A question I think is worth asking:

Are you voting for Jill Stein because you have researched her policies and think she’s the best candidate, and/or has a chance at winning?

Or because you can’t move past your disappointment that (rigged election or not), Bernie has not cinched the nomination?

In my opinion, the latter is something we need to work against and is even a little selfish.

Yes, we’re likely all disappointed. I’m disappointed too. I donated time and money. I knocked on doors. I phone banked. I talked to friends who had never voted before and helped them fill out a registration form.

I watched tonight and felt a tug at my heart – This could have been completely different.

At the same time –

We have standing in front of us a man who lost family members in the Holocaust, who is saying, hey, I know Hillary is far from perfect, but her campaign has been pushed left thanks to our hard work. Please don’t vote for someone who exhibits tendencies similar to Hitler. Please vote against him.

Please don’t let history repeat itself.

And to dismiss those statements and sentiments does a service to no one.

Bernie has worked tirelessly for us. A man in his seventies, spending hours losing his voice in speeches all over the country. Starting a movement. Sparking a flame. Igniting hope.

All I’m hoping for is that we continue to think critically and work together. Forever forward. The revolution continues.


Karasuno, Fukurodani and Nekoma decide to do something casual together since they made so many new friends during the camps. The most popular choice is going to the beach for a day. It’s summer and everyone’s trying not to melt into the floorboards, so what’s more perfect that cooling off at the beach?

Shibayama and Yamaguchi are pretty excited about it. Because it means they get to catch more magikarp. Before, they started catching some together on Shibayama’s phone. Shibayama promised Yamaguchi he wouldn’t evolve their magikarp without him. They shook hands on it so it’s definitely a promise he can’t go back on. They’re both on their separate buses making each other’s phones explode with messages and all the fun things they’re going to do on the beach.

When they finally get there Shibayama and Yamaguchi are immediately on Shibayama’s phone on their mission to catch ALL the magikarp.

Kuroo immediately begins judging the shit out of them and ranting about it to Daichi, who is pretending to listen out of politeness. Kuroo absolutely hates Pokemon Go with a passion. He thinks it’s a stupid idea and grown men shouldn’t be playing with imaginary animals while getting hit by buses, “It doesn’t even have cats in it.”

Daichi makes an offhand comment while taking out some drinks, “Well, meowth is a cat?”

As soon as Kuroo hears that he immediately holds Daichi’s phone hostage.

“Kuroo, what are you doing?”

“We’re downloading Pokemon Go. Bo, you wanna come catch a meowth? Maybe there’s an owl pokemon too.”

They haven’t even been there for ten minutes and Daichi is already suffering.

“An owl pokemon? LET’S GO!”

Daichi didn’t have the heart to tell Bokuto there isn’t an owl pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Meanwhile, Shibayama shows Yamaguchi all these cool animals living in the rock pools on their beach side magikarp walk. He points out all the different colours of seaweed growing nearby, there’s black, red and green. All sorts of sea anemones waving their tentacles around in the water. Yamaguchi poked one and it got stuck on his finger. He freaked out and waved his hand frantically to fling it off. Shibayama laughs, “You probably shouldn’t poke them, Yamaguchi.”

After that little mishap Yamaguchi agrees that he shouldn’t go around poking things. **But it’s very hard for him because he learns with touch and movement. If he’s curious about something the first thing he does is poke it.

“Shibayama, you really like the sea don’t you?” Yamaguchi notices that Shibayama seems to like water pokemon the best and he seems to know a lot about the ocean.

“Yea. It’s interesting and there’s so much to see.”

“…was that pun intentional?”

“I am disappointed in myself.”

At that Yamaguchi chuckles.

They’re resting on the sand when they’ve finally caught enough magikarp!!! OAO Together they watch their flailing magikarp evolve into a big, bold and beautiful gyarados.

It’s just a game but they feel so proud of it.

“What should we name him?” Yamaguchi asks.

“We both raised him, it should be a combination of our names.”

“Yamaguchi. Wait. Shibayama? That doesn’t work either.”

“Shibaguchi?” Shibayama suggests.

“It’s not cute enough for our gyarados.”


“Yes! That is cute enough for our son.”

Shibayama has no idea how to react to that.

Yamaguchi slowly gets redder and redder, curling up into a small embarrassed ball facing away from Shibayama. He wants to melt into the sand, “Our gyarados, I mean.”

Unexpectedly I’m falling really hard for YamaYama OAO Would people like some YamaYama headcanons outside of Pokemon Go?
Prise d'otages dans une église près de Rouen: les deux assaillants «neutralisés», le prêtre égorgé
Alors qu'une prise d'otages était en cours ce matin dans une église de Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, près de Rouen, les deux assaillants ont été "neutralisés", indique le porte-parole du ministère de l'Intérieur. Selon des sources policières interrogées par Le Figaro, le prêtre de l'église a été égorgé. Une des personnes retenues a été blessée.