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Hereditary Contract Theory

Ciel is heavily supported in his job as the Queen’s Watchdog by Sebastian. It would be fair to say that without Sebastian as his protector and bodyguard, Ciel wouldn’t have lasted a single night in his manor with all the assassins that want to kidnap him. Question is, how did all the other Phantomhives manage in their roles? We know Claudia was only 36 when she died, so Vincent must have had to take over at a young age too. Could it be possible that they were all Demonically contracted?

1. Aristocrats of Evil

the Phantomhives are known as the Aristocrats of Evil by everyone who knows the true role of their job. However Lord Randal goes further, stating that “ They use the powers of “Evil” to carry out the Queen’s orders… That there is no child. That is the Devil himself.” These are oddly specific words, and seem to be a bit extreme if Ciel was presumed to be only working with Human informants and assassins to get his job done.  For the workers sanctioned by the Queen to be regarded as so bad, it’s demonic is odd indeed. Not even drug lords like Lau seem to be getting this language and Abberline seems to be wholly confused as to why his superior hates and distrusts the Phantomhives so much, warning him to stay away.

2. Young and Expected Deaths

Vincent seems to foreshadow his death by asking Dietrich to look out for Ciel. (he also always wears black gloves…) Claudia evidently died very young too, at the age of 36.

3. The Undertaker’s musings

Has the undertaker seen it all before? At the very least the Undertaker knows about Ciel’s contract, warning him to take care of his soul, and knowing he possess “ such great power” but to say that “I have given you and the OTHERS the same warning suggests that perhaps all the other people he holds on his locket have been in the same position as Ciel, including his Grandmother.

4. The Queens expectations and acceptance of supernatural elements

What sane person gives a role as dangerous and demanding as the Queens watchdog to a 10 year old? What was the likelihood of the Queen accepting the Bizzare dolls? The Queen seems to strongly believe in the supernatural, saving the necessary job for the month he had been gone, and had confidence that Ciel could take on the dangerous role at aged 10.

5. Do the Midford’s know?

Francis Midford and Lizzy seems to suspect Sebastian isn’t human. Not that he hides it well.

Because everyone can causally kill a bear with a butter knife and carry the said 500 pound bear over their shoulder.

Sebastian doesn’t even seem to be trying to hide his nature from Francis, which leads me to wonder if Sebastian previously served Vincent or Claudia.

If this theory is true, another Question to ask is What form did Sebastian take?

We know he has never been a butler before, from his appalling skills when he first serves Ciel. From what we know of Vincent’s life he could be one of 2 people.

The face of the boy with his hand on Vincent’s chair looks oddly familiar…

Or he could be the dog


(but I have my doubts- how useful could he be as a dog?)

At any rate, I thought about this theory considering the latest chapter (128), and the photograph shards Ciel sees. What could have been so shocking to him, when he himself stood for the picture? With the 2 pieces we have, the middle piece with Ciel, and the corner piece, the corner piece must show a particularly tall person’s head (or someone’s shoes, but can you identify a person just by looking at their shoes?) The realisation had to happen in hindsight, with the knowledge he gained after his contract, so I wondered if Sebastian could be the person in the picture that shocked him so.

Dear Larries,

Let fucking go. You’re going on seven years, and the *most* you can hope for at this point is psychoanalyzing song lyrics and liner notes.

Why the fuck can’t your group chats be enough? Why can’t you just project onto your fic and art and headcannons like everyone else? Why must you piggyback and exploit lgbtq couples and stories to legitimize your bullshit?

Self closeting and beards exist. Homophobia exists. Bisexuality exists. Sexuality on a spectrum exists. Fame and celebrity goes hand in hand with image control, evasion and PR. These aren’t new groundbreaking concepts.

But conspiracy laden contracts, evil cartoon villians, fake children, and grown ass men inviting fetishizing, scary assholes into their bedroom is your shitty ass legacy.

For a group that claims to be so fucking aware and progressive, you miss the plot entirely.

2016. This is an early version of my DnD character, Essper Ardara. She’s a religious scholar with… unacceptable… views on morality. You see, in the Dungeons and Dragons setting, good and evil are concrete concepts. If you’re good, when you die you go to the Good-aligned planes; if you’re evil, you go to the Evil-aligned planes. Certain creatures, like angels and devas are always good, and others are always evil. 

It’s entirely possible to be forcibly changed into a different alignment (contracting lycanthropy makes you chaotic evil). The things that make you Good or Evil are always the same, regardless of race, class, culture, or creed. There are spells that will reveal your alignment. People who are Good know that they are good, people who are Evil know that they are evil.

The question is: who says? Just because an angel claims to be Good and that all it’s actions are Good we should trust it? Is that really all there is to the universe? Essper says no. Essper says that the gods have blinded everyone to the Truth for a reason, and the only way to truly discover the Truth is to become more than a god. To exist beyond Good and Evil.

Isn’t the drive to be Good in and of itself a selfish desire? Good actions bring you happiness, ease your conscience, make you feel like you fit in with your community. Barring mind control, everything we do is something that we want to do, even if we don’t like it.

All actions are inherently selfish. Just do what you want.

(And what she wants is to raise a goblin as a zombie and carry it around as her baby. Among other things.)

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Okay, thanks... by the way, what do you think would happen if Bendy ever went into another universe like Gravity Falls or something?

No problem!

Anyways, for the other part of the message, I’m not really sure. It’s really dependent on the version of Bendy you decide to go with, so there would either be some general mischief, maybe try to get people to sign a devil’s contract,or evil schemes to try and kill or turn people into ink.

There are 6 things I like in OUAT S6 final episodes:




4. As much as I love the black fairy, I’m glad she is dead, which means she won’t join the damn S7. (why Lana signed a new contract?!)

5. Those the Evil Queen, Zelena and Regina scenes.



Remember how jelpi released this teaser photo … well I don’t think this hand is N’s alone … if you look at the second picture that I circled you can tell how the skin tone changes from the top of the barbed wire to the bottom of the barbed wire. I think that the top belongs to Leo because he had his right hand wrapped up during Dynamite promotions and said that the bandages were important in an interview which leads me to believe that the top part is his while the bottom belongs to the original evil eye (N) the 2 men clearly have something going on since the last page of the Zelos album was Leo and N starting each other down (last picture) UPDATE: N’s evil eye during Dynamite promotions were green to match his contracts but this evil eye is blue ~~ another hint that I could be Leo

Magickal Uses for Sage

Planetary Association: Jupiter/Mercury
Elemental Association: Air
Gender: Masculine

Folklore tells us that sage should share it’s bed with other plants, that it should be planted by someone other than one whose garden it is and that the wife rules the home where sage grows. 

Magickal Uses: Sage is commonly used in any mixture, spell or incense for wisdom. A sage leaf carried in your wallet is believed to help you to be wiser about the way you spend your money. It can be added to any spell or working to add a touch of wisdom to whatever your purpose might be. For example, in a divination sage would be used to grant you the wisdom to know what to do with the information you receive.

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Emptiness can be heavy, too

There is a boy out there who gets locked out of his home and he drinks whenever he can carries a bottle with him and he smokes to exchange the coming hisses for coughs because hacking his lungs out is better than contracting his mother’s evil // There is a man out there, lost in the small town streets of America whom I only saw once and he might be dead now, and he was given enough money for a sandwich and he was contemplative and quiet and I don’t know where he went when it rained or snowed // There are kids out there hiding in closets, belts around their necks // There are kids out there, in bathrooms with knives or with syringes or with joints, the fan is on in some of those bathrooms // There are nights when certain young people don’t sleep at all but try to function through red eyes and queasy bellies // Some kids sleep through it and miss all of the action and commotion and the ghost stories at dawn will keep them awake with regret for the next few nights // There are kids on the outside of this, but they have just as much pain in their shoes as the next lost battalion of “platonic conversationalists” // There are people out there who type their hearts out and at the end of the day they don’t really mind the typos // There are people who masturbate, cut, wrap belts around wrists, just to feel something or nothing, they punch themselves, they run until their heads are light, they smoke until their coughs replace something they don’t want to see or deal with // There are people out there with phantom pains of the heart and with spontaneous pains of reality that creep up and then their skin melts off and there’s just instant terror, just add water // No running from the terror, like an annoying neighbor turned house guest drinking your coffee or your tea you need to sit it out // But things carry themselves out like they always have and always will, anyway // The lawns will still get mowed, the stars will still float and glow and maybe gloat and some of them will fall // The Congressmen will go to work, then to their summer homes, the wives will cook and the husbands will wear neckties // All the while someone, somewhere, will be getting the high of their life to escape the lows of a few hours ago. 


phrase taken from “Howl,” by Allen Ginsberg

harry styles is the little mermaid; a masterpost

yesterday night around 1am I decided to watch the little mermaid and by 3am I came to the (un)shocking revelation that harry styles is in fact princess ariel.

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Naw but people who assume that the tropes and conventions of Madoka Magica apply to other magical girl series are super annoying.

Get those contracts and evil mascots out of my face and watch this girl punch a monster with her butt.

Get that whole idea of ~to be a magical girl you have to suffer~ and watch these other three girls stop a cruise ship with their bare hands.

Get the whole notion of the magical girl system being a fucked up one and watch this other girl whoop ass so hard the villains own lair bows to her and provides her with her own personal lighting.

Basically what I’m trying to say is

watch precure

Honestly………. I’ve kept quiet for so fucking long about this and it’s slowly eating away at me because I’m a firm believer that everything truly does happen for a reason and maybe the words I’ve been holding back could be of such purpose to someone and that alone is enough for me to unlock this safe of words that I obtain so I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say what I feel like I need to. I’ve kept up with this kesha incident since the moment I heard about it literally months ago and after hearing today that the judge ruled against her, I just like, honestly could start crying because I feel her pain first hand and all that this situation is supporting as a whole is for people like us to keep quiet and to not feel secure or any sort of comfort in seeking not only legal, but simply help in general. It’s reasons exactly like this why people like myself keep quiet because this proves that there is no fucking justice! Whether the judge believes her story true or not, or any outside opinion other than kesha’s for that matter, is of no importance to literally anything. GET HER OUT OF THE FUCKING CONTRACT. This is evil in its’ purest form and I just don’t even know I feel like if I don’t stop typing now I never will so please just know and hold dear to your heart that you, you who are reading this, are so fucking important and don’t let incidents like this deter you from getting the support, guidance and/or justice you may very well need. You are so loved and people fucking suck and you can’t ever forget that. Just use wisdom in the future steps that you take and be so aware of your surroundings because there are people out there that will use you and use you and use you until you start to feel and even believe that you are nothing and you are something.

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Can you recommend me a horror movies from 2013-2014? I'm in all kinds of horror, I don't have a preferences ^^ I just want something what's good for you ^^

Sure. Here’s a few to check out:

  • We Are What We Are
  • Dark Touch
  • Bad Milo!
  • American Mary
  • The ABC’s of Death
  • Stoker
  • Sightseers
  • Byzantium
  • 100 Bloody Acres
  • The Battery
  • Contracted
  • Evil Dead
  • The Conjuring
  • Resolution
  • Stitches
  • Maniac
  • Black Rock
  • Jug Face
  • You’re Next
  • All The Boys Love Mandy Lane (I have a thing for slashers no matter how bad, as anyone who has kept up on my favorite movies can tell)
  • Berberian Sound Studio
  • V/H/S 2 (I hate the V/H/S movies but others like them so give it a try)
  • Mama (Another movie that some love and some hate
  • Among Friends
  • Would You Rather
  • Warm Bodies (It’s comedy but it’s genius)
  • Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters (it’s action but it’s fun)

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I'm literally tired of reading "grandpa azoff will save louis" bullshit. why many underestimating louis and treating him as 10 year old kid who is incapable to do anything in his life without the supergradpa azoff. Stop the exaggeration about azoff. Louis is grown man he can clean up the babygate &the beard mess by himself, give some credit to louis. Louis is smart &talented independent person he don't need anyone to save him, he been in this shitty situation for years &he know how to handle it.

When I say Grandpa will save Louis I am NOT discrediting anything from Louis Tomlinson himself.

Louis is smart, talented, independent person but not an independent artist because he, his image, his words, his everything is TIED TO A FUCKING CONTRACT, THE EVILEST OF THE EVILS (just read Audrey’s post on contracts!!) and he NEEDS POWERFUL people on his side, this is not a shame, this is not discrediting him from being an amazingly smart businessman, this is simply stating the obvious that without power and people who give GOOD advice, it is really hard to fight a war against Cowbell. Of course it will be up to HIM in the final decision if he ACCEPTS said advice or not.

You say Stop the exaggeration about Azoff: I am sorry but he saved 30STM’s asses by finding a loophole, in a situation where everything was against 30STM, he still saved them, so go somewhere else with your Azoff hate.

Wake up. This is a cruel world where he cannot fight the media nor Cowbell himself alone, he needs allies, he needs powerful allies and that is NOT A SHAME admitting it that he needs them.