contrast collar shirt

Good For You

Author’s Note: So, I’ve decided to start another series.  Basically it’ll be a PWP series.  So ratings are M and E, be aware.  Our favorite couple has a little roleplaying kink they like to work out together.  Hope you enjoy!

Part One || AO3

Summary: Bellamy considers himself a hard worker.

Working late tonight.  Fucking terrorists.

Her fingers tug at the hem of her skirt, a little leather number that had her husband all but frenzied the first time she’d worn it several weeks prior, as she rereads his text message to her almost three hours earlier.  She clicks the screen off before sliding it back into her jacket pocket.  She leans against the wall and stares at her semi-blurred reflection in the elevator door.

There was no denying this skirt was one of her best investments and pairing it with her sky high black stilettos for the evening made for an extremely appealing combination.  Her top was rather conservative in contrast: a white collared shirt she’d buttoned just high enough to make her cleavage only slightly obscene and a royal blue blazer that she’d rolled the sleeves to just below her elbows.  Of course, no businesswoman would be complete without her black-framed glasses and cascading blonde curls clipped atop her head.

She looks like such a fucking cliché that it would be comical if she weren’t so nervous.

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