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Just curious, when are you people going to accept that canon is the way it is, Killian is Emma’s happy end, and JMo is simply being kind to you by NOT giving you false hope. So when are you going to stop watching and hating and harassing actors? Because your persistent delusions aren’t Jen’s responsibility. Let the rest of us enjoy what we enjoy, will ya?

Sooo…you’re one of those “JMo is awesome ‘cuz she shuts down SQ by looking uncomfortable and stands two miles apart from her female co-star cuz she insisted on less screentime with Regina in favour of more screentime of CS, and Cauliflower (Caulifer? Collifer?) is cool cuz hetero–and he’s hot” aaaand… “we loathe Lana cuz she’s a threat to my ship as much as her character bcs she supports even those annoying queerfans cuz she’s an attention ho, and she even caters them by quoting Swan Queen smutfics” canonzealot C$er?

Lol. Should I even bother pointing out who is harassing and hatting, here now? Or is your addle-brained self-righteousness making you too ‘derrr’ to grasp the irony?

But yes, suuuuure. We do agree on some things. The plug’s been pulled on the intensity of SQ onscreen ‘intimacy’ so much that when they’re spilling their guts to each other (which, honesty and openness and trust are a thing that your lying self-serving pirate will NEVER be capable of having with Emma, not even after she dragged her entire extended family to Underworld to save his undeserving sorry carcass–while at the same time she BELIEVES in a woman who “stole her childhood” and has been atoning for it ever since) they now have to stand a pink fucking elephant apart, because–gaypanic?

So, how bout you let us know when Emma finally looks at that undead zombie (for which we’ll need an effin’ stake and holy-water at some point) the way she ONLY ever looked at Regina:

While of course you should feel free to enjoy Emma’s ‘happy end’. Because it IS just that–an END of Emma Swan as we (who watched the show before you tuned in for the ‘roguishly handsome’ dude) knew and loved. Because of course…

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have you seen the latest Rebels Episode? If so, reactions and thoughts?

I loved this episode, but it also killed me.

Rex calling out for Cody broke my heart.

Kalani mentioned 132 battles of The Clone Wars, which is a nod to the 132 production episodes of the show Star Wars: The Clone Wars. That’s all 6 seasons, the 8 lost episodes (129 episides) plus the 3 production episodes that make up the feature film. 132. I love that “Easter egg”.

When Rex chewed out Ezra, he said “GOOD SOLDIERS FOLLOW ORDERS”. And I got choked up. Oh, man. That line is the most gut wrenching line in all of Star Wars.

It is cool that Kalani and the Battle Droids technically beat Rex and the Jedi. Seeing them then team-up to take on the Empire was cool, if highly contrived. But, come one, seeing Stormtroopers fighting Battle Droids was something we could only do with our toys and a few video games, now it’s really happened.

Having Kalani and some Battle Droids out in the galaxy that might come back to fight the Empire in the future is really freaking sweet.

And, finally, having the show end with a TCW style title card was like the cherry on top of a favorite sundae.

I will have to watch it again soon, because I got caught up in so many of the moments that I might have missed some.

Hope everyone enjoyed the episode.

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Outlander was written by a woman, about a woman and for women. The show should have been run by a woman as well. Just my humble opinion.

I agree completely with you, anon. The best episode of the whole show was written and directed by women. The whole show would be 100% better if it were run by a woman.

Though, I do want to point out, one of the most egregious examples of not being able to write women in relationships is Shonda Rhimes, who thrives on contrived bullshit drama that is ooc. Sometimes women feed into the myth that marriages/love is boring or weakens women, too. And I wonder if Maril is one of those women.

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I need to know your opinion on episode 6!!

Contrived and expected; would’ve been much better if Ryan never bragged about this super fantastic mind-blowing orgasm-inducing twist because we all pretty much guessed this would happen after like episode one; Agnes Mary Winstead is a national treasure; loved the callback to Jessica in Long Day’s Journey; Sarah couldn’t carry a British accent if her life depended on it; Piggy Man popping out of the backseat of Diana’s car was some scurry shit; loved that R was for Rory.

things that could have been done with leo and frank’s relationship:

  1. understanding each other’s pain because they both lost their mothers whom they loved very much 
  2. leo immediately looking out for frank after finding out frank’s one weakness is fire
  3. leo being scared because he’s worried he’ll cause frank’s death the same way he caused his mother’s and as a result, always trying to gain frank’s trust 
  4. frank making sure leo doesn’t feel left out and always having his back bc he knows what it’s like to be the insignificant one and feel like you’ll never do anything great 
  5. fucking genuine friendship instead of a contrived love triangle no one wanted 

hey bellarke fans:

know what? i am so so done playing nice. i might talk shit outside of your tag, but im putting this in your tag because im just so done. 

while you’re rejoicing over your contrived ship being in the same room next episode, i am in my inbox frantically trying to calm people down because they’ve been so triggered by this episode and the three episodes prior to it. this isn’t about your dumb fuck ship. this is about people’s lives, and i’d appreciate if you’d have some damn decency. 

ive seen posts telling people to go support the sponsors because the clexa fans are telling them to drop this insanely triggering show? there are people HURTING. 

and before you even get on the whole “other shows do this too blah blah blah” 

this is NOT what we signed up for. we signed up for dark, but this is just gross. this is not baby game of thrones. that is not the target audience. and to see you defending it just because you get a chance at your heteronormative fuckwad of a ship is repulsive.

im so done with you. 

So considering that Asami was most likely in love (or at least aware of her feelings) with Korra by the end of Book 3. What if for every letter that Asami wrote to Korra in the south, she wrote one before it that basically confessed her feelings and laid her heart bare for her. She told her how much she missed her, how much she wanted to be with her and support her. How much she thought about her and how she stayed at Air Temple Island because it reminded her of Korra. 

But she never sent them. Each time she’d put that letter away and write a more suitable one. And then like 20 years in the future Korra finds the letters when she’s cleaning out a closet or looking for old stuff to throw away. Asami never got rid of them because they were the first time she was honest with herself about her feelings for Korra and told her that that she loved her even though Korra never heard the words until three years later.

So Korra just sits in a clsoet or up in the attic of the home they now share with their children, reading these letters and crying (because Korra’s a crier) and when Asami comes home Korra hugs her really tight and thanks her for not giving up on her and for loving her all those years ago, even when Korra wasn’t around to return it. 

OK but I really want to talk about Alec Lightwood and his lgbt+ narrative Shadowhunters.

I don’t normally join in on the conversation because I prefer to make gifs and cry in the tags about my children, but I find Alec’s lgbt+ narrative to be a lot more layered than what I normally see in YA genre television (I stress genre because genre television has always been especially lacking here.)

A lot of the lgbt+ characters I’ve seen may be coded as such, but they’re either already open about it, like Danny from Teen Wolf or Clarke from The 100, or deep in the closet so that “coming out” is the climax, like Kurt in Glee. To be fair to Glee and from the patchwork of episodes I’ve seen, Kurt does seem to go on to have his own narrative beyond his coming out story, but there’s still a very contrived “I’m gay” declaration and it’s heavily implied that he’s in denial to himself about his sexuality up to that point.

Alec is not in denial to himself about his sexuality. This is a really important distinction that I see when watching because as a (former) closeted lesbian, I was really tired of seeing closeted characters continually represented as someone who cannot acknowledge they are, in fact, not straight. It is the experience of some closeted people, but it isn’t for all.

But Alec, away from the prying eyes of his loved ones, responds pretty readily to Magnus’s flirting (which is why Magnus goes on to flirt aggressively, because he thinks Alec is receptive based on their first interaction.) He blushes, but he doesn’t once shoot Magnus down for making the “wrong” assumption about him. This is only reinforced when he accepts a date from Magnus almost immediately not only the next day but mere minutes after a conversation with Jace about how Jace has every right to be mad at him.

It’s an important approach because Alec’s main conflict is two-fold: the first is his family and, by extension, his society. The Clave is very clearly a shame culture, which is a type of culture I don’t see represented in Western media a lot for obvious reasons but which, as an Asian, I identify with wholeheartedly. Family image is everything. As the eldest, Alec is carrying the torch for the Lightwood name. In private with Magnus, Alec’s shame is not triggered because warlocks are far outside Shadowhunter culture, much in the same way I easily told bosses and colleagues I was gay years before I admitted it to my family. Instead, Alec’s fear is that if he’s outed within his own people, it will ruin the Lightwood name for generations to come and he will take his parents, his sister, and his little brother down with him.

The second is that Jace is closer than a best friend. They share a very special bond and they’re also adopted brothers. With Jace, it’s only half to do with the fact that he’s not straight; the other half is that Jace’s opinion means a lot to Alec and Alec is afraid of what many people are afraid of, queer or straight: that falling in love with a friend will ruin the relationship irreparably. He’s afraid of how Jace will look at him, of what might change between them, when he realizes that Alec thinks of him romantically.

In short, Alec wants little more than to make the people he loves proud and keep them safe, and he feels he cannot do that if he comes out, which is not a narrative I often see at all, but one that is personally so important to me. There is more than one reason lgbt+ people stay in the closet and it is not always because we can’t accept our sexuality. Sometimes it’s because we think we’ll be letting the people closest to us down and in many ways, it becomes about protecting our family as much as it’s about protecting ourselves.

And really, there’s nothing that speaks more to Alec’s character than that.

Ok, let’s just not...

…make any erroneous comparisons. This:

…was about Buffy’s choices, which in turn defined who she was. Love’s inevitable and unpredictable but she had to put the world first–because it was the right thing to do. This was about HER love, guilt, growth and self-sacrifice. Her choice came from HER selflessness and her duty to keep the everyone she loved safe. While this:

…is just insipid whitewashing of an irredeemably self-serving bastard and ex-rapist who hasn’t shown any iota of regret for any of the things he’d done, so this ‘romantic death’ (that isn’t any kind of sacrifice, at all) is supposed to be their inept way of giving him an act of ‘redemption’. This is all about him while for Emma Swan, whose whole arc he’d stolen and who is now being even more selfish and self-serving than him (she’s not only not thinking about  keeping the everyone she loves safe, she’s literally taking them all to hell for him, for fuckssakes!) it is even more insultingly character-degrading.

So, despite the blatant ripoff (for which, I hope ya people are going to mock and shame them with a passion of a thousand burning suns, anywhere you can) please–do NOT compare these two? 

Thank you.

TTMC out.

“We see those tweets every day — all 3,000 of them, every two seconds,” Kitsis said said of the fan fervor over Robin Hood’s death.

Sooo, just to make it clear. The pandering, sorry–listening to thousands of people tweeting you about what they want to see on your show–happens ONLY when it comes to heteronormative (and of course–straighwashing) romances?

Wow. Thanks for letting us know.



Granted, nobody in these movies is three-dimensional—but there seems to be a deliberate ban on developing Thranduil.

The Superlatively Superfluous Adventures of Legolas (&Tauriel)

Dateline: Laketown Refugee Camp (14/40)


kc + getting their hands dirty


RB 511 - The Big Gay Distraction Edit

edited to add: That’s really their only scene and how it ends. I’m not holding out anything, honest!

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It seems like they're trying to paint the original Emma traits as symptoms of emotional damage, or unhealthy coping mechanisms. Emma in season 1 was written as self-sufficient, cunning, and confident in who she was. She wore dresses AND leather, boots AND heels. She told people to punch back and stand up for what they believed in. She had attachment issues, yes, but I always saw the other "badass" aspects of Emma as a result of someone who had OVERCOME damage. 1/2

2/2 Not a sad alternative to the cupcake princess she really was inside. If “her true self” is this soft, catering to a man, princess, then I want no part of the “real” Emma Swan. I want the hell on heels who made me say YAAASSSS in the pilot. Feminine is not ONE thing. Trying to tell me that the Emma who’s been on my screen has been the facade, the imposter, just waiting for the love of a good man makes me feel cheated.