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Why do you suppose that there a next to no fics on the topic of damen and laurent's baby/heir?

Hello anon!

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know why ;;; It’s an interesting theme though, on that offers many possibilities. The idea to write a fic about it might not cross everyone’s mind (in my case the problem is I have little time to write fic /sobs), but I think I’ve read quite a few headcanon posts about this? And there’s definitely also art about Damen and Laurent as parents! kjdfhekjh I feel like I’m not answering your question properly, and I apologize for that, but it’s just that I have no idea and I can’t really speak for every writer.

Anyway, getting this made me want to compile as many fics I could find about it, to see if it motivates other people to write more about this! 

Note: I have not read any of these (now I do plan to, though), but I researched them thoroughly and only included fics specific to this theme + set in the world of CaPri.

“Two years after his marriage to Damen, Laurent has his heart stolen by an infant found in one of his diplomatic travels.
Gradually, he and Damen must learn how to be parents to the heir to their kingdoms.”

“Damen still has a little family left, after all. And he does need an heir. But Laurent is not easily convinced.” 

““The Empress sends her wishes for your happy and long union.” The Ambassador waves forward a box, “And a gift that your lines might continue this happy union of nations.”

Damen raises confused eyebrows at Laurent in the throne beside him.

“We send our heartfelt thanks,” Laurent says calmly. “We shall have to find a way to repay such a generous gift.””

  • Rasasvada, by AngelycDevil (General, ~1.2k words)

“Their baby takes his first step. Damen cries a little.”

“It had been five years. Things were starting to look up. The impossible was possible for the two. Assimilation was tangible, and it was there. Undeniably in Akielos, and in the beginning stages in Vere. Damen weighed the notion relentlessly for the past year. What Laurent meant to him. He arrived at the conclusion that Laurent’s existence by his side was worth far more than silver, gold even. More than a kingdom. More than two.”

“Their daughter was four the first time she asked about Damen’s scars.”

I hope at least one of these is a fic you’ve never read, anon! As for everyone else, since it’s highly possible that I missed some fics….

…feel free to reblog and add your own! Or to send me a link so that I add it here!