what makes me really upset is when girls criticize other girls or when girls look down on themselves bcuz they think they don’t have the “perfect makeup skills” this is bs. if you have a passion for makeup, don’t let anyone take that away or tell you you’re bad. not every girl is going to create a perfect wing on their first try or understand contouring, or just be a professional makeup artist off the bat. hell, im still learning skills myself. its called practice and patience and time. all you girls (and boys) are beautiful and pls don’t be discouraged with your makeup skills because of someone else or if you just don’t feel confident because no matter what it’s gonna be great I promise. I know some things can be difficult and frustrating but I promise with time you can do it. I love you guys.

Any drag kings/cosplayers wondering how to contour masculine features

Look at Frank Grillo’s face.

This man is the perfect contouring reference for me.

His masculine-as-fuck pointy face hits all the points.

Look at where he has shadows. Look at where he has light. Paint that on your damn face.

Frank fucking Grillo