Remus keeping his job
  • ugh like just imagine if Remus was able to keep his job as the Defense teacher
  • him staying and teaching Harry old marauder tricks
  • such as how to avoid patrols
  • at first Remus is all “Harry, be a good student, you have a lot of potential, do your work”
  • but with a little bit of coaxing from Harry he soon is teaching him how Filch can’t see as well with his right eye and what charms go undetected from him to slip past
  • and how Mrs. Norris is a sucker for sugar quills
  • and then Sirius visiting the pair, staying with Remus in his teacher dormitories so he can get to know his godson
  • completely under the radar though, Dumbledore’s cool with it though 
  • He’s introduced as Remus’s dogs, Snuffles of course and he gets plenty of attention from students in between classes, 
  • “OH MERLIN AND AGRIPPA IF THAT ISN’T THE CUTEST DOG I’VE EVER SEEN” Lavender screamed as she runs to hug the dog and Parvati keeps scratching his ears, Remus just chuckles
  • Remus always seems to chuckle when people are very friendly with his dog and the students aren’t quite sure why 
  • Harry and Ron always make fun of him because of it
  • Sirius being used in muggle studies during the typical pets and pet care chapter and showing off all his tricks
  • Remus happy because this is James’ son and merlin he had always wanted to watch him grow up
  • They all walk down to Hagrid’s together for rock cakes and tea sometimes
  • Remus being the best defense teacher anyone’s ever seen
  • the class is interesting and interactive and it’s easily everyone’s favorite class, people who don’t even need the class take it always
  • Dumbledore actually has to move some things around because every student signs up their 7th year even when they don’t have to
  • but its okay because wow look at Remus’s smile
  • he never used to smile this much 
  • Sirius also has a chance to get out of the house, out of grimmauld place away from his screaming mother’s portrait
  • everyone is happy
Hoe tips #2 💗🌟

Hi beautiful ladies, I’m here with more tips from my experiences and to help u with day to day hoeing and health n beauty tips 💜 enjoy ur day

✨- every hoe who drives should have a car ‘kit’ in the glove compartment or somewhere to store:
-backup contraception and condoms (sexual health is 🔑)
-baby wipes
-water bottle
-both spare sexy panties and chill panties
-chill clothes than can double as pj’s (tracksuits, leggings, vest etcetera)

✨- use shimmer body lotion to make ur skin n limbs look radiant n a lil sexier than they already do (beautiful hoes come in all shapes n sizes💜) even a cheap one like dove or VS does the trick n ur skin feels soft to touch too

✨- don’t forget to castor oil ur eyebrows every night

✨- be a confident hoe.. Smile more n sit with good posture n u will appear more confident n approachable

✨- warm n wet camomile tea bags help get rid of eye infections n eye bags really well and it works amazingly for tired puffy eyes too lay down for a while and place them on ur closed eyes

✨- WATER n green tea, drink them both (skip the tea if ur caffeine sensitive)

✨- if u self tan like me, get you some exfoliating gloves. Actually everyone get them, they revolutionised my skincare routine n now I don’t need to buy or make body scrubs unless I wanna treat myself on the odd occasion

✨- always wear spf on ur face and under ur makeup even when it’s cloudy

✨- always wash ur face in cool or lukewarm water n avoid doing it in the hot shower as the heat n pressure can upset the skin

✨- as tempting as it is to make it smell like ur shower product for when ur getting head, don’t clean ur coochie with ur shower gel it can upset the pH n cause infections such as thrush and BV as well as parched skin

✨- spray ur pressure points (behind ears, insides of elbows n knees, inner thighs, décolletage, wrists) n ur perfume will linger all day

✨- exfoliate ur lips too! Make ur own white sugar scrub (or buy from LUSH) or use a wet flannel or an old toothbrush n rub very gently


*OOOOMGGGGG ;;;;A;;;;!!! sorry for taking an eternity and a half to update!!! As many of you know i went to Japan in august and then got back..updated and then work and school started all at once ;; as the Holidays are upon us now, work has taken over my life and the school semester is ending, I have had less and less time to update! ;;^;; I’m sorry everyone!!! 


but look at them stretch marks and that awesome StarxRae bonding going on *_* !!! <3 much love went into this page! I hope you can stay tuned for more if you still like me! Sorry for keeping you wait ;O; OTL 

Part 1: Ready or Not
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Part 4: Trial of the Trimesters
Part 5: Safe and Sound
Part 6: Wish you were Here
Part 7: Celebration
Part 8: Preparing the Nest
Part 9: Fears
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Part 17: –

Nemesis AU part 5 (I think?)

The next day, Will was still trying to wrap his head around the fact that he and Nico were dating. Actually, legitimately, truthfully dating. Because they wanted to. Because they liked each other.

When he got out of his car that morning and saw Nico waiting for him in the same spot, his stomach did a flip. Nico looked up and smiled at him as he got out of the car and Will couldn’t help but blush. When he got to Nico, Nico took his hand and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. “Hey there,” he said, with his own blush coating his cheeks.

It gave Will a bit of whiplash when Nico didn’t let go of his hand when they were inside the building. “Are you okay?” Nico asked with a nervous smile.

“Yeah,” he assured. He lifted their interlocked hands. “It’s just still… a little surreal.”

Nico furrowed his eyebrows and pulled him aside from the crowd of people walking in. “I mean… are you okay with this? Do you want to really date?”

“Yes,” he assured quickly. “Yes, I do. I guess I didn’t realize how much I liked you until you told me you liked me. It made sense then why I felt so bad about breaking it off…. And it made sense why I wasn’t okay with pretending. I didn’t want to like you more than I already did.” He shrugged. “I’m just trying to let it sink in that someone I like actually likes me.”

Nico smiled leaned forward to kiss him gently on the lips. “I’ll do whatever it takes to make it sink in.” Will blushed again and looked at his shoes. “Come on, let’s get breakfast.”

He pulled Will down the halls and he noticed a few people do a double take when they saw them. Mainly, everyone shrugged it off, but there were a few people who whispered and nodded at them in question. Will tried not to pay too much attention.

Later, during class, Nico was leaning against him as they watched a video and someone across from Nico whispered, “Hey, so how much homework is he doing for you now to pretend to date you at school?”

Nico sat up and scowled at the guy. “It’s not like that,” he hissed.

“Oh so it’s real all of a sudden?” He snorted. “So what is he still doing your calculus homework?”

“Shove it up your ass, you dick,” Nico said as he flipped him off. He leaned against Will again and took his hand. Will looked down at his desk uncomfortably.

Later, at lunch, Nico’s friends continued to nag him about the sudden relationship. Nico had stood up to go talk to them, but Will could still hear bits and pieces.

“-said he was a nerd,” one said.

“-thought you couldn’t stand him. You-”

“-called him a-”

“Would you all shut up?” Nico snapped loud enough to make even Will jump. “It’s different now,” he said. “Deal with it.”

He returned to Will, but now Will felt uncomfortable. He remembered the teasing and the insults Nico used to throw at him. The condescending looks. And now they were dating? That didn’t make any sense. That had to be some form of Stockholm syndrome….

Will hadn’t changed at all. He was the same person Nico use to laugh at and torment throughout school. The same person Nico would humiliate in class by making him look stupid until Will learned his lesson and shut up. What could have possibly changed in the last month to make Nico feel different? If anything, he had more in his arsenal to torment him with. From the way his mom loved to baby him to the way he’d ramble on and on about books and movies.

“You know, I need to go tell my college advisor something,” he mumbled as he stood.

“I can go with you,” he offered beginning to stand.

Without looking at him, Will motioned for him to stay seated. “It’s fine.”

Nico was smart enough to know something was up. “Will….”

But he didn’t answer. He left the lunchroom and went to the library until the bell rang.

Of course, there was no way to avoid Nico completely. And Will didn’t want to give him that power anyway. So as he walked to his next class, he tried to keep from looking at the ground or huddling into himself. He tried to walk with the confidence Nico always walked with wherever he went.

A hall before his class, a girl stopped him. “Hey, you’re the dude that was doing Nico’s calculus homework right?” Will furrowed his eyebrows. “He told me a while back that your deal thing was almost off. Look, I’m really bad at physics, so if you need a fake girlfriend-”

“Wait, when did he say that?”

“Um, maybe like two weeks ago? My friend asked if you guys were dating and he explained that he didn’t like you, he was just doing it for the homework.” Will felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. “Uh… so is that a no…? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…. I mean did I say something I wasn’t supposed to?”

“No. No,” he said in a tight voice. “No, it’s fine. But I don’t need a fake anything right now. Sorry.” He turned away from her and got to class, feeling a level of anger he’d never felt before. He saw people whispering and glancing at him again in class, and he couldn’t help but snap at them. “What? What are you looking at? What do you want?”

They stammered and looked away quickly. Will felt a gentle hand at his shoulder. “Will, what-?”

Immediately, Will shoved his hand off and took a deep breath. “Don’t,” he said through clenched teeth. “Please, just don’t- don’t touch me or talk to me or anything.”

“What?” Nico asked in surprise. “Why can’t I- What did I do?”

Will ignored him and tried to focus as class began. Nico sat beside him, but kept to himself as Will had requested- or rather demanded. When class ended, Will left without a word to Nico. At least he didn’t have him for the next class. He managed to get through that class without being asked about Nico. And when he was finally dismissed, he walked to the exit quickly, dashing between people, hoping to avoid Nico.

Sadly, his mom wasn’t there yet. He pulled out his phone, desperate to leave before Nico got out there. Then he saw his mom’ text: I got held up at the grocery shop, hon. I’ll be late.

He cursed his bad luck and began pacing back and forth, glancing around for a place to go where Nico wouldn’t see him. But before he could, he heard, “Are you talking to me yet?” He tensed and shut his eyes, willing himself to be home. “Let me just explain something about relationships, Will. When you get mad at the other person, you’re supposed to talk about it. Not ignore them.”

“Or you could tell them to go fuck themselves,” Will suggested under his breath.

Nico turned him around and looked at him with an incredulous look on his face. “Will, what did I do?”

“I’m not talking to you about this here.” He looked around and saw more people glancing at them as they passed by or stood with friends. “Not with all these onlookers.” Nico’s eyes skimmed their surrounding and he frowned.

“Where’s your mom?”

“Stuck at the store.”

Nico looked around again and sighed. “Why don’t we walk to my place? Your mom can get you from there, it’ll be a lot less traffic. And we could talk; no one else gets home till around five.” The idea of being alone with Nico unnerved him. He had this atmosphere about him that made Will’s stomach tighten and his heart beat faster. If he was honest, he didn’t trust himself to be alone with him. He was too intoxicating.

There was no doubt that Nico could kiss him and wipe Will’s memory of the day clean, that as he pulled at his hair Will would forget his arguments and his brain would turn to mush. There was no doubt in his mind that if he was alone with Nico, he’d be too nervous to get a single word out. Because Nico was the boy you read about in books- the bad boy with the bad boy looks and the carefree attitude, the smooth moves and sensual voice. The kind that Will would never in his life have thought to be dating one day. And that fact alone made Will worried about being angry with him.

“Hello?” Nico asked, regaining his attention.

“I don’t know,” he muttered. Nico sighed.

Before he could talk again, someone said, “Hey, Solace! What’s the price for you to write my research paper?” Nico and Will both turned to see a guy miming a blow job before laughing with his friends.

At first, Will just wanted to turn away and walk home. Then he noticed the furious look on Nico’s face and his hands clenched into fists at his hands. Nico started for the guy and before Will could protest, Nico had him by the shirt and swung at his face. Everyone who was looking made a collective gasping sound and winced. Blood began trickling from the guy’s nose as Nico sneered at him.

“If you or anyone else tries to make fun of my boyfriend again, you’ll get worse than a bloody fucking nose, got it?” He shoved the guy back and returned to Will, taking his hand and pulling him away from the crowd.

They walked in silence down the street as Will processed his shock. Nico took him down another street and stopped at a house with a wide overgrown front lawn. He checked the mail like he always did when Will and his mom dropped him off. Then he went to the front door, gesturing for Will to follow.

Nervously, Will did. He sent his mom a quick text to let her know where he was and gulped as the door shut behind him. “Do you want anything to drink?” Nico asked as he stretched his hand out. Will shook his head. “Will you please talk to me? What did I do?”

Will looked at the floor again. “Nico… you’re the guy who used to make fun of me. Who used to laugh at me and mock me with your friends. I don’t get how that changed all of a sudden. I mean just two weeks ago you told someone you didn’t like me. And everyone knows I agreed to do your math homework-”

“Jesus, enough with the stupid calculus homework!” Nico snapped. Will looked up in surprise. “Yes, Will, this started as a simple agreement. I was supposed to hold your hand at dismissal and as you walked into school, and let your mom think I was your boyfriend in exchange for you doing my math homework for the rest of the year. But that changed. Don’t you get that?”

“When?” Will insisted. “When did you go from thinking I was just some nerdy, stupid, dense, blond Mama’s boy to thinking… whatever you think now?” He looked into Nico’s eyes, which were narrowed as he listened, his lips pursed into a line. In a softer, more worried voice, Will asked, “How do you go from not being able to stand me to wanting to date me, from insulting me to defending me from people who treat me the way you used to?”

Nico stepped forward and took his hands slowly. “I got to know you,” he whispered. “When I started having to hang out with you, I realized that you weren’t just a show off repeating what you’ve read in a book. You have original thoughts that you’ve thought through enough to make valid arguments. For once, I felt like I was being challenged mentally and it took me by surprise.

“You would talk to me about these books or movies you love and… you’d get this look on your face. Your eyes light up, and you start talking with your hands a bunch, and you make it seem like getting me to understand the story is the most important thing to do. You’re not a nerd, you’re passionate. And it’s incredible to watch and listen to.

“I didn’t realize how much I liked you until you said we were going to stop pretending soon. I realized I didn’t want to stop seeing you every day, I didn’t want to stop talking about all these different things with you, I didn’t want to stop going to dinner every Friday. Not just because your mom is an amazing cook, but because I liked being with you.” His hands came up to Will’s face, and Will looked into his eyes, so brown they were almost black. “I was wrong, Will. I was so wrong, and so is everyone else who teases you. You never stand up for yourself. And I just… got so pissed off at that guy.”

He stepped closer, his hands resting against the wall Will had pressed himself against. “As for what I think now? I think you are a very complex, insightful, beautiful person.” His lips brushed against Will’s cheek.

He managed a nervous chuckle before choking out, “Beautiful?”

Nico nodded and his hands trailed down his arms until he intertwined their hands. He raised them up just over his head. “Yes, beautiful. From those freckles that dust your face, your resplendent blue eyes, sandy hair, and long nimble hands to your laugh, your voice, your kindness, and understanding. Every part of you is beautiful, Will Solace. You are an incredible person.” Will’s breaths were short and fast as Nico spoke against his very sensitive skin. “Don’t forget that I’m not the only one who suddenly felt different. You used to hate me, remember?”

Will shook his head. “Nuh-uh. I hate the way you were with me. I hated the Nico that made fun of me. You’re different now….” Nico brushed their noses together and hummed. “Please stop teasing me,” Will begged in a single breath.

Nico leaned in and kissed him, his hands tightening around Will’s. He pulled one hand away and used it to press Will closer to him. Will felt him bite his lip and his thoughts melted into an incomprehensive puddle. He couldn’t think of anything except for Nico and his lips and his velvety voice telling him he was beautiful.

The sound of a car honk made them pull apart for breath, their bodies still pressed together. “That must be my mom,” Will whispered, afraid to break the trance they had fallen into.

“Listen,” Nico said urgently. “We have a rough past. But things are different now, okay? People at school are stupid, and they don’t understand anything. Don’t let them get to you. Okay?” Will nodded and Nico kissed him once more before taking his hand and leading him to the door.

that sound you can hear is the sound of us dropping out of university to pursue the successful modelling careers we were so obviously born for

New Pet || Kannen 7/7
  • Shannen:Shook her head again. "Maybe I'm just a night owl." She smiled as she noticed the kitten had indeed fallen asleep on her lap.
  • Katie:Nodded, "Yeah, that's possible. But the animals are definitely not." Seeing that Dorit was sleeping and Das was about to fall asleep as well.
  • Shannen:"So, since it's so late it wouldn't make much sense for me to leave, so I guess I'll be staying."


“Hey, whatever suits you best- as long as it’s not some kinda insult, hah.” At the next of her words, he lowered his eyebrows just a bit. “I’m…just as loaded as the next guy. Ya know, direct TV here and a little pack of smokes there…enough to get by atleast but–thats not the point afterall.” he shrugged with a chuckle, smiling coyly until the mention of her dead husband. “Oh…well, em…I guess we have more in common than I thought.” he muttered that part, scratching the back of his head and looking off to the side briefly. “That’s a… a real shame.”

{{ This is going to get so dangerous, so quickly because let me tell you, I’ve been writing serious angst since I ever first picked up a pencil lol }}
continued from @earthgirltoph

Katara’s head pounded trying to recall the name, or really trying to recall anything, so she quickly stopped trying, “You’re my friend?” she asked, her voice dry and tired still from just waking up. She began shifting, though her whole body screamed at her to stop and she settled back again.

“What happened? Where am I?” she asked, the feeling of knowing nothing about herself or the situation quickly panicking her.