@hourglasscosmetics just released their foundation stuck in 26 different shades! I just received one through @influenster and I’m loving the coverage! 😍 #CocoaSwatches
We’ve got you covered!#Contour and #highlight with the NEW #VanishFoundation Stick by choosing two shades lighter than your base shade to highlight and two shades darker to contour. #VirtualSkinPerfection #hourglasscosmetics

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Join us live this Monday at 6:00PM eastern for ‘Boozy Beauty’!

In this new feature, Time Out New York’s Things to Do Editor Jennifer Picht and Photo Director Melissa Sinclair will be teaching you how to successfully create popular beauty trends even after you pre-gamed.


I’m ciara and I really like the idea of this meetup. come chat to me maybe? I post about twenty one pilots and phan and general aesthetic stuff so follow me for that shit

  • i don’t like my the fat that i have on my body but it’s okay bc it makes me softer and nicer to lie on
  • i don’t like that i’m short bc i feel so small next to everyone i know but it’s okay bc it means that people can rest their head on mine when they hug me 
  • i dont like my spots bc they make my face red and lumpy looking but it’s okay bc my cousin (she’s three) says they look like little rubies on my face
  • i don’t like my hair bc it’s greasy and sheds a lot but it’s okay bc people like to run their hands through it and tell me it’s soft
  • i don’t like my eyes bc they’re tired looking and have huge bags but it’s okay bc people say that they’re jealous that they’re such a bright blue

I’m not shitting on makeup or makeup artists because some people genuinely love & enjoy all that stuff, but you can’t tell me there’s nothing wrong with millions of young girls spending hundreds of dollars on makeup and getting up 2 hours early every morning contouring their face to look less like themselves and more like whoever is the latest standard of beauty