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Unreliable Narrator in The Six Thatchers is NOT Go

I’m with @sussexbound on how to interpret The Six Thatchers. I don’t think it’s a retelling for an alibi or an imagined sequence or mind palace. I could be wrong, and will be happy to accept any and all told-you-so’s in that case, but coming from a story telling perspective, odds are good that the story is meant to be accepted as is.

For me, it comes down to how stories build trust with the audience. 

Once you establish the rules of a story world, you can’t break them without also breaking the trust of the reader. It’s a contract. The reader agrees to suspend their disbelief and buy into your story world. You, in turn, promise to give them a story world that is consistent and has some kind of internal logic–even if it’s the most fantastical story world imaginable.

Sure, there’s experimental storytelling in which there truly are no rules or internal logic but Sherlock is definitely not that kind of story.

I’m going to go into more detail and analysis of this, and it got long so I’m putting it under a cut. Basically, tl;dr: Revealing that entire episodes that appear to follow the established story-world rules are either complete fabrications or mind-palace fantasies utterly destroys the viewer-storyteller contract and break trust with the audience because it’s not part of the deal the story creators set up at the beginning.

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The Colt 1911 Russian Contract,

While the United States did not take part in World War I until the final years of the war, it had little qualms making big bucks supplying arms to the Allied powers.  One lucrative customer was Russia, who constantly needed numerous amount of arms, ammunition, and supplies in the fight against Germany.  Between 1916 to 1917 the Russian government purchased 66,000 American Colt 1911 semi automatic pistols.  The pistols were standard Colt 1911 commercial models, chambered in .45 acp and marked with standard Colt factory stampings.  Its only identifying feature is the small Cyrilic marking "ANGL. ZAKAZY", located on the frame under the slide and roughly translating as “English Order”.  The pistols were not sold directly, but instead shipped to Britain, then shipped to Russia.  Russian contract serial numbers range from C23,000 - C89,000.  These pistols were never exported back to the United States, and thus are extremely rare.  The example pictured above sold for $19,000.

Pledge of Loyalty

Summary: In a world wherein your status is determined by your ability to summon and perform a contract with supernatural beings, Will Solace is considered an anomaly.

Look I started a fic that I may not be able to finish but I did it anyway. *shrugs*

Chapter one: Summon

At the age of six, Will Solace was supposed to already be able to perform his first contract. It wasn’t something major, just a simple contract spell to summon a spirit animal they can call as companions. A small animal they can play with, befriend and most probably stay together with for maybe for a short period of time or as long as their human lives would thrive.

His entire sixth year of age came and passed by, the kids his age had all managed to make their first contract.

He never did.

He was eight when the jeers and taunts began. Started by some and slowly being fueled by other until almost everyone added their two cents of insult. They called him an outcast. The family disgrace. He wasn’t a simple case of what people can call a late bloomer. He was different. A bad luck.

Will Solace is an anomaly.

So people stayed far away from him. Afraid that whatever bad luck surrounding him would rub on their very being.

And his family? His family told him it is fine and that they still love him no matter what. Good choice of words. Ones that are phrased correctly and might have been convincing if only it hadn’t been spoken with much force and with eyes mirroring nothing but disappointment. They might not have voiced it out but he can feel their displeasure. For them, he’s a disgrace. He, after all, had given his family nothing but shame.

He was eight years old. Unfairly still too young and yet Will Solace already felt alone.

He was ten when Will found a true friend, someone he confided in and one who never judged his so-called inabilities. Cecil is a good kid, someone with a knack for putting himself in a lot of trouble but one who stood by his side. Aware of all the fleeting harsh words and insulting looks being thrown on the kid he had befriended and yet Cecil chose to stay.

They were thirteen when Cecil perfected his first major summon with a golem named Sherman. He is proud of his friend’s achievement but Will would be lying to himself if he denied that pang of jealousy that made its way on his very being.

Cecil and Sherman’s personality had clashed and they never got along and the contract was broken within the first month

They were fifteen when Cecil formed a contract with a young witch named Lou Ellen.

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The International Harvester M1 Garand,

After World War II it was believed that the United States had enough M1 Garand rifles in armory to last several generations.  During the Korean War, the government took many of those Garands out of storage and refurbished them for military issue. It was decided that new Garands needed to be produced to keep up with demand, as the United States not only needed them to arm the US military, but was arming various Cold War allies around the world. Thus in 1953 the government contracted Harrington & Richardson as well as International Harvester to produce new M1 Garands.

The choice of International Harvester was unusual, as the company was known for producing tractors, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, and home consumer goods.  The reason for contracting International Harvester was very specific.  Most US arms production occurred on the East Coast.  If the worst case Cold War scenario occurred, an armed nuclear conflict between the US and the Soviet Union, it was expected that urban and industrial centers would be heavily hit.  International Harvester’s plant was located in Evansville, Indiana, and thus might be spared from destruction. Production of the International Harvester M1 Garand began in 1953 and lasted until 1956, when Whirlpool bought out their Evansville plant.  337,623 were produced.


endless list of people I love (in no particular order) - [5/∞]
↳ Chris Evans

“If your goal is to be the biggest movie star in the world, a 10-movie contract is gold. It was never my goal. Up until now, I made movies - and I have a nice house, a nice car. I’m fortunate, happy and grateful. Life is good.”

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The only thing I'm nervous about if Netflix does try to pick up GMW is Sabrina's record label and contract. She's signed with Hollywood Records which is owned by Walt Disney and partners with Radio Disney. And holly world records still has a partial contract with Demi lovato so it's probably hard to get out of. If Netflix picks up gmw it might mess up or even end her contract with a record label and I just don't know if she'd be willing to give that up...

Same. Although Hollywood Records isn’t owned by the Disney Channel itself, it’s another subsidiary of Walt Disney Co.,…just like Marvel which already works with Netflix. It’s basically up to the lawyers to figure out. If people want to figure it out and there’s a way to do so…they will.

Disney kids go fucking insane when they grow up because in order to avoid the wrath of parents who dont want to see anything remotely adult on their childs tv, Disney freezes these kids at 14, they have approved activities and wardrobes that last until their contracts are up and they’re suddenly thrust into a world of freedom and riches and they absolutely lose their goddamn minds because all of that teenager shit, the parties and drugs and things that should have been worked out of their systems is still there and they now have the time, money and lack of supervision necessary to severely overdo it. 

Its not the fault of “sexualized media” or “evil corporate politics”, its the fault of puritanical assholes who think anything remotely adult is EVIIIIIIIL and that actors and actresses are required to be role models for their kids because theyre too stupid and incompetant to raise their fucking children with morals on their own. 

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this is the world’s gayest Chinese animated series, currently releasing.

Fun facts:

  • Yang (guy with black hair) is a dork, also might be tiny Chinese Hal Jordan
  • Duan (official white-haired bishounen) is so tired.  So tired.
  • Show is called “Soul Contract” and is literally about these two forming a soul contract.
  • All the episode titles are gay.  The OP and ED are gay.  So much gay.

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Song Joong Ki

Ji Chang Wook

Jung Il Woo

Lee Joon Gi

Park Hae Jin

Yoo Ah In

Lee Jong Suk

Ji Sung

Hyun Bin

Lee Seo Jin

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I rarely recommend anime to anyone but when I do, they always just shook it off because they never heard of it or they were not interested. Like why…?