contour lines and shapes

Reclining Woman in Studio. Sigmund Menkes (Polish/American, 1896-1986). Oil on canvas.

Early in his career his paintings exhibited a Fauvist aesthetic. Menkes’s creative stance was especially strongly influenced by the work of Henri Matisse. Women depicted in interiors were a frequent motif; their approximated shapes were surrounded by fluid, bending contour lines that at times broke free of the color areas they surrounded.

I wish I could save you.

I wish I could capture your smile in a photograph; the way it warms me from the inside, like warm, thick honey running through my veins, and the familiar, easy laugh lines that crinkle beside your eyes like tissue paper. 

I wish I could make a mold of your hand; the exact shape of it, every contour and line, a jigsaw piece carved to fit to mine, as if God designed our hands to find each other in this life and never let go.

I wish I could record the sound of your voice; just the sound of it, and the way it makes me breathe a little easier, every word thrumming with the tender truths of our love, our love, our love, our love.

I wish I could paint the colour of your eyes; a thousand different hues like the sky, vast and infinite, holding unspeakable things too heavy for one person to carry alone, though I cannot find a colour to match your stars.

I wish I could remember what it felt like when you held me. To feel safe, to feel like everything was a bit more possible, to feel as if my whole world was hanging from your fingertips.

I wish I could wrap the memory of you in a poem, that the scent and the sight and the sound and the feel and the taste of you could be laid to rest in a pretty string of words I hang on my wall like art.

I wish I could take all of these fragile pieces of you and wrap them in cotton wool.

I wish I could save you.


Remembering is harder than forgetting //

I. Song