Contmct… mcontuion?

Wait, no, it’s contmct mlcoondion.

…or maybe contiict mcontuion?

No, no, I was wrong, I guess it’s really contmct )IIcontuion.

…is this what’s inside the iTunes licence agreement I’ve been agreeing to all these years?


Oh my God I cannot wait why couldn’t keep its originally release date this will have to suffice for now.

                                           no one ever ‘sells’ the Devil their soul.

                      the moment you consider it;
                      the moment that tempting thought
                      courses through your m i n d——

                                                      he already owns you.

My BestFriend Contract of promises

1. I promise to disagree with you often, love you always and respect whatever it is you decide.

2. I promise to tell you that he’s all wrong for you, but support you regardless..

3. I promise to hold your hair back, even though it’s 9 am and you’ve been puking for the last eight hours and I don’t even know whose apartment we’re at…

4. I promise to take the fall for something you did – knowing full well that you’d do it for me in a heartbeat. And if we both get caught, i promise to laugh it off and plan our escape..

5.  I promise to fight with you, to force you to step outside of your comfort zone…

6. I promise to laugh at you when you fall: down the stairs, at a party, on the sidewalk, on the catwalk. I promise to laugh so hard I actually start to pee a little…

7. I promise to tell you when you’re making a mistake – and then help you get out of it..

8. I promise to remind you, always, that things could be worse..

9. I promise never to show up empty-handed and to bring enough slurpies/wine/beer and malteezers'n'popcorn for the both of us!….

10. I promise to let you cry for as long as you need, and never to tell you that things will be all right because, honestly, I don’t know if they ever will be…

11. I promise to protect you from others – and sometimes even from yourself..

12. I promise to be there when you need me, to come running as fast as I can and to be with you in spirit, in person or on the phone, so you’re never experiencing the tough stuff alone…

13. I promise never to bite my tongue and always to tell you how I feel – especially about the hideous pink top and those hideous sequined pants…

14. I promise never to sugarcoat the tough stuff!!….

15. I promise to stand up for you, stand up to you and stand with you, even when I have no clue what we’re standing for….

16. I promise always to be your right-hand woman, your partner in crime, the owl to your fox, the dumber to your dumb, the white wolf to your red igloo – no matter how many months we’re apart or how long has passed since the last time we blacked out together, or spent a solid 48 hours catching up on our favourite series, or have photo shoot in the middle of the night!!..

17. I promise never to stand idly by while a man who you love disrespects you. NEVER…

18. I promise never to tell you not to do the stupid stuff we all know you’re going to regret eventually. Instead, I promise to do them with you and we can regret them later. Together..

19. I promise never to assume you want to share that chocolate bar, that pint of ice cream or that jar of Nutella – so I’ll just bring two instead…

20. I promise to let you run off and lose yourself, find yourself, reinvent and reimagine yourself, but I promise never to let you get so far as to forget your way home..

21. I promise never to tell anyone about that one time at the shack, or that one trip to VEGAS, or that one time we went to… wink emoticon I promise to protect your secrets like they were my OWN…

22. I promise to make you want more, to make you reach for more, to make you want to do better than the shoes you’re standing in now — even when you don’t know what you want..

23. But most of all, I promise to love you, unconditionally, through every high, low, mountain peak, deep sea and valley life takes us through. Through all the different changes we incur in our lives but also individually the people we become.

You’re stuck with me. grin emoticon Forever heart emoticon I love you LIV!!!!!!!