Make You Feel My Love, Chapter 23

(Go to the ends of the Earth for you…)

He’s a bit distracted, ear turned toward the front door as he strains to hear the doorbell ring announcing Emma’s arrival. His stomach is in tight knots of anticipation and it’s all he can do to not get up every five minutes to look out the front windows for her yellow bug. Instead, he forces himself to watch Liam push his toy cars and trucks around the living room floor, knee jiggling with impatience.

The past two weeks have been incredibly hard without her. He’d obviously been preoccupied with Liam during most of it, sick as the little guy was. But when he wasn’t worrying over his boy, he’d been worrying about Emma and Henry and missing them like crazy. He’d picked up the phone several times to contact her, but every time, his insecurities and doubts had forced him to put it back down and continue their forced silence.

Luckily, she’s proved to be the stronger of the two of them, texting him a request to see Liam. While it isn’t an offer to talk or reconcile, it’s still an olive branch as far as he’s concerned, one he’ll gladly reach out and grab. He knows her well enough to understand that something’s changed for her and even if she’s just coming over to see Liam, she’s still putting herself out there enough to risk a difficult conversation. The gesture gives him hope that all is not lost.

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May 20

On Mike Brown’s 19th birthday, Michael Brown Sr., family members, and community members removed the memorials from Canfield Drive.

Urban League will store the removed items until a permanent location for the memorial is found.

Family members stopped to pray and for a moment of silence before continuing to remove the memorials.

After Canfield Drive is resurfaced tomorrow, a plaque and a dove will be installed in the street as replacements for the memorials.

Michael Brown Sr. unveils the plaque and dove.

More pictures of the removal: pictures 1, pictures 2, pictures 3

Videos of the removal: video 1, video 2, video 3, video 4, video 5, video 6, video 7