Okay, but honestly… I know a lot of people (me included) can’t wait for Breath of the Wild, but y-know? I think I can’ provide y’all with a viable substitute for the time being: download Dwarf Fortress and install the The Legend of Zelda Earthward Pick mod, and then play in Adventurer mode.

I know the ASCII art can be hard to get into, and it takes some time to learn the controls, but honestly when you learn to play it’s pretty much Breath of the Wild with ASCII graphics (also you can download a graphics mod to make it more visually accesible)

Like, you want a vast world to explore?

Dwarf Fortress procedurally generates enormous worlds with continets, islands and hundreds of realistically placed biomes. It also creates literal thousands of settlements, from little hamlets with a couple houses to gigantic cities with defensive walls, castles, temples and hundreds of people. It can generate distinct civilizations and then writhe hundreds of years worth of world history, with wars being fought, settlements being founded, conquered and destroyed, historical figures like heroes or kings being born and killed.

You want realistic weather cycles?

Dwarf Fortress got you covered.

You want your actions to have an impact over the world?

Dwarf Fortress got you covered too! The world is preserved from game to game, and even if your adventured dies the game will remember them and regard the as historical figures depending on what they did! You can also retire them and they will become part of the world like other NPC, that way toy may even encounter later. And also you’re able to foun/build settlements and honestly there are many ways you can impact the world but I can’t list them all right now!

Seriously do yourself a favor and play it, you won’t regret it.


Hello friends, 

As my boyfriend is heading back to college in a couple of weeks, my little sister has moved out of town and my only friend is living in another continet I believe that I could really use some distraction. 

Now, I know that I’ve promised to make moodboards before and never really made all of them, but I promise you that this time is different. So, if you want a moodboard please reblog this post and send me an ask specifying what kind of moodboard you would like. I promise you that I’m going to be doing them on the course of this week. 

Please, I really could use this distraction right now as I’m not ready to let both depression and anxiety take full control of me. 💕

The longer I studied the Turkic peoples, the harder it was to account for the fact that they had been overlooked for so long. Together, they constitute one of the world’s ten largest linguistic families, numbering more than 140 million people  scattered through more than 20 modern states in a great crescent across the Eurasian continets, starting at the Great Wall of China, through Central Asia, the Caucasus, Iran, Turkey, the Balkans,  Europe, and even a fledgling community in the United States.
—  Hugh Pope,  Sons of the Conquerors: The Rise of the Turkic World

‘white people have no culture’ when you say white people what exactly you mean?people from germany,sweden,spain,bulgaria,serbia,poland etc..? 

Please have in your mind that europe is a continet with 50 countries with different cultures,beliefs,religions,languages,alphabets so when your try to hate about ‘white ppl cultures’ have this in your mind.