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It’s so confusing to have borderline personality disorder. I’ll have such an intense emotion, but once I split, be invested in the opposite feeling. It’s a constant battle of contradictions.

Starbound Language Headcanons
  • Standard Apex language looks and sounds something like a mix of Slavic and Germanic languages with an alphabet inexplicably including some human letters. Notably, there is only one surviving Apex language as other languages, including sign language, are forbidden. For this reason, rebel forces sometimes communicate in these “dead” languages, because the Miniknog are unlikely to understand them.
  • Hylotl language is one of the few things that miraculously survived the Florans’ genocide mostly unscathed. It uses a syllabary system very similar to Japanese kana. The characters are viewed as elegant and a symbol of Hylotl pride, making calligraphy a celebrated skill even in modern times. Pictograms and human loanwords have also recently become popular in media, sometimes even used without any accompanying Hylotl text.
  • Floran language is simplistic, generally including guttural noises and hissing. As is evident by their accents, the ‘s’ and ‘sh‘ sounds are universally emphasized, and pronouns do not exist. Instead, individuals refer to themselves just as “Floran“, and refer to others by their given names. Since Florans have no concrete written language, they, as per the usual, borrow from other species when needed.
  • The Glitch communicate in what is essentially verbal binary code, beeping that resembles morse code. To save time and paper space, their alphabet is made up of symbols rather than numbers, each representing a certain amount of ones and/or zeros in a binary word. Their spoken language lacks inflections, hence why it is specified before each statement. Since they are trapped in the same stage of civilization, their language has no way of evolving.
  • Avians have two main languages that, while similar when spoken, have vastly different alphabets. The first is pictographic and believed to be the original Avian language that developed naturally. The second was supposedly given to them long ago by Kluex, and resembles Arabic. Most of “the grounded“ use the former while the latter is considered holy and only permitted for religious purposes.
  • Novakids have the least conventional language of all, since they obviously have no mouths to speak of. Instead, their metal brands vibrate to produce audible frequencies that sound vaguely like a crystal glasses being played. The vibration is so slight that it is invisible to the naked eye, and while other species can hear the sound, the subtle differences in tone and inflection are indecipherable without a translator. Like the Floran, they have no written language of their own, or at least not one that has lasted more than a few generations.
If I was, I’d be...

if i was…
a month: february.

a day of the week: friday. It’s always full of hope. + gratefulness.
a planet: the moon. the pale, soft, sweet moon. 

a piece of furniture: grams’ old, wooden rocking chair.

a gemstone: amethyst.

a flower: sunflower.
a kind of weather: grey + rainy.

a color: soft grey, soft green, soft purple, burnt orange, black…

an emotion: the softness of love & the fiery of anger.

a fruit: watermelon.

a sound(s): thunder & rain.

an element: water.
an animal: black cat.

a place: the shaded hiding spot on a hot, summer day under a weeping willow tree.

a taste: the first sip of a hot tea.
a scent: earthy scent - after rain falls on dry soil.
an object: a worn, weathered book.

a body part: eyes.

a song: landslide // Fleetwood Mac

a pair of shoes: my bare feet.

america’s “if it doesn’t benefit me, I don’t care” mentality is going to fuck all other countries over

cullen and bull are like.. opposite….

cullen keeps saying he’s changed, but really he still fears/hates mages. when he’s not actively talking about how he’s different now and all regretful, he totally slips back into “meredith was kinda right” and “mages are so spooky and things always go bad with them”

but then iron bull SAYS he’s still part of the qun but irl he’s so chill??? he’s terrified of demons but he’s one of the nicest to cole anyway, he doesn’t *say* the treatment of saarebas is wrong but he has mages in his company no problem. he thinks he thinks the qun is right, and his big-scale tactics are still anti-mage, but when he’s not actively like “oh right the qun yeah that’s me loyal ben-hassrath” he totally slips into being chill & nice.

the fact that someone got so offended over my satire video making fun of self righteous “constructive” cringe compilations (that arent actually constructive) and decided to cuss me out and spew personal insults while at the same time claiming i was “offended” just because i made a video about it kind of proves that the people in that community are just as easily offended as the people they dislike lol………

Bryke: That felt a bit forced to me.

Bryke: If it seems out of the blue to you, I think a second viewing of the last two seasons would show that perhaps you were looking at it only through a hetero lens.

anonymous asked:

but there was a lot of contradictions in the tags you posted. if the gp didn't experience "walking in the wind" because it wasn't a single, then the ones that won't listen to harry's album won't hear songs such as "only angel"or "kiwi" either. "sign of the times" didn't really push anything except for classic rock harry. also, "no control" was a sex song but i guess op wasn't here for that either?

okay so first of all, no control was not an actual single. it was a fan released ‘single’ so that’s not a valid point about the public hearing it because they never would have if it hadn’t been for this fandom.

onto the rest of your ask, the gp has everything they need to see harry’s womanizer lothario rockstar image with harry’s rolling stone interview, the tone of his press as a whole, and his new girlfriend. 

i think it’s clear now they stayed safe and purposefully released songs that they knew wouldn’t cause people in the fandom (i.e. the bulk of harry’s current fanbase) to freak out and cancel their preorders (they wanted us to believe that sott and sweet creature were indicative of the tone/content of the album as a whole which is manipulative and untrue but anyway).

then as soon as the concert tickets were all sold, the pre-orders were all purchased, they went full throttle with the het narrative (which before they’d been balancing out with the rainbow pin and the louis tweet etc etc which were things meant to placate our side of the fandom until they no longer needed to worry about us closing our wallets).

the people who buy into harry’s already established womanizer image are only going to be further placated by the actual content of the album because it matches what they’ve already been sold by the media.

and as a last point - i’m positive harry will release another single at some point in the next few weeks/months and i’ll bet you it’s going to be one of his rockier het ones.

i want to be abusive and evil but i also want to be kind to everyone and make tons of friends and that right there is the biggest contradiction i have going for me tbh because one second im nice and cute and the next im heartless as hell.

one of my favorite literature comedy tropes is blatant contradiction of dialogue tag or description as compared to what’s being said, like, “I’m telling the truth!” he lied, or, “I’ve got everything under control,” she said confidently as the blender exploded behind her 

  • Warrior cats tag: Welcome to the warrior cats tag! Feel free to like whatever characters you want!
  • Warrior cats tag: Except those ones. You’re not allowed to even talk about them without explicitly mocking, insulting, or referring to them in a negative fashion with every other breath because they’re awful! If you don’t, it means that you’re an apologist, and that’s problematic!
  • Warrior cats tag: And you have to love these other characters! They’re absolutely perfect in every way, and if you don’t love them, then you’re a victim blaming piece of scum!
  • Warrior cats tag: Make sure to spam your headcanons so that the tag gets oversaturated! If you don’t have any queer headcanons, then you're queerphobic, but in the meantime you can have a good laugh at people who complain about the overabundance of headcanons by "conceding" that the awful characters (and exclusively them!) are cishet, even if they weren't talking about queer headcanons!
  • Warrior cats tag: Remember that there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this series at all, so don’t worry about anything you might find in the books or from the authors that contradicts you!
  • Warrior cats tag: Otherwise, have fun liking whatever characters you want!
  • Warrior cats tag: Unless you're over 18, because your choice to exist in the same area of a public space as minors is harmful and harassment and it's your responsibility to make sure that we never have to interact with you!
  • Warrior cats tag: :3c

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1. I teach well. It’s probably my favorite skill. I love that moment when you see an idea click in your student’s brain the way it never had before.
2. I am willing to put the time and effort in to make sure my projects turn out perfectly.
3. I can draw (only traditional media. I suck on a tablet).
4. I’m willing to try (almost) anything at least once to help broaden my understanding of the world.
5. I support all walks of life that don’t hurt people even if they contradict my own.
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