravaging, sub-human race whose sole emotion was rage – and now imagine how he’s going to look at an Aquaman played by a person of color. Imagine a man who was so enraged that one of his actors got pregnant that he killed off her character after writing an entire episode about how horrifying pregnancy was – imagine the man who wrote Natasha’s story in Age of Ultron, for that matter – and now imagine how he’s going to control the future of Wonder Woman. (I’m aware that Justice League is mostly in post, but he’s still going to be writing and shooting additional scenes. And if he’s in on it now, there’s no guarantee he won’t be asked to step in more permanently.)

I think the upshot is that Joss Whedon tends to poison things he touches in ways so insidious that he gets acclaimed for doing it. And that couldn’t stay unnoticed forever. 


Donald Trump gives states green light to withhold funds from Planned Parenthood

  • President Donald Trump took a big swing at Planned Parenthood on Thursday, signing off on legislation that would allow states to withhold Title X funds from abortion providers.
  • Vice President Mike Pence had all but sealed the deal on March 30, when he cast the deciding vote both in a procedural vote and in the final vote landing the bill on Trump’s desk.
  • Title X funds go toward services like cervical and breast cancer screenings, birth control, STI treatment and well-woman exams — not abortion, thanks to the Hyde Amendment, which bans any federal dollars from funding abortion services.
  • Nevertheless, the Trump administration was happy to move forward with a measure that Planned Parenthood says impacts more than four million of their patients. Read more. (4/13/2017 3:08 PM)

└ Sakurai-san! Why must you tease like that!

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Banning abortion means prioritizing a cluster of cells over a grown human being, or as the case may be, a pregnant child as young as 10 or 11.

Banning abortion means forcing women to be mothers regardless of their position in life without ever forcing men to be fathers; without even making sure that men pay child support from wherever they choose to run off to.

Banning abortion means forcing those with female reproductive systems to suffer the risks of ectopic pregnancies, pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, placenta praevia, placenta accreta, unforeseen hemorrhages, deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, amniotic fluid embolism, and sepsis– risks that include everything from emergency hysterectomy to death.

Banning abortion means condoning the consequence of more girls and women dying from illegal and self-induced abortions, and more newborns left on doorsteps, and more newborns left in cardboard boxes and garbage cans and bodies of water, many of whom will die.

Banning abortion means cornering rape victims into maintaining long-term contact with their rapists and experiencing the powerlessness of sharing their children with people they know to be unsafe, or to experience the trauma of giving up their babies for adoption.

Banning abortion means requiring once joyful mothers-to-be to carry nonviable or dead fetuses– forcing devastated couples with the nursery room already painted– to suffer through a gruesome late miscarriage, stillbirth, or the torture of knowing their child will be born only to suffer horrifically and die within minutes, hours, or days (whereas the parents of already born and terminally ill children have the choice to transition their little one to hospice care or end life support).

I understand and respect why some women (as well as transgender or nonbinary uterus owners) would not feel comfortable choosing abortion for themselves, and at the same time I truly believe we must allow all owners of uteruses autonomy over their bodies. We cannot claim to respect bodily autonomy of all people equally if even a non-sentient deceased body’s organs cannot be donated to save many lives without the person having agreed to it while alive, yet a living adult can be forced to submit to a nine-month saga right in the middle of their internal organs that totally transforms their body and ends in either the extremely painful and potentially injurious event of childbirth or very invasive C-section surgery, not to mention a baby they must now make decisions for. Outlawing abortion is not about saving lives– we know already that outlawing abortion results in people (mothers as well as children) needlessly suffering and dying. Outlawing abortion is about devaluing women; controlling women; dismissing that a woman is qualified to make choices regarding her side of the reproductive process.

I actually hate the abortion debate because both sides refuse to see the other sides point of view. Like pro life people are pro life because they see a fetus as a living human being at the point of conception while pro choice people are pro choice because they think the fetus isn’t human until later. But instead, Pro-lifers seem to see pro-choicers as evil people who want to kill children while pro-choicers see pro-lifers as wanting to control a womans body. It’s a complete mess 

One of my biggest pet peeves about Jumin and his route is how PEOPLE DELIBERATELY MISCONSTRUE IT COMPLETELY

NUMBER ONE: Jumin’s bad end 2 is a completely consensual BDSM relationship. It might not be a healthy or well executed one, but it is NOT Jumin kidnapping you. Not ONLY does the MC have to ask him for this, and explicitly say what she wants from him, not only does Jumin then respond with “as long as you desire this”, but you have to spend days softening him up to this by outrageously seducing him and asking to be caged/kept forever and it kind of makes me mad people say this like a criticism while also squeeing over Unknown actually kidnapping you. he’s not taking you to a utopia of orgies and sex, he’s taking you to be tortured until you’re brainwashed. Jumin is literally keeping you at your request in the lap of luxury with wild loving sex as long as you desire it - and only as long as you want it.


The MC chooses!!!! to go!!! to Jumin’s place!! And then she chooses to stay! He begs and pleads for her not to leave, but aside from a brief moment of panic where he’s like “KABEDON!” he doesn’t actually force her to stay. There’s no dialog that I recall where he is like “The security won’t let you leave the building no matter what you do” (and even if he did make such a ludicrous order, why would the security obey this??) - What actually happens is that MC arrives and soothes Jumin’s panic over Sarah and Glam’s schemes, resulting in him falling even harder for MC than before. Then Elizabeth disappears (it’s never fully explained how, but obviously she’s grabbed by the hacker purposefully to set him off - which is basically what he was afraid Sarah would do) and Jumin actually rightfully panics in fear that after losing everything else dear to him, he might lose the MC if she leaves his influence.

Recall the reason Jumin is afraid is because all of the RFA members are in danger, and all of them have a 24/7 guard. MC does not, because her location is secret. And we know from previous routes that the only way to save her when (not even really ‘if’) the hacker comes for her is if the people are warned ahead of time long enough to force 7 to give up the info and then run to save her. It’s mentioned at some point that if the bodyguards aren’t enough, or if Seven’s protection is insufficient (it is) that the RFA members + MC could just live with Jumin because his place is literally the safest place in all of the RFA.

So he is NOT kidnapping her. He is protecting her. And the MC never tries to escape and is stopped by guards. Whenever she tries to ‘escape’ (BE3 BRE2) it’s always ‘without Jumin knowing so he can’t protest’.

NUMBER THREE: JUMIN IS NOT A CRAZY CONTROL FREAK. He is a control freak, but he’s not crazy possessive. Yoosung is, if any of them, the crazy possessive one. Jumin gets jealous, but he won’t go off on anyone (or the MC) for talking to other people. He doesn’t panic about someone stealing her away, he just chooses not to share pictures of her because he doesn’t think anyone needs to see her before the party. Before you go off about that, note how the MC could share pictures of herself any time and doesn’t. Never. Ever. If she had a problem with Jumin hiding what she looks like, why not share a selfie? Indeed, why not ever share one on any route?

Jumin is literally just learning to express himself and open up about his emotions/embrace them in his route. Freaking out at him about being too ‘creepy’ is the same as the RFA members making fun of him because he spilled his feelings about his father on the chat. He trusts the MC and is intimately close to her.

He muses about the things he wants, the things he likes, and part of that is the desire to control the woman he loves. He’s feeling it out, exploring things he’s never even considered before, and the MC is a confidante. The MC has the choice to tell him she doesn’t like it, or she can agree. He buys her clothes but remember she didn’t pack any, so the alternative would be forcing her to stay in her one outfit for days and nights. There really isn’t any way he controls her, and as we can see from his dialog choices (and BE2) he’s actually pretty whipped and is more likely to allow MC to control him than force her to obey him.


At most, Jumin was going to keep her until the party when things would somehow be safer (don’t ask me why, it just always is). It’s basically just  a weekend. She’s not stuck there forever, she’s just there for a few days while all hell is breaking loose outside. She’s hardly a captive.

NUMBER FIVE. The MC herself isn’t even really scared. The primary concerns in the route are that their behavior is inappropriate. Zen freaks out because the MC and Jumin might do things he disapproves of. Jaehee throws a fit because Jumin slacks off from work and they should ‘go out on dates first’ if they want to be a ‘real’ couple, MC and Seven are like “But MC has responsibilities that were arbitrarily and actually forcibly assigned to her and an apartment that’s sort of ‘hers’ which is actually unsecured and super dangerous, so that’s where she belongs!”

Who cares if two consenting adults have sex? Who cares if they choose not to follow normal dating procedure? That’s their concern, not their friends’. And why does it really matter so much that a party gets delayed or canceled when MC never had a choice to begin with? Why do people freak out because Jumin keeps her somewhere safe out of concern for her, but no one seems to care that MC was tricked into going into that apartment and then actually straight up forced through intimidation and the threat of imprisonment to be the party planner for a bunch of rich strange men she’s never met before?? (Try saying ‘no I wont’ to the RFA. Every chance you get. see what happens.)

If it doesn’t matter that MC is mostly fine with being with Jumin (or very fine with it in BE2), it doesn’t matter that MC suddenly decides the party thing is a SUPER COOL IDEA. Especially when the former poses exactly 0% danger to her, and the latter is actually extremely and actively endangering her life.

If I had to like, sum up RGU in a way that’s more hip with the kids today, I’d say I’d go with instead of fighting for Anthy’s possession, they instead fight for links to Anthy’s legendarily amazing Spotify playlist (It’s the songs “Help,” “I Am,” “Repeatedly,” “Stabbed,” “By,” “A Thousand,” “Swords,” “Every day”) and no one really gets the hint besides going “Oooo with this playing in the background, I can achieve my own flawed dreams !” And also Akio is a Soundcloud rapper.