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summary of reports I have read:

1. daehwi’s position is very much to the side or in the back for most of ‘never’ (the OP worried about his personal fancam) but he digests his parts very well

2. his voice is very clear and recognisable, like a canary (-__-)

3. he doesn’t lift up his shirt for that part of the dance, just does the action of lifting up (lol does he not want to show his body, on second thought, thank you are 16, I don’t need that)

4. his dance is perfect and does the leg parts especially accurately, perfect angles

5. he smiled a lot in the greeting part, but somehow also seemed a little sad? He said to the audience that even if they didn’t want to vote for him, they should vote for his hyungs since they want to perform this song on stage again (at MCountdown)

6. when BoA asked Guanlin a question, it seemed that Guanlin couldn’t get the meaning immediately, so Daehwi leaned in and translated for Guanlin (most probably in English)… I like that he is now Guanlin’s interpreter :D

Ju Wontak (j_wontagii) :  안녕하세요 주원탁입니다 국민 프로듀서님 다들 잘 계셨나요? 여러분들을 경연 무대에서 뵈었던게 엊그제 같은데 벌써 시간이 지나서 이렇게 인사를 드리게 되었네요 지난 두 달 동안은 여러분들이 보내주신 관심과 응원으로 인해 행복했고 마치 꿈을 꾼것같은 기분이에요 사실 저는 이번 프로그램을 마지막으로, 기회를 놓친다면 이 길을 고려해야겠다고 생각하고 촬영에 임할정도로 자존감도 낮아져있었고 스스로에 대한 자신감도 없었습니다 그런데 이런 생각들이 부끄럽다고 여겨질만큼의 여러분들이 보내주시는 사랑들과 응원들을 받으면서 힘을 내게 되었어요 다시 한 번 너무 감사드립니다 이번 촬영으로 98명의 소중한 인연이라는 선물도 얻을 수 있었고 저를 알아봐주시는 팬분들도 생겼고 저는 참 복받은 사람인것 같아요 비록 저는 이렇게 도전을 멈추게 되었지만 주원탁 잊지말고 기억만이라도 해주셨으면 좋겠습니다! 그동안 이렇게 부족한 저에게는 넘치는 큰 사랑 주신 국민 프로듀서님들 감사했고 사랑합니다 앞으로의 주원탁도 잘 부탁드리겠습니다 – 앗😮 그리고 여러분 아직 저희 만세팀 엠카운트다운 무대가 남아있으니까요 많은 관심 부탁드려요 ❤또 다이렉트 양이 너무 많아 답장 해 드릴수가 없어요 너무 죄송합니다..ㅠ 하지만 빠짐없이 읽고 있으니까요! 앞으로도 응원 메세지 많이 보내주세요 힘이 많이 됩니다 ❤

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rough trans:  Hello National Producers, are you all right?  It’s been a while since I’ve seen you at the contest. I’ve already been greeting you over time. In the last two months, I’ve been happy and cheerful because of your care and support. I feel like I’m dreaming. If I missed it, I thought I should consider this road, and my self-esteem was low enough.  I did not have any confidence in myself. But I was empowered with the kind of love and cheer you send me so much that I thought these thoughts were embarrassing. Thank you again. Again, I was able to get a gift of 98 precious bonds. There are some fans who are looking for me and I think I am a blessed person. Though I have stopped this challenge, I hope you do not forget the week round!  I am grateful to the national producers who gave me such a big love for me that I have been in such a short time, and I love you.  And we still have our team M countdown downstage, so please give us your attention ❤  There are too many direct messages and I can not reply to them. I am so sorry … ㅠ But I am reading without fail! Please send a lot of support messages in the future.

other boys instagram goodbye messages

so when i was watching dongho’s fancam for boy in luv in the comments, a lot of people thought he would get really pushy with the center position, but it made me think like the Nu’est members dont fight over the center because in their respective groups they have pretty equal center time and they understand working in a team means taking jobs that are supportive rather than shining through everybody. I love that the Nu’est member’s experience is showing through and that many of them are placing pretty high up there, not just by the power of the fandom that htey built but with talent and strategic play in the survival reality show

Dance - Woojin Au

- Admin Xion

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genre: fluff
member: park woojin
word count: 1084
requested: yes

requested by: anon

HI can i request a Woojin scenario where in you were a contestant in lets say produce 101 season 3 and he was one of the guests or something like that? I hope it doesn’t sound too complicated..ㅠㅠ Thank you! 


- LIKE IVE ALWAYS IMAGINED MNET CREATING A MIXED GENDER KPOP GROUP LIKE KARD but then end produce 101 cause continuing shit for too long gets boring at one point-
- anyWAYS
- getting straight to the point, you and woojin were secretly dating
- and so far, you guys have been shipped since it was released that you two were ‘best friends’
- lets keep in mind this news came out when you were already a contestant on produce 101
- and yes- wannaone still exist during this time bUT LETS NOT GET TO THE FEELS
- ever since you were a contestant on produce 101, it’s been a bit more difficult to communicate to woojin
- especially since you both dont wanna blow each others cover about the relationship
- and yes, in this produce 101 season 2, mnet is trying to create a 2 gender kpop group so there’s a lot of quote on quote “couple” dances and shit but y'all are all like friends so nothing really hits
- gets a bit jealous
- but you dont know that cause you’re working your ass off
- one of your missions was to create choreo for the song “i need it” by johnny balik and it’s a good ass song
- there were 6 people on your team
- you and this guy (lets call him yeojeon) were the team leaders
- you were extremely proud of the choero you guys had down so far because it matched the jazzies of the song
- there were a lot of moves where it depended on a lot of trust but you all managed to do them just by practicing a lot
- and the fact that you guys let the lower ranks have a bit more center time warmed your heart a bit
- btw you’re current rank is 4
- exhausted as always, as you were practicing with your team, suddenly the door opens as all of your heads turn
- a familiar silhouette walks through the door with a childish gummy smile across his face because he was lowkey but highkey excited to see you
- just seeing you itself brings him so much joy and happiness
- and same for you
- everyone began dying in a good way¿
- some of the girls on your team (as in the 2 girls) stood up as their legs tREMbled and greeted him
- who wouldnt die to park woojin walking through a door tbfh
- and you were shocked as heck
- you wanted to run to that door and just hUg HIM cause he havent seen him in such a long time
- but you couldnt
- so you just did the same and greeted him warmly
- you were on the verge of just doing it
- just running up to his and wrapping your arms around his neck as he would usually burden you with a thousand kisses all over
- but you slightly clenched your fist and held back
- “annyeonghaseyo, all i wanna do woojin’s wannaone-immida!” he announced as he did the hand motion to go along with it
- “i’ll be helping your team go with the choero,” he announces as your team dies again bUT WHO WOULDNT
- “y/n, don’t you know woojin already?” one of your teammates asked as you softly nodded and laughed a bit
- “y/n and i have been friends for 3 years now,” woojin says all giddy as your team oOooS and ur like dyING on the inside
- “wITH THAT ASIDE, lets see this choero,” woojin spoke as he grabbed a chair and sat at the front
- wanting to laugh so hard, you got into formation as you quickly died out your smile
- dance dance dance
- cheoro woosh wowww
- and you can tell woojin was getting a tINY BIT JEALOUS HAH
- by tiny i mean a lot
- after you guys finished the choero woojin clapped happily as he seemed to be impress with all your efforts
- “wAHHH I COULD’VE NEVER PULLED THAT OFF-” woojin exclaimed
- you team softly clapped and thanked him
- “there are some spots that i noticed that could be better but it was overall extremely good !” woojin adds on as you guys hAD TO THANK HIM again
- looking at you, you rose an eyebrow
- “yeojeon, right? you were doing really good but i did notice your tiny slip up with the fingers up the stomach motion,” (lol that sounds kinky but okay) woojin spoke
- yeojeon chuckled slightly as he nodded
- woojin then approached you as he turned you around to face him
- “it’s supposed to be like this-” he spoke as his index and middle finger on both hands crawled up your stomach as you could feel your cheeks burning
- the girls were yelling in the back by the way
- woojin snuck a wink as you were able to catch that and rolled your eyes because you knew he was teasing you for having such close contact to another boy that wasnt him
- softly laughing woojin then proceeded to help out with other moves as you all followed trying to improve to the best of your ability
- woojin then had to leave which made you a bit sad but you could tell woojin was even more sad that he couldnt hug you and kiss you again
- your team then practiced for a bit more then was heading back to the dorms when suddenly in the corner, someone grabs your wrist
- looking at who it was, in which was woojin ofc
- woojin then hugs you warmly and tightly as he kisses your head
- you snake your arms around his waist and hug him tightly as well
- “i-it’s just a dance right?” woojin asks
- you laughed warmly as you nodded
- “of course it is, i’ll still love you more,” you claimed
- “he’s attractive so dONT TRY to caTch fEELinGS,” he says as he tightens his hug even more to the point where you cant breath
- you laugh and pouted as you kiss him on the lips and holding that kiss for a good minute or so
- “dontgo,” you mumbled as you then proceed to place your head on his chest
- “i dont wanna go either,” he says
- “then just say here and live in the pool for 3 more months,” you jokingly spoke as woojin laughed
- “it’s only 3 months. before you know it, you’ll be in (insert group name here) and back at my place too,” he speaks confidently
- you nod as woojin deeply sighs releasing from the hug and gives you a forehead kiss before going off