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Saint Seiya Ω | Europa´s Death

“I won´t let you touch Pallas! With all my cosmos and life I will destroy you! I won´t have mercy with you for all the harm you’ve caused,Europa!

It was about time that this scum die and in what way.I liked how he was humiliated and finally the buffoon abandonment the court.

The presidential limo

Ok I made a little research when I answered a question earlier and I thought I share my full research. I tried to identify the car which we’ve seen in the recent episode: the presidential limo. It might have something to do with the Fulcrum or maybe not. But my curiosity was greater and holy shit Raymond Reddington what have you done this time….

The biggest clue was the front of the car.

We can clearly see the shape of the front spoiler and even read the text. At first I couldn’t really read it I admit. But after I compared a few cars and models and after I read about the Continental series I was sure, the texts reads “Continental”.

So the model would be one of the Continental series. Of course there are many different models used by various presidents. But we can narrow the time of usage. It’s obviously an older model and at first sight I would have put it in the 70s. So I started a little google session and compared various models mainly presidential cars of course. We could clearly read the sign at the side of the car although I didn’t find any car with that kind of a sign. There is the seal of the president on the side, yes, but the seal isn’t as big as we saw it. Although that could just have been that big so that we could read it better. The biggest problem are the doors… The Continental series, in fact the Lincoln Continental series had some specific doors. They were hung its rear and not at the front the way we saw it in the episode. Those doors are called suicide doors, because they weren’t safe. The danger of the suicide door is the possibility of it opening in transit. A car occupant trying to catch the door by the handle to prevent its opening risks being jettisoned out of the car as the door is thrown open by the oncoming airflow. (source wikipedia) But the doors could have been switched any time in order to make the car safer.

Back to our car. I narrowed it down to a model during the 60s or 70s. In the 80s the Continental series were switched with a Cadillac Fleetwood so that’s out of the question. That leaves us with those presidents. In order:

John F. Kennedy (1961-63)
Lyndon B. Johnson (1963-69)
Richard Nixon (1969-74)
Gerald Ford (1974-77)
Jimmy Carter (1977-81)
Ronald Reagan (1981-89)

So the easiest way to find the right car is to look at the models which were used by those presidents. They used various models of course during their term. But I searched the most prominent ones of each. Kennedy used a 1961 Lincoln Continental SS-100-X, Lyndon B. Johnson used a 1965 Lincoln Continental, Nixon used a 1969 Lincoln Continental and Ford, Reagan and Carter used a 1972 Lincoln Continental which was updated as times went by.

Let’s start from behind. The 1972 is out of the question. Look at this picture:

The front is nothing like we’ve seen at our car. So nope. And to rule out Kennedy as well…:

We won’t go down there. Nope we won’t. But we’re getting closer.

The picture above is the model which was used by Johnson. Please have a look at the doors. Those doors aren’t suicide doors. Like the doors on our car. But the front isn’t quite right yet. Well, look at the 69 one.

This one was used by Nixon. The design is almost identical. The problem is: it seems this is NOT a 1969 model but in fact a 67 to look like a 69 which was used by Johnson as well. But both cars do have “normal” doors. BUT I also have a problem with the back. Do you see this thing sticking out at the back (sorry I have no knowledge about cars. Don’t know what this supposed to be XD).

There is no such thing at our car. The back looks completely different. Actually I think this is a 69, perhaps 67 model. The label isn’t there either on the original car from Nixon, but there are 1969 Lincoln Continentals which in fact do have such a label. But we still have the problem with the back of the car. The front looks exactly like a 1969 model. But the back is in any way different from the car Nixon used. But is similar to the one of Johnson. So we have two options: the first one is the directors didn’t want to be too obvious by using a car with this significant back which would have easily helped to identify the car. So the first option is this is Nixons car. The second option would be that this is NOT his car but Johnsons. And in fact…. I do believe it’s the latter. The car we’ve seen is most definitely this type of car build as limousine:

We have the label, the front, the light and the back. This is a bingo. This series was built 1969, so it would speak FOR Nixon. But there is something left we didn’t examine yet: the song. We heard as you know “Beyond the Sea” from Bobby Darin. This song was there in this car. All those years so the president who used the car was listening to this. Bobby Darin was a good friend of Kennedy. After his election Johnson asked Bobby to do the same for him, so he performed for Johnson at his inaugural gala. So those two are tied together. Therefore I would assume that this is/was the car of Lyndon B. Johnson. Red took something from his car but we don’t know what it was. Kenyon hid the car all those years so perhaps he didn’t want that the car and it’s suitcase to be found. There is also a conspiracy…regarding Kennedy… involving Johnson….but I won’t go there either. Nope. Nope.