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This video from Glacier National Park explores Logan Pass, some of the highest part of the park where the main visitor roads cross the continental divide. 


Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) | pencil test - BJ Crawford


Today’s VHS haul from the flea market. It was nice to get some of my favorite movies for the first time on tape. I think this is my third copy of Creeps though haha. The Boogey Man is my first Wizard Video tape. The Continental Video Double Feature with The Slayer and Scalps is really cool. I think these are fairly sought after. I hope to find more of the big box tapes in the future. I’ve caught the bug!

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Drive up the Poudre River Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park.

I had been searching EVERYWHERE for this clip. I’d seen it before but couldn’t remember where…only that it was around the time of the Love Symbol album. This clip is from The Ryde Dyvine, which was a TV special that came on ABC to promote the Love Symbol Album December 1992. It was a “making of” special intercut with scenes from the movie 3 Chains o Gold.

The search was worth it to catch that laugh!

Recommended watching for sure for a longer version of The Continental music video as well as the concert special for the album and his artists at that time!