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Genre: SpernaturalScientistDoctorNamjoon!au mature idk what you’d call this. Some mental issues might come up but it’ll be really minor. Basically I saw doctor strange and I was inspired so here you go- oh and I think I’m just gonna leave whether I’m going to make this into a full story to your imagination ☺ haha I need to go to sleep bye.

Members: Namjoon Feat. The other members 

Summary: Your appointed assistant for Doctor Kim Namjoon in the asylum/hospital and he doesn’t take lightly to your misconduct. 

You skipped down the halls illuminated with bright almost white lights gleefully as you received your doctor assignment slip. All interns were assigned a head doctor to assist during the winter and you were hoping you got a nice one.

 “You were assigned to sector 94?” 

Your good friend, of which you spent studying hours with at many times. You had told her that you were assigned to number 94. You looked at the paper and leered, you’ve never heard of this doctor.

“Yeah, It say’s doctor- Kim Namjoon?…I’ve never heard of him.” You looked up at Hana with an innocent curiosity. 

“He doesn’t do assistants, he’s only ever had one assistant and he quit almost as soon as he was assigned. You might want to ask if you can exchange.” You weren’t expecting news like that, surely your professors wouldn’t put you in harms way. This doctor couldn’t have been that bad.

“I can’t, he was this was last folder assigned so all the other doctors are taken…he couldn’t be that bad and even if he is, I think I can handle it.” You tried to look at the bright side of the situation, in this profession surely you would eventually have to work with some difficult people; this was just practice. This was a supernatural asylum, this was questionable in itself but you liked the challenge.  

“Ok, whatever you say Miss Sunshine. My doctor is number 26, Kim Seokjin. I believe the two of them study at the same college.” Hana bid you farewell until morning.

You arose bright and earlier, with the intent to impress your new mentor ‘Namjoon’, he really might not be that bad.

You searched for room 94 and low and behold it was right next to room 26. You stood in front of the door and knocked lightly. You took a deep breath, and you saw Hana get warmly welcomed by the O, so popular Seokjin. His charismatic mannerisms and smile. You gave her a proud smile as she was pulled into the room by a gentlemanly hand.

You sighed, Hana was such a good friend and student even if- Wait! You were still waiting at the door and you began to get impatient. 

Hello?” You started to bang your fist on the door. 

Huh, I just met you and you already get on my nerves.” 

You were met with a tall, handsome and intimidating man who let a grin creep across his face. He wore a white v neck dress shirt under a charcoal, silver colored jack, accompanied with a pair of black glasses. He looked down at your nervous smile, and he scoffed, amused at your smallness compared to himself.

“Come in, you can take off your lab coat. It’s not needed.” He turned around and went to his desk.

You hesitantly stepped inside, whilst setting your lad coat on the coat hanger. There was one wall made of all glass and there were clear chalkboards with formulas and equations, immaculate book shelves and a long table with test tubes and neat papers.

“Um, sorry I just- you didn’t answer the first time so I didn’t know if you were here-”

“So you assumed banging on the door like a maniac would make me appear if I wasn’t here? This is why I don’t do assistants. You can fill out your availability time papers later, now I want to talk to you about what I do.” He pick up a delicate and expensive looking tea pot and poured two cups of tea.

You walked over to him, and he gestured for you to sit and grab the cup of tea. You obliged to his offer and sat down with your legs crossed.

“So, Y/N I take it you don’t know much about this line of work; most interns don’t.” He sat back in his chair, his legs were relaxed and he pulled off his glasses to peer at you.

“I know you deal with the supernatural and you study the mind but I’m not sure about, uh…" You felt a loss of words, his gaze was unfaltering the glint in his eye was one of pure judgement, he watched you so intently that you felt more like a patient than a soon to be colleague.

“I aid my patients mentally and physically. But my main focus is studying medicines for special cases.”

He suddenly got up from his seat and picked up a clipboard. 

 “Come on, someone just signaled a code 2.“ You placed down the delicate tea cup, straightened up your shirt and followed behind him. He must have assumed you knew what a code 2 was because he didn’t care to elaborate. You followed him through the wide hall way and he stopped at a room. He pulled his card and waved it in front of the scanner. The automatic sliding door opened and your eyebrows furrowed at what you saw. There was no one there. There was one bed, white sheets tucked nicely, an odd painting on the wall but there didn’t seem to be anyone here.

“Don’t act nervous, he likes that sort of thing.“ Namjoon warned before pulling out a small bottle of white and orange pills from his pocket and started writing on a sheet of paper.

“What?” You narrowed your brows, who liked that sort of thing? There was no one here, what was he talking about.

You were inspecting the room, looking up at the ceiling and at the dresser and the back at the bed and you jumped in surprise. His patient was sitting on the bed, relaxed with his hands behind him supporting his weight. His hair was blonde and neat, he wore a contrast trim collar shirt that was all white and his eyes were on you. You swallowed thickly, trying to remain calm and collected. Meanwhile Namjoon didn’t burden himself in explaining anything, he continued to write whatever he was writing. 

“Introduce yourself.” He murmured.

“H-hello, my name is Y/N. Nice to meet you.” You were surprised you were able to form a full sentence let alone stay standing as he got up from the bed and starting walking towards you. His hands were in his pockets, and he tilted his head. Then he smirked.

“Hello, I’m Jimin.” He purred.

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Good For You

Author’s Note: So, I’ve decided to start another series.  Basically it’ll be a PWP series.  So ratings are M and E, be aware.  Our favorite couple has a little roleplaying kink they like to work out together.  Hope you enjoy!

Part One || AO3

Summary: Bellamy considers himself a hard worker.

Working late tonight.  Fucking terrorists.

Her fingers tug at the hem of her skirt, a little leather number that had her husband all but frenzied the first time she’d worn it several weeks prior, as she rereads his text message to her almost three hours earlier.  She clicks the screen off before sliding it back into her jacket pocket.  She leans against the wall and stares at her semi-blurred reflection in the elevator door.

There was no denying this skirt was one of her best investments and pairing it with her sky high black stilettos for the evening made for an extremely appealing combination.  Her top was rather conservative in contrast: a white collared shirt she’d buttoned just high enough to make her cleavage only slightly obscene and a royal blue blazer that she’d rolled the sleeves to just below her elbows.  Of course, no businesswoman would be complete without her black-framed glasses and cascading blonde curls clipped atop her head.

She looks like such a fucking cliché that it would be comical if she weren’t so nervous.

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