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hello darlings! sooo, skam ending, eh? well, the skam website being updated is indeed something we’ll no longer see, but to me skam isn’t just completely over yet. because they’ll still be there, these four seasons we had, with all the moments we cherish and all these characters we’ve grown to love. you’ll always be able to watch your favorite scenes, you’ll always be able to re-immerse yourself in that universe, when you have a day off and you feel like watching complete seasons, or when you’re thinking about that particular clip and you have 15 minutes to spare so you rewatch it 

and you see, the wonderful thing about skam being in real time is that it really does feel like these characters will continue to live their life after today. they’re all still going to be there tomorrow, in the skam world. and i know some of these characters have provided good representation and were people you could see yourself in and people you just cared about, and the beautiful thing is that you’ll always get to keep them with you. you always get to picture what they’re doing at a particular moment, and picture their future. as odd as that might sound, they’re sort of like different colored playdough, that is shaped a certain way now, but that are still malleable and that you get to shape however you want from now on

now i’m not going to tell you the typical “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” because it’s okay if you’re feeling sad about not getting skam updates anymore. it’s understandable, and you’re not overreacting, and you’re allowed to feel the way you feel. but i truly hope that, if not today, then tomorrow or the day after, you’ll still smile because it happened, and as it keeps happening. because as long as your love for these people and their story is there, as long as your imagination is there, skam lives on, in a truly special way 


A small message from Tarjei/Isak, while we are waiting on the last section tomorrow REMEMBER! the section comes up first at. 18!

Translation 👇🏻👇🏻 “Hey! Dear Danish SKAM fans. Thank you for watching and being so engaging in the comment section. It’s been so touching to watch. Even tho SKAM is now ending, the show will continue to live on - I’m sure of that. Have a great summer”
I want to be okay with the fact that youโ€™re not here. I want to continue living my life everyday with a smile on my face because at least I have you, even if there are oceans between us. But the truth is I am not okay with this distance. I am not okay with being away from you. Everyday is a struggle and everyday it does not get easier. I love you, I love you so much and I will wait, I will wait as long as I have to, to be by your sideโ€ฆbut being away from you, itโ€™s slowly killing me. Iโ€™m tired, Iโ€™m tired of going to bed at night without you by my side.
—  J.K. 06252017

Ordered some stuff from Toranoana last week~ All TsuruIchi and RyuSou.

1, 3 and 4 are new doujinshi by my favourite artists. The first one is by Pinkpompom so it’s guaranteed to be really fluffy and cute~♡

Got 2 coz it’s about chibi Ichigo, Mikazuki and Tsurumaru going shopping!

5 is the sequel to a doujinshi I have. It’s one of those with long epic stories. I rather like those.

Got 6 coz the cover is pretty and it’s a collection of modern-day AU stories.

7 is about how the war is over and the sword boys now have to choose whether to continue living in human form or returning to sword form. Just realized that there’s an English title for it: ‘Tomorrow will not come’. Oh no, it’s probably another of those really sad ones that will end up making me cry… Yes, I do actually have a few like that…

Now for the RyuSou ones~! Saw the cover for the first one and just had to get it! They’re getting married~♡

anonymous asked:

the swords were brought to life to fight the historical revisionists and protect the course of history and all. Let's just say the war is over now and the army is defeated. What do you think would happen to the swords after? Do you think they'll turn back to swords again or would they still stay as humans and continue living? Tbh I've been curious about it and would like to hear your thoughts if you don't mind,,,

I’m glad to be able to give my thoughts!!

Honestly the thought of the end of everything stumps me a lot. What happens at the end to the swords? I’ve seen a fic that just had them fade away, plenty seem to encourage the swords getting reincarnated. The happiest answer would be that the swords get to live on… But I don’t think that’s what would happen.

With the war finished and history safe, the swords and the Saniwa have served their purpose. The Saniwa could try to continue supporting them all with spiritual power, but the Government would no longer back them. They’d have to be entirely self sufficient, and even then it would only work until the Saniwa dies. When they die, they can no longer give the sword boys the energy to maintain human form. But even if the Saniwa was continuing to give them life, what would be the purpose? Not all Citadel’s are happy like in Hanamaru. They wouldn’t just be content living together after all they were given a human form to fight for something and the fight is over. It’s not like they have anything to return to. There’d be a general feeling of pointlessness to living.

What I feel would be the more likely and practical thing to happen is the Saniwa would thank each and every sword for their contribution. But then they’d release their magic(??) on the sword boys, relinquishing their bodies and sending their spirits back to wherever they were before. The day has been saved, the fight is over. The toudans themselves are to return to being history because there is nothing left for them. The Saniwa would have to rejoin society and live a normal life there onwards.

These are just loose ideas. I honestly don’t have a solid thought on what would happen to the end, I just don’t think they’d get to continue living on. I also don’t think they’d get reborn due to their souls being like human souls, they were created due to the passions of their smiths.

I’m not very creative, I can’t imagine things not ending sadly. They got to live on as humans only for it to be taken away when their fight was done. In a way, they really did only exist as tools for the purpose of other’s fights.

anonymous asked:

Will you be adopting Ms 6? You have said previously about her trauma related behaviour and stuff and I was just wondering how you make a decision like that? I know whatever decision you make will be the right one for your family. Good luck :)

We don’t know if we will be adopting Ms. 6 yet.  Ms. 6 is super complicated.  So, so complicated.  We are talking about 12 years of trauma at this point, a lost childhood, and potentially incorporating someone into our home who will be potentially living out the most challenging parts of childhood (adolescence).  Her past is trauma heaped on top of trauma.  I’m not even sure we could continue to live in the same community that we have been for the last 10+ years due to her biological siblings being here and her last adoptive family (that didn’t work out).  Those are conversations that we haven’t started yet.

We love Ms. 6 and were offered the opportunity to adopt her once before.  We said no because the dynamics between her and DS were incredibly difficult.  Nothing has changed there.  What’s changed is that Ms. 6 has gotten tossed around some more, will potentially be allowed to go with a dangerous relative if we don’t say yes, and has sat in the system for three more years since we’ve said no.  My heart breaks for her. 

I’m leaning towards yes but feeling like we have some things to work out yet.  Honestly, we need some more living space.  We are crammed into 1700 sq ft and there are seven of us.  RK was here for the last year so we’ve lived in this home with eight people and it is tough.  Mainly because we can’t go outside for months out of the year due to cold weather (or choose not to). 

We are people of faith and continue to pray for direction and wisdom here as we don’t want to make things overwhelming for DS, and don’t want to bring Ms. 6 into a situation where it is impossible for her to succeed. 

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Oh well! I found a manga where these guys get used by these tentacle monsters and then pumped full of eggs. When the eggs hatch (inside) you can see the tentacles squirming outside their bodies, but the babies continue to live inside them. They appear to be very willing hosts, but I'm not entirely sure what the FULL plot is cuz it isn't translated to English

whoa sound pretty good! Where’d you find it?


i’m glad that dizzy isn’t too freaked out by the candlelit shrine dedicated to him in my basement that i may or may not pray to for good luck every night before i go to sleep

(i mean, he’s wearing a shirt of himself so he must be into it lmao)


thank you once upon a time seasons 1-6 and it’s fans for instilling us all with a little hope and magic.

Forgive people, move on and let them continue with their lives. You are moving into a direction that they aren't mentally prepared for. Don't disrupt the universe's plan.

- Meggan Roxanne


You may think what you want of me. I will draw comfort in the knowledge that you’re alive to think it.

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

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