contra mao

Picture shows Burde, a herder whose eyes were gouged out by his serf owner under the feudal system of “Dalai Lama” rule in Tibet.

The Dalai Lama, long promoted by western imperialism as enlightened, is a person opposed to Gay rights who fought a CIA funded contra war to re-impose his theocratic system of feudal slavery, chattel slavery, grinding poverty, lack of health care and education, and punishments for escaped slaves and communists that included removing people’s eyes and amputations of arms and legs. The Dalai Lama fought to bring that system back and continues to present it as some kind of heaven on Earth.

Despite problems with bureaucratic Stalinist rule, the socialist economy established in the 1949 Chinese Revolution brought great gains. In Tibet life expectancy doubled during Mao’s rule, illiteracy has been practically eliminated, and slavery was abolished. None of this was any thanks to the “enlightened” Dalai Lama, but only because the Dalai Lama’s religious feudal state was overthrown.

Today some claim that Buddhism is not a religion. Buddhism is a religion based on superstitions like reincarnation. In Tibet, that superstition was used to justify horrific slavery and grinding poverty under the Dalai Lama’s rule, with the claim made that people were slaves in this life for bad karma in a past life, but slaves working hard under that brutal feudal system would be able to come back as masters in the next life. In Burma, the Buddhist government has been carrying out genocide against Muslims. Buddhism is religion as brutal and stupid as all others. No religion belongs in government, and U.S. imperialism’s attempts to reimpose a feudal religious state on the people of Tibet through a contra war was one of its many crimes against humanity. Imperialist Hands Off Tibet! When is the Green Party going to correct it pro-imperialist position on Tibet?

-Steven Argue of the Revolutionary Tendency, Green Party of the United States