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disconnected, ch 21 coming tuesday

To put it bluntly, I wasn’t about to ask Niall Horan for assistance regarding contraception.

Going to a walk-in clinic or to my GP was a no go at this point with photographers camping outside of my house. I was uncertain of the lengths they would go tracking a girl Harry was romantically linked to, and I didn’t want images surfacing of me with a pharmaceutically branded paper bag that would, no doubt, raise suspicions and start rumours.

I also didn’t want to give Harry any sort of entitlement that he just had talk to me.
White evangelicals and contraception: reversal and revision redux

It has happened before and it may be happening again.

Just five years ago [in 2012 - C.] it would have been unthinkable for American evangelicals to rally against contraception. Religious opposition to contraception was strictly a Catholic thing and evangelicals, as Protestants, did not accept the baroque theological arguments supporting that Catholic teaching.

That has begun to change. White evangelicals have begun adopting Catholic language and Catholic teaching regarding contraception. This change has not occurred due to any new theological or biblical understanding, but due to a political change — due to white evangelical opposition to President Barack Obama.

This is deeply weird. Five years ago I would not have imagined that this strange development could even be possible. Five years ago, the very same white evangelicals now denouncing contraception could not themselves have imagined such a thing.

Yet here we are…

The transformation has begun. A radical, unexpected and total reversal of long-established evangelical ethics and doctrine is taking place before our very eyes…

It’s too soon to tell how this battle will end. If the anti-contraception side wins, we will see a radical, rapid, and once unimaginable reversal in evangelical ethics and doctrine due to nothing more than partisan political maneuvering.

But that radical ethical and doctrinal reversal will not be the really amazing thing. Far more amazing will be the Orwellian aftermath in which, 10 years from now, white evangelicals will pretend that they have always unanimously opposed contraception and they will seem unable to remember that it was ever otherwise, angrily denying that any change has taken place.

It has happened before and it may be happening again.

That last bit would indeed be referring to the current obsession with abortion in those circles. I remember when that was not the case, too.

Mostly sharing this anyway, because I know there are a lot of people here who are enough younger that this religious preoccupation in the US with interfering with everyone’s reproductive rights probably does just seem like the way things have probably always been by now. It really is not.

And it’s still kind of amazing how people who were that marginal even 25 years ago have gained enough political power to actually jeopardize people’s access to reproductive healthcare.

I'm so freaking angry about this

I have a contraceptive implant.

I’ve had it for nearly 2 weeks now. I rang my surgery on a Thursday and had a preliminary appointment for the following Monday. I spoke to the nurse who booked me in for an appointment on the following Friday.

I was prescribed the pill for one month as the impact takes a few days to kick in.
On Friday I turned up at the surgery and underwent a forty second injection whilst they placed the implant. Then I was free to go as long as I agreed to continue taking the pill until it ran out. Do you know how much I paid for the entire thing?

Absolutely nothing.

Why? Because the NHS footed my bill.

Now I’m finding out that, if I were an American citizen, the procedure could have cost me between $415 and $850 (£265-£544) just for the medication

What the fuck is wrong with you America?

Are your youths paid so much that a 19 year old can afford that amount of money in 1 week just by working a part time job?




life of a bisexual with a uterus

sex with another uterus: haha that was great let’s do this again sometime! *high five!*

sex with a peen: i’m gonna count the days till my next period, my contraceptive method has a 0.0000001% failure rate, that’s it, i’m pregnant, mom you’re gonna be a grandmother, oh wait there’s my period, but sometimes you can be pregnant AND still bleed, that’s it, i’m pregnant

Some Political beliefs I have not talked about enough and which you are welcome to ask me about (but maybe do some research first?):
Things that should happen immediately:
-free all drug offenders in jail or prison
-free all political prisoners
-close all private prisons, end all for-profit prison programs
-universal health care including contraceptives, abortion, gender reassignment
-job protection for all LGBTQIA etc people in all states
-disband all police forces as they currently exist; communities should form own local law enforcement
-withdraw all US forces from foreign countries with cooperation of local allies
-dramatic cuts in US military budget
-universal arts, history, comprehensive sex-positive sex ed in public schools
-all politicians earn $50,000/yr or less, are paid hourly, and start at minimum wage
-End all WTO and World Bank Operations
-National and International Public Works Projects, WPA-style but bigger
-disbanding of all corporations
-end all speculative financial trading
-provide high speed (Euro or Asia speeds) internet as a public utility
-guaranteed national income
-return NEA funding and scope to pre-1989 levels; resume funding of individual artists
-end all fossil fuel consumption by 2020
-Improve conditions for US residents to pre-1999 levels
-open borders
-end all for profit higher education

badbbry asked:

so what happens if a trans man with a functioning uterus gets pregnant but your "pro-life" is not allowing him to get an abortion but the pregnancy makes him extremely dysphoric and ultimately leads to his suicide, does this sound like something that is "pro-life" (this is just a scenario)

Well although this is one of my tougher scenarios because it hits closer to home and I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it.

I know I hesitantly accept abortion when the parents life is literally in danger from the pregnancy… but suicide is much more preventable than a maternal death and the chance that both can live is still there.

But first of all, this is something that is MOSTLY preventable with proper contraceptives…(Don’t attack me I did say mostly)

Secondly when facing suicide threats we’re once again shown the effects of an industry that brainwashes people into thinking killing is the only answer when there is so much else. A suicidal person needs professional help… they don’t need to kill.

(I felt really bad for this one but I can’t let my guard down because of my personal emotions. But if I knew a guy in this position I’d be the first to try and help both parent and child how I can)

susiediamonds replied to your post ““STOP HAVING KIDS IF YOU CANT AFFORD THEM!!” there are so many things…”

ok but really if you are in a position where you cannot afford to have a child you should not be getting pregnant/keeping the baby

that wasnt the point of my post but with growing limited access to abortion and effective contraception especially in red states some people are forced to have children. contraception and abortion are both expensive so this kind of logic is something that many poor people cannot abide by. there’s a reason that poorer families have more kids than rich ones, and this is it. so what are poor people to do? stop having sex? we all know that this isnt going to happen and solves NO problems whatsoever. this kind of rhetoric doesn’t solve any problems and demonizes and belittles poor people

anonymous asked:

Why should pregnancy be a punishment for sex? Having sex only for procreation is that what your advocating? Welcome to the future buddy but we have myriad contraceptives for every stage. Get with the times it's not 1600 you Puritan.

Top kek. Nice straw man there. That’s not what I said at all. What I said was: if you don’t think you’re capable of dealing with the responsibilities that sex entails, you should not be having it. Do you understand sex at all? It literally is the process of procreation.. You’re putting a penis in a vagina and poof 9 months later out comes a human child, that is if you don’t kill it first. To engage in something that could potentially produce life so lightly is exactly what I’m talking about..

Don’t get me wrong, sex is fucking awesome, but so is not having to take care of another human this early in my life. Be safe or don’t engage if you won’t see your actions through. I suppose I’m a Puritan though for advocating that people have some self control and take responsibility for their actions.

Thanks for taking time out of your day to share that.

Things I want to hear less from pro-choicers

  • I’m pro-choice but I think there should be a limit on the number of abortions someone can have.
  • I’m pro-choice but if someone didn’t use protection, they shouldn’t be allowed an abortion.
  • I’m pro-choice but I’m not pro-abortion.
  • I’m pro-choice but…

Things I want to hear more from pro-choicers

  • I’m pro-choice and I understand that everyone has their individual reasons for choosing abortion and it isn’t my place to decide whether their reason is acceptable or not.
  • I’m pro-choice and I understand that sometimes protection fails, and I’d really like to help that person find the best type of contraception that works for them.
  • I’m pro-choice and I’m pro-abortion because pro-abortion just means being pro-in favour of it existing as an option, not that I think it’s always the right choice for everyone. I’m pro-union too, but that doesn’t mean I think every person who works should be a union member because that’s not what pro- means.
  • I’m pro-choice but nothing. If you have to stick a “but” after “I’m pro-choice”, you aren’t pro-choice.



It’s a mission unlike any other. On June 27, a collective of European abortion advocacy groups say they’re going to send a drone out of Frankfurt and into the small border town of Slubice in Poland — and its cargo is a supply of abortion pills to distribute to local women. The drop is being organized in part by the Dutch nonprofit Women on Waves, which works to bring abortion services, contraception and counseling to areas with restrictive abortion laws.

The group “receives more than 10,000 emails a month from women across the world who cannot access safe abortions.”

Commentary: It's time to offer birth control pills over the counter

The science on this is clear: The pill is one of the best-studied medicines on the market today, and it’s certainly safe enough to be available without a prescription. Some women have conditions that might make it more risky to take the pill, but studies show that women can use simple checklists on their own to figure out whether the pill is right for them. 

Other research shows that women getting the pill over the counter stay on it longer than women getting it by prescription. Major medical societies, including the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Family Physicians, support OTC access to the pill.

So do women. Studies show they are very interested in getting over-the-counter access to birth control pills, including about a third of women who currently don’t use any birth control but are sexually active and don’t want to get pregnant. This suggests that the OTC pill could lead to more women using effective contraception, with fewer gaps in use, which could help reduce unintended pregnancies.

Read more.


replied to your post

“what if i can’t afford emergency contraceptive?”

All everyone talks about is Plan B. I didn’t realize until later there was a generic version 10 bucks cheaper One Step

I believe a lot of people refer to Plan B in the same way they refer to tissues as “kleenxes” even though that’s a brand name, not the name of the object.

And because of this, people aren’t aware there are generic equivalents or other options entirely (copper IUD).

This Princeton page has a good list and discussion on various forms of emergency contraception pills. I’ve also realized it has some tips on saving money purchasing it.

When Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced Canada’s commitment to maternal, newborn and child health five years ago, one of the first questions to him and then-international development minister Bev Oda was whether that would include family planning and abortion. It took Oda months to confirm that Canada would indeed allow its $2.85 billion in funding to be used for contraceptives. Abortion, however, was out of the question.

But in practice, only 1.4 per cent of Canada’s funding under the Muskoka Initiative — the name attached to the five-year plan to provide more money to save the lives of women and children — has gone to birth control. That works out to about four per cent of overall international aid provided by Canada.