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that spider-man/deadpool comic though

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

Storylines for Robert other than “will he cheat?”:

  • Telling Victoria and Diane about Jack
  • The lost years
  • Coming out as bi to Diane and Vic
  • Addressing Rebecca/Aaron/the villages’ biphobia
  • Robert finding out that Vic’s having a baby/supporting her through her likely fertility issues
  • Robert and Liv improving their relationship/bonding
  • Wedding planning
  • Renovating the Mill
  • Robert getting jealous/insecure for once
  • Robert making friends
  • Robert starting his own mental health journey
  • Literally a million other things?

I just really love the idea of Tailgate being awed by how handsome Cyclonus is

Like, Cyclonus used to be considered “classically attractive” back in the day, with the occasional mech fawning over him – but tastes change, wars happen, and he’s long gotten used to mechs thinking of him as scary, and part of him has even begun to like it that way. It keeps them from bothering him.

But then Tailgate comes along, another mech from Back Then (even if he didn’t have long enough to consider himself such), and Tailgate looks at him with the soft optics of an admirer. Part of Cyclonus is off-put by the unusualness of it, but the bit of him from the old days that still lingers swells with a sense of satisfaction and warmth, because someone once again sees him the way he used to be seen.

After they get close, after they become something More, Tailgate lays in berth next to him and watches him sometimes. Cyclonus will grumble, “What?” as if it’s scripted, and Tailgate will murmur, “You’re just so beautiful, Cyclonus,” and Cyclonus, without another word, will scoop him up and hold him close to him, and Tailgate will giggle, and they’re both a little warmer and happier than they were just a moment before.

Reblogging anything from TERFS without commentary is. Not A Good thing lmao. I don’t care how good or insightful a post is, I don’t care if they’re a TERFLite – until y’all start prioritizing trans people safety and our comfort, and specifically the comfort of trans girls, then we’re not gonna get anywhere because there is no such thing as a “good” TERF.

hello hello, i’m back at it again with another following spree, goddamn goddamn goddamn! anyways……. my dash has been so dead recently and i need more content to reblog since i spend like, a lot of time here bc im a loser. so yeahhhh

— tag your post!
— be ABOVE 15! i’m 20, almost 21, and it feels so weird following people that are 15 and under. its nothing personal i promise, it just makes me feel really uncomfortable! i hope you understand c:

if that was clear, then these are the things i am looking for.
— multifandom blogs! ( this is like, rly important since everyone on my dash keep reblogging the same fandom over and over and i’m getting sick of seeing it whenever i scroll through tumblr lol )
— seasonal anime!
— kpop! so i can reblog more stuff on my kpop blog asdhs
— marvel / dc content, esp comics!
— aesthetic / photography / art
— games! like any game is fine. just another reason for me to play them lol
— space stuff!!!!! i looooove space so i’d like to see more of that on my dash!
— movies / tv shows. really like, movies/shows from other countries are fine as
     well i just need some quality content u know, a less boring dash
— NEW MUTUALS! like i’d be reaaaal nice to get to know new faces =)

if you post these things ( you dont have to post all the things on the list omg ) pls REBLOG THIS POST! i will check every blog that reblogs this!

— you make your own stuff

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buzzkill season ” .    nancy wheeler instagram aesthetic , ft. steve , jon , and barb . 

Hakuryuu Kija, the white Dragon 

He’s my fav character in my now fav Anime/Manga. Just…beauty and badassery in one person. And as he’s described in Chapter 53, a Death God. Bless you, Kija. Bless you.