contributor: Brian Ferry

The wonderful Brian Ferry spent a recent afternoon photographing some of the gardens I work on.  He took this one of me in Jenni Kayne’s garden.  Much more to come.


Hello bloggers,

It’s your friend and/or foe speaking. You didn’t know me? You will.

SO… this blog is based on the concept of me reviewing music, slating music, sharing music, talking about music & very rarely liking music.

(Although if i do, it’ll be because you asked me to - PUN)



Right, so the first band on the blog are Spector Round of applause please? No don’t.. they’re awful, i mean they really are bad.

I first heard the band at The Lexington on Pentonville Road earlier on this year. After watching the band strut around the venue offering each other fashion tips & dancing badly to 90’s trance, to see them walk on stage and sound SO bad came as a big shock. Especially given the hype I had heard leading up to that gig and by the amount of A&R men that were watching on eagle-eyed waiting for ‘the kids’ reaction to the band. Sounding like a badly written Vaccines, a not so glamourous Pulp and looking like badly dressed Menswear/Brian Ferry cast-offs, it just wasn’t working for me or anyone else watching. It was DREAFUL. Words fail me for how bad it was.

Skip forward 5 months to November 2011 and surprisingly you will find Spector preparing for the biggest 'gig’ of their career to date inside BBC Television Centre. Now, Jools Holland is as good as it gets for live music television in the U.K, there is no doubt about that, but whoever booked them for this 'finale’ show really should have their ears tested.

As the Cameras spun round to face the band and Jools Holland introduces them in his weird, slightly door mouse-esque accent, the band proceeded to play out the first few notes of their single 'What You Wanted’. From the off it was obvious that the band were not at home in this kind of environment and sounded out of their depth. The result of an evil cocktail of playing alongside bands such as Red Hot Chili Peppers on the show and listening to too much of their own HYPE!1! from themselves and their 'Dalston Superstars’ fanbase.
Eugh, by the end of their performance I couldn’t help but laugh. Spector had fucked it up and it may sound nasty but I loved the fact that they had done as it couldn’t have happened to a bigger bunch of crap era-NME championed, got a flat in East London band starters, day-trip to daddies, really from Hertfordshire, really fucking loaded cunts.

Over hyped, Over written about, Over it and just plain BORING - Spector.

Good luck and everything, see you in 3 months time when you start your next band/art gallery/fashion project or something.
Au revoir.