And Then A Bit

By: Infinitely mint

“We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”

Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.

(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)

Words: 153,840

                                           no one ever ‘sells’ the Devil their soul.

                      the moment you consider it;
                      the moment that tempting thought
                      courses through your m i n d——

                                                      he already owns you.


By signing this document you have agreed to becoming my best friend, and in said agreement I hereby promise to:

-Snapchat you videos of my dog when you’re sad.
-Flirt with you when you’re feeling insecure.
-Answer your 2 am call
-Stay on the phone as long as you need me to.
-Be your designated wing woman.
-Be your designated driver.
-Visit you whenever I can.
-Mention you in my award acceptance speeches. All of them.
-Suggest new songs/shows to you. because that’s a most basic friendly duty.
-Keep your secrets.
-Give you space.
-Be your +1 to any and every event
-Invite you to concerts.
-Give you advice even if I know you won’t listen.
-Eat all your food when I come over.
-Buy you food to make up for eating the other food.
-Make you laugh.
-Do my best to support you and be positive.

-I am always down for a movie night
-I will always be down for some cuddling on your lonelier days/nights

I will love you as you are, while still giving you room to make the changes you need to be happy.

Should I not fulfill these requirements, this contract shall become null and void. You have the right to terminate said contract as in reference to the last clause regarding changes for happiness.

Please sign here:

—  my dotted line, (3/20/15)
Kuroshitsuji Faustian Contract Meaning

Ever wondered what the words inside of the contract between Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis mean?

It is actually a lot more complex than you would think. First, the larger letters that are placed between the points of the inverted pentagram’s star:


Tetragrammaton is one word. It came from a Greek word that means “(a word) having four letters”. These four letters are usually transliterated from Hebrew as IHVH in Latin, JHWH in German, French and Dutch, and JHVH/YHWH in English. This has been variously rendered as “Yahweh” or even occasionally as “Jehovah”, based on the Latin form of the term, while the Hebrew text does not clearly indicate the omitted vowels.

But what is extremely interesting to ME are the six words INSIDE of the star.

* Abdia - I conjure thee in secret, O Spirit!
* Ballaton - Come forth from thy abode and speak clearly in my speech.
* Bellony - Put forth thy might and discover unto me the knowledge and power in thy keep.
* Halliy - Answer in the inward silence all of my questions without fail.
* Halliza - Assume and show forth unto me thy form of divine perfection.
* Soluzen - Open unto me thy secret door and fulfill me of my purpose!

It just goes to show the depth of the contract between the two. I know for one I was extremely curious about the symbol so I finally decided to look it up. You can only imagine the amount of time and work Toboso put into this story

All of the information above is not my own, if you wish to read more in-depth about the symbol itself, aneir(Reina) has written a beautiful page on it, please visit the site here.