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s&s1: Law of Universal Gravitation
s&s3: Couples and Moments
s&s4: The Benefits of Hugging
s&s5: The Second Law of Thermodynamics
s&s6: Power Law

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Crash Course Physics returns to the subject of fluids with their video on fluid dynamics. They stick with ideal fluids (i.e. incompressible, inviscid, laminar flows) for simplicity and cover some of the basics by discussing conservation of mass (also called continuity) and a simple form of Bernoulli’s equation. Despite keeping things basic, the video does a nice job introducing these topics; I especially like that they explain Bernoulli’s equation as a form of conservation of energy. Sometimes it’s easy to let the terminology in fluid dynamics mask the fact that the equations we use are just alternative forms of the classical equations for conserving mass, momentum, and energy. As with their fluids at rest video, the information is densely packed, so expect to pause and rewind. (Video credit: Crash Course)

No Promises | Oh Sehun

Genre Fluff, (Accidental)Angst

Word Count1.6k

SummaryIn which the popular Sehun asks for help with homework and gets your number and ends up falling for you as he spends time with you in classes

High School AU


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The desperate pleading look in his eyes did nothing but annoy the hell out of you, but that was definitely not something that stopped him from staring at you. His request was something that you had received multiple times in the past –and you had rejected mind you- but his constant efforts never came to a stop as he kept claiming how much help he needed for his Chemistry and Biology assignments.

“Sehun stop following me, I said no!” You whisper-exclaimed, rolling your eyes at the constant pout he had on his face as he leant against the bookshelf.

“But whyyy? It’s not as if you have crazy plans throughout the week. I’m cancelling all of mine for you by the way…” He proudly admitted, causing your annoyance to turn into enragement at his smug comments. You huffed out and grabbed the first book you could find, before quickly making your way to the table, with him shadowing your actions of course. You sat down at one of the long mahogany tables and opened the mystery book you hadn’t even managed to open yet, before he plopped down next to you and opened his book. “Come on Y/N… You’re the only girl in our year that has finished all of your revision to have time to tutor me!” He reasoned and you sighed snapping your head in his direction.

“Why do you need a girl anyway? Ask Junmyeon or something!” You hissed turning a page and cringed at the other long whinge he let out in the almost silent library.

“Come on, you’re making it sound like I’m a nightmare” He cried, making your eyes widen at how loud he was being. You had been close friends with Sehun for the duration of your past high school years so you were accustomed to how annoying he may have been, but that wasn’t the reason you refused to tutor him.

“Hmm… Spending my last few weeks of school with the school playboy who would do almost anything to get into my pants, or sit here reading a book I have no interest in whatsoever. The second option sounds weirdly appealing don’t you think?” You sassed, slamming your book shut and turning to him.

“Okay now that I’ve experienced you daily dose of sarcasm. Please can we make some kind of deal through which we both benefit?” He offered causing you to perk up and finally give him the satisfaction of your full attention.

“I’m listening” You prompted. He went onto explaining how much help he actually needed with his final exams and how hard he would try to spend as little time with you as possible if you agreed. In exchange of your sessions, he offered to be your chauffeur for the next few weeks – for dropping you off to school, taking you places and whatnot- since he knew that you usually walk to school. As tempting as the offer sounded, you were still weary of the fact that you might develop feelings for him. Regardless of how stupid the decision was, you agreed to be his tutor as long as it would stop him from following you around and begging for tuition.

“Great, now give me your phone” He beamed, and you cocked your head to the side in confusion.

“What would you need that for exactly?” You asked, pulling it out anyway because saying no to him wasn’t something you wanted to deal with right now.

“So I can put my number in and we can beautiful midnight conversations about how much you love me and so on.” He explained half-genuinely, typing in his digits and handing you back the device before getting up to leave. “Meet me at the Chemistry lab after school? For our tuition…” He offered, wriggling his eyebrows, causing you to raise yours in surprise.

“Oh Sehun you are not trying anything on me, or else I’ll leave you to fail your high school finals” You threatened, igniting a childish giggle from him as he walked out of the library.

“No promises” He winked, leaning against the door frame before waltzing out into the hallways. You felt stupid for choosing to agree to this; not because he was already beginning to annoy the living hell out of you, because his wink caused butterflies to erupt in your stomach. The next few weeks were set to be an event.

Sat at the large chemistry desks in the lab, you continued to explain multiple equations to him providing examples as well, but nothing seemed to be getting through his head. You figured that it was mostly because the only thing he seemed to be staring at was you, so you decided to call him out.

“Stop” You breathed, looking over at him to find that his eyes were now trained on your slightly red-lip balm tinted lips. You rolled your eyes at how long it took you to actually get him back out of his own world. “Sehun you’ve zoned out at least ten times in the past hour. Are you sure that the only reason you picked me was that I finished all of my revision? Or are you using this as an excuse to get me alone with you so you-” You were cut silent from your little rant by him suddenly grabbing your shoulders to make you stare into his strong eyes. Your eyes widened at the sudden intimate distance between the two of you, but you were too shocked to say anything.

“Listen. You know I’m not that kind of guy and I would never try anything like that, especially with you” He quickly defended, slowly releasing your shoulders. You slowly let go of a breath you didn’t know you held onto before you slowly looked down to the books in embarrassment of what you had just said. The title of School Playboy did initially start as a joke because he’d dated and broken up with five different girls in the space of three months, but everyone knew that the break ups happened because of mutual problems not Sehun’s interests. But it seemed to be the only thing you had to hold against him because under that usual cold demeanour he held, he was one of the sweetest most caring guys you’d ever met. But you never wanted to be caught dead having feelings for one of the most popular guys at school, mostly because you had no faith in you two being a thing. I mean the amount of more attractive -in your eyes at least- girls who liked Sehun were uncountable, so why bother with liking someone who’d never see you in that way?

“Sehun I’m sorry, I just- I uh don’t know. I can’t explain myself without embarrassing myself so um, I’ll just leave” You hastily stood up, muttering and beginning to gather your things but you were stopped when you felt the warmth of his hand taking a hold of yours. You slowly trailed your gaze up to meet with his now warm eyes, now trying to calm you down from your flustered state.

“Y/N I’m sorry if I ever put those thoughts into your head, but the real reason I haven’t been able to find anyone to tutor me is because no one trusts me enough to be in the same room with me anymore. You were the only one who knew me well enough to not think that so I asked you, plus you’re the smartest person I know so… I’m just stupid I guess-” You stopped him from badmouthing himself further by taking his head between your small hands and slowly pressing your lips against his. The sudden kiss seemed to take him by surprise but before you could pull away out of embarrassment, he slowly tugged at your waist and began to return the kiss. Your lips brushed against each other’s delicately as you gently played with the collar of his school shirt, whilst his hands stayed firmly on your hips; not wanting to move down further without your consent. Slowly pulling away from his lips but keeping your arms hooked around his neck, you stared at his now lightly reddened lips and cheeks, waiting for someone to break the silence.

 “Well just because I promised not to try anything, doesn’t mean you can suddenly surprise me with kisses” He joked, playing with the ends of your uniform jumper as you continued to blush at your actions. “Now, tell me how long you’ve liked me Miss Y/L/N” He demanded, causing your eyes to widen before lightly smacking him for being so blatant. It took a bit of convincing before you eventually admitted to having feelings for him, but you decided not to tell him why you didn’t ever act on those feelings.

“So that’s it can we please get back to studying now?” You requested, desperately trying to escape from the embarrassment of pouring your heart out to someone who probably didn’t even like you that way.

“So why was I not made aware of the fact that a girl that I’ve liked for so long likes me back?” He asked you, sounding almost genuine. The rest of your session consisted of constantly teasing each other about how you’d had moments where you struggled to hide your feelings for each other. Well his confession wasn’t exactly something were expecting, but it was definitely something you had long awaited…

A/N: The request was originally for a fluff but my depressing ass put some angst into it and I don’t even know anymore… I hope the requester liked this, thank you so much for supporting me and reading my work. Later Loves

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she reminds him of someone. he can’t pinpoint who, but logically it should be his mother. she doesn’t quite look like her though, with her rounder eyes and her wider forehead, and her wild temper is completely wrong. he doesn’t know how they’re related, but her sharingan – underdeveloped as it may be – seems to glow in the darkness of madara’s hideout, and sasuke finds himself strangely protective of this lost, little girl.

“i want to go home,” she whines.

madara doesn’t imprison her per se, but it’s clear she isn’t allowed to leave. not until they know who she is and where she came from.

sasuke crosses his arms and leans against the wall. he watches as she paces, muttering under her breath and then running a hand through her cropped black hair. he hears a sniffle and almost sighs. he doubts she’d actually cry in front of him, but then she shifts her glasses and quickly swipes at her eyes and her cheeks and whimpers for her mother. 

it’s clear she’s talking to herself, because she slips down to the floor and draws in her knees and begins to weep softly. 

“stop that,” sasuke orders, uncomfortable and almost a little embarrassed for her.

“no!” she tries to yell. she aims for fierce but only ends up sounding like the child she is. 

he’s not really sure how old she is, but he thinks she might be eleven – twelve, at most. he thinks back to himself five years ago. he never would have cried in front of a stranger for his mother like this. 

sasuke nears her like she’s a wounded animal that may lash out. she watches him, wary that he might hurt her, but instead he finds himself patting her shoulder much like itachi used to do for him when he was a boy. it doesn’t seem to help her, but it certainly doesn’t make her cry more, so sasuke continues until she finally shuts up.

“how annoying,” he mutters. 

she sniffs and manages a half-hearted scowl. “you’re annoying!”

her sharingan is different

this is the first thing that madara had relayed to him when they interrogated the child. she seems immune to any manipulation and mind extraction done by their doujutsu.

(sasuke couldn’t explain the sudden burst of relief that he woke up to her soft cries of kaachan, than to her screams )

madara treats her fairly, even if she’s their current prisoner in the lair. she’s a genin-level ninja, and it’s very apparent that she recently graduated from konoha.

but war is imminent, and he heard that nations and villages have been dissolved to unite against madara. surely, academy trainings and qualifying exams have been dissolved.  

it’s the third day, when he sits again besides her desk, where blank scrolls and mid-level shuriken trajectory notes were scattered along with brushes and pens, the candle light lights up the dark of her hair, playing shadows across her face, and the realization hits him like a punch.

the reason for his need to protect this girl.

(sarada, he commits her name to memory, the only thing that they have gotten out from her)

sarada is…

“you’re family.”

“duh.” she continues to scribble her equations, rolling her eyes at this monumental truth.  "we are family, sa-“ she breathes deeply, bracing herself. “sasuke-san.”

he slowly scrutinizes her, small and defiant, mouth in that familiar frown, returns his gaze without any fear at all.

“you know me.”

the girl huffs impatiently, and turns back to her paper, striking a harsh line on a wrong equation. she’s obviously bored.

“who doesn’t?” she tries to sound petulant, but she’s smiling like she knows a funny, little secret.    

sasuke hates secrets. he deeply hates not knowing anything. but when she ignores him in frustration for not getting the answer right, he silently points the variable she missed.

she glares, and tries to wave him out of the room.

what disturbs him is how casual this is to her; sarada doesn’t hesitate to prod and sass back to him.

he’s not sure how to handle this.

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Laurel and her Decisions.

When Laurel wanted to tell her father that Oliver was The Arrow, I let it slide. Her father had gotten beaten up and she wanted him out. She wanted her father out and she didn’t think about the consequences of revealing that secret. At that point,she knew or suspected that Sara was the woman in black. She knew that the woman in black was often seen in the company of The Arrow. Revealing that Oliver is The Arrow would mean that Sara would be in the crosshairs of the SCPD. But if she didn’t get her father out, he may be killed; at that point, I loved Papa Lance so I let that go.

Keeping Sara’s death a secret from her father, I had to let that go because it was the first step in her journey to the Black Canary and the Black Canary had to exist if Oliver was ever going to be able to have balance in his life. Letting it slide started to become difficult when Laurel continued to keep Sara’s death a secret for more than a week. When she realized that finding Sara’s killer was not going to be as straightforward as they thought, she should have told her father. The decision to wait so long to tell him and not let him know that it was her decision not to tell him made things difficult for the team, which she has yet to apologize for. To both the team and her father.

Stealing her sister’s suit and going out and fighting It never occurred to her that her actions would be reported to her father, a Captain in the local police department. This escalated to the point she had Felicity distorting her voice so that she would sound like Sara and therefore making Felicity and the team complicit in her lies. Yeah, brilliant decision.

What was the last straw for me was not only did she not tell Nyssa that Oliver accepted her father’s offer for three weeks, it is because of this that Nyssa is in Starling City when Oliver comes for her. Her reason for not telling her, basically she didn’t want to lose her one connection to her sister. It was Laurel who demanded that they protect Nyssa, that said that if they aren’t going to do it, she will do it herself. In protecting Nyssa, Oliver was forced to kidnap Lyla. Yes, forced because Oliver had two choices: he could attack them with the force of the League of Assassins or he could kidnap Lyla and force Diggle to give up Nyssa. Here’s the thing, if they had stayed out of the way, if they had listened to Nyssa and stayed out of it, Lyla wouldn’t have been kidnapped.

My brother and I argued about this. He believes that Nyssa only agreed to be handed over to Oliver because Lyla was kidnapped. I disagree. I believe that Nyssa went to the rooftop where Sara died to wait on Oliver. I believe that if Oliver had been able to beat her in a fight that she would have gone with him. This is Nyssa Al Ghul, Heir to the Demon (former), there was no way in hell that Oliver was going to be able to take her in without besting her in a fight. Think about it, he is supposed to be taking her position as Heir, he should be able to beat her and if he can’t he is not worthy to be the Heir. She decided to be exchanged for Lyla because when they had arrived to protect her, Oliver had beaten her.

Now she is taking Sara’s body to Nanda Parbat to resurrect her. She has seen the effects in Thea, she isn’t 100% sure that the LoA would know how to fix what is wrong. Nyssa doesn’t want her to do it, the one other person who would want Sara back as much as Laurel, does not want her to do it. Nyssa, who knows more about what happens to people who go into the pit, doesn’t want to bring back the love of her life, you really should listen to her. You are telling me that you don’t think that Nyssa has thought about this before? Laurel is been told not to do by the one person she would have expected to agree with her and this doesn’t stop her?

I know people have said that Laurel is being a big sister but I call bullshit on that. Being a big sister is about doing what is best for your younger sibling. You cannot tell me that taking the risk that bringing Sara back and her being crazy is what is best for Sara. Even if Sara can be cured of her crazy from the LP but what about the normal crazy that will occur when she realizes that she has a year missing. Imagine having to deal with having no memory for a year and not because you can’t recover the memory but because there is no memory to recover. Because you were dead, wrap your mind around that. 

Another thing to consider, Thea attacked Oliver when she first came out and she has been unstable since. It took Laurel and Diggle to pull Thea off of Oliver. Sara is a lot more dangerous than Thea and it will probably take a lot more to subdue her . Why she is risking exposing Star City to a mentally unstable version of Sara? Simply, because she wants her sister back. Oliver got to get Thea back so she should be able to get Sara back.

It amazes me that she sees the consequences of that decision, she has seen the effect has had on Thea and somehow she arrogantly thinks it will be different for her. Does she actually think that Sara is going to be thanking her for bringing her back to be crazy?

Being a hero is not only about tracking down the bad guys and stopping them, being able to fight well. It is about the sacrifices that you have to make. It is about forgetting what you want and to think about what is best for the greater good. It is also about thinking about your actions and the consequences, do a risk/benefit analysis about the action you are about to take. 

Laurel’s road to Black Canary has been paved with selfish decisions, decisions which were made without any thought to consequences. Laurel is the only character who has actively wanted to have this life as a masked vigilante. Oliver did out of obligation to fulfil the promise he made to his father, Diggle is doing it because as a former solider, he knows no other life that gives him that kind of purpose, Roy grew up on the streets and had to fight to survive and was inject with Mirakuru, Thea was taught by Malcolm how to become a weapon. Sara was a former member of the League of Assassins who grew tired of killing but couldn’t leave that life behind.

In the premiere of S3, Laurel arranged for there to be a press conference so that The Arrow can be publicly thanked. Oliver never expected that and that wasn’t the reason she did it. But remember the finale episodes of S2, with those people calling Sara a hero. Laurel wants that. Laurel sees the glamorous side of vigilantism, she sees the fighting ability, she sees the end results. She hardly sees the internal trauma of what they do, she doesn’t see the sacrifices that they have to make every day. She doesn’t see that the amount of pressure that being a vigilante will put on you, that it doesn’t matter how many times you save the city or how many lives you save, it will always be about the number of times you didn’t save the city or how many lives you took or failed to save.

That life is not easy, it is a calling and it is not something that you wish on someone else. The thing that annoys me the most about this storyline that they have given Laurel is that she has no motivation to be Black Canary. Yes, Sara died and that was the trigger but it isn’t the motivation. We can’t say that Sara had been secretly training Laurel believing that since she was so close to the danger she should be able to hold her own. Or that Sara died protecting Laurel and she feels obligated to carry on her legacy because it is because of her that Sara isn’t here anymore. We haven’t seen Sara indicate in any way (the magical jacket ceremony doesn’t count) that she would approve of her joining the team in any way other than as an ADA.

There is nothing in this storyline that would explain why a lawyer who supposedly loves the law would be motivated to believe that the law isn’t enough and that SHE must become a vigilante. As it stands, she has seen enough that she will not object to working with Team Arrow but there isn’t enough explanation as why it is necessary for her to be a vigilante. 

I am hoping that we find out her motivation when she has to explain to Sara why she took the mantle of the Canary and became the Black Canary.

#74. Gods, you just wanted to drag your nails down his back and tangle your fingers in his hair.

Teen Wolf: Stiles Stilinski

You had this really big test that needed lots of focus and concentration and who’s better to help with that then the smartest kid in school who also happens to be your boyfriend.

You two were currently on your bed on your stomachs working.

“So when you put X on this side it would give you a decimal that adds up…” Stiles explained.

You stopped listening to take a second and admire the view. He looked so sexy with his hair messed up and beautiful eyes that you were indubitably in love with him.

Gods, you just wanted to drag your nails down his back and tangle your fingers in his hair.

“Stiles” You say.

“Yeah?” He continued to look down and solve the equation.

“Stiles, look at me” You lift his face to meet your eyes.

“I love you,” You look into his hazelnut eyes and melted. “I just really wanted to say, with everything going on and…”

“I love you too Y/N,” Stiles looked at you and within seconds your lips were attached.

Within in moments he pulled away.

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“Why did you do that? I thought we had a nice thing going here,” You say pointing back and forth between yourself and Stiles.

“Cause if we want to go to the same college you need to pass AP Math,” You groaned not wanting to remember that.

“Fine, only if we can continue this later,” You say whispering in his ear.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Stiles kissed your jawline and continued to explain equations to you.

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“I would love to explain what’s going on with Normani. 

Over the last 4 years of being in the public eye, Normani Kordei has faced blatant and subtle racism from people who claim to be “fans” of the group. This has escalated over the last year as fans of one member, Camila Cabello, continue to harass Normani and attribute stereotypes to her simply based on her skin colour. Normani has been nothing but professional and courteous about her fellow band mate (something that various interviews and articles will confirm), however these “fans” of Camila insist of portraying Normani as the “angry black girl” which is a stereotype that’s very damaging and demoralizing for a young woman whose only goal is to spread love and positivity and inspire others. 

This past week, an interview was posted (link) in which Normani was asked to describe her band mates in a few words. She referred to Camila as “cute and quirky”, two words which Camila has been described as by almost everyone who knows her, including herself. However, fans of Camila (not the group as a whole) cyber bullied Normani over this answer as they weren’t “complimentary enough”. It is important to note that these same “fans” claim to defend Camila and have been doing so since Camila chose to embark on a solo career late last year. This cyber bullying and numerous articles written by media outlets led to Normani’s statement 2 days ago, captioned “Thoughts”.

However, the situation escalated to the point where graphic and horrific racially charged images were created directly aimed at Normani. These images were nothing short of traumatizing to anyone who’s seen them, let alone the person who it was aimed at (TRIGGER WARNING: 1 2 3 ) As these bullies continue to hide behind a Camila fan account, it was only fair to expect her to address the situation. Her acknowledgement that those were indeed her fans (“you don’t have to hate on someone else to support me”) fell flat when she chose not to address the situation outright and not mention Normani’s name, her fellow group member of FOUR years. Her tweets were indeed so vague that other celebrities were under the assumption those were general tweets as seen by Gina Rodriguez’ response (link). 

Normani has dealt with the racism she faces by being a member of Fifth Harmony on her own with no public support from her fellow band mates who appear to be outspoken on many social justice issues, including feminism but not something that affects their friend personally. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Normani has chosen to take a break from Twitter where she continues to be subjected to hate and racism as seen in her statement captioned “to my fans”. Almost 24 hours after her tweet, Normani has received support from Zendaya, Becky G and Keith Powers amongst others. She has also gone viral on tumblr in a post (link) where countless of people have shown their support. The main Fifth Harmony account has continued to stay silent, but Ally Brooke Hernandez and Lauren Jauregui have both posted a tweet showing their support in the past 2 hours. 

It is disheartening and upsetting that Fifth Harmony as a whole have made statements and addressed situations far less in severity than this one and promptly too. For example, they have backed and stood by their temporary security guard whilst on tour in Brazil (link) yet continue to ignore racism faced by their own group member. Seeing how easily they’ve dismissed racism faced by a black woman is upsetting especially to their black fans. Tweeting a hashtag (#WeLoveNormani) initially started by fans, is not a good enough response to cyber bullying so severe, Normani has had to step away from Twitter for the first time in her professional career to focus on her own well being. Fifth Harmony’s camp have also not addressed how they will deal with the constant harassment of one of their members. 

Camila’s fans have continued to equate comments Camila receives about her choice to make music outside of the group to racially charged hatred Normani receives for simply being in the group and existing. They have also contributed to countless micro aggressions towards Normani in which they continue to diminish and discredit her talents. These same fans are safe in the knowledge that their favourite member, Camila, continues to follow them on Twitter, engage with them in direct messages and show them love and support. 

For a group which actively claims they stand for feminism, I’m disappointed to say that they unfortunately don’t practice what they preach, at least not in a public manner. While we may not know what happens behind the scenes, their silence speaks volumes, especially the lack of responsibility from the root of this issue namely Camila Cabello and her fans.   

Sincerely, A Concerned and Disappointed Fan” 

Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty-One
Request by anon: Hi admin Kitty~ can I pretty please request a Kai scenario where he’s really touchy and clingy because he hasn’t seen his gf in a long time and he kinda just wants to stay stuck to her and smother her in hugs and kisses (lots and lots of kisses) and just be lazy and cuddle with her thank you ^__^ Your welcome honey! Sorry for the wait, I have had a lack of inspiration lately.. -Admin Kitty

You hummed to yourself as you flicked through the magazine on the counter. You were meant to have been revising all day for your uni exams, but you hadn’t been able to think of anything but Jongin, your boyfriend, coming home for the last 24 hours. So, instead of revising, you had cleaned the house top to bottom, as that seemed to require a lot less brain power. He’d be here in ten minutes, and then in 40 minutes. You could barely contain your excitement of being able to see your flawless boyfriend after such a long time. When the door opened, you leaped up.  Your eyes met with his, and you melted instantly.

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Let’s get down to business
to defeat the Mercs
Someone has to train you
or this will never work

You’re the lamest nerds I’ve ever met
but you can bet before we’re through
Soldier I’ll
make a man
out of you

Um, actually, Agent Washington, Sir, I’m a girl.

I know, Lieutenant. Nothing else would fit with the song.

Tranquil as a forest, but on fire
Once you find your center, you are sure
to win

You’re a spineless pale, pathetic lot
and you haven’t got a clue
Somehow I’ll
make a man
out of you

That’s a little harsh, Sir. We’re doing our best.

Also, still a girl.

I’m never gonna catch my breath

Say goodbye to those who knew me

Boy was I a fool in school for cutting gym

This guy’s got ‘em scared to death!

It’d be easier if he’d just shoot me

Now I really wish that Halo’d let us swim!

You must be swift as the coursing river
With all the force of the great typhoon
With all the strength of a raging fire
Mystererious as the dark side of the moon

Time is racing t’ward us
Till the Mercs arrive
Heed my every order
And you might survive

You’re unsuited for the rage of war
So pack up, go home, you’re through
I just can’t
Make a man
out of you

Well, you can’t, because I’m a girl. Also, your continuing to equate being a successful soldier with manhood does a real disservice to all of the women and nonbinary soldiers who serve in Chorus’s armies and the sacrifices they’ve made for this war.



The geometry of DNA: a structural revision

This proposed structure for DNA is wholly founded upon mathematical
principles. Although the geometrical modification to the base pairings is
relatively minor, the resulting double helix manifests a clarity altogether
distinct from that offered by Crick and Watson and it would appear to
shed light upon a number of areas of continuing uncertainty.

• Geometric equations predict the dimensions of DNA’s structure. Not
only does the pentagonal geometry predict the helical dimensions but
it would also demonstrate ‘principle causation’.
• The pentagonal geometry provides the dynamics required to build a
consistent, stable and uniform helical structure and also establishes
why there should be consistently ten bases contained within a single
turn of the helix. Incidentally, when converted to the molecular
dimension I would certainly predict degrees of variation, certainly
between 9.5 and 10.5 bases per turn, but perhaps even more.
• Both the hollow centre and side-by-side structural formation ensure
instant access at any point within the helix. This would permit the
DNA (even circular) to open and close during its replication functions
without entangling itself.
• The modification to the base pairing would appear to be able to exist
in either the enol or keto formations.
• While the sugar-phosphate backbones will undoubtedly prove integral
to the stability of the helical structure, it is the geometry of the basepair
molecules themselves

© Mark E. Curtis

Continued fractions for the square root of 13

Yesterday we looked the equation x2-13y2=1 and used the continued fraction of √13 to find solutions. We did not specify how to construct such a representation of √13. For certain numbers you can make them, with a bit of perseverance.

Let us consider √13. The first thing we do is note that 3<√13<4 and work with √13-3 rather than √13. Next we note that (√13-3)(√13+3)=4. We can (re)write this equality as

But then you can replace the √13-3 in the denominator by the whole right-hand side, and again, and again, …, this leads to this continued fraction

That is not yesterday’s continued fraction but you can use it too to find approximations of √13. If you add 3 to the convergents of this fraction then you get 11/3, 18/5, 119/33, 393/109, 649/180, …. This is a subsequence of yesterday’s approximations. The solutions of x2-13y2=1 and 13y2-x2=1 can also be found in this sequence.

Can we use this to make yesterday’s continued fraction? Yes, all you need is pencil and paper and the first fraction, 4/(6+(√13-3)) that is. Divide numerator and denominator by 4; the numerator becomes 1 and the denominator will be 6/4+(√13-3)/4; this you can rewrite to 1+(√13-1)/4. Next: divide the numerator and denominator of (√13-1)/4 by √13-1; we get 1 and 4/(√13-1), respectively. But, as above, we observe that (√13-1)(√13+1)=12 and so 12/(√13-1)=(√13+1), or 4/(√13-1)=(√13+1)/3 which we can turn into 1+(√13-2)/3. The results of these two steps are displayed below:

If you keep doing this you will after two steps more arrive at the fraction on the left below. Now we read our initial equality as (√13-3)/4=1/(6+(√13-3)) and this gives of the fraction below on the right

But now we can replace (√13-3) by that fraction on the right, and again, and again, … and this leads to yesterday’s continued fraction.

Exercise Do the same for √2-1 and √3-1 and construct approximations of √2 and √3 in this way, and thus also find solutions to the Pell equations x2-2y2=±1 and x2-3y2=±1.

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For the number prompt thing? 6 + 35?

6.    “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”        

35.  “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

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 Summary: They’re going to make this work. They’ll just have to figure how to add a baby into the equation. A continuation of the drabble here.

Four Weeks Later…

“Eat it.”

Katniss glared at the offensive object in front of her. “No. I swear to God, Peeta, you stick that in my face one more time and I’ll shove it up your ass.”

“For fuck sakes, Katniss! It’s a banana!” Peeta held the fruit in his hand, halfway peeled, attempting to push it through her lips. “You need fruits! And, vegetables!” He glared at her. “I spent my last dollar on this fucking organic banana so you’re going to eat it!”

“Fine.” Grabbing the banana, Katniss brought it to her mouth. She tested the taste with the tip of her tongue before blanching. “Oh…ugh…I can’t!”

“Wow, this is the first time that I’ve seen you turn down something long and hard in your mouth,” Peeta retorted with a smirk.

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Almost Like Lovers: Frozen Courtships and Fiery Affairs (x)

They are poison to each other, a dangerous self destructive impulse that has no end but ruin. He is fire, all-consuming, so warm she wonders if she perhaps doesn’t mind burning to ashes. She is the cold winds of winter, an ice that will surely stop his heart from beating.

Aftermath and continuation of Strange Equations.

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#262 Because of Dove's "Real Beauty".

In recent years personal care brand Dove has advertised its products in a campaign known as Real Beauty, where women of all shapes and sizes have appeared.This campaign has received a lot of positive criticism and I personally applaud them for making different types of bodies more visible in advertising. But despite their efforts to empower women, Dove is still really just reproducing the same message advertising has been telling women for generations: Your physical appearance is your most important quality.

For example, Dove’s Movement for Self-Esteem, a project with the aim to boost the confidence of young girls, based their mission on a survey that concludes that “only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful” and “only 11% of girls globally are comfortable describing themselves as ‘beautiful’”. That’s not very happy news, but is it really that important? What if the other 89% are comfortable with describing themselves as intelligent, talented, confident, strong, etc?

In the words of WMC’s Rikki Rogers:

Dove and Pantene continue to equate the pursuit of beauty with the pursuit of happiness and confidence, making a direct connection with exterior appearances and interior fulfillment. According to their ads, “looking confident” and “feeling beautiful” are really half the battle. A woman’s appearance is still a critical component of her strength and authority, and there’s nothing empowering about that message.

Despite using non-models in their advertising campaigns, Dove is still convincing women that they need to feel beautiful and then exploiting that artifical need in order to sell their products. Further, Dove is owned by Unilever, which also owns Lynx/Axe that advertises its products like this:

Social conscience or inventive marketing strategy? You tell me.