contractor fraud

Let me back off into linguistics a bit.  Still political though.

It seemed like every week a new scandal came out about Trump: Trump University, sexual assault, stiffing contractors, fraud charges, insulting the Khan family, etc.  The cycle shifted so quickly we never had a chance to focus on any single one. Trump wasn’t branded as a fraud or a predator.  Trump was just Trump.

On the other side, the Hillary Clinton e-mail “scandal” was cultivated by the Republican Party for the better part of two years, until the mere mention of the word “Clinton” in the same sentence as the word “e-mail” brought up all these association of untrustworthiness that they had been growing on her for 20+ years.  It was a well-established Lakoffian “frame.”

Then, just as it seemed to be fading, James Comey reopened the e-mail investigation a week before the election, and even though nothing happened, the “Clinton + e-mail = untrustworthy” frame was reactivated in the minds of many voters (or as I call them, idiot-Americans), and her already shaky favorability took a dive.  Thus, President Trump.

It was a masterful bit of framing, conscious or not.  George Lakoff would be proud if he weren’t probably suicidal right now.