After 51 days, I visited Mt. Rainier yesterday evening and finished #ContinentalObscura. Thanks to everyone following along as I travelled from my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, to exploring my new home in the Pacific Northwest. Feels great to have completed my first photo book (well first non-band one) and to be such a personal one at that. Later this Fall I will release all the ordering info etc for the book, which comes with an astounding split 7 inch by the way. I know that posting photos on a social media site can be seen as silly, but I really enjoy sharing the places I go and things I see with you. Thank you so much for supporting and caring about my photography.

Sidenote: Can’t wait to show you some of the non-iphone photos for the book!


Only made it to Goodland, KS last night so who knows where I’ll end up tonight. At least Goodland has the World’s Largest Easel with one of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers paintings on it. #continentalobscura

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