Like Minds

Alex arrived at their dorm, opening the door slowly - since he wasn’t sure whether their old dorm was still theirs - but as soon as he could look through a little crack he could see Nigel standing already. The way he stared at his abdomen made Alex shiver briefly. However, as soon as he entered, he didn’t show any expression anymore though.

‘Are you okay?’ he muttered remarkably soft and warm. He closed the door behind, getting some pads and disinfectant out of his pocket, and he came closer.

'You better be,’ he muttered as reply when he lifted Nigel’s shirt without asking and investigated the cuts again. 'Don’t worry. These cuts won’t become scars. And if they do, you won’t see them very well.’ Well, that was comforting.

He put some of the disinfectant onto a cotton pad and softly pressed it against the cut without warning or so. Despite he’d been looking guilty and shocked some minutes ago back in the other room, he seemed to be carelessly again now.

  • Bilbo:My engagement gift was a corslet of mithril rings, second only to the Arkenstone in value in all of Erebor's treasure, which I can use to buy the Shire twice over, given to me when my betrothed is gold-mad, and witnessed by all of dwarves present. It is also to show how well he can provide.
  • Tauriel:
  • Tauriel:He gave me a rock.

Once Minho had made sure Eunsook was following him and that the shop was all locked up properly, he smiled softly at the girl before turning around to walk up to the apartment above the shop. It had gotten colder outside since he had entered the shop since the sun had gone down, so he hurried to get his key out and unlock the door to the apartment so they could both head on into the warmth  of his temporary home.
He held the door open for Eunsook, and as soon as he had made sure she was safley inside he locked the door behind her and kicked his shoes off before going around the apartment to turn on the lights, still holding the puppy in his arms.

Road trip to the past (M!A Brandon-Sunshine)

The next morning, Sunshine got up early, explained to Stag what was happening, packed, and made herself breakfast. She sat at the kitchen table, reviewing maps and searching on the internet for train tickets and times. In her mind, this was starting to seem a bit better than what she had previously thought. A road trip might even be fun!


I m3ant 3xactly what I Ssaid.
I know how iSs it wh3n p3opl3 you car3 about ignor3 you …
I know how iSs it wh3n it SstartSs to hurt Sso much that you juSst want to diSsapp3ar from thiSs world.
But Ssoon3r or lat3r you will Sstop f33ling th3 pain.
You Sstop caring.
And th3n your heart SstartSs to grow back …twiSst3d …fu3l3d by hatr3d.
And b3for3 you know it …you chang3 into Ssom3on3 much dark3r …and you’ll moSst lik3ly Sstay lik3 that …for3ver.

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◃‖‖▹ It was already June 21st, i.e. the Summer Solstice. Today would be the longest day of the year, and it’s a Saturday. Yippee. It’s too hot to go out and play some tennis, and there wasn’t anything special to do on a day like this. Stay in the comfort of the air conditioning, or go out and die of dehydration outside; both very lovely choices as long as he could do something. Putting on some shorts and a shirt that were suitable to wear to go outside today, he grabbed his racket and put it on the inside of his arms that were in his pockets and headed out.

◃‖‖▹ Ending up at the park, it felt like such a long walk because of the heat. Going to a vending machine and grabbing himself some Fanta and a bottle of water, he poured all of the water on the top of his head, making him all wet but refreshed. Not bothering to even dry himself off, he sat against one of the big trees that had a nice area of shade and just drank his Fanta one sip at a time.

Real (Fake 2)


Fake Part 2 !! Personally, I really did love writing this and maybe I’ll get back to it with some shorts about Y/N heating up some Pop tarts for Thor or something like that but anyway, on with this one!

Warning: Swearing 

(credits to gif owners)

Real (Fake 2)
Pietro Fucking Adorable Little Shit Maximoff x Fucking Adorable Little Shit Wiggly Woo Reader

(Part 1) Fake

The day Y/N left the café with a storm cloud above her head and steam coming out of her ears (literally) was the same day she received a letter back from her friends. She didn’t waste a second opening the envelope and reading the delicately folded letter. It was short, but it said what it had to say.

Dear Y/N,

               Get your ass over here.

                               Love, Clint & Natasha

And attached to the letter was a ticket to New York City.

She had been living in New York for almost six months now, in a complimentary apartment from Mister Stark. Natasha and Clint had insisted her to stay and Tony was more than glad to help sort things out ever since he found out that she can come over whenever the heater in the tower would break and warm up the place herself. They offered her a room in the tower, and she did try and stay a week there, but then she decided that everything was too overwhelming and that she’d rather have her own space which then resulted to the flat five blocks away from Stark Tower.

Although living so close to each other, she hasn’t seen Clint or Natasha in weeks. Their schedules were both too hectic to just have a meet up at some park or a coffee shop. Speaking of coffee shops, Y/N had found another one similar to the last in Sokovia, but this time with better quality goods.

The last time Y/N had been at the Avenger’s Tower was three months ago when she brought over a bag of pop tarts because she heard that Thor was visiting and that he liked pop tarts. That was hers and the god’s first meeting. Thor fell to his knees and praised her once he saw with his own two eyes that she could toast a tart just by pressing her palms on it.

It was seven in the morning and she was at the café when she received a call from Clint. Although they don’t see each other, they would never not talk.

Y/N smiled and placed a finger upon the green button, answering the call, “Croo-croo?”

Clint chuckled on the other line, “Morning, Y/N,

“Morning, Clint. What’s up?”

Nothing, just checking on you,”

“I’m good,” She said as she glanced up at the time. She stood from her seat and placed a tip and a note saying “thank you” she wrote on a napkin on the table. “I’m just about to head home.”

From where?”

“Do you know about the coffee place down the street?”

Beside the creepy alley?

“Bingo!” No, it wasn’t in any way safe to go there alone, but Y/N didn’t care. They were the only shop to have “So-coffee-a” coffee on the menu and it didn’t disappoint when it tasted as shit as the one in Sokovia. Y/N liked it there.

Alright,” Clint shook his head as he pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking about how incredibly stubborn Y/N was. He had told her and scared her a million times about the bad things that can happen around her in the new terrain. “Just be careful and don’t talk to strangers.”

“Yes, dad,” Y/N rolled her eyes and struggled to push the door of the exit to open. “Goddamn,” she groaned and pressed her shoulder on the door.

“Anyway, if you want to come over today, you can. I’m bored and Cap didn’t allow anyone to get out…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Y/N groaned as her knee collided with the door and it flew open, revealing someone else who was pushing on it on the other side stumbling backwards at the impact. She looked up at the man and raised a brow at his bizarre white hair, but nonetheless, apologized.

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adding on to the store ask to say that oikawa would totally be that one guy who tries on so many different pairs of jeans just to ask Iwa if they look good or which pair he likes best etc etc etc and iwa would just be a messssssssssss

[continuation of this]

“Please stop asking me about your ass.”

“But does it look good in these jeans or not?”


“My ass looks pretty great in nothing too, Iwa-chan~”