are you interested in writing? drawing? photography? fashion? journaling? are you also interested in feminism? then we need you!

the grrrl manifesto is a zine created by michelle and plans on celebrating women in the arts and feminism as well as exploring gender and social constructs. we already have some people contributing but we’re looking for more people! whether you want to write, submit art pieces, help out with proofreading, whatever it may be- we need you! if you’re interested there’s a google form available to fill out and you can contact jez on tumblr for more info or if you have any questions!


Back To The Roots” - KAYA (Home/House) - Photos by Celso Zaqueu.

Mozambican duo Nzualo Na’ Khumalo pay homage to grandmother’s around the world.

To many families around the world, our grandmothers home is the epicentre of the family. Where morals and basics are taught, where important gatherings are held. The grandmother’s KAYA is everyone’s KAYA. It’s the heart of every family. That special place that will forever be there, through your childhood, adolescence and and adult life. Everything about this house is filled with beautiful memories: The family pictures, the stove, the table cloth, the smells and sounds, and even the trees in the garden. The seed of all things we represent, that develops into a strong root of what we want to be.”

“Kaya Ka Mina, Kaya Ka wena, Kaya Ka Hina”
(My home, Your Home, OUR HOME)

Photos By: Celso Zaqueu
Make Up By: Jesse Jane

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At long last, after carefully sifting through 220 incredible pitches, we are happy to announce the list of contributors chosen from the Beyond Anthology’s open call for submissions!

In alphabetical order (and in their creative teams) we are pleased to welcome:

A. Stiffler / K. CopelandAlison Wilgus / Anissa Espinosa •  Bevan Thomas / Chenoa GaoDave C MahlerRachel Dukes / Gabby ReedJon CairnsKori MicheleKristina StipeticLeia Weathington / Lin Visel •  Niki SmithReed BlackSavannah Horrocks / April J Martins • Shing Yin Khor • Taneka Stotts / Christianne GoudreauWm Brian MacLean

To the pages of Beyond!  

Congratulations to all our creative teams, and thank you once again to everyone who sent us pitches.  We were blown away by the response we received, and enjoyed every story we read. Narrowing things down to make our final selections was one of the most difficult tasks either of us has ever had to do.

Now it’s onward and upward- stay tuned for more exciting news from Beyond, coming soon!

Another commission tier! This time at our $80 mark, with parasitebeans offering single character, minimal background, watercolor pieces!

I know there’s been a flood of updates as far as reward tiers go over the past few days (not bad AT ALL), so on Monday, July 20th, I’ll be making a post that assembles all the commission tiers currently still available (because we might still have an update or two over the weekend).

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Looking for contributors

Im struggling to keep this blog running now that I have a child, a new business, plus my regular job.  I feel like I owe it to the 180 thousand of you following this blog to keep it going.  As its not a secondary blog I cannot ‘add’ contributors, so you must be trustworthy enough to be given the password to the blog.  I will still be contributing to the blog, and the style will stay the same. Please message me if you are interested. 

To All the Men Lurking in Doorways

by Fortesa Latifi

I visited Kosovo in the summer of 2009 when I was 16 years old. By that age, I was used to the verbal abuse hurled at me on the streets of Prishtina and took every possible precaution which family members warned might lessen the problem; dressing modestly, not wearing much make-up, not walking alone.

One night, my brother and I were walking home together. Once we were across the street from my sister’s apartment building (he had to go down a different street to go to my halla’s apartment where he was staying that summer). My brother kissed me on the cheek and watched me walk across the street before turning the corner and heading for my halla’s apartment. I was crossing the street to enter my sister’s apartment building when I first heard the taunting.

“Where did your boyfriend go? Did he leave you for me to have?

Read the whole article at femratmagazine

alivewithunderstanding asked:

Hi! Is there a recommended word count for contributor applications? I don't want to take up too much of your time - I'm just so excited!!

We don’t have a specific word count that you have to meet / not exceed. Cover letters are typically around one page (or less); use your best judgment when writing. We would recommend being succinct without having to sacrifice details or clarity, using a thesaurus, and asking someone you trust to help you edit.

We want to see who you are and all that excitement come through! We believe in you :)

Please know that you (and all you other Smarties reading this) can always send us questions! We’re here for you!!