No other westernized, first world nation would ever put up with the hideous gun violence and mass shootings that America does. Let’s be honest about that.

*20 school children got murdered in under 5 minutes!*

The rest of the world’s reaction: “We have to do something! We need laws! We need more gun control!”

America: “Eh, well, you know, FREEDOM?!  The founding fathers! Also: Wayne LaPierre and the rest of the absurdly wealthy gun manufacturers who make up the NRA Board of Directors need that extra gun sales cash for their luxury yachts and caviar and whatnot.  

Hey, guys. European parents can send off their little kids to school without secretly wondering in the back of their minds if they’ll get killed by some nutjob with easy access to a bushmaster. 

Americans parents can’t. 

When he gets jealous (Avengers preference)

Pairings: Avengers x reader
Author notes:

  • It’s my first time writing preferences, sorry if this sucks.
  • Gifs are not mine

Steve Rogers: Well, Steve is such a gentleman and rarely loses his temper, but whenever a guy flirts, or basically talks to you he can’t help being furiously jealous. He never leaves your side and holds your waist with his strong arms, staring at his poor victim until he decides to leave.

Bruce Banner:
Bruce is really a quiet person, he always tries to contol his emotions since he absolutely doesn’t want to turn green, so even if he is jealous, he simply hides it at that very moment and waits for you two to be alone so that he can talk to you.

Thor: He’s Thor, he is worthy and everyone else just isn’t, so whenever a guy tries to flirt with you, he doesn’t lose his temper introducing himself as your boyfriend, and gladly watches the guy’s self-esteem going to pieces.

Clint Barton:
He’s a bastard, and this is one of the reasons why you love him, so when a guy goes too far with you he shoots an arrow right above his head, pretending it was a mistake and says things like “You should go away, next time you might not be this lucky." 

Tony Stark:
Tony is a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, pretty jealous man you would add. When he gets jealous there’s no way to stop his sarcasm, he practically destroys with words the guy in question and does it keeping his usual smirk on his face.

James "Bucky” Barnes:
Bucky is quite insecure, he thinks you deserve the best in life and he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to give it to you. For this reason, whenever a guy flirts with you, he becomes quiet and withdrawn, so you immediately notice something’s wrong with him and forget about the other boy, going straight to him to make sure he knows how much you love him. 

Pietro Maximoff:
Pietro is quite possessive when it comes to you, he doesn’t want anyone to look or talk to you in a non-proper way, so whenever another guy flirts with you, he runs straight to you and threatens him using some strange Russian words that you yourself don’t understand, but they do sound pretty intimidating.

Wanda Maximoff: Wanda always knows if someone is having malicious thoughts about you, so she wastes no time and walks up to you, wrapping her arms around you in order to make it clear that  you’re taken.

Natasha Romanoff: Natasha is, well, Natasha. She can’t help telling things the way they are, so whenever someone  flirts with you, she just tells him/her not to bother you and when you two are left alone she hungrily kisses you, whispering things like “Remember that you’re mine” 

Loki: Loki becomes dangerous whenever a guy flirts with you, he uses his magic tricks to make the boy drop in his own feet or to set his clothes on fire; obviously he never means to kill, he only means to maim, or seriously injure*.

*This is sort of a quote from Harry Potter, I do love Dobby!


Intro & Gold Forever - Final Gig

They put a union jack flag and the intro changed a little. They played an audio of like military men honouring the dead and the flag came down at half mast. Any UK fanmily knows where that audio is from? I feel like it’s something taken from history (and i suck at history, so). 

Half-mast is flying a flag below the summit of the flagpole (mast). In many countries this is seen as a symbol of respectmourning, or distress. - since Kevin tweeted asking for a union jack flag…i bet this is the crew’s idea…and a little something for the boys ;) 

Also, tissues. 





OOC: I’ve been away a few days, but now I’ll be back on answering your questions. Here I leave you with a fanart of Shinsou (one of my fav characters apart from Deku and Todo) I think the “punk rock” style suits him *3*.

I hope you like it!

Imagine you and Loki going on a mission, as part of the Avengers team. The enemy gains control over your body and makes you attack Loki. Loki refuses to fight you. You start crying and beg him to defend himself because, no matter how hard you try, you can’t control your body, but he doesn’t want to hurt you. You almost kill him, before the rest of the Avengers arrive and kill the enemy, thus ending your mind control.

Later, as Helen is patching him up, you come to his hospital room. The sight of him injured, bruised, and bandaged up breaks your heart. You feel guilty and apologize, but he’s just happy you’ve got your body back under your control. You call him stupid for refusing to defend himself, and he says that he would never lay a hand on you, even if it killed him. Which, as you readily point out, it almost did.

You promise to never hurt him again, and the two of you exchange kisses and emotional I love yous.

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