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Haikyuu!! | Shiratorizawa Academy Volleyball Team

this is off topic but i really love when i get a lot of positive feedback on my writing and when it gets a lot of attention just because i feel like it’s the only thing i contribute to the fandoms i’m in so to go on ao3 and see that my fics have thousands of views each is always going to be super cool

Advice on picking books to read in a foreign language

someone asked me the other day about helping them select a fiction book to read in a foreign language so here are my recommendations. generally, I prefer to read a physical book, so often I do not have access to a dictionary because I am in public and can’t be bothered getting my phone out every 2 seconds. these are aimed at people like that. I also read a lot in the beginning to improve vocabulary so that’s the flip-side of this list. and this is largely for European languages, because that’s what I read, contributions from other languages would be cool!

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Cosplay Mondays and Fan Art Fridays!

Hey guys! Isabella here from Steam Powered Giraffe (I play Rabbit and GG). I am also the social media upkeeper here for the band.

If you’re new to SPG’s Tumblr, we have two weekly traditions called Cosplay Mondays and Fan Art Fridays, where we share the work of our amazing fans!

If you have some SPG art or cosplay you’ve done, be sure to tag it #steam powered giraffe! We try to catch and queue posts as best we can, so contribute to your heart’s content!

Lately though, there’s a drought of SPG cosplay on my dash, so in the downtime between conventions and shows, I’m going to draw from other contributions to the tags…including your fan made comics, gifs, amusing posts, etc.

So what are you waiting for? It’s summer and it’s time to finally do that Beach Bum Spine cosplay photo shoot you’ve always wanted to do, or that oil painting of GG the Giraffe as the sun melting the robots and cackling maniacally!

Hope to see your creations! <3


24 + 1 Last Dance will contain:

Info from this month’s G-Fantasy:

-Pandora Hearchu Best 10! (This is the third time they are doing this.)

-Q & A with Mochizuki-sensei (this is the section where she will answer the questions us fans wrote to her in the Popularity Poll).

-Results of the Character Contest + color illustrations for the first place winners of the Favorite Character and Favorite Combo categories.
                 ->There will also be Fan Messages listed.

-Many published messages of contribution and support/etc. from the staff.

-Gorgeous contributed illustrations from other manga-ka (Note: I would say those illustrations are likely going to be of PH characters, prob the manga-ka’s favs)

-Conversations between Mochizuki-sensei and Junko Minagawa (Oz’s VA) and Kobayashi-san (the character designer for the PH anime).

-Character introductions including the most up-to-date profiles.
               ->Appearance of all 29 characters!! (The Japanese used was more like all members 総勢(そうぜい)(souzei).
                          ->Color illustrations gallery (galleries, maybe)

-3 short stories (one of which appeared in this month’s G-Fantasy). The total amount of pages for these short stories will be over 30 pages!! (The Elliot, Vincent, and Gil short story was 16 pages long, so that leaves more than 15 pages for the remaining two put together).

Attn: Artists

We’ve got some cool t-shirts and designs in the works, but we’d love to get some contributions from other artists and fans as well. If you’re a fan artist or graphic designer and have any cool t-shirt designs, button designs, poster, or logo ideas you want to create and donate let us know! They should speak to the charity in some way, the show, the characters, the fan base, whatever. Keep it related to this and positive! You can email them to (Please only do this if you are okay with us using and distributing the work you donate).