contradicting tags

cullen and bull are like.. opposite….

cullen keeps saying he’s changed, but really he still fears/hates mages. when he’s not actively talking about how he’s different now and all regretful, he totally slips back into “meredith was kinda right” and “mages are so spooky and things always go bad with them”

but then iron bull SAYS he’s still part of the qun but irl he’s so chill??? he’s terrified of demons but he’s one of the nicest to cole anyway, he doesn’t *say* the treatment of saarebas is wrong but he has mages in his company no problem. he thinks he thinks the qun is right, and his big-scale tactics are still anti-mage, but when he’s not actively like “oh right the qun yeah that’s me loyal ben-hassrath” he totally slips into being chill & nice.


favourite video game characters:

final fantasy type-0rem tokimiya

error-maddie-gem  asked:

*smiles* hi there

((look at this incorporeal dork))

((Hey so I figured I might occasionally have Goner answer some asks outside of the comic, if they’re not important to the story but I have a fun/interesting reply. Answers to these side asks will usually be almost canon in the sense that they’re in character and could actually happen, but are not actual events within the story unless I tag them #canon extra. If I’m just being a troll or making a shedpost out of it, and it’s OOC or otherwise contradicts canon, I will tag it #noncanon extra.))

((Oh, by the way. Feel free to send me AGS-related requests or prompts (they can involve OOC stuff if you like). They might inspire me to draw something, maybe just a sketch, maybe a short comic—it’s just, you’re all being so patient and I want to be able to give you some kind of content while you wait for the next comic page. ;-; ))

sometimes you go into a ship tag on mobile so you see posts that weren’t tagged and sometimes that means you see long essays about a ship that contradicts the tag you’re in and they’re usually pro and you read them out of curiosity

but they’re still a bunch of bull lol


I wanted to see what kinds of stuff happened on april 13th that aren’t homestuck. here’s what I found:

1743- Thomas Jefferson’s birthday 

1796- 1st elephant arrived in US

1870- Metropolitan Museum of Art founded (NY)

1899- Alfred Butts (Scrabble inventor)’s birthday                                

1902- First J.C.Penny’s opened 

1975- $2 bill re-introduced as US currency

1960 - The first navigational satellite was launched into Earth’s orbit.

1808 - William “Juda” Henry Lane perfected the tap dance

1979 - The world’s longest doubles ping-pong match ended after 101 hours.

this is some fascinating stuff

(all info found and copy + pasted via google)

important things from the novelization:

  • face touching (listen) 
  • hux scenes 
  • “you have compassion for her,” snoke says. ren splutters in disbelief. 
  • oh man the line about how ren is failing because rey is strong. 
  • the boy at the end of the hallway during rey’s awakening that is very obviously ben