contract of evil

@billiejeannooneslover | tommy (movie)

“You shouldn’t stare.” He stretched out in his desk for a moment before glancing over to the offender. His tone isn’t angry for once, just mildly annoyed at all of the attention that he’d been receiving since his ‘miraculous’ return. Tommy had been playing it a little cooler the last few days, trying to keep the constantly raging temper under wraps at Rita’s command. He couldn’t be so obvious about his intentions, although he was itching to finally face Jason one on one and kick his ass for what he’d done to him.

i had such a weird dream last night and among other things it involved david bowie being a time traveler who i thought was a conplete asshole for the first half of yhe dream cause he was contracted to act evil and the plot of eraserhead being that there was this locked door beneath an actual fish and chip stand in my city, with a chain over it, and the david bowie person time travel/teleported me inside to see what happened many years ago and like the parnts of the family owned businesd were fucked up and they lured a gorilla doen there and ripped ots fucling head in half??? it was terribly graphic and then years after that a different gorilla broke into the locked room and ripped their daughters head off, and also there was a girl in an anime school uniform chained up down there at thid point, and i was gonna throw up its so graphic and im like lets get out of here to the david bowie person who was loke really complicated and not actually david bowie? and he was like tortured inside cause he had to fulfill these contracts whrre he acts evil and anyways it was set in the 20s and there was lile a gay dancer and then at tue end of the dream the david bowie guy teleport/time traveled to mario land and saw waluigis origns. he got thrown off a tower and turned evil


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