contractor of the puella magi

Something that a lot of Madoka fans forget

All Puella Magi, potential contractors, and Incubators have telepathy.

Seriously. Sometimes I wonder if I just imagined it. But it’s there, and Madoka and Sayaka use it to talk to each other and Mami during class in Episodes 1 and 2. 

That’s the only time it’s ever used in the main anime or the movies.

Do you have any idea how much lost potential there was here? Imagine.

Madoka and Sayaka debating whether to trust Homura during class

Kyuubey randomly talking to someone while they’re in the middle of a normal conversation and driving them nuts

Homura and Kyuubey trying to talk over each other in Madoka’s mind

Mami trying to reach out to Kyoko but failing and it makes her feel even lonelier

Homura giving mysterious, foreboding warnings to Madoka during the evacuation from Walpurgis Night

Madoka hearing Oktavia von Seckendorff’s thoughts

Why didn’t we get more of this?