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The predominance of romance in women’s literature is stunningly unrealistic. The assumption that most heroines would necessarily focus that much attention on their love lives is ridiculous, particularly in the modern world. Real women, even if they aren’t queens, have real problems: jobs to do; bills to pay; families to raise; domestic and sexual violence to worry about; sexism to combat; and sometimes racism, homophobia, and other forms of bigotry as well. When the average adult heroine pushes these real problems aside in favor of worrying about how to live happily ever after with her prince, I don’t find her admirable, nor do I find her a good role model. I am likewise offended when a heroine who is perfectly interesting on her own must be forced to couple up in order to hold the interest of a fantasy demographic. I love escapist literature, but the contours of escapism shouldn’t define the rules for every heroine out there. When potential editors ask me why my incredibly busy, stressed, and belabored queen can’t have a love life, something is wrong.
—  Erika Johansen - Why We Need “Ugly” Heroines

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Postmodern : Ever Changing, Fleeting, Positive, Nihilistic, “There are no simple concepts. Every concept has components and is defined by them. It therefore has a combination [chiffre]. It is a multiplicity, although not every multiplicity is conceptual… Not only do Descartes, Hegel, and Feuerbach not begin with the same concept, they do not have the same concept of beginning… Every concept has an irregular contour defined by the sum of its components, which is why, from Plato to Bergson, we find the idea of the concept being a matter of articulation, of cutting and cross-cutting. The concept is a whole because it totalizes its components, but it is a fragmentary whole. Only on this condition can it escape the mental chaos constantly threatening it, stalking it, trying to reabsorb it.” – Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, What is Philosophy?, pp. 15-16.

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What are some products for bronzing & contouring for dark skin? Most products are dark enough for contouring but what If i wanted to bronze (for the glowy look) and contour (for defined cheekbones)?

bronzers for dark skin:
makeup forever pro fusion bronzer
mac sun power
mac msf dark deep or dark deepest
guerlain terracotta bronzer no.7 or no.8
nyx matte bronzer
covergirl queen natural hue bronzer

contour products for dark skin:
abh contour cream kit in deep
sleek contour kit in medium or dark
mac pro longwear concealer
mac studio finish concealer


❤️Contour Made Easy ❤️
A quick demonstration on how to achieve a natural-looking yet defined contour on darker skin tones. I know it’s difficult for fellow brownies like myself to find a quick & easy way to contour because all the contour shades at the makeup stores are our actual skin tone 😂 Welp, not anymore!
I’m using @nyxcosmetics Wonder Stick in DEEP ❤️ it’s amazing you guys! You can literally draw on your contour however light or intense that you’d like, what’s better than that?! & It blends out super smooth & creamy 😍😋
It comes equipped with a highlighting and contour side in two different shades (I already highlight under my eyes & on the bridge of my nose prior to this video) to meet all your face-sculpting needs with one product!
I rate the Wonder Stick 5/5 Stars!
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 (purchased at @ultabeauty for $11.99)
All blending was done with a knock-off beauty blender from @icingstores. Enjoy💋

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