South African mercenaries’ secret war on Boko Haram

When the country of Nigeria kicked out U.S. Army Green Berets and British Army SAS recently, ostensibly because the U.S. would not supply the Nigerian Army with attack helo’s and high level intelligence, they turned to Mercenaries from South Africa to fight Boko Haram.

With their roots in South Africa apartheid-era security forces, they do not fit the standard image of an army of liberation. But after just three months on the ground, a squad of grizzled, ageing white mercenaries have helped to end Boko Haram’s six-long year reign of terror in northern Nigeria.

Run by Colonel Eeben Barlow, a former commander in the South African Defense Force, the group of bush warfare experts were recruited in top secrecy in January to train an elite strike group within Nigeria’s disorganised, demoralized army.

Some of the guns-for-hire cut their teeth in South Africa’s border wars 30 years ago. But their formidable fighting skills – backed by their own helicopter pilots flying combat missions – have proved decisive in helping the military turn around its campaign against Boko Haram in its north-eastern strongholds.

During apartheid, Col Barlow served with the South African Defense Force, a mainly white military unit that defended the regime against insurrection and fought border wars in neighboring Angola and what is now Namibia.

In 1989, as apartheid was beginning to crumble, he co-founded Executive Outcomes, a private military company made up of many ex-members of South Africa’s security forces. One of the first modern “private armies”, in 1995 it successfully helped the government of Sierra Leone defend itself against the rebels of the Revolutionary United Front, notorious for chopping off the arms of their enemies.

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Con·trac·tor /ˈkɒnˌtɹæk.tə(ɹ)/ (pl. contractors) n. 1. A person that signs a contract. 2. Allegedly existing group of individuals with supernatural powers, each represented by their False Star.

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The signs as Darker Than Black contractors (based on their payments)

Aries: Havoc (drinking the blood of children)

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Taurus: Goran (eating hamburgers)

Gemini: Bertha (ingesting something to bring it back up)

Cancer: Shichi (eating a flower petal)

Leo: Xiao Jie (stripping)

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Virgo: Luc (creasing the corners of every page in a book)

Libra: Mai Kashiwagi (humming a song)

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Scorpio: Mina Hazuki (kissing men)

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Sagittarius: August 7 (revealing the tricks of magicians)

Capricorn: Bai (sleeping)

Aquarius:  Shihoko Kishida (temporarily regaining human feelings)

Pisces: Itzhak (writing poetry)