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I had this dream when I was about 7 but remember it absurdly vividly and with abnormal amounts of detail.

I was on a foreign planet that would occasionally get little tornado looking black holes. If you got caught by the black hole you ceased to exist. I teamed up with some kids I didn’t recognize and Sonic the Hedgehog to fight them, but quickly realized you can’t fight something you can’t touch. So we said screw it and continued on with our lives. That is until sirens started going off warning us that the world was ending and that a black hole tornado was going to destroy the entire universe. The only way to survive was to get into the safe house. Thousands of children flooded into this weird bunker thing. When I looked in, though, I saw it looked like my elementary school. I spent a good minute debating on if I wanted to be in school for the rest of my life. When I decided that I didn’t, I turned to go back to the surface. Sonic asked me what I was doing, and in the most badass apocalyptic hero voice I told him I was going to save the universe so I wouldn’t have to go to school. Then I woke up.

I never got why so many people say a Youtuber saved their life. I didn’t get it, how can someone you don’t even know help you, how can you feel like they’re essential for you living and continue living. But now, when I’m at my lowest point, like in a very dark place, I get it. Yeah I get how someone like Mark can give you the strength to continue. I feel how important it is to hear him say he’s proud. Because he is. I believe that he is proud that we continue living and that we try to be our best even in our worst times and that we fucking fight for leaving this pile of shit thoughts that say it isn’t worth it. Even if it seems like living is the hardest thing to manage. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just wanted to say, I am truly thankful. For this man, because I love him from the bottom of my heart. I genuinely care for this man because he saves us every day without knowing. I know nearly no one will read this but I felt like I had to say it. 

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First of all, Go Zags! It's great to see that the first Latina Senator is also a Gonzaga grad. My name is Paul Quinonez and I'm a DACA recipient. We have seen that DACA is safe for the time being, yet our families continue to live in fear because DACA was never enough. How will you stand up to agencies that refuse to be transparent and responsive, like ICE, to protect all undocumented Americans? After all, DACA recipients don't exist in a vacuum.

Go Zags!

I am rooting for the Gonzaga Bulldogs. I hope they make it to the finals and win the tournament. I was also rooting for my other alma mater, the University of Nevada, Reno, but, unfortunately, they did not make it. I hope to see them back in the tournament next year!

Paul – Immigration reform is a personal issue for me. As you know, I am the granddaughter of a Mexican immigrant who came to this country in search of a better life. He was no different than the millions of recent immigrants who work hard and contribute to our communities.

It is clear that Trump has a complete lack of empathy toward the millions of hardworking families who live in fear of being separated.

My first bill as U.S. Senator was to overturn President Trump’s egregious mass-deportation Executive Order. It’s unfortunate that this legislation was even necessary, but it reminds us what we are battling, and why we can’t give up. We must hold this Administration accountable for its actions.

We should be fostering America’s history as a nation of immigrants – not tearing families apart, inciting fear and discrimination. That is why I am a strong supporter of DACA. Thanks to DACA, thousands of young men and women like yourself now have a work permit and can contribute more fully to the country you call your own. They are our newest college graduates, scientists, athletes, scientists, doctors and teachers. They are making this country a better place. Sadly, while these young men and women have been shielded from deportation, they are still suffering because their parents can still be deported. This is not right.  Kids should only worry about getting good grades in school and which sports team or after school clubs to join. They should not worry about losing their parents to deportation.

I will do everything in my power to protect important programs like DACA and continue to oppose any measures that seek to separate hardworking families. I will continue ensure that those who might be facing deportation have access to my office so that, on a case by case basis, we can explore their options to avoid being separated from their families. And I will continue to participate in workshops across the state so people know their rights and options available to them.

I am also ready to work with anyone, including the President, to pass comprehensive immigration reform once and for all. If President Trump is serious about wanting to fix our broken immigration system, then we should be having a serious discussion about Comprehensive Immigration Reform. I know it can be done and I won’t stop fighting until it reaches the finish line. 

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Here's a plot bunny for anyone who wants to pleaseplease write it: HG ends up staying longer in Australia because her parents want to continue living there. She gets an interest in the magical creatures there & pursues her job. There she meets DM. Most or all of the fic is set in Australia while they get to know each other & fall in love, making them decide to live there permanently where there is no discrimination against them. There isn't enough Australia!DHr fics, especially novel length!

I actually agree. I feel like I know a lot about the terrain of Britian, but Australia has this really exotic landscape and culture that we don’t get to hear enough about.

If you haven’t checked out our Australia tag, though, I totally recommend it.



The The Adventure Zone Lady Zone, Day Five: Angst! Julia did die, her husband did live.

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When a human dies, another parallax world is created where this human continues to live as they didn’t die, in this world, they can remember their death from the previous world but no one would believe them.