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continuouslyme replied to your post: a friend of mine told me she JUST found out I…

Same thing happens with me, except everyone thinks I’m straight.

why are people so obsessed with sexuality


maybe say “hey do you like boys/girls/androgynes/whatever I am?” because seriously what business is it of others

the only reason someone needs to know your sexuality is if

  1. you tell them because you’re friends and talking to friends is cool
  2. they want to date you
  3. they want someone else to date you and they want to make sure you’re okay with it but in that case they should maybe just ask about the person

otherwise honestly just who cares

continuouslyme replied to your post: continuouslyme replied to your post: Stop with the…

It would be okay if someone like, stood up and said that they were being ignorant, but no one did. And it makes it hard to tell if he’s really trans*, or if he just has an alter ego or whatever. Because he isn’t really upset about it.

It’s unclear whether or not he’s trans* but regardless, calling them he/she is really rude, I don’t think they were called he/she to their face, if they did and brushed it off it would’ve been different.

But…eh, Glee being tactless and stupid as usual, not surprised.