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boi learn the word chill : ))

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ok emily listen I really want to. Eat dan and Phils cooking and just. My kink is them cooking like I feel like dan would like doing it bc he loves ~aesthetic~ and he's a giant control freak and idk man I want dan to make me a salad

i just want dan to spend 30 minutes making me a butternut squash and pumpkin seed salad and i just want phils mixologist alter ego take over and make me a cocktail is that too much to ask for idk man


161204 // yixing comforting a boy at his fansign, who was crying over seeing his idol for the first time (*´∀`*)

Manga/Manhwa Worth Reading (Ongoing)

I’ll upload a list every month! Stay tuned.

1. Killing Stalking (depictions of strong violence and harassment, warning). The only reason I’m reading this is to find out how the relationship between the main characters will turn out to be.

2. Kamisama Hajimemashita (the most important arc of the manga just finished)

3. Tokyo Ghoul :re (the clowns are here)

4. Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai (One of my favorite yaoi manga. Warning, not everyone’s cup of tea, even though it’s a masterpiece)

5. Shingeki no Kyojin

6. Moritat (Law and Jesse omg)

7. Never Understand/ Out of control (last chapter came out this morning. An interesting read)

8. Kuroshitsuji (another arc finished, right?)

9. Horimiya (slow updates, but worth it)

10. A Man Like You (oh, the angst)

i think i speak for the entire fandom when i say


Something Else

So I said I was on a hiatus buuuut I had the UNREAL opportunity to see Civil War a week early and I’ve been waiting to write this idea since.
I couldn’t resist so I broke hiatus bc I lack self-control…like c’mon
Also I wrote all of it within an hour long study break so I apologize for any errors lol

Title: Something Else
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Being Tony’s child (bc Stark children are way too fun to write) and having to get Peter acclimated to Stark Tower after Tony recruits him.
Word Count: 1,265
Warnings: food mention, CA:CW spoilers (not really but kinda)
Note: Read the sequel here.

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           "Y/N, I’m home!“ hollered Tony as you heard the door open.

           You roll your eyes, knowing it’s just your dad wanting your attention. You were his only kid after all, and he wasn’t going to be disrespected by his own blood. He’d disown you in an instant.

           And so, to please your tyrannical father, you turn the corner to greet him, only to be caught by a surprise.

           "Who’s that?” you asked, pointing at the teenager standing next to your father. “Did you adopt him? Is he my brother now? I swear…”

           "Yes, you’ve been dethroned as the Stark heir,“ your father sassed, rolling his eyes. “No, I did not adopt him. This is Peter Parker.”

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