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I know this is awkward af but just got to say, that last gif of Remus. FUUUUUCCKKK. You look amazing! I want your stomach! Not in a creepy I want to eat your stomach like the Scotts eat haggis kind of way but like, HOW DO I LOOK LIKE THAT?!

(( OOC: It’s all an illusion. )) 


fucking christ I am sobbing

“If the men find out we can shapeshift, they’re going to tell the church!“


BEST Bronzers + Contour Powders for Dark Skin | Jasmine Mitchell


Hey guys!!! You requested a male contouring guide, so here it is!!! The steps will correspond with the photos!

1. Apply foundation. I use normal foundation for my skin tone on my face and then BB cream for under my eyes. Blend this with a beauty blender as shown.

2. Once your foundation is on, you can grab your contour/highlight duo

3. Apply contour to the face as shown (Its the darker one). Apply it to your jaw line, cheekbones, forehead, sides of nose, chin, and upper lip

4. Apply highlight as shown. This basically goes along the edges of your contour lines

5. Blend with a beauty blender and then you’re done!

What this does: it makes your face look a bit more square and rugged. It also casts a slight shadow on your lip and chin to imply there is facial hair. It can help you pass when combined with other passing techniques. It can also make you feel more masculine in general. Good luck and have fun!

(Also excuse my sink, I havnt bleached it yet from when I did my hair lmao)