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Donald Trump gives states green light to withhold funds from Planned Parenthood

  • President Donald Trump took a big swing at Planned Parenthood on Thursday, signing off on legislation that would allow states to withhold Title X funds from abortion providers.
  • Vice President Mike Pence had all but sealed the deal on March 30, when he cast the deciding vote both in a procedural vote and in the final vote landing the bill on Trump’s desk.
  • Title X funds go toward services like cervical and breast cancer screenings, birth control, STI treatment and well-woman exams — not abortion, thanks to the Hyde Amendment, which bans any federal dollars from funding abortion services.
  • Nevertheless, the Trump administration was happy to move forward with a measure that Planned Parenthood says impacts more than four million of their patients. Read more. (4/13/2017 3:08 PM)

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I actually hate the abortion debate because both sides refuse to see the other sides point of view. Like pro life people are pro life because they see a fetus as a living human being at the point of conception while pro choice people are pro choice because they think the fetus isn’t human until later. But instead, Pro-lifers seem to see pro-choicers as evil people who want to kill children while pro-choicers see pro-lifers as wanting to control a womans body. It’s a complete mess 


This story is an example of the ridiculous, yet dangerous ways of male fragility and violent mysoginist ideas of ownership manifest in straight relationships. Things like this happen every day women dare to demonstrate that they are seeking autonomy in the face of an abusive male who believes that his masculinity is dependent on the control he has over “his” woman.

The comments under the tweet are an even sadder example of how DESPITE how blatantly obvious it is that this is a demonstration of abusive power - there is no shortage of people ready to defend hegemonic masculinity to their last breath. All the victim blaming and calls to see both sides are just thinly veiled endorsements of the idea that women’s are only to be seen as property of whichever man GRACIOUSLY decides to take ownership of her, until he decides she is no longer of use to him. And while under this ownership, she is expected to serve his male ego accordingly.

Like seriously? Women fear violent retribution on a daily basis just for hurting male feelings and it’s not only accepted as the norm but you’re also going to EMPHATICALLY DEFENDED this norm?

idea: the justice league, placing bets on whether superman or wonder woman can lift more. it’s a month long event. everyone other than guy gardner gets an invite. people show up dressed in the merchandise of who they think is going to win. it’s like WWE up in that bitch, with how serious people are getting. bloodshed occurs after superman loses, and batman pulls a wonder woman flag out of his utility belt. it was the break-up of the century

Proud of Your Boy

She held the young boy close to her, allowing his tears to soak her gown. “Adam, you can’t go around doing these things. You have to control your temper.” The woman ran her fingers through his blonde hair as he looked up at her from the skirts of her gown.

“I’m sorry Maman,” he muttered into the silks that he had been using to console himself. “I am sorry I am such a disappointment.

She kneeled, cupping Adam’s cheek in her hand, having the young boy look her in the eye. She knew where he had heard such things, and it broke her heart that he was echoing them.

“Adam, you are not a disappointment. Not to me, not ever.” She pressed a soft kiss to his forehead, wiping the reminder of his tears away with her thumb. “I will always be proud of you. Regardless of what you do.”

The Beast looked at the painting that had been left unscarred by his rage. All he could think was how disappointed she would be. That was perhaps the worst reality of this curse. Not the loss of his beauty, or the isolation. But the knowledge of how disappointed his mother would be.

Some son he is. She had done everything she could for him. Yet, he still turned into some vain, twisted creature. First inside, and now on the outside.

Waste of a man. That is what he was. This was what he deserved.

The eyes were painted in oil, but that didn’t stop the feeling of regret that shot through the Beast every time his own eyes met their mirror painted on the canvas. He felt a growl deep in his chest, rumbling with the thought of what a disgrace he was. Not to his crown, not to his country. No, the disgrace was one that ran much deeper, and it was the disgrace he would have been in the eyes of his mother had she lived to see what he had become.  

Adam looked in the mirror. He found himself cocking his head as he examined his features, as he looked into the clear blue that had haunted him all these years. That had whispered to him that he wasn’t only a monster on the outside, but he was a monster on the inside. The whisper that had been in the soft, feminine voice of one who had once consoled him, that told him what a disappointment he was. All her wasted time, energy.

No longer would he allow his mistakes to haunt him. He would redeem himself, be the man his mother had wanted. Be the man Belle deserved.

Lesbian is the only concept I know of which is beyond the categories of sex (woman and man), because the designated subject (lesbian) is not a woman, either economically, or politically, or ideologically. For what makes a woman is a specific social relation to a man, a relation which we have previously called servitude, a relation which implies personal and physical obligation as well as economic obligation (‘forced residence’, domestic corvee conjugal duties, unlimited production of children, etc.), a relation which lesbians escape by refusing to become or stay heterosexual.
—  Monique Wittig, from One Is Not Born A Woman (1981)

Margaret in Family Limitation

“I’ve no mansion to sell, ma’am.”

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Can't stop laughing @ larries preemptively doing damage control for songs that haven't even been released yet. They're already convinced that Harry wrote half the tracks abt a relationship he observed... just in case

And the damage control for the “Woman” song.


Just how terrifying is a woman dating a man for a Larrie?

hate me all you want but:

-Muslims are NOT the problem. A small portion of radical people who twist the words of a beautiful and peaceful religion are the problem.

-Gun control will not stop violence, but it will severely limit it.

-All lives do matter, BUT right now we need to focus our attention on the BLACK LIVES that are disproportionately being affected, mistreated, and slaughtered.

-Being something other than heterosexual or cisgender is totally okay??? Like you’re valid and real and you’re not some genetic mutation or abomination, you’re a beautiful human being who deserves love and happiness and being comfortable in your own skin.

-Being fat is okay. Being skinny is okay. Your body’s image is not defined by what media and magazines say it should look like. All bodies are lovely and gorgeous and amazing, and you do whatever you feel like doing so you’re comfortable in your own skin.

-If you’re not black please don’t use the n-word. It’s not for you, and no your “freedom of speech” doesn’t give you the right to use a nasty word connected to years of hatred, violence, and torture of the black community.


Just some thoughts of the moment regarding a bunch of random things :)