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I agree that OL the show can't be the same as the books. Also agree with Ron Moore that OL had to evolve beyond "courtship romanticism" if it is to be a successful series. In S2, he presented a troubled marriage (heat was minimal and offscreen) and brought the political thriller to the fore. Given the way the season progressed, what do you forecast for S3 re the J/C relationship and the story? Will it continue along the lines of an adventure rather than a romance? What would you like to see?


Very interesting question, anon.

I think that Voyager will be more along the lines of a swashbuckling romance. In fact, the romance that Claire reads over and over in the duty room is a broader version of Voyager. Forgetting the moments the beats of intense drama such as the reunion, the fire, the kidnapping of Ian, the appearance of Laoghaire, murder at the governors ball, etc., there are a lot of things that Voyager has in common with a swashbuckler,

While DIA was somber (which is really what most people object to about it, in my opinion), Voyager has many more happier and more lighthearted moments. And, in general, it is more fun than DIA. There is also no hesitancy about the relationship between Claire and Jamie since they have spent 20 years longing for each other. Moreover, there are many happy moments of lovemaking.

Personally, I find that a lot of the shipboard stuff goes on too long for my taste, and I was happy to hear that they are going to confine that to a single episode. However, that leaves me with questions about the other sea voyages that occur, such as the one to get to Hispaniola as well as their escape from there in the hurricane. I think that the hurricane has to happen because their arrival in Georgia couldn’t really happen any other way.

What I would like to see in S3 is for the fun to be restored to the franchise. In my opinion, while the somber quality of S2 was necessary, it wasn’t as engaging as S1 had been. And the relationship between Claire and Jamie, while not the sole focus of the show, has to regain a kind of primacy in Voyager. Yes, there are a lot of serious things going on too, but despite that, I would like to see positive emotion restored to the show.

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On Twitter I see the blacklist might be cancelled. Did you see that? I am very scared rn!!!!

Hi Anon, thanks for the question. I believe this is the article you’re referring to  

Yes, I did see it and I am also concerned. But I’ve been concerned for well over a year now that our show will be cancelled. This article is just confirming what a LOT of viewers are already seeing and have been calling out the show runners and producers on for a very long time. Numbers are down over 50% from Season One. We have repeatedly asked TPTB why they are continuing story lines that the viewers have zero interest in. All they say is ‘the numbers are good, no need to worry. We’re not going anywhere’, etc. Really? The numbers are NOT good!!

Viewers are angry. Viewers are leaving in droves over a continued story line that highlights one character at the expense of all others - even James Spader. The star of his own show had to have scenes cut to allow one character to have more screen time, and that has angered so many people. Even if the story lines improve after the said character is off to the spin off, viewers who left probably won’t come back. The damage is done. 

IF we get a Season 5, they’d better tie up all the loose ends, because this ship is sinking and I doubt it will come up for air for a Season 6. And that will anger and disappoint me so much. This show had it all. Brilliant writing and story lines, until they dropped it all to showcase one actor and character who didn’t earn it. So as you said, I too am also scared we only have a limited window left in which to watch our beloved characters. And then I will feel like Red here…

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