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so recently, I've seen the terms XX-sexual and XY-sexual going around and I was wondering if these are transphobic terms? If someone is attracted to just cis girls and trans guys and afab nbs, isn't that transphobic?

Eek, these are absolutely transphobic terms. 

Any terms describing attraction based on one’s assigned gender and/or ~biological sex~ rather than one’s actual, self described gender is misgendering and is therefore transphobic and contributes to the false idea that biological sex is binary and exists as some sort of absolute. 

Biological sex is constructed, intersex people exist, and I’m 62% sure these terms are also intersexist and based on inaccurate, shitty science, but I’m not intersex (and we don’t have an intersex mod) so I’ll stop there and ask that if any followers (particularly intersex followers) would like to chip in their two cents, to please do so, it’d be much appreciated.

Mod Wesley

I know there’s a bit of speculation going around about whether the girl at the very beginning of chapter one is Bum. I think most of our first impressions was that it was a typical ‘manga-esque’ trick where the reader is intentionally misled in order to make the narrator’s introduction more impactful and surprising. Then the chapter 14 spoilers were leaked where we see that Sangwoo finds nail polish and a bra at Bum’s house, which has contributed to the idea that Bum was that girl, dressing up to stalk Woo.

I think there’s definitely a possibility that it could be true! Perhaps Bum did cross dress to stalk Woo (or for other unknown reasons). That’s defo valid, and would be vv interesting. But my feeling right now is that it isn’t Bum, and that our original impression is correct. Mainly bc i’d argue that the bra and nail polish are stolen items from the ex-object-of-his-affections. We already got a direct hint about his tendency to steal in the very beginning:

The way this woman is crouching, talking to Bum - he’s probably a young kid at this age, and already stealing. So bum does steal from the people he obsesses over. Suddenly this other stuff makes sense, because the photo looks like a whole bunch of random trinkets and bits and bobs that he wouldn’t own himself. The keys, for example, have these love heart key rings that are very…not bum lol. It makes me think that this is where he keeps his stolen items, maybe as some sort of weird self-pitying shrine. So yeah my guess is that he stole all this other stuff too, which indicates that he has obsessed over both women and men in the past - not that that’s surprising (im not implying all of these were romantic obsessions, we can’t know that yet).

Also when Woo returns the bra to Bum he allegedly says ‘perhaps you stole it from your dead mother’ (trusting internet translations on this one). So he himself seems to understand that Bum is stealing shit. There’s also the fact that, unless i’ve missed something, we haven’t seen any disguises as part of Bum’s stalking tactics. This could change with new info tho. Bum probably primarily wanted to break into Woo’s house to steal something of his as well, given that his obsession had reached it’s peak.

Like i said, it’s too early to tell and usually i’d wait for the whole chapter but there seems to be some discussion so i thought i’d throw out my two cents! Let me know what you guys think. @yoonbumprotectionsquad @0hsangw00 @tastes-salty


pjo history → an issue of the olympian daily during wwii

*pls click the images to enlarge the text

since my post on pjo history received such a response, which i can’t thank you all enough for, i wanted to create a lil snippet from “the olympian daily,” the go-to newspaper for all the best updates; they publish new issues faster than hermes can run!

i hope you all enjoy ♥
Sh*t Johnlockers/TJLCers Say
(Please do not repost! Reblog here - ) For all of my TJLC fam! January will set us free. Thank you everyone for your support and amazing contributions to our...

Here it is, guys! Three months after originally pitching the idea, it’s done! And it’s over 5 minutes, sheesh. Anyway, all’a that is for every Johnlocker and TJLCer - we’re all a big, emotional, dorky family.

I’d like to extend special thanks to the lovely and wonderful Steph at @inevitably-johnlocked for everything she’s contributed, namely in helping me get this idea out and have suggestions start rolling in. And just for being an amazing part of the TJLC community. 💖 More special thanks to Rebs at @quietlyprim for their excellent videos and for much inspiration. Also many thanks to my Johnlock partner in crime Madalyn at @chrysanthemumsies, who is featured in this video as my skype buddy, and who helped me look over many clips and compile the final product. 

Extra tags are below the cut, and there’s a crapton of them - my friendos, people who supported me and contributed ideas, people I just admire and respect, etc. I have been told by several people that they really love this idea because it represents all of us and all the ridiculous things we think, say, and do, that we can’t always get out there. I love the TJLC community and so those compliments mean a lot to me. This is for all of you. 💖

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I read a lot, too—pretty much anything I could get my hands on, from dad’s history books to fantasy novels—because I spent a lot of time sitting around in hotels and airports and dig sites in foreign countries where I didn’t know anybody. (Carter’s POV, The Red Pyramid, p.2).

  • headcanon that after Carter and Annabeth meet in The Crown of Ptolemy (which I haven’t read yet oops) they exchange book recs regularly bc they’re both Nerds™
  • and Carter always makes sure that the books he recommends to Annabeth are available in audio format bc he’s aware of her dyslexia
  • and their shared reading always ends up in intellectual debates
  • #CarterKaneAndAnnabethChaseAsBookBuddies2k16
answer picture part 5

Anonymous asked: Is hussie the kid who always taps on the glass even though he’s told over and over that he’s not supposed to

omg cute

Anonymous asked: Maybe Hussie could be a Killer Whale, or a seahorse. If he’s a human he’d probably be that guy who keeps tapping on the glass

Anonymous asked: Is Kankri an aquarium tour guide that takes an hour talking about each attraction?

This question has been answered

We guess kankri when the tour guide is a hellish thing



Anonymous asked: Did you know Walrus’s like to kiss

I didn’t know…

hikarufer asked: Hi! Uhm, i like you AU :) but i have to ask… i dont get why some characters (eridan and gamzee) transform sometimes and other dont… like erifish and erimermaid and gamzee being cute and then fat xD

When they become adults, these circumstances will improve

Of course, they must return to the sea

Anonymous asked: Can I see vriska as a baby seal?

Anonymous asked you: Can you make a vriska polar bear? Please :3

Anonymous asked: That fish has a butt face. XD

fix it

omnigoldenstar asked: I’m just wondering, (may be excluding Feferi [since she is a mermaid] ) can the other other aquatic creatures can speak and if they do what do they say or talk about?

yes they can talk

but it’s difficult to speak in the water

zahhakequius164 asked: So.. What I’m thinking is that Erifish when he is really in a deep sleep changes into his mermanta mode… Isn’t it?


Anonymous asked: how does erifish/meridan’s transformation look?? owo is it gradual or is it like ~*POOF*~!! ??

I like *poof*

Anonymous asked: I Think the Condesce would be in a big tank unknown to most and not for public view of course (unless she wanted to) would get grumpy if she didn’t get time to spend with Karkat or Jane. She would start trouble and ruin equipment. :/ sounds silly but I took a nap and thought about aquariumstuck.

Fortunately, she is not in the aquarium

Anonymous asked: BUT WHO GOING TO BE GODZILLA!?!

I did not design Godzilla

But I once drew a huge Godzilla Terezi in doodle


iusa11 asked: What are the alpha kids??

friend tell me a good idea about Jane

She is the aquarium restaurant chef

Unlike tavros

She is responsible for human food

I like Roxy jake idea from here

THIS is what Fandom is for. We rewrite what we don’t like. This is why I’m writing fix-its. I’m not a show writer, I’m a fan who has a belief that her vision is better than what she saw. If my writing brings misplaced hope, that’s too bad because we’ve had misplaced hope this whole time. If i turn out to be right about anything, that’s just gravy. I’m here to enjoy the show, and right now I’m not enjoying their show, so I’m contributing my own ideas. I’m finishing what they started. I’m writing a fix-it late tonight about how a fourth episode could go. That does not mean there will be a fourth episode. Fandom is supposed to be fun. In this particular subset within the Fandom, hope was the only thing that we had. It’s what made us unique. It’s why this hurts so much. But I’m still writing what i think would be best for the show, just like i always have. I’ve been writing meta and fics for a year - I’m not stopping right now just because TFP didn’t go as anyone expected. A month from now, when nothing new has happened and this is how Sherlock ends, then there’s not much left to do. Our stories and ideas are all we have now. Don’t tell me not to write them. I will write them. I *must* write them.

The other day I was thinking about how whenever I see Annabeth online, she always has this serious, ‘i can kill you in my sleep’ expression which is understandable since she can be freaking terrifying if she needs to. But what about the moments when she’s not fighting for her life or concerned for Percy’s well-being? What about the times when she’s with her friends and family making happy memories of what about the times when she’s studying or indulging herself in a new book? I’d like to think she’d being smiling in those times– maybe even laughing with joy. I’d like to see more of that Annabeth, so this is just my contribution to that idea. 

Annabeth // Rick Riordan

Art // Me

also stating a character clearly meant as a trans metaphor where even the developer acknowledged it as such, can not possibly be trans because toby fox never brought up their dick, is not only outrageous but contributes to the idea that trans people are inherently sexual/NSFW.

answer picture part 2

steampunkseahorse asked: im convinced equius is a seahorse


mokie-morty replied to your postim convinced equius is a seahorse

Does this mean Hussie is some sort of Posiedon?

I fixed it

miraculouslollipop asked: With Erifish travling through pipelines and all, did he ever end up in someone elses tank?

Even if the final in the other tanks

Karkat take him fishing back.

What will happen when Erifish is finally matured?

he will find that he not got into the water pipes

Anonymous asked: How would Erifish react if Sollux was home sick with the flu, and didn’t come to work for a week?

Usually he’s very healthy, and I think there will not be any serious problem or emotional changes.

Maybe we can invite another department doctor generation of class

Forget it

Anonymous asked: Your art is adorable! Could you draw some red Gamzee and Sollux?

Anonymous asked: does aradia ever interact with feferi?


angelica-tardis asked: I think Bro Strider would be a macaroni penguin because they have the spiky orange crest on their foreheads and Bro’s hair is blonde and spiky.

cool ideas

Anonymous asked: lil cal is actually just a dead fish bro doesnt eat but plays with

I think Aquarium will provide toys

Anonymous asked: Is Equius STRONG enough to escape from his tank?

Yes, we often need to be repaired.

Who: All your Mass Effect & Mass Effect Andromeda OCs who aren’t Commander Shepard or the Ryder twins. This can include canon characters (e.g., Shepard’s mother) that you’ve developed into your own OCs.

Why: We still love our protagonists, but it’ll be good to give ourselves an excuse to post about our other OCs too! They deserve a chance to shine.

What: You can post anything you like. Fic, art, edits, headcanons, general discussions, etc. Use the tag #nonshepardocweek. If you are posting mature content, make sure you tag it as nsfw. 

When: February 20-26.

Daily Prompts 

These prompts are completely optional, of course. I’m just posting them in case anyone wants a bit of structure or inspiration as the week gets started! (thanks to @arteriusbrothers for contributing some of these ideas!) 

Day 1 (Feb 20): Introductions. Fill us in on the basic info so that we can start getting to know your OC(s). Here’s an ask meme to help get ideas flowing.

Day 2 (Feb 21): Growing up. What was their childhood like, and how did it influence them?

Day 3 (Feb 22): Defining moments. What experiences made them who they are?

Day 4 (Feb 23): Downtime. What do they do to unwind or have fun?

Day 5 (Feb 24): Relationships. Family, friendship, romance, rivalry, and anything else you can think of.

Day 6 (Feb 25): Futures. Where do you see this character going? Any unanswered questions that you want to explore? 

Day 7 (Feb 26): Celebrate someone else’s OC (as long as you have their permission)! Draw a picture, write a drabble, or just make a post squeeing about them.

Executive Director Kanaya's Log - Nepeta Leijon

Executive Director’s Log - March 11th 2013

There was an incident today at the Aquarium that led to a young girl discovering the laboratory where we’ve been studying the mertrolls.

Recently, we’ve come across older siblings of Equius’ and Gamzee’s named Horuss Zahhak and Kurloz Makara respectively.  While they are still new to the Aquarium, we did make sure to explain the rules that we have here before anything else.  The most important rule being that mertrolls should not be in the public-accessible areas when the Aquarium is open.  This is also the rule that they seem to break, or try to break, most often, much to my chagrin.

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How to happily Ask blog:

  1. Do you. Make an Ask blog about your favorite Pokemon, even if it’s an Eevee and there are already 50 Eevee blogs. Only complainers care, and they’re not worth your time anyway. Absolutely don’t let people tell you what characters and/or species should be on your blog. You may be interested in these characters if you’re lucky, but chances are, if it’s not something you want to do, it’s not going to work.
  2. Take your time. This is something I had to learn was okay for me to do. You don’t need to update every day. Or 24/7. Or every other week. You can let your blog sit for a month even. Doesn’t matter. Take your time. Ask blogs are for fun and you don’t owe anyone answers to Asks or plot updates or RP responses because you can’t snap your fingers and be done. Those things take time. People are generally patient; they will wait.
  3. Character count doesn’t matter. Have as many or as few characters as you want, because it’s your blog, you do what you want. And if you DO have a lot of characters, you can always put them on Ask rotation, that way you and your followers won’t be overwhelmed!
  4. Take a Hiatus if you need it. Your health is more important than your blog. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. It can be as long or as short as you like. You can also be like me and be hella notorious for taking a Hiatus and IMMEDIATELY COMING OUT OF IT. Because apparently announcing that I’m going on Hiatus gives me a boost of inspiration for the blog I’m Hiatusing from. Don’t ask how that works Ihavenoflippinclue.
  5. If seeing other blogs update stresses you out, unfollow them. Please do not let yourself get stressed. There is a reason I follow a minimal amount of ask blogs. When I ran Wandering Fairy Twins I almost drove myself to the point of tears because I wasn’t updating as quickly as the other blogs. Please don’t stubbornly follow 500+ blogs. Follow your favorites. Unfollow everyone else. Seriously. You can always make a list of blogs you like and stalk them instead, like I do. Of course, if it doesn’t cause you stress, then don’t feel like you have to unfollow people either. I’m just speaking from personal experience, and I am happier following maybe 5 ask blogs and stalking everyone else. I really don’t care if they’re your BBF from 900 years ago, if seeing them update stresses you, unfollow them. Hell unfollow my blogs if they stress you out. Pls. Stalk me instead. I’d rather that you have less stress than me have 500+ followers.
  6. If you run multiple blogs, you don’t need to update them all at once. Section it out. And if you’re in the mood for doing stuff for one blog, but suddenly get a drive for another, update the one you suddenly have a drive for. And if a schedule works for you, you can do that too! You can even set aside certain days to work on specific things for specific blogs. Or work on all the references for your blogs at once. Whatever works for you.
  7. If you run multiple blogs, and it’s causing you stress, start dropping blogs. Do not make a blog for every new character you think of. Put them on a pre-existing blog. Move characters around. Merge blogs. Cut down on the amount of blogs you have. Sure, there’s no limit to how many Ask blogs you can have, but if it’s starting to be a problem, start letting go. You can always use those other characters for other things. But drop blogs. Save your info, your plots, etc, but drop some of those blogs. Doesn’t matter if it’s your most loved blog. Drop it. Say bye. It’s not worth your time if it’s causing you stress.
  8. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation. I apologize though because I’m bad at this, and so are a lot of other people. Tumblr’s messaging system makes it easier to interact with other bloggers though! Keep in mind that a lot of blogger’s can be busy, so they may not respond right away. That doesn’t mean they hate you. They might also be sleeping because Time Zone’s a bitch. But you can’t always wait for people to come to you. Just make sure you check the FAQ and Rules on each blog before you start reaching out. Some people may dislike being approached. Respect that.
  9. Having a friend circle in the community is okay. You do not need to be friends with everyone here. You don’t need to talk to everyone here, or send them asks, or start RPs, or anything else. If you find five people you click with and that’s it, then that’s it. You got those five people you click with and you are still awesome and cool and don’t let complainers being antsy about “popular” people not interacting with “unpopular” people get to you. You get your little circle and be happy with it. Or your medium circle. Or big circle, IDK man for all I know you are like super good friends with 300 people and you manage to plot with all of them and honestly YOU GO you do that. But I really can’t stress enough that you ARE NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE REQUIRED BY TUMBLR LAW to befriend / talk to / plot with / ship with / friendship with / meme with every last person in the Ask community. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. You are allowed to be picky. Nobody gets to be friends with you because they decided so and you’re a bitch/bastard if you aren’t friends with them. Block those people. Just no. Bye. Also don’t be that person. And if you aren’t accepted as anything more than an acquaintance move along my dude, move along. Being acquaintances is just as good as being friends. You don’t have be friends with everyone out there, having 900 friends does not mean you have shallow, meaningless friendships just like having 2 friends is not a direct reflection of your worth. Either way, you are worthy. And either way, you are amazing.
  10. Having a friend circle doesn’t mean you can’t interact with other people either. The friend circle is more in regards to who you click with, who you really like, and who you are ultimately able to plot with easily (or you do the thing where you just yell at each other in frustration because HOW DARE YOU GIVE ME FEELINGS). You can still send asks to anyone, and you can still start RPs with anyone, and you can still ask for asks from anyone (especially if they make a post that they’re sending out Asks. Get IN ON THAT).
  11. There will be people out there who dislike you. Or your art style. Or your writing style. Or your headcanons. Or your subspecies. Or your designs. Or your hyrbids. Or all of the above. Or none of the above. Or they dislike you just because they dislike you. They’ll complain about you. They’ll probably send you anon hate. Ignore them to the best of your ability - because you have more people who adore you. And if those dislikers ever send you hate, delete it. Get rid of it. Don’t post it, don’t give them that pleasure. Delete it so that they can sit and wait and agonise over the fact that their mean comments meant so little to you that you didn't even need to grace them with a response.
  12. Remember, you are cool, my dude. You are cool.

That’s everything I can think of O:

answer picture part 1

Anonymous asked: I’ve got a idea for aquariumstuck! what if everytime feferi kisses a human she truns them into a Mermaid/Merman and when she kisses them again it truns them back! what you think?

How a cute idea!(But I think it’s why eridan become erifish)

bubbleconquerer asked: Maybe Tavros would be in charge of Vriska’s tank once in awhile, and sometimes, she would bang against the glass just to frighten him.


panda-art-box asked: aquariumstuck: eridan final form surprises sollux?

This is the daily things, I think they should accustomed.

Except karkat.

Anonymous asked: Aquariumstuck davejade? ;o


Ideas from here

Anonymous asked: aquariumstuck rose should probably be an octopus cause you know,,,, octopi and squids are her thing

I know, because a lot of these ideas, it is interesting

But I did not design the beta kids

So I will answer a variety of small Doodle may.

maidquius asked: i doodled some aquariumstuck! i made equius a shark. i couldnt decide between shark, dugong, and seahorse… too many good ideas! i really like the au, i hope you draw equius more!

Thank you!

Anonymous asked: oh, oh, oh, can dave be a crocodile? and john can be a salamander?

I think somebody has to do the idea.

Anonymous asked: I vote for Equius Shark. Because sharks are STRONG like Equius. B)

Thanks your vote

wennyray asked: Maybe draw Dirk as a sailfish, since it’s the fastest fish in the world. And it has a bill similar to that of a SWORDfish :33


Anonymous asked: Security Guard Terezi going “Hey! Looking cool there, cool penguin” at Dave Penguin. “How’d you get those shades?” Terezi tries to take Dave Penguin’s shades, but he just swats her hand away and adjusts his shades.

Penguin wings too short.

Anonymous asked: Would Karkat ever meet Gamzee?

He easily increase his work

American Gods is an immigration story...

…and given that reality, I’ve been thinking about finding some way to take action within the fandom on behalf of refugee and immigrant rights as the political climate here in the US shifts (to put it mildly).

My initial thought was putting together a resource of some sort to circulate within the fandom, especially as it grows in the coming months, that lists ways to get involved, how to contact reps, organizations to support, etc. But I also imagine other American Gods/Gaiman fans mighthave other suggestions as well, so…

If anyone has any interest in helping out (ideas, resources, fundraising, making art, whatever), feel free to shoot me a message here on Tumblr. All ideas or contributions are welcome!

And if it’s not your cup of tea, that’s cool too. I hope you’ll stick around for other things! :)