How I shoot: Framing Figures through Light and Shadow with @__darkwhite__

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Just over a year ago Rui Veiga (@__darkwhite__) picked up photography as a hobby and has since developed his own visual voice, focusing on silhouettes, contrasts and graphic shapes. “I like taking pictures in black-and-white because it travels through time and adds a touch of supernatural,” says Rui, who lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. “It is a style that allows me to go straight to what inspires me.” Most of his images are precisely planned and he often uses friends as his subjects, although sometimes he waits for pedestrians to naturally appear in the right spot.

Here are some of Rui’s tips for shooting high contrast photos:

Camera: Canon 7D, iPhone 6

Vantage Point: “To start with, look for lines, shadows, perspectives or light sources in geometrical forms and place your subject on it.”

Shooting: “Think of your composition and use the rule of thirds, so that your photos have more impact.”

Post-Production: “In post-production I use Lightroom to create the black and the white, correct the perspectives, refocus and reframe.” In Photoshop, Rui retouches more precisely – strengthening shadows and deleting or modifying elements, if desired. “I use Snapseed on my smartphone to finalize my photos before posting them on Instagram.”


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Source: National Journal