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Never Give the Necromancer a "Gray Area"

Friend DMing for me and one other person (small campaign) he’d never DMd before so I was going easy on him and helping out when I could.
DM: okay so you (me necromancer) arrive in town having reached lvl 3 during your journey.
(He has no clue how to run a necromancer or their skills so he said I could make them up and if they worked he’d let them slide)
My immediate reply: don’t give me a gray area dude that’s not a good idea I am chaotic evil hoe don’t do it.
DM: you’ll be fine.
Game starts.
Day one: my necromancer fed the homeless and poor in the slums of what we dubbed Newbshire, a large city but good for beginners. Little did they know he’d poisoned all the food so that everyone would contract a plague and die.
DM: *looks at me* you’re a bad man.
Me: oh I’m not done yet.
Day two: necromancer murders a priest, his wife, his two sons, then resurrects them as corpses, and takes his place in order to gain acolytes of the death goddess, end of the day he poisons more beggars.
Dm: you’re a bad bad man.
Me: still not done.
Dm: ohmygodwhathaveidone
Day three: necromancer sends all his human zombies into the sewers to infect the rats causing them to die and became undead plague rats.
Dm: no
Me: yes
Day four: Armageddon is unleashed as hundreds of zombies and thousands of plague ridden rat corpses flood the city biting, infecting, and adding to the horde. The adventurers guild in the city puts up a resistance but is eventually overrun by the necromancers acolytes and the adventurers are converted to elite corpses and death knights. As the sun sets on Newbshires flaming husk the necromancer leaves the city with not a single living thing inside.
So great was his destruction that the heavenly beings themselves took notice and sent the death god to make a contract with this evil human.
Total death count: 300,000
Total mana expended by necromancer: 12
DM: you are a BAD MAN
Me: *shrugs* I TOLD YOU never give the necromancer a gray area!


“You see, their morals, their code, it’s a bad joke–dropped at the first sign of trouble.  They’re only as good as the world allows them to be.  I’ll show you. When the chips are down, these ‘civilized’ people…they’ll eat each other.”

-The Joker, “The Dark Knight”    

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I DID!! while i’m SO SO SO upset that GH contract still has it’s evil priest doctor tentacles around matt, i’m really excited to see more poc on the show. look at this guy! he’s a badass!

(to those of you curious, he’s being played by christian keyes! I’M GONNA GET MY GOD SQUAD BACK THIS YEAR)

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Is there a character you don’t like in SPN? =) Because you seem like a bubbly, I-LOVE-EVERYONE-FIGHT-ME-WITH-COTTON-CANDY-SWORD Person.

lol!!! right, so, i generally always like a character once they’ve been developed a bit. that includes the villains, too! i like seeing all of the dimensions to them. the only characters i haven’t truly enjoyed are the BMoL and cole!

Dear Larries,

Let fucking go. You’re going on seven years, and the *most* you can hope for at this point is psychoanalyzing song lyrics and liner notes.

Why the fuck can’t your group chats be enough? Why can’t you just project onto your fic and art and headcannons like everyone else? Why must you piggyback and exploit lgbtq couples and stories to legitimize your bullshit?

Self closeting and beards exist. Homophobia exists. Bisexuality exists. Sexuality on a spectrum exists. Fame and celebrity goes hand in hand with image control, evasion and PR. These aren’t new groundbreaking concepts.

But conspiracy laden contracts, evil cartoon villians, fake children, and grown ass men inviting fetishizing, scary assholes into their bedroom is your shitty ass legacy.

For a group that claims to be so fucking aware and progressive, you miss the plot entirely.

Magickal Uses for Sage

Planetary Association: Jupiter/Mercury
Elemental Association: Air
Gender: Masculine

Folklore tells us that sage should share it’s bed with other plants, that it should be planted by someone other than one whose garden it is and that the wife rules the home where sage grows. 

Magickal Uses: Sage is commonly used in any mixture, spell or incense for wisdom. A sage leaf carried in your wallet is believed to help you to be wiser about the way you spend your money. It can be added to any spell or working to add a touch of wisdom to whatever your purpose might be. For example, in a divination sage would be used to grant you the wisdom to know what to do with the information you receive.

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On murderbeasts

Many years ago I wrote a story.  Partly it was in answer to a challenge – someone said that they’d never read kidfic which didn’t make them barf, and I wanted to see if I could write non-barfy kidfic*.  Partly it was because I’d been thinking seriously about going that way with a sequel to Parliament of Monsters, and I wanted to test the waters to see how readers in general would react.  I had a very definite idea of the tone I wanted the story to have: I wanted to take a lot of the elements of your standard schmoopy kidfic, and give them a creepy supernatural twist while retaining some genuine sweetness in the characters’ interactions.  I wanted the reaction of the average reader to be two parts “Awww!” to one part, “OK, that’s disturbing.” The story was generally well-received, and the majority of readers, I think, had about the reaction that I was hoping they’d have.  Most of the feedback I received specifically mentioned the creepy-vs-cute quotient of the fic.  

I got one piece of public feedback from someone worried about readers who ‘romanticized the awfulness’ of dark fic.  This person was a noted anti-Spuffy crusader, so I just replied that I’d never gotten any feedback of that sort myself, possibly because I’d never written anything that dark (they wrote a lot of noncon.) So they wrote me back in private pointing out a comment I’d gotten from another reader (who was a Spuffy shipper) as an example of said romanticising.  It was a comment (accurately) comparing Spike’s behavior in the fic to that of a cat teaching its kittens to hunt.  Concern Troll’s logic seemed to be “People think cats are cute, therefore this person is one step away from marrying a serial killer.”

As it happened, the other reader was about the worst example of a romanticiser-of-awfulness the concern troll could have chosen: she was an extremely logical and unromantic academic who analyzed everything to death.  Furthermore, she was a devout follower of her religion who was deeply concerned with ethical questions in general.  Concern Troll knew none of this; to them, the mere fact that she shipped Spuffy and that her comment had not explicitly referenced the creep factor in the story was enough to brand her as a gullible dimwit whose wavering morals could easily be toppled by my story.   I pointed out to Concern Troll that Other Reader was the last person I would suspect of romanticising anything.** But even had I not had personal knowledge of Other Reader’s disinclination to run out and marry a serial killer IRL, I trusted my readers to be, you know, smart, and experience had borne out that trust.  

I don’t think I convinced Concern Troll of anything, but I didn’t really expect to.  The ironic thing, of course, was that Concern Troll also wrote an extremely Problematic pairing.***  Even more problematic than Spuffy, by some measures.  And ranted and raved on a regular basis about how unfair it was that people who disliked their OTP made assumptions about them based only upon the pairings they shipped or the types of fic they liked to write and read.  

What it comes down to is, it’s easy to make the assumption that people who agree with us are smart, savvy readers who are easily able to separate fiction from reality and act accordingly.  People who disagree with us, however… well, they’re already foolish or misinformed enough to like the wrong character or ship the wrong pairing, aren’t they?  Doesn’t that prove that they’re weak-minded enough to uncritically absorb bad messages from the (by definition bad, because we don’t like it) fic they read?

No.  It doesn’t.  By extension, none of us should never be allowed to reblog a cat gif without attaching a disclaimer explaining that cats are ruthless murderbeasts who enjoy torturing their prey to death, and we should never, ever allow ourselves to enjoy their cute fluffiness without recalling this fact and feeling bad about it.  

Sometimes, even though you know perfectly well that they’re a murderbeast, you just want to go “Awww,” and reblog the damned cat.  And that’s fine.

*Thinking back, one big reason that I made the decision to give Barbverse Buffy relatively easy pregnancies is that at the time, there was an extremely popular Spuffy series which was already several stories into the pregnancy-and-kidfic stuff.  The Buffy in that series had miserable pregnancies that left her more or less bed-ridden for long periods.  This was used, among other things, as a plot device to explain why she was unable to escape from a forced and unhappy marriage.  The medical stuff was very realistic.  But the angst level was constantly at 9000, and one of the many reasons that I am a Bad Fan is that I don’t enjoy being in the head of a character who’s miserable for long periods.  Whump is not cathartic for me, just oppressive and/or angering.****   So I really didn’t want to write something similar.

**Other Reader had, in fact, written a long-running series about a minor Buffyverse character whom she wrote as a thinly-veiled self-insert meeting her One True Love…who was a middle-aged, balding, slightly chunky OC Watcher.  Together, they wrote properly footnoted research papers!  And occasionally fought vampires.  It was the least romanticized Mary Sue story EVER.

***Curiously, many Anti-Spuffy Crusaders of the day who objected to the pairing on the basis that it was immoral for Buffy, A Good, to have sex with Spike, A Bad, had villain/hero OTPs where both characters were male.  This made it OK.  None of them were ever able to come up with a satisfactory explanation for why it was OK when both partners were male.  Women, apparently, are uniquely susceptible to contracting sexually transmitted Evil.

****Which made many of the seminal academic works on fanfic, like Enterprising Women, absolutely infuriating for me to read, because they told me that using hurt-comfort fic to process the pain of their patriarchy-dominated lives was the core reason why women wrote fanfic, and that…did not match my experience at all.  Couldn’t be that we just want to tell a story, nope, there’s got to be a pathology behind it.  Of course, on the opposite side of the coin, they also claimed that H/C had NOTHING to do with kink or smut, oh my heavens no only a pervert would suggest that!  So yeah.

2016. This is an early version of my DnD character, Essper Ardara. She’s a religious scholar with… unacceptable… views on morality. You see, in the Dungeons and Dragons setting, good and evil are concrete concepts. If you’re good, when you die you go to the Good-aligned planes; if you’re evil, you go to the Evil-aligned planes. Certain creatures, like angels and devas are always good, and others are always evil. 

It’s entirely possible to be forcibly changed into a different alignment (contracting lycanthropy makes you chaotic evil). The things that make you Good or Evil are always the same, regardless of race, class, culture, or creed. There are spells that will reveal your alignment. People who are Good know that they are good, people who are Evil know that they are evil.

The question is: who says? Just because an angel claims to be Good and that all it’s actions are Good we should trust it? Is that really all there is to the universe? Essper says no. Essper says that the gods have blinded everyone to the Truth for a reason, and the only way to truly discover the Truth is to become more than a god. To exist beyond Good and Evil.

Isn’t the drive to be Good in and of itself a selfish desire? Good actions bring you happiness, ease your conscience, make you feel like you fit in with your community. Barring mind control, everything we do is something that we want to do, even if we don’t like it.

All actions are inherently selfish. Just do what you want.

(And what she wants is to raise a goblin as a zombie and carry it around as her baby. Among other things.)

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Is there a specific process to becoming a demon? What made YOU a demon?

I signed a contract with Devil. The process differs fer everybody. 

But.. I signed a physical contract with something evil.. deep down below the depths of the Earth. I signed off to his vessel- I was ignorant, n’ greedy for wealth and power. A dumb kid.

 So now I’ve paid the price.


Remember how jelpi released this teaser photo … well I don’t think this hand is N’s alone … if you look at the second picture that I circled you can tell how the skin tone changes from the top of the barbed wire to the bottom of the barbed wire. I think that the top belongs to Leo because he had his right hand wrapped up during Dynamite promotions and said that the bandages were important in an interview which leads me to believe that the top part is his while the bottom belongs to the original evil eye (N) the 2 men clearly have something going on since the last page of the Zelos album was Leo and N starting each other down (last picture) UPDATE: N’s evil eye during Dynamite promotions were green to match his contracts but this evil eye is blue ~~ another hint that I could be Leo

Is this what people expect to happen in x amount of days?
  • Interviewer: So, Freddie was not your son this whole time?
  • Louis: Yea.
  • Interviewer: What exactly happened?
  • Louis: I was stuck in an illegal contract/Briana is evil and made me not take a dna test for a whole year.
  • Interviewer: Wild.
  • Louis: Yea, lol. Anyway, I'm very excited about my new single--
harry styles is the little mermaid; a masterpost

yesterday night around 1am I decided to watch the little mermaid and by 3am I came to the (un)shocking revelation that harry styles is in fact princess ariel.

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Naw but people who assume that the tropes and conventions of Madoka Magica apply to other magical girl series are super annoying.

Get those contracts and evil mascots out of my face and watch this girl punch a monster with her butt.

Get that whole idea of ~to be a magical girl you have to suffer~ and watch these other three girls stop a cruise ship with their bare hands.

Get the whole notion of the magical girl system being a fucked up one and watch this other girl whoop ass so hard the villains own lair bows to her and provides her with her own personal lighting.

Basically what I’m trying to say is

watch precure