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1. Name of your muse.

  • Felix Alexius

2. One picture you like of your muse’s fc.

3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone.

  • That Felix and the Hero of Ferelden went into the deep roads to find the Architect, in order to find a cure for the blight. Felix had originally resigned to his fate of dying from the taint, but Amell was able to convince him to take part in her expedition for the greater good. He thought that if him being experimented on would save others from dying, he would help no matter the cost. (His father extending his life, most likely through blood magic, made him a rarity of those afflicted with the blight, and the Architect was able to come up with a cure using his blood) Him and the Architect get along surprisingly well.
  • That he was actually worried quite a bit about getting married and having an heir to continue the family line. He was willing to marry whoever was necessary to further their influence, and would make the best of it. 

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time.

  • He likes to go fishing, especially out on a boat.
  • He likes to garden, especially herbs and plants for medicinal/magical purposes. It keeps his hands busy, and they can be used to help others. (Although he secretly does love flowers)
  • He loves to cook and bake, but is terrible at it. It’s not for want of trying, at least, and he tries to practice as much as he can.

5. Four people that your muse loves ( no specific order ).

6. Three fond childhood memories.

  1. Passing his first practical exam at the circle, he was worried sick and so nervous he thought he might pass out. Seeing his parents smiling in the crowd made him happy.
  2. Discovering he had magic. Most children in the Imperium have their magical abilities awaken quite early in life (like, toddler early) or never at all, but Felix was a “late bloomer”, so to speak. Seeing his parents crying for joy that he had magic is something that makes him proud.
  3. Gardening with his mother.

7. Two things your muse regrets.

  1. Not saving his mother, not dying instead of her, her taking the hit for him so he could live, seeing her die in his arms; you get the point.
  2. Not turning against his father earlier on. He thinks that if he had told his father what he was doing was wrong wrong, tried to make him understand that he doesn’t need to go through so much for him, that things might have turned out differently. He really regrets seeing his father suffer so much for his sake.

8. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change.

His father is the only person he has left, and he would do anything to protect him. 

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