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I just saw your Fitzsimmons movie night Notting Hill drabble. Can I request a continuation where Jemma tells Daisy actually there first kiss was in the lab? Please? Thank you!

A contiunation from this drabble:

“Anna, how long are you planing to stay here in Britain?”

Julia Roberts looked back at the reporter, a smile grew on her glowing face. “Indefinitely,” she replied.

Notting Hill’s ending montage begun to play and Daisy’s gaze switched between Jemma and Fitz (who were still cuddling on the couch; Jemma resting against Fitz’s chest and their legs tangled together) and the joyous couple on screen—surprised to find more than one similarity between the two couples. The couple beside her seemed memorized by the happy ending montage, and Daisy swore she saw secret smiles on their’ faces, as if they were both in on a secret she knew nothing about…

A wedding played out on screen, and Jemma suck deeper into Fitz’s arms.

Huge Grant’s interlaced fingers with a pregnant Julia Roberts’, and Fitz’s fingers involuntary twitched on the side of Jemma’s stomach.

Daisy could hardly contain herself while she waited for the movie credits to roll. Once they did, she shot up from her casual (but sneaky) position that gave her perfect viewing of both her friends and the movie screen. She pointed out from the common area. “Ok. Get out Fitz!”

Slowly, Jemma moved out of Fitz’s arms. Once again, their quizzical looks mirrored each other’s. “Daisy? What—”

“You can’t kick me out!” Fitz sat up and protested. “This is a shared space.”  

“Hm-ho,” Daisy retorted and wiggled her pointed index finger. “Do I look like I care? Get out,” she repeated. “I need to talk to Jemma. Girl talk time.”

Fitz begrudgingly dragged his legs down from the couch to the floor. “Jemma doesn’t girl talk…What even is girl talk? Have you two ever had girl talk?” He looked between the two women for answers, receiving none.

“Ah, Fitz…” Daisy gloated. “Wouldn’t you like to know…”

His brow furrow at the comment and then smoothed. “Alright. Whatever. But just so you know,” he pushed himself up from the couch. “She’s gonna tell me everything you say anyway.”

“OoOo,” Daisy’s eyes twinkled at him. “I’d planned on it.”

Fitz’s brow pitched again before turning back to give Jemma a quick kiss. A tiny squeal came from Daisy as she watched their kiss, causing Fitz’s to blush and be unable to turn back at her before leaving.

Jemma, in turn, starred at Daisy in utter confusion. “What the hell was that about?”

“Shhh!” Daisy waved at her, watching Fitz walk down the hall through the window. “Not yet.”

“Daisy.” She insisted. “Come on…”

When Daisy finally did redirect her attention to Jemma, she bounced crossed-legged on the couch, a knowing smile brightening her face.

“Are you pregnant?!?”

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Live video cr@p...

Thank you all, girls and boys, children of all ages for your lovely comments. It really makes me happy that you enjoyed this silliness.

It almost hurts a bit to say that of course doing this all also serves a bit of a serious purpose. There are some bigger, less nonsensical reasons behind that - yes, I know: booooring. I don’t want to give away too much (yet), but I have been testing various ways to indeed go live on Tumblr.
It seems that the service I was using so far (”Upclose”) didn`t work for everyone. In particular there seem to be issues with Firefox (no playing at all), and Chrome (stopping at a certain point in time) on Windows. Playing via apps seemed to have worked on both, iOS and Android.

So… the testing will contiune, and until I have found a reliable way to ensure a smooth streaming experience (haha) prepare for more cr@p ;) I have enough suggestions for future readings from all of you, so thank you for that as well! And no, Paul @babalou71! No!

(I’m gravitating towards YouTube btw and already enabled the streaming feature which would allow me to do a live stream together with one or more of YOU out there - ha! How about that?!)


{Closed Starter for @pinkringlets }

Hands in pockets the devil looked up at the sky. Tonight his journal brought him to the place called the beach. What a strange name that humans use. Not one to judge the male day down on the sand, curiosity taking over him as he scooped up the sand. Playing with it in his hand before gently letting it fall from his hand.

Looking up he watched the stars silently as he let his tail curl up on his hand. It was a strange little world than his on. Either way it didn’t seem to matter to the devil. Enjoying the peace for once he contiuned to watch the stars twinkle in the sky.

Take Care. Good Luck.

I’ve decided I’m quitting Tower Of Despair. There are a lot conflicts between myself and the mods about game play. Firstly, there’s no mistrials, which makes no sense because it’s the basis of the game, to try and mistrial to graduate. Kill someone, get away with it, graduate. That’s the basic concept of DR.

Another issue, the murderer will always die alongside the victim no matter what BECAUSE there are no mistrials because ‘otherwise how would the game contiune. two people minimum die per chapter die. the victim[s] & murderer.’, direct quote. So if you app as murderer, you’re sacrificing your character to die along with whoever you’re killing that week. It doesn’t say this in the rules, but I have proof of this conversation.

They decided to kill off their MM instead of either;

A) picking the second offered victim in their murder app, since when you app to murder someone, you have to pick TWO victims, not just one, as stated in the rules and on the application.

Or B) sacrificing one of their two mod characters to be murdered first, which is what mods in other games do to give their players a chance to actually play in the game passed chapter 1. They refuted this, insisting that ‘We’ve never seen a mod sacrifice their own oc first chapter. We were only going to sacrifice our characters if no one applied, one of ours or randomised depending.’, direct quote. I’ve never heard of or seen a game where first victim wasn’t either an inactive player, a player who needed to drop at the beginning of the game and offered their character as first blood, or a mod’s character. Or, if the player offered to be first blood, the mod wasn’t first murderer.

I’ve modded and helped assist friends who’ve modded games no less than 4 times now. I’ve been playing in DR rps since Doubt 2, so I have plenty of experience in several different types of games and game plays. It’s the duty of a mod to communicate with their players and keep the game organized. If mods don’t talk to their players about plot related content or muns having issues with other muns, they aren’t doing their job. It’s the job of a mod to make sure the game runs smoothly for their players and, tbqh, keep their MM alive until the end of the game.

Otherwise, what’s the point in having an MM? They didn’t communicate with me about plot involving Etsuko, who is, or was, MM. We had a chat for plot related conversations and it’s been two weeks and neither have even tried to talk to me about their plans to work alongside Etsuko’s backstory and my idea for why she’s MM in the first place. They also forgot the main plot point as to WHY Etsuko was picked as MM in the first place when I asked a question involving the first motive.

They claimed I was inactive in the first week of the rp and threatened to take MM away from me. When I explained why, that I have a 12-8 job that is very physically taxing and that in passed rps, I was told not to reply beyond 3 or 4 threads, they seemed to understand and, after the situation was fixed and a solution agreed upon, they dropped the subject. But recently, they claim I was ‘hostile’ about the subject, and when I brought up that their modding methods were rather unfair and unheard of, they generalized every person I’ve ever modded with or been modded under, saying that ‘Well other mods told you not to rp as much or speak to other people in rps. So,,,,’, direct quote.

I never once said mods told me not to speak to other people in rps. I said, and I quote, ‘Most rps I’ve been in have told me to reel back on talking to a lot of players to prevent things like metagaming. That’s why I usually only reply to people who’ve replied to my open. I’m going to reply to other opens now that you seem to have a different outlook on how players interact.’, players being muses, not muns. And their reply to this was ‘Also mods who told you to not speak to other people in rps are fucking stupid and bad mods.’, direct quote.

In conclusion, I hold no ill will towards any of my fellow players. I enjoyed playing with all of your characters while I had the chance and look forward to maybe playing with you again in future games. It’s just the mods seem to think that being honest and upfront about my concerns is ‘hostile’ and 'aggressive’ attitude. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the game and good luck finding the new MM.

To my MM successor, give ‘em hell.

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love your w.i.t.c.h. art!

thank you so so much! i’m planning to contiune it! i’ve already have done Will and Irma sketches and i’m colouring the Cornelia one. i think i will do Elyon and Orube versions if i come up with some fashion ideas for them. if you have any suggestions feel free to send me a message about it :) 

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...So, did you find that so crucial Just Debout moment while you were, or were not, scrutinizing these videos? :) And welcome back in the fiery pit of hell, where your vessels are instantaneously clogged and cynism and bitterness are your irremovable evolution. :) (If it was for exams, I hope they went well!)

I think it was towards the end in the semi-final 2011 where they were up against Lil'O and Tyger B. I’ll post a video of the moment after answering this ask.
I’m not entirely sure it is the one though. Larry does go like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and then sits down on the floor but I would’ve thought he’d look more hurt or pissed off. He actually just contiuned fanboying from a distance after Lau supposedly told him to back off. But then again the whole of Juste Debout 2011 was one big twinning and bromance event and Larry’s round immediately before that crucial moment was the one where they had the legendary ‘telepathy moment’ so it’s understandable Lau needed some space after that. Which makes Larry still being salty about it after all those years even more hilarious.
(And thank you very much yes it was for exams and I still have some more of them coming up in the beginning of September so I’m still not gonna be online as much as I used to be)