Black Butler Faustian Lenses

Consume a human’s soul after fulfilling any wish they may desire by signing them up to a Faustian contract. These demonic looking contact lenses will transform your eye into Ciel’s distinctive contract seal symbol.

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I was doing a project for Schréder near Revelstoke, BC. #2

This is a little set to put you in the mood of the place.
I still have a few other ones I will be posting individually.

** BTW, thanks for all the comments on the previous post. I love feedback, it’s the best way to understand how others see things (i think).

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MIC Righteous claims Zayn Malik is BANNED from releasing music for 2 years! | Unreality TV
Zayn Malik has found himself caught up in yet another media furore, after MIC Righteous leaked a song they recorded together online last night. The One Dir

Zayn Malik has found himself caught up in yet another media furore, after MIC Righteous leaked a song they recorded together online last night.

The One Direction star walked away from the X Factor band in March of this year and has spent many late nights in the studio with his best pal Naughty Boy, working on new material and songs for his first solo album.

However fans may have to wait two more years before they get to hear the bulk of the material, as MIC Righteous has claimed that his record label have BANNED any release for the next two years.

Malik negotiated his way out of his constrictive 1D contract, by signing a new deal with Sony and it seems that he’s paid for his departure by agreeing to delay his solo venture into the music industry.

Last night a cover of No Type featuring Zayn and Righteous was posted on SoundCloud and although Naughty Boy claimed it was stolen and leaked, MIC R revealed that he shared it and explained his reasons why.

In a long rant, which has since been deleted, he wrote: “Mental my own publisher gets my music removed from my soundcloud lol, that’s why I lost respect for them. F*** stepping on egg shells cos I wanna keep the label happy.. i ain’t signed i can do me..

“It just gets deep when they gotta lie like yutes to cover tracks.. i signed a deal with sony atv years ago and rejected a production deal off them around the same time cos of this exact reason.

“Zayn wants the tune out, he ask me to be on the song, shah (naughtyboy) told me that his label wont let him release any music for next two yrs.. so you know what I did? I did it for him, for you. And at the end of the day they cant say no to me, i work for the people not the industry.

The Contract

The contract is sealed when the words below are spoken aloud for all to hear, your signature applied to the page in blood drawn from your finger, and the book placed on the hands of Mianite.

By signing my name on this page I swear to in all circumstances uphold the agendas for Mianite provided he acts in the interest of Ruxomar’s prosperity and that of the multiverse, these conditions being interpreted by the majority populace. I acknowledge that while Mianite’s requests are issued sparingly, he may call on me to perform acts of arduous nature. I swear to perform those acts in interest of building Ruxomar and surrounding realms a future free of plague, famine, and threats native or foreign. I understand that my own requests of Mianite will be answered in accordance with said interests. I agree to these conditions in unyielding loyalty to cosmos wellbeing.

It shall also be known that I am still a devout follower of the Lady Ianite and that this agreement shall be considered a strategic partnership as opposed to that of me being a “follower of Mianite” as Jericho and Foxx would be considered.

Also, Mianite commits to use all possible efforts available to him and any means necessary to revive the Lady Ianite so that she will once again live. He will also use best efforts to restore her to full God status.

The same will also be done for Dianite.

The majority populace will also be defined as a meeting of all of the vocal minds in Ruxomar who may decide if a request is in the interests of the realm.

Also, looting X to be added to the scythe.

Also add welfare after prosperity.

Also, if the council of vocal Ruxomar residents deems 3 requests to not be in the interests of the realm, this contract is void. (Completed)