To my fellow straight white guys, let me say this: You have been pandered to for your entire life. Nearly every piece of media you have ever consumed, from comics books to TV to cartoons, has been tailored made with you in mind as its primary audience.

In fact, pandering to us is one of the greatest driving forces in entertainment today. I’d go as far to say that it’s responsible for many of the creative shortcomings of today’s media.

This kind of mindset is, to put it frankly, a cancer that’s rotting away at the creative core of the industry.

At long last, after carefully sifting through 220 incredible pitches, we are happy to announce the list of contributors chosen from the Beyond Anthology’s open call for submissions!

In alphabetical order (and in their creative teams) we are pleased to welcome:

A. Stiffler / K. CopelandAlison Wilgus / Anissa Espinosa •  Bevan Thomas / Chenoa GaoDave C MahlerRachel Dukes / Gabby ReedJon CairnsKori MicheleKristina StipeticLeia Weathington / Lin Visel •  Niki SmithReed BlackSavannah Horrocks / April J Martins • Shing Yin Khor • Taneka Stotts / Christianne GoudreauWm Brian MacLean

To the pages of Beyond!  

Congratulations to all our creative teams, and thank you once again to everyone who sent us pitches.  We were blown away by the response we received, and enjoyed every story we read. Narrowing things down to make our final selections was one of the most difficult tasks either of us has ever had to do.

Now it’s onward and upward- stay tuned for more exciting news from Beyond, coming soon!

You’ve met this character before. She has black hair with a colorful stripe, wears green or purple lipstick with chipped painted nails to match; she wears black leather clothing that’s cut a little short in place, designed to help her while she skateboards or rides a motorcycle; she has a series of skills which are “for boys” and has interests which are “for boys”. In the first act we meet her and she seems rude and dismissive, saying “whatever” and rolling her eyes. In the second act we are shown that she secretly has a feminine and caring side – almost universally in the process of learning that she secretly cares for the male protagonist, and is too insecure to admit it. In the third act she learns to reconcile her feelings for the protagonist with her tough-as-nails identity and uses some typically “for boys” skill – usually combat, but also often hacking or deductive science – to save the male protagonist… so that he can save the day.
Bisexual Books looking for more transgender contributers!

We’re looking for more contributers to join us here at Bisexual Books! 

Sadly we can’t pay you.  This is a labor of love.   However, in exchange for your labor you’ll be joining three kick-ass bisexuals who are passionate about the power of stories and information to improve the lives of real people.  We’re creative, open to new ideas, and very flexible when real life takes priority.

Now down to business.   

We feel like we’ve got this cis thing covered, so we’re looking for 1-2 transgender bisexuals to join our motley crew.   We’re using transgender as an umbrella term here so as long as you identify as trans in some way, that is good enough for us.  WE ARE SO NOT ABOUT IDENTITY POLICING. 

 What else are we looking for? You must:

  • Be a reader, i.e. you must read for fun regularly.  You self-define what this means.
  • Have the time to put up one review, essay, ask, or analysis of at least 3 paragraphs once a week.  You can always do more if you’d like.
  • Pass along things of interest so we can fill up the queue
  • Speak and write in fluent English
  • Value self-definition and intersectionality
  • Be over 18 (since we review erotica here)

Some things would be neat but not required:

  • If you regularly read adult fiction (especially science fiction, fantasy, and literary fiction)
  • If you read in another language than English
  • Members of historically disadvantaged communities encouraged!!!

Interested parties should email us at  Tell us a little bit about yourself including your age, location, and pronouns along with a writing sample.   This could be a review of a book, or a few paragraphs of something relating to bisexuality.  We want something that shows us who you are and why you are awesome :)

Deadline is October 30th.   

Goat Reconsiders New Hairstyle

By Anna Washenko, FluffPo Correspondent

There’s never been a more adventurous era in men’s fashion and grooming, and Wisconsin goat Billy wanted to get in at the forefront of an edgy new look. He told his barber to go wild.

“Billy came back and I laughed so hard, I fell out of my chair,” said Bob Barthwait, a source close to the situation.

“Apparently the barber told him that this was the avant garde look for Parisian goats. I’m not sure who he’s trying to impress here on the farm, but I don’t think ‘blonde bombshell’ is the right look for him.”

Via Jos.

Feline Pick­-Up Artist Shares Romantic Insights on New Blog

By Anna Washenko, FluffPo Correspondent

Are you having trouble meeting that special someone? Do you get so nervous on dates that you forget how to talk? If so, then you need the help of renowned pick­-up artist Whiskers, who just launched a new blog to talk about his romantic escapades.

Whiskers, who claims to have perfected the ultimate dating technique, will be sharing a mix of personal anecdotes and professional advice.

“It was amazing,” protege Elliot Grishom said, who attended one of Whiskers’ in-­person seminars. “Every single woman he meets falls head over heels. Within five minutes they’re rubbing his belly and scratching under his chin. He’s a master.”

Via Ray Dumas.

Of the many false constructs in fairy tales (beauty=goodness, mothers=saints, stepmothers=sociopaths), the way that class is so easily obliterated may speak to the deepest wish at the heart of these makeovers. In the pseudo-medieval era of most fairytales (as well as in Victorian England and 18th Century France when many of these stories were retold and codified), class was everything. A pretty girl attracting the notice of a powerful man could be a very dangerous and complicated thing. You might end up as a mistress, but you might just as likely end up on your back with nothing to say about it and no means of protest or retribution. You definitely didn’t end up as a princess. So, in the elevation of Eliza and Cinderella we see the most radical kind of magic: one that transgresses class.



WEEK 1’s PROMPT: Lose Focus - Capture a photograph or video using blur or lack of focus.


NOTE: Three things to keep in mind:

  1. The Lens Project is a reason to use your camera each week. Contributions should be newly captured for the prompt - no old or recycled records please!
  2. You can only contribute 1 photo or video per week - give it some thought!
  3. Video contributions should be under 30 seconds long.


* The deadline for Week 1’s Prompt is Sunday, April 12th.