By signing this document you have agreed to becoming my best friend, and in said agreement I hereby promise to:

-Snapchat you videos of my dog when you’re sad.
-Flirt with you when you’re feeling insecure.
-Answer your 2 am call
-Stay on the phone as long as you need me to.
-Be your designated wing woman.
-Be your designated driver.
-Visit you whenever I can.
-Mention you in my award acceptance speeches. All of them.
-Suggest new songs/shows to you. because that’s a most basic friendly duty.
-Keep your secrets.
-Give you space.
-Be your +1 to any and every event
-Invite you to concerts.
-Give you advice even if I know you won’t listen.
-Eat all your food when I come over.
-Buy you food to make up for eating the other food.
-Make you laugh.
-Do my best to support you and be positive.

-I am always down for a movie night
-I will always be down for some cuddling on your lonelier days/nights

I will love you as you are, while still giving you room to make the changes you need to be happy.

Should I not fulfill these requirements, this contract shall become null and void. You have the right to terminate said contract as in reference to the last clause regarding changes for happiness.

Please sign here:

—  my dotted line, (3/20/15)
Speculation: Modest Contract End Date.

I’ve seen a good number of blogs speculating as to when the contract with Modest will end. More recently whatiwishicould brought up a lot of really good points in this post, and after giving this a lot of thought (since fall of 2013) and talking it through with a couple of blogs, these are my conclusions, which also align quite nicely to what Dani has been thinking. 

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“Dear Eleanor,

As discussed with you in Manchester, you herewith receive the working contract together disclosed the ship rules. Read through thoroughly and sign all copies.


Furthermore, you shall recipes information inappropriately 7 working days regarding the week commencing 6th June. We look forward to appointing you to Louis.

All the best”

Anime Boston starts tomorrow!  This is gonna be my first time going, and I’m gonna be cosplaying Kyubey from Madoka Magica!  I needed a prop to go along with my costume, so I figured “ Why not make fifty of them!”

If anyone else out there is doing a Kyubey costume and is in need of a last-minute prop or many copies of a prop, here’s a free to use contract I made for my Kyubey costume.  I printed off fifty of them because I want people to keep them when they have signed and  completed them!

BONUS! These contracts are gender-friendly.  Recipients are able to choose Girl, Boy, or other if they don’t identify as either.

Happy Harvesting, fellow Kyubeys!

I'm getting published!

I didn’t want to say anything until I was sure, but now that the wheels are in motion, I’m not able to put off making an announcement any longer. What’s the announcement? Well…

I signed a contract with a publisher.

*cue fireworks and exploding confetti*

What does this mean? It means I’ll have a cover in a few months with the name S. A. Starcevic on it. And that cover will be on virtual shelves in places like Amazon and other major retailers.

Yes, I’m jumping up and down and squealing. No, I’m not crying. Shut up. You’re crying.

More details will be forthcoming. Also, if you want in on the cover reveal, email me at sebstarcevic (at) gmail (dot) com, or reblog this, or just message me. Whatever works.

Who else is excited?

Signing a contract with a literary journal can be exciting! But don’t let your enthusiasm get the best of you. We’ve said it before: Contracts favor the person/people who write them. Protect yourself by making sure you have a complete understanding of the hidden dangers that can be lurking in your literary journal agreement.