Everyone: *having fun with their OCs*

Me, continuing to latch on to one canon character after another: if you can’t make your own walking human disaster, store bought is fine

Lily (White)

Purity, Modesty, Death, It’s heavenly to be with you, Restored innocence after death, Promise and Renewal

After seeing this and this , I know I just had to commission @devil-ink for my next favorite character in Fates in a similar style and concept and gosh look how beautiful she is in Ari’s style  (psst, she also has a DA account!) ♥

At first I want to choose a flower that related to either ‘Repentance’ or ‘Secret’ for Lilith considering the spoiler regarding her whole character revealed at the Hidden Truth DLC, but then I looked at White Lily’s hanakotoba and it just clicked perfectly with her image and role both in the Hidden Truth DLC and especially in the main games….

So then, yeah…Lily for Lilith.


Adult Pine twins, still right in the center of the chaos of Gravity Falls.