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Megane ✦ is downloadable from The Sims 4 Gallery under the username wondercarlotta8

Hair  Jacket  Shorts  Boots  Beret  Bra  Stockings  Choker  Piercings  Skin  Eyes  Eyebrow  Eyeshadow  Eyeliner  Face contour  Lips  Nails  Lashes

Poses by @dearkims (1) and @helgatisha (2-3) 

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fabrickind’s cosplay help masterlist


Here is a masterlist of my cosplay help posts and tutorials, broken down by type of cosplay help. This will be updated as I do more cosplay help.

Panels and Tutorials (the big stuff)

Fabric Choice for Cosplay
Foundation Garments for Cosplay
Planning Your Cosplay
Body Paint 101
How to Level Up Your Cosplay

How to write a cosplay help panel

Pearl (Steven Universe) Spear, Transparent and Lighted
Wig Tangle Prevention
Faux Cuffs and Collars
Bunnysuit Construction
Bunnysuit Patterning
Faux Fur Pompoms

Sewing and Fabric Craft

Stretch Applique Tips
Circle Skirt Hems
Quilting Rulers on Colored Fabric
Dyeing a Beaded Dress
Estimating Yardage
Sewing Knits
Squaring Cut Fabrics
Temperature and Fabric Choice
Basic Sash Tutorial
Determining fabric yardage from a mockup

Wigs, Hair, and Makeup

Arda Wigs Pros and Cons
Wearing a wig when you have a low hairline
Masculine Long Hair
Using Real Hair
Basic Cosplay Makeup
Adding Volume to Wigs
Contouring for different face shapes
Securing Very Long Wigs
Wearing Heavy Wigs

Foundation Garments

Preventing Cameltoe
Making shapewear
Preventing strapless bras from slipping
Making superhero briefs
Preventing bra show-through
Bra cup replacement

Props, Accessories, and Armor

Wearing Oversized Horns
Applying Rhinestones
Wizard staff process
Painting Edges
Lightweight Fabric Wings
Cage Skirts
Open Front Hoop Skirts


Condesce (Homestuck) breakdown
Roxy Lalonde ballgown (Homestuck) breakdowns: 1, 2
Yurio (Yuri on Ice) Agape outfit materials
Lady Oscar (The Rose of Versailles) materials
Pearl (Steven Universe) Wig Advice 1
Pearl (SU) Wig Advice 2
Pearl and Rainbow Quartz Gem Advice
Yuri Plisetsky Agape Writeup


Ice skates PSA

Fandom Culture, History, and Positivity

How cons have changed since 2003
Age, Careers, and Cosplay


Washing Cosplays
Preventing Fan Funk
Children, Cosplay, and Growth
Wearing a Catsuit
Making AU Designs
Cosplayer Cards
Wearing Hoop Skirts 1
Wearing Hoop Skirts 2
Tips for Con Newbies
Cosplay Contest Walkon Advice